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where you belong

where you belong

By Anna Chapman
Where you belong is an exploration in finding spaces, places, states, and experiences where you allow yourself to be. Through stories, conversations, contemplations, and meditations we will explore what belonging feels like. 💕 I am Anna Chapman, joy creator, emotional researcher, meditation & yoga teacher, strategist, and community builder. I hope you will come on this adventure with me!
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Belonging with Sabreet Kang Rajeev

where you belong

Belonging with Nicola Salmon
Hello everyone! Today on the podcast we have the super lovely @fatpositivefertility (it was our first time meeting and we had a fantastic conversation! Nicola Salmon is a fat-positive fertility coach and author of “Fat and Fertile”. She helps fat folks navigate getting pregnant in a weight-obsessed world and advocates for change in how fat people are treated whilst accessing help with their fertility. Nicola uses her unique fat positive framework to support people in finding their own version of health without diets, advocate for their bodies, relearn how to trust their body and believe in their ability to get pregnant. You can find out more about Nicola here:
October 02, 2021
Belonging with Kanoa Greene
Today on the episode we have the amazing and inspiring Kanoa Greene who is a fitness and yoga instructor, outdoor adventurer, entrepreneur, and business woman. In 2015 after going blind in one eye, Kanoa left corporate and pursued her fitness career. After falling in love with the outdoors and movement in nature she created Plus-Size Adventure Retreats in 2019 that focus on movement, yoga, and outdoor adventure. Kanoa is one of the sweethearts over at Joyn and is one of my favorite people on the planet! Bringing joy, and aloha everywhere she goes, enjoy Belonging with Kanoa Greene! You can find more about Kanoa here: and follow her on IG here: Now sit back, relax, and enjoy our eppy!
August 19, 2021
Belonging with AP Young
Today on the episode we have the brilliant AP Young who is a writer, blogger, business owner, digital creator, mom and wife. Ap spends her time advocating and bringing awareness to chronic illness, mental health care, and disability + Parenting a child with special needs. AP has coined the term #BrilliantlyBasic and is challenging stigma and wellness spaces to show up for all. You can find more about AP here: / @apyblog Now lets get into the episode, sit back and enjoy belonging with AP Young!
May 11, 2021
Belonging with Sabreet Kang Rajeev
Hello and welcome to Season 2, Episode 3 of where you belong! Today on the show we have Sabreet Kang Rajeev! Sabreet is a first-generation Indian American of Sikh descent. Sabreet is a full-time social-science researcher and holds an MA in sociology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and BA in sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is currently completing her doctorate at the University of Baltimore. Throughout her life, Sabreet experienced the beauty and struggle of being part of a blue-collar immigrant family, and she is driven to raise awareness and empathy for a minority group of Indian Americans who do not historically come from educational or economic privilege. Generation Zero is her first book, and it is incredible. This episode is one of my favorites because of the way Sabreet studies the world around her and explores our social conditioning and how that impacts her community. I can't wait for you to listen in and take in what Sabreet has to say, if you want to find out more about this brilliant human, check out her website: And as always hit me up on IG @iamannachapman for questions, comments, or your experience of the show!
March 28, 2021
Belonging with April Flores
Happy Valentines day!!! Today we have a new episode featuring the amazing April Flores! April is a plus size model and performer with a cult-like following, having appeared in hundreds of films, books, and magazines in her bright career. An award-winning sex positive creator, Flores has appeared in countless adult films in every genre of the adult industry was the first BBW to win two consecutive AVN Awards for her groundbreaking work. She's also the model behind the first-ever "fat pussy" cyberskin sleeve. April Flores is also a writer and advocate for positive body image, published in multiple anthologies and journals speaking on her experience as a plus size artist, activist, and sex worker. Catch her book FAT GIRL: April Flores by Carlos Batts, follow her on twitter: or check out her premium feed: Please enjoy Belonging with April Flores! xoxo 
February 14, 2021
Belonging with Adrienne Maree Brown (Season Premiere!)
Welcome back, welcome back! I am so happy to welcome you to Season 2 of where you belong. Today we have a very special episode with my favorite author Adrienne Maree Brown. Adrienne is a writer, pleasure activist, a sci-fi/Octavia Butler scholar, a facilitator, a speaker/singer (AMB actually sings on the episode!), and a doula. Join us for this episode as we explore the release of Adrienne’s new book: “We Will Not Cancel Us: And Other Dreams of Transformative Justice”. This podcast started at the beginning of this global pandemic, and it continues to hold space for the places and experiences where we allow ourselves to be. Belonging with Adrienne Maree Brown. **(photo of AMB by Anjali Pinto)**
February 03, 2021
Belonging with Megan Hautman
Hello sweet friends and welcome to the season finale of Where you belong! We started the season fat with the one and only Saucye West! Today we are ending the season with another amazing fat community member, Megan Hautman! This conversation was really special because we got to talk about Megan's process in embodying her role as Mother, and let me tell you she is a fierce protector! Megan is a model, professional waxer, mother, and all around dope human! After connecting with Megan, I started to think and look at, how do I protect and mother myself? How do I build the resiliency to hold the young parts of me? I hope as you listen you will get curious about how you connect and support YOU! As I mentioned above this is the season finale! But don't worry, Im already starting to record eppys for season 2! Together we have gotten through the first wave of Covid, we have a new president elect and 45 is out the door. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me, I can't wait to be back with you again for season! But for today, I leave you with our final eppy, enjoy Belonging with the sweet angel Megan Hautman! 
