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Where's My Stick

Where's My Stick

By WMS Podcast
Where’s My Stick is a hockey podcast created by Kristie and Danielle, two Pens fans who have a lot to say about the Pens, their other teams, hockey and the NHL. In each episode, the girls will focus on their teams and favorite players, as well as all 31 NHL teams. The girls will discuss current/ hot topics such as player signings, breakout performances and league hiring's and firings. Each episode will include fun NHL themed games, questions of the day, polls and special guests!
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071: Kyle Beach
In this episode Kristie and Danielle detail everything that is going on with the Kyle Beach and John Doe 2 lawsuit against the Chicago Blackhawks.  TW for sexual assault, rape and sexual abuse.  Link to the report released detailing the findings of the investigation is here Link to Kyle Beach's interview is here Follow at @wheres_my_stick 
November 03, 2021
070: New season, same mess
Welcome back for season 4! In today’s episode, Kristie and Danielle dust off the podcast equipment and jump right into discussing the latest BS from Evander Kane and what that means for the HDA and their credibility moving forward. Then they jump into some early season surprises such as Seattle not doing so well, neither is MTL and was Ristolainen the problem all along in Buffalo? They give their thoughts on the new TV deals and how games look on NHL on ESPN and TNT. Lastly, wrapping up with the Pens. Even though they are without a lot of key players, the team is holding their own thanks to the “next man up” mentality. Danielle and Kristie give credit where credit is due, as well as wonder what the Pens plan to do with Pierre Oliver Joseph. Follow @wheres_my_stick 
October 28, 2021
068: Where do we go from here?
We're back ! This week we talk about Tom Wilson vs. The Rangers vs. The DoPS. We also touch on McDavid hitting 100 points, Rick Tocchet leaving the Coyotes, playoff surprises and of course the Penguins. Also are the Caps the Penguins from 2017 2.0. If you like what you hear give us a review and check us out on twitter at @wheres_my_stick 
May 12, 2021
067: What does NHLPA do?
In today’s episode, Danielle and Kristie follow up on the Covid drama in Vancouver, JT Miller speaking out and how that looks for the NHLPA. Keeping with that theme, they also discuss Robin Lehner’s comments to the media and how the NHL and NHLPA are treating the players behind closed doors. Since the last episode came out around the deadline, Kristie and Danielle take a look at the moves made in the Eastern Division and what that could mean for the Pens. Like always, they wrap up with some Pens talk, how the team is doing, some concerns and who they’d like to play in the playoffs. Please rate, review and follow along @wheres_my_stick ! Articles referenced: ‘It’s immoral’: Golden Knights’ Robin Lehner expands on his comments about NHL’s COVID-19 promises Vancouver Canucks to resume play Sunday after COVID-19 outbreak
April 29, 2021
066: The Final Stretch
We're back! This week, Danielle and Kristie talk about the NHL and Covid focusing on the outbreak in Vancouver and some possible ramifications of that for the North Division. At the time of recording it was not yet the trade deadline but there were still some trades to discuss! We also talk about what we want or don't want to see this trade deadline. Of Course we close it out with the Penguins who are still looking good and some key players are stepping up.  Give us a listen and a rating on apple podcasts!  Catch up with us on twitter at: wheres_my_stick
April 12, 2021
065: No more First Overalls in the Metro... Unless
In today’s episode Danielle and Kristie discuss the new ESPN deal and what it means for the future of the NHL, growing the game and NHL tv. Then they discuss the changes to the NHL draft, instead of keeping things simple the NHL continues to complicate things. Should a team be able to draft 1st overall after 1st overall and continue to be bad? They also discuss some of the latest racist attacks that young hockey players continue to deal with in junior hockey. Of course they wrap up with some Pens talk. Follow @Wheres_My_Stick! Articles referenced in today’s episode: NHL has a deal with ESPN NHL DRAFT changes Hockey Player of Color Movement tweeted a video where you can hear monkey noises during a game between 2 14u teams in a rink in Auburn Virgina Arjun Sawa the son of the first South Asian player - Robin Sawa
March 16, 2021
064: Who's Next?
