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Manifesting Faith

Manifesting Faith

By Cierra M
A safe space to for spiritually-curious Christians to learn how to be more proactive with their personal growth by learning about manifestation tools, tips, & techniques to shift your mindset and your life. Become more self-compassionate, empowered, self-aware by living an intentional life through these podcast episodes.
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Those Ribbons won’t make you worthy.
After finding a bunch of my old awards from elementary and middle school and feeling NOTHING for them, I take a dive with how pointless reward systems in school are in the grand scheme of things… As well as a dive into having a defined G Center in Human Design and my theory on how that may show up as innately “rebellious” your whole life.
July 28, 2021
Not Christians saying self-love is TOXIC!
After posting a book flap description I was disgusted with, I got multiple messages (long and short) agreeing with my disgust. I popped on today to share why I LOVE self-love as a Christian and how I navigate both... NECESSARILY. As should you.
May 27, 2021
What to do when “get behind me, satan!” isn’t enough.
PMDD has been kicking my butt today/this past week & when I told someone about the crappy things my mind’s been telling me & my 100% awareness of it, I was told to tell satan to get behind me & to reach out to God... okay? I can and did do that, but what do you do if you’re like me and need something a bit more actionable & progressive to help you get by? I talk about what you can do in today’s episode. 💕
April 25, 2021
Just Because You’re a Christian, Doesn’t Mean You’re a Better Person
When I witness a self-proclaimed Christian get into a physical altercation after re-initiating an argument during its cool-down phase, only to pat themselves on the back for being a “good Christian” for not cursing... I felt we needed to talk about what personal growth REALLY takes and why a lot of Christians we know aren’t getting there (and why some sadly, never will).
April 19, 2021
This is Why You Need to Be Your Biggest Advocate(& Stop Expecting Anything from Anyone)
This came up over and over and OVER in my life within the hours until I was fired up enough to speak on it. 🔥 So you being in your own corner with your dreams & desires is what we NEED to talk about today.
February 11, 2021
Do You Belong Here? Establishing the Ground Rules in this Magical Safe Space
This “pilot” episode is better late than never! Establishing my values and standards for this space whether you’re a Christian or not. All’s welcome as long as there’s respect and a willingness to learn.
January 21, 2021
How I’m Hoping to Change the Christian Space with Manifestation, Intentional Living, & Empathy
I decided to quickly ramble off-script about my own journey and why I’ve created my brand When She Manifests and this podcast... but ended up talking about what I hope to see change in the Christian space as far as empathy and embracing all types of help toward self-improvement.
January 17, 2021
It’s 2020, do what you want... except YouTube pranks & inauthentic ads.
During my downtime I’ve noticed a lot of things that need to shift in the online space, one thing being YouTube pranks that feel more like loyalty tests for one another than a quick (HEALTHY) laugh... When then just led me to talk about the change I’m seeing in the polished, smoke and mirrors social media space period, and how authenticity is welcomed. Not EVERYTHING needs to be curated and “ready”... we’re HUMAN and I think 2020 is a great year to give ourselves permission to do whatever we want (so long as it hurts no one in the process). I talk more on the podcast about what those things are, and I’d love to see if you’ve noticed the changes online too.
November 15, 2020
How are the subconscious stories you narrate ruining your life?
Your subconscious mind will NEVER prove you wrong! So what stories are you blindly perpetuating that are NOT serving you or your biggest desires? Let’s take a look at them and talk about what to do instead!
July 9, 2020
What to do When You’re Feeling Unworthy
I had it in my heart today to talk about feeling unworthy, and what you can begin to do about it (at the very least).
November 29, 2019