November 14, 2020
Belonging with Kelly Sunrose
Today as Portland, OR sits in a heavy cloud of smoke I realized we need to hear from someone who is very soothing! So today’s very special episode of Where you belong features Kelly Sunrose, an incredible  yoga teacher, educator, mother, and forever student! Kelly says, “My aim is collective liberation. My practice includes yoga, meditation, mantra, sound, mediation, art, ecology, un-learning capitalism, un-patterning white supremacy, writing, astrology, daily rhythms, reading, svadyaya (self/study), public love, parenting, relating.” In this episode we go deep as per usual! Take a moment from the smoke and the panic and enjoy Belonging with Kelly Sunrose! P.s. If you are wanting to take class (of which I highly recommend), or connect with Kelly, reach out here:
September 16, 2020
Belonging with Dan Lynn
Todays guest is a true delight! Dan Lynn is a queer, Chicanx, trans/non-binary (they/them) community facilitator specializing in transformative justice within our micro-systems (families, friend groups, working environments, etc). Recently, Dan has started organizing public and private workshops around examining internal biases and intent vs. impact on BIPOC, transgender, disabled and plus size communities in public/retail spaces. Dan has developed a number of community resources such as a Guide to Greater Digital Accessibility, a Guide to Building Brave Spaces, daily analysis and discourse on social justice concepts via social media and even accessibly priced pronoun buttons (Check them out here: Dan says, “The best way I can think to communicate my personal ethos is by sharing the quote by Maya Angelou that inspired the name of my business (Do Better):” “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
August 29, 2020
Belonging with Matthew Draughter
Hello sweet friends we are back in action with our new episode featuring writer, creative, producer, and perfect angel Matthew Draughter. Join us as we dive into Matthew’s life, as he explores through writing and spoken word, not to mention being a full time producer and wonderful friend (I know this from experience!). This New Orleans native explores the oddities of being black and gay in Portland, OR and how that has been through this pandemic. Not only are we graced with this inspiring conversation, but stay tuned at the end of the eppy for 3 spoken word performances! Sit back, relax, put a little Mariah Carey on to prepare to enjoy… Belonging with Matthew Draughter. Find out more about Matthew here:
August 04, 2020
Belonging with Raquel Divar
I am so excited to share todays episode with you, Belonging with my friend Raquel Divar! Raquel is a poet, rapper, activist, recording specialist for tv and movies, and an overall lovely human! Join us as we talk about Raquel’s career, about how she found rap and her voice as well as how the industry treats women on the rise. We talk about the communities that created a place fore Raquel to explore and grow and stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special treat! We have a recording of one of Raquel’s songs, Cherry! Sit back relax, and enjoy this eppy! Check out the Cherry video here:
July 04, 2020
Belonging with Kary Youman
Today on the show we have the incredible Kary Youman who works at instrument on the human development team. Kary also has a career coaching consulting business called Tenth House Career Coaching ( where he supports individuals who feel overworked, uninspired, and ready to find their purpose. Kary also works with the Insight Alliance to offer mindfulness teachings via the Wellbeing program in Correctional Facilities in Oregon. Kary is a heart centered leader, community uplifter, and an outstanding human being. You can find Kary on instagram here: Sit back and enjoy, belonging with Kary Youman! 
June 28, 2020
Belonging with Jennifer Price Davis
Hi everyone happy Juneteenth! I am overjoyed to share a really lovely conversation I had with one of my favorite creative angel Jennifer Price Davis! Jennifer is a Cleavland-based painter, writer mom, and wife with a background in psychology and an MA in art therapy counseling. Jennifer describes her work so much more beautifully than I ever could: “My work focuses primarily on black culture and what it means to exist in black bodies, with emphasis on black women and girls. I'm particularly interested in illuminating the ordinary because there is something both achingly beautiful and immensely political, dare I say revolutionary, about the ability to exist and move about the world safely and confidently in ordinary ways.  We aren't all there yet and I aim to participate in our progress through every bit of my work.” Jennifer also says, “If you understand leopard print, you understand me.” Aka she is EVERYTHING! Find out more about Jennifer here:
June 20, 2020
Belonging with Fran Bittakis
I can't wait to share this episode with you! Today on the show we have Fran Bittakis the founder and Creative Director for Joop Joop a radical creative agency specializing in workshops, consultation, talent management, event photography, film/tv/music video production, social media content & curation through bringing diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) with a social justice framework to challenge conventional paradigms and systems. Check out more about Joop Joop here: On the show we get a little radical, we talk about liberation, and about what it takes to disrupt the systems that have been in place for ages yet only serve a very few. As you listen I invite you to put your radical strategy cap on, to see what you might uncover in this great eppy! As always feel free to listen, and reach out to us on instagram: @iamannachapman and tell us what you think!