In this week's episode the girls talk about the not so surprising firing of Claude Julien and also what is going on with the Candiens?! We brainstorm who might be next on the chopping block... David Quinn, Mike Sullivan ? For some weird reason the month of February was the month of the redemption pieces? We discuss why this might be the case and the reprucussions. Lastly, we discuss the Pens! Who added a new director of player personnel Chris Pryor, Hextall made his first player move, and a new Evgeni Malkin Theory!
March 02, 2021
063: Jordan Eberle shouldn't be this good against us
In today’s episode, we discuss if the new Covid protocols can help keep the NHL Covid Free moving forward. Should fans be concerned about Player’s comments coming back from having Covid? Then it’s never boring with the Arizona Coyotes, what is going on with ownership? We touch on the concerning issues in Katie Strang’s article, what has happened and why the NHL needs to have strict ownership requirements. It’s only fitting to end with the Penguins. We give our thoughts on the new front office and what this means for the veterans. Is Hextall the solution? How active will Burke be in roster moves? Plus the Pens did a surprising amount for Black History Month, listen as we catch up on all of it. Follow us @Wheres_My_Stick Articles referenced: NHL makes changes to IN Arena COVID Protocol Katie Strang article: Dysfunction in the desert: finger pointing fear and financial woes roil the Coyotes organization 31 Thoughts: What Hextall, Burke hirings say about the Penguins
February 24, 2021
062: So.... Everything is a mess
We are a few more weeks into the season... and of course so many things keep on happening in women's and men's hockey. In Women's Hockey, the NWHL is trying to award an Isobel cup champion in a bubble and surprise surprise COVID-19 has other plans. In the midst of all that we have the NWHL vs. Barstool vs. Saroya Tinker ?? In the NHL, we discuss the entire New York Rangers and them waiving a controversial player.  Last but definitely not least, the Penguins of course wanted in on the mess and Jim Rutherford just up and quit. Outside of the drama of that we discuss possible replacement and the Penguins so far this season.  Referenced links:  @Account4hockey Rangers Thread DeAngelo, Georgiev Allegedly had ‘Altercation’ Following Loss vs Pittsburgh The NWHL's Saroya Tinker was brave enough to speak out. Hockey needs to stand behind her.
February 05, 2021
061: A Mixed Bag of Emotion
The NHL season has started and so has the drama with the first big trade of the season, Laine/ Roslovic for Pierre Luc Dubios/ a third, we definitely have opinions on that trade. We also discuss the league’s Covid protocol and some of the controversy surrounding the Capitals. As if we couldn’t get enough hockey the NWHL 2021 Bubble Tournament has started, if you haven’t tuned in we discuss our favorite teams, games to watch and our favorite NWHL follows! Of course we wrap up with a recap of the first few games of the Pens season. Is it too early to panic? Or is this just the future of the team, they’ll win but it will be ugly? Plus we have to congratulate PO Joseph on his first NHL game and his first NHL point! Thanks for listening, follow us @Wheres_my_stick ! Our favorite NWHL follows! Anne Tokarski Erica L. Ayala Marisa Ingemi
January 26, 2021
060: Eastern Division Preview w/ Saucy Rockets
Hockey is Back! Our Eastern Division preview is right on time, as Saucy Rockets joins the pod to give their thoughts on all eight teams in the division. We discuss some of the notable moves that happened this off season and how we expect it to affect the teams. Discussing our hottakes on who had the best off season, who is the most underrated team and who will miss the playoffs. As well as use Dom Luszczyszyn’s predictions ranking to support or rebuke our claims. The ‘20-’21 season is going to be a crazy one, when multiple teams in the division still have tons of unanswered questions, new systems to perfect and a shortened season to get it all done.  As always, comment, subscribe and tell a friend! You can find us @wheres_my_stick on twitter!
January 13, 2021
059: Pens, Pens, Pens w/Taylor Haase
Kristie and Danielle are back and this time with a Guest! We are joined by Taylor Haase of DK Pittsburgh Sports. Taylor is a writer who covers a lot of the Penguins prospects from the Wheeling Nailers and WBS Penguins who else is better to talk about the Penguins future?! We go over everything that the Penguins have done in the offseason and look to the future to see how it all might fit in the 2020-2021 season.  Note:  At the start of the episode Danielle and Kristie talk about the sexual assault allegations against former members of the WBS Penguins coaching staff. If you do not want to listen to that please take care of yourself and skip to 13:30  where we begin our conversation with Taylor.  Follow us on Twitter at @wheres_my_stick !! Follow Taylor @TaylorHaasePGH!!  Article referenced about allegations. 
January 03, 2021
058: Hockey during a Pandemic... again
We have dates, we have news and a new episode! The NHL dropped a ton of info on the 20-21 season, so Danielle and Kristie are here to give a primer of the new season. From training camp to the 56 game condensed season and even the playoff structure. They even released the expansion draft date, the regular draft and free agency! The girls discuss the players still available, the fact that ads might be on players helmets and how that will help the NHL. As well as weigh the pros and cons of having fans in arenas. Follow us @Where_my_stick!
December 22, 2020
057: The Owners didn't read and now the Players are pissed
In today’s episode, apparently NHL owners can’t or more correctly, chose not to read the two month old CBA, so the start of the 2020-2021 season could be delayed. Danielle and Kristie try to figure out why the NHLPA always seems to fold in these negotiations. As well as discuss new NHL hiring's and the good, bad and teams that should redo their reverse retro jerseys. And because 2020 continues to suck, they also discuss Jake Paul vs Evander Kane.  As always you can reach us @wheres_my_stick, if you liked the episode, tell a friend!  Articles Referenced in the Show: NHL seeking additional deferment on player salaries, raise on escrow caps NHL talks or lack there of have the familiar feel of a lockout by Kevin McGran  Brett Peterson Hiring Dorion Dickerson Hiring Joel Ward Hiring Terry Smith SJS Logo
December 03, 2020
056: HDA vs. NHL
In this episode Danielle and Kristie are doing something a little bit different. We discuss in detail what both the HDA and the NHL&the NHLPA are planning to do in terms of the initiatives tackling racism. We go over their differences and how potentially they can work together; if they can work together at all.  Check us out on Twitter: wheres_my_stick  Comment, rate, subscribe and tell a friend!!  Show Links:  Our Ask of the NHL - by the HDA.  The NHL's new Diversity and Inclusion Plan Falls Far Short of Where Players and Fans need the League to be- Hemal Jhaveri NHL announces initiatives to combat racism, accelerate inclusion efforts
November 19, 2020
055: Everyone failed if it got to this point
Today’s episode is exciting, Hannah joins the show to discuss everything going on around the NHL. We’re switching up the format and decided to touch on some Penguins topics first by welcoming back Trevor Daley and trying to figure out what’s going on in the front office. Then we move on to a lengthy discussion of Mitchell Miller, the Arizona Coyotes and why hockey culture will never allow teams to get it right. Then we wrap up with a game, Love Island: Hockey Free Agent Edition. A special thanks to Hannah for joining us and as always talk to us @Wheres_my_stick! Comment, rate and subscribe! *** Sidenote: the first 10 minutes of Hannah’s audio got cut out (mostly the Pens stuff, we edited it as much as we could, but still felt like we had a really good convo about the Miller situation, a fun game and wanted to keep the Daley stuff in. Sorry for any confusion! Show Links Arizona Coyotes top draft pick was convicted for bullying Black teen with disabilities ‘There is a victim out there’: Coyotes, NHL knew of Mitchell Miller’s ugly past
November 03, 2020
054: Everyone's Moving
And we're back ! This week we have very sad news to start :(   Kristie and Danielle are back to discuss some of the more special stories at the draft. We talk about the many different teams for many different players, the goalie carousel and of course the Penguins!  Follow us on Twitter ad @Wheres_my_stick! 