May 28, 2020
Belonging with Hawnuh Lee
Join me in this super fun POWER-HALF-HOUR-EDITION of where you belong, featuring our brilliant guest Hawnuh Lee! In this eppy we get into sustainable cooking, we get into eating trash (Hawnuh's words not mine lol!). We take a bit of a deep dive into Closed Loop kitchen, the platform that Hawnuh has founded. Heres a little bit about the mission of CLC: "Closed Loop Cooking is here to help you reduce food waste and single-use kitchen items. You’ll find minimal waste, plant-based recipes, how-to’s, guides, and stories for your low impact kitchen! Let’s have a meal, let’s close the loop." and you can find all the goodies here: This episode was so lovely to record, Hawnuh's care for the world and mission to reduce waste, and to help educate folx about how to get the most form the food that they have, and how to think creatively in times like these where some things are less available then they might have been. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Belonging with Hawnuh Lee!
May 22, 2020
Belonging with McKensie Mack
Today on the show we have the incredible McKensie Mack with us! McKensie is a writer, educator, and the founder of McKensie helps organizations identify and transform social inequities at the individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels, holding extensive expertise in expanding dialogue around equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression at the intersection of race, gender, class, sexuality, and disability. Bunny's vision is to help people create better lives through the lens of equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression. So basically, Bunny is amazing and this episode was a delight to record. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Belonging with McKensie Mack!
May 12, 2020
Belonging with Candace Molatore
On the show we have Candace Molatore a photographer, self love advocate, branding consultant, local tastemaker + influencer! Today’s episode is sponsored by Grayling Jewelry! Use code “BELONG25” at for 25% off everything! 💕 So sir back, relax, and enjoy Belonging with Candace Molatore!
May 04, 2020
Belonging with Cheyenne Gil
This episode is one for the books! Join me as I meet Cheyenne Gil for the first time, as she shares about her process in building her body positive boudoir photography business. We also establish that Cheyenne is a shame buster, and that is her special power! So sit back, relax, and come along for the ride of Belonging with Cheyenne Gil!
May 01, 2020
Belonging with Collette Hemmings
In this episode Collette Hemmings, shares that through all of her travels, coming inside has been the most wild adventure. Join us as we dig into what it means to find belonging within. Collette shares her perspective, ideas, and even a tool that people can use to bring depression, and anxiety down and through the body. Please enjoy this episode of where you belong with a Collette Hemmings!
April 29, 2020
Belonging with Ally Legend Siegel
I am so excited to share today’s podcast episode! Ally Legend Siegel is an incredible writer, educator, and the Director of Equality Content at Salesforce in San Francisco. We discussed the root of Ally’s work empathy, and the power of consideration. Ally helps us understand how to start to develop our empathy muscle, breaks down gentrification, and inspires us all to follow our deepest knowing. I know you are going to love this eppy!
April 27, 2020
Belonging with Tyra Lovato!
On today’s episode we have the wonderful Tyra Lovato! A movement instructor, activist, accountant, and nerd! Tyra creates spaces that welcome everyone to move, and shares about her experiences as a black woman in Portland. Join us as we chat about Tyra’s experience with building community, self growth, and all the cackling in between!
April 24, 2020
Belonging with Meg Bradbury
Welcome to where you belong! Today our guest Meg Bradbury, is an incredible educator, body trust provider, and gay Badass crone! In our episode we discuss aging, death, the pandemic, and what it belonging looks like currently for Meg! I hope you enjoy the show, feel free to reach out via Instagram: @iamannachapman or email:! If you are an elder queer looking for community, check out @elder_queer on Instagram! 💕✌️
April 21, 2020
Belonging with Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma
Enjoy this beautiful conversation with Kanda Mbenza-Ngoma and I as we explore finding self Care during this pandemic. Kanda discusses the work it took to get to a place where within her dwells her place of deep belonging. Also special treat!!! Kanda shares an original song with all of us! Thank you Kanda! xoxo Anna
April 21, 2020
The Coco Madrid TELL ALL + 420 Extravaganza!
Welcome to this hard hitting 420 episode of where you belong! Today we celebrate Coco Madrid in this high TELL ALL! Coco shares exclusive life updates, and ultimately we get to see how she is guided to open space for people to feel like they belong. Enjoy this cute moment with Coco and I, as we share stories, truths, and all the in between. 💕✌️
April 20, 2020
What do you need? - A guided self inquiry practice.
Take this next 7 minutes to ask yourself what you need right here, right now. Join me as we bring our awareness within to uncover what our deep needs are in this moment. Your needs are valid 💕
April 14, 2020
You are here: A meditation for being with you
No matter what your going through or how uncomfortable you may be, there is still a longing to be held. This meditation will walk you through a mindfulness based embodiment meditation practice to stay with what is, and to remember your immense value in this world. Take the next 10 minutes for you, with you!
April 13, 2020
Belonging with Saucyé West
Join me in this brilliant conversation with Saucyé West about the plus fashion industry and how she created a space of belonging through being loud about being excluded! Giggle with us as we discuss brands, fashion, fat activism, and Saucyé’s vision for the world.
April 09, 2020
April 8, 2020
April 08, 2020