October 19, 2020
053: I'm going create an environment that is so toxic
A lot has happened since we last recorded, there is a new Stanley Cup Champ, the Pens signed another left handed, not so great Dman and we are now in to trade rumors part of the off season. The NHL had no positive test in the bubble, but that doesn't mean there were no complaints. The Pens are making some questionable moves, we give our thoughts on which is the worst. Is Henrik Lundqvist the Swedish Patrick Sharp? Should the Jets trade Laine? Jack Eichel to the Rangers? We talk about all this and more in this week's episode!  Follow us @Wheres_my_stick!
October 06, 2020
052: The Drama
We're back everyone and did we miss a lot! In this episode,  the girls discuss the playoffs, other shenanigans happening around the NHL (Kyle Dubas a Witch?) and of course whatever it is the Penguins have been doing.  In Boston, a certain Bruins Beat writer had some words for Tuuka Rask.   link Dallas is looking for some feedback after some business pull support because of BLM. link Sarah Nurse joins the PWHPA board! We had some... ..... thoughts.  link  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at  wheres_my_stick and to tell a friend ! 
September 07, 2020
051: Reactionary Performatism... or the NHL?
The NHL and it’s players had to face their second test after many promised to listen, learn and be a part of change. We discussed how they messed up while the whole world was watching, the NHL schucked the responsibility on the players and with that responsibility some players stepped up more than others. This past week we saw first hand why it’s important for people and players of color to be in the room, during these conversations and if the NHL or it’s players want to actually be a part of change, why they must demand it. Follow Us: wheres_my_stick  Show Notes: Evander Kane Interview  Kayla Grey  Dumba and Kane Interview
August 30, 2020
050: Bye Recchi!
Womp womp, the Pens are out of the playoffs and Kristie, Danielle and Kelsey have A LOT to say. But before they touch on the pens, they continue the conversation about the BLM movement and how players are contributing to the anti-racist work in hockey. Then they move onto the mess that is going on in Pittsburgh, contracts are not being renewed, questions from the front office and a ton of personnel questions for next season. Even with crashing and burning in the play in round, the pens did themselves no favors as the 1st round pick goes to the NYR. The group discusses that, touch on the playoffs and what series they will keep an eye on. Talk to us on twitter @wheres_my_stick!! 
August 13, 2020
049: In the Bubble
In today’s episode, Danielle, Kelsey and Kristie give their thoughts on the Seattle Kraken name, colors and possible rivalries. Then they jump into the drama going on in the Arizona Coyotes front office and ask themselves, is Chayka a snake or just a millennial? Next, they have an in depth conversation on Naz Kadri, Ryan Reaves, Jonathan Toews and Matt Dumba’s comments on the BLM and anti-racism work, the differences in their comments and actions, and why the NHL seems to be years behind the curve. Of course, they round out the episode with some play in and round robin talk! Follow us @wheres_my_stick *** This episode was recorded before Ryan Reaves and other players kneeled during the anthems**** Av’s cutting Naz comments- sean shapiro Matt Dumba’s speech In an article by Scott Powers asks Jonathan Toews what he's doing to continue his anti-racism work
August 05, 2020
048: What is going on in Junior Hockey?
In today’s episode we discuss the recent articles about the ongoing abuse in Junior and Youth Hockey in North America. This unfortunately is not a new topic, however, within the past two weeks, multiple athletes have come forward with their stories and the trauma they experienced within their programs and leagues. We examine the power dynamics in hockey, the isolation from family and friends and other contributors to this toxic culture. Then we provide some realistic systematic changes and safety nets to put in place to keep these children safe. Tell us your thoughts on this issue @wheres_my_stick Articles referenced: Daniel Carcillo and Garrett Taylor’s class action suit against the CHL Former OHL player Eric Guest ‘Uncomfortable and scared’: Abuse allegations inside the USA Hockey sled program
June 26, 2020
047: Racism Exists?!
Hey everyone! We're back!  In this episode we talk about George Floyd's untimely passing at the hands of the police and how the hockey community as a whole responded to the Black Lives Matter protests that have sprung all over the United States and other parts of the world. We look at hockey is racked with racism and the different ways that players, teams and the NHL can better the game of hockey and keeping the momentum going from the protests. We talk about the Hockey Diversity Alliance as well as other initiatives that are in the works.  Chat with us! @wheres_my_stick on Twitter! 
June 22, 2020
046: Fueled By Money
In today's episode, we discuss some meaningful topics in the NHL, but first, we have to take a moment of silence for Dustin Byfuglien, we miss you bud. We talk about the ownership in Buffalo and why they're the new villains of the NHL. As well as, give our opinions of what happened to Rangers prospect, K'Andre Miller, how the Rangers and the NHL handled it. Next, we talk about how the NFL's draft is persuading the NHL to keep their draft in June and question if the NHL should continue the '19-20 regular season and playoffs if it messes with the '20-21 season. All of the articles we referenced are linked below! Follow us @wheres_my_stick SHOW NOTES Pegula Article NYT Article SportsNet NHL News
May 01, 2020
045: Maybe bullying does work (in this situation)
What are we suppose to do now? Hockey is suspended and we take a look at what got us to this point. As well as look at what are the options moving forward. We also talk about which teams did the right thing and are supporting their employees, which aren't and which needed a little push. Follow us on twitter @wheres_my_stick! 
March 18, 2020
044: As a Treat
We're back! 2 weeks in a row! In this episode, the girls go around the league and talk about the tragic tornado in Nashville, the Islander's Johnny Boychuk's close call, Hockey Is For Everyone - except is it?. The girls even let Kristie gush about Mika Zibanejad about his 5 goal game. Finally, the girls talk about the Pens, Mike Sullivan's interview on the 31 Thoughts podcast,  the lines, injuries and goalie matchup.  Feel free to follow us @wheres_my_stick on Twitter and let us know what you think. 
March 08, 2020
043: We were wrong and that's on us
The Penguins are NOT good and we apologize for saying they might be! In today's episode, we recap all of the trade deadline moves and figure out who were the winners and losers of the day. Did Nashville really forget it the deadline was on Monday? The Stars did... nothing? And of course the Metro got deeper. We talk about the Leafs, EBUGs and how NHL GM's may try and ruin it. Lastly we scream about the Pens. We look for a top defensive pair out of the defense we have left, wonder if ZAR is what kept this team afloat and look at the new guys.  Follow us on twitter @Wheres_my_stick! Thanks for listening and tell a friend!
March 03, 2020
042: Guess Who's Back?!
They gang is back together and had a fun time recording this episode. We try to sort through the mess that was the Biz/Carcillo drama with a side of Jeremy Roenick bs and of course give our opinions on the situations. As well as look at that recent(ish) trades that happened before the trade deadline, which has us asking what is going on with the Jets and Leafs? Question if the Stars and Canucks are serious playoff contenders and look at who we'd like to see them add at the deadline. We wrap up with the Pens, like we always do. We look at their recent trade, what happens when they actually get healthy (lol) and admit, there is something special about this team. As always, tweet us @wheres_my_stick and tell a friend!
February 21, 2020
041: A Job is a Job
We said we were back! In this week's episode we talk about the never ender GM and Coach carousel adding Gerard Gallant, Pete DeBeor and Ray Shero to the mix. Nicklas Backstom resigned! How did he to? We also talk about Matthew Tkachuck vs. Everybody. With the All Star game looming, we talk about new things the league is doing to make it fun. Colorado held a memorial service with some questionable decisions and of course we talk about the Penguins.  Feel free to tweet us at @wheres_my_stick and don't forget to tell a friend!
January 23, 2020
040: 4th Line Center
We're back and we have so much to discuss, from fired coaches, hired coaches and the Winter Classic to the All Star game and World Juniors. As well as catch up on the Pens and figure out how this team continues to win despite all of the injuries. We also try to answer the dumb question, who should play with Sid (without moving McCann from center)? Follow us on Twitter @wheres_my_stick !
January 14, 2020
039: Knock On Wood
Welcome back everyone! In this week's episode we go over updates on Akim Aliu, Coach firings and updates on the Penguins.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @where's_my_stick and to tell a friend.
December 23, 2019
038: What's Done in the Dark...
This past week and a half so much has been brought to light about what happens in hockey culture and in the locker room. In today's episode, Kristie and Danielle discuss the Bill Peters saga, Mike Babcock and the mental and racial abuse hockey players endure to be a part of the game. Of course this wouldn't be a WMS episode if the girls didn't touch on some recent pens news. As always you can follow us on @wheres_my_stick 
December 03, 2019
037: Surprise, Surpise!
And we're back! For real this time! The girls finally got their sh*t together and are back with a new episode. In this episode the girls discuss Don Cherry's firing, Hilary Knight's comments on the NWHL as long as other Women's Hockey news. We also take a look around the league, the Pens, and give Sidney Crosby some health advice. If you have any questions feel free to get at us at @wheres_my_stick! And remember to rate and subscribe :)
November 20, 2019
Where's My Stick 036: Well This Is Surprise...
Meaningful hockey is back and so are the girls! On today's episode the girls quickly recap the league wide news, everything from baby girl Karlsson to another Vegas substance abuse suspension, as well as Dylan Larkin's pant's :) They also cover some surprising starts for certain teams *cough- the oilers-cough* and some unsurprising starts. Lastly, finishing up with some Pens talk! Who cursed the Penguins with injuries and HOW can it be reverse it? As always comment, subscribe and talk to the girls on @wheres_my_stick on twitter!
October 20, 2019
Where's My Stick 035: The Messy Metro- Metro Division Preview
Last but not least, the girls preview the Metro! Before that though, the girls talk signings. Laine, finally signed with Winnipeg and all the rest of the RFAs who decided to sign. Justin Faulk is on the Blues now? Okay? And lastly, we discuss Auston Matthews. Don't forget to rate and subscribe! Maybe tell a friend? Get at us at @wheres_my_stick on Twitter!
October 02, 2019
Where's My Stick 034: Atlantic Division Preview ft. RealGudPros !
Did you miss us? The girls of WMS are back with guest, Elizabeth and Helen of @RealGudPros! Together they discuss the good, the bad and the Ottawa Senators of the Atlantic Division and paying special attention to the Toronto Maple Leafs. As always you can always reach the girls on twitter at @wheres_my_stick ! And if you don't already, you can listen to Real Gud Pros on iTunes and follow them on twitter at @RealGudPros !
September 29, 2019
Where's My Stick 033: They Sure Are A Team- Pacific Preview
And we're back with another preview. This week the girls tackled the Pacific Division. But first! Mitch Marner is a Toronto Maple Leaf, so you know we had to talk about it. The girls weigh in on Mitch's new contract, and other RFA signings. They also discuss the NHLPAs decision to stick with the CBA and of course some women's hockey news. If you have any questions and comments feel free to get at us @wheres_my_stick on twitter.
September 23, 2019
Where's My Stick 032: Central Division Preview ft. Cassie Moiser!
With a new season nearly upon us, the girls are joined by Jets expert Cassie (@CassieMoiser) to discuss all things Central as they kick-off their division world tour! 01.26: the Nashville Predators; 10.20: the St. Louis Blues; 15.32: the Dallas Stars; 25.00: the Colorado Avalanche; 37.30: the Chicago Blackhawks; 45.11: the Minnesota Wild; 53.00: the Winnipeg Jets. Be sure to follow the podcast on twitter @wheres_my_stick, and check out Cassie at JetsNation (@NHLJetsNation) and the Broken Bandwagon (@brokebandwagon)!
September 13, 2019
Where's My Stick 031: "Larkin - DeSmith One for One"
The girls continue to brave the offseason, discussing their favorite teams' struggles, their top 5 centers and wingers, Billy Guerin's move to Minnesota, the Arizona State Sundevils' trip to China, and much more!
August 22, 2019
Where's My Stick 030: "Who Do You Play For?"
It's not time for World Juniors, Women's Worlds or the Olympics, so why do the we feel so nationalistic? Well it's Movie Time and this episode the we watched Miracle. Before screaming about the movie, Herb Brooks and how the Olympic success changed the progression of USA hockey, we discuss news around the league. Such as, Paul Fenton, the Rangers and retirements before basically changing U S A. Any comments, questions or concerns? You can reach us at @wheres_my_stick on twitter !
August 17, 2019
Where's My Stick 029: "That's Why the League is in Chaos"
Hey all! It has been a while, oops. The Girls are back! In this episode they talk about the Alex Nylander trade, the Neal for Lucic trade (One for One). The girls also talk about the recent Jacob Trouba signing along with the Winnipeg Jets and if they're okay. Spoiler Alert, they're not and Kristie is upset about it and is pointing fingers! Jonathan Toews made some comments! Was he being a hater or not? Finally, they close the episode looking at the Zodiac Signs of our NHL GMs. Some GMs may surprise you while other make a whole lot of sense. For the Month of August, we decided to donate to the Sudan Relief Fund for every listen in order to help out in the crisis in Sudan. If you want to donate as well, feel free to click the link down below. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact us on Twitter @wheres_my_stick
August 03, 2019
Where's My Stick? 028: We'll See!
The ladies of Where's My Stick are back to take on all things free agency - as well as some of the more recent trades, and notable non-signings!
July 06, 2019
Where's My Stick 027: "Everyone's in the Metro but Phil"
The team is joined by the amazing ladies of Saucy Rockets! In this episode, they try and digest the Kessel trade and other pre-free agency trades, hazing in the QMJHL and hockey culture. Also decide if they were drafted, what would their walk up song be? As well as all things Saucy Rockets because we all want to know how did a Caps fan and a Pens fan start a podcast? Follow Saucy Rockets @saucyrockets Listen:
July 03, 2019
Where's My Stick 026: "Tuuka Too"
The girls are back and in this week episode we talk about the Stanley Cup Finals results! Some of us are happy about while others are less enthused. Looking into off season moves we talk about the Flyer's recent moves, trading Radko Gudas & buying out Andrew Macdonald. The Penguins couldn't let the Flyers have all the fun, trading a staple on their defense. Finally, the girls talk about a Hockey Movie Classic, The Mighty Ducks!
June 17, 2019
Where's My Stick 025: "No Shade!"
Welcome back to Where's My Stick! On our 25th episode, we talk very little about the Stanley Cup Final and a lot about how poorly the NHL markets itself and its players. We all chat about the recent signings (and not signings) of Jeff Skinner, Kevin Hayes, and Taylor Hall. We take a look at the prospects in this year's draft class (or, like, two of them) and discuss why the combine interview process is such a disaster. Finally, we tackle the Penguins' roster troubles and their media team's survey.
June 12, 2019
Where's My Stick 024: "Why Don't I Get What I Want?"
In this latest episode, the girls talk about the Stanley Cup Finals, who could possibly win the Conn Smythe. It's never too early to talk about trade rumors and free agency! We talk about a Phil Kessel trade and possible landing spots for Erik Karlsson. As always feel free to contact us on Twitter: @wheres_my_stick
May 30, 2019
Where's My Stick 023: "The Playoffs Sure Are Playin'"
On today's episode of WMS, the girls discuss the playoffs, who'd they'd like to win the cup (SPOILER: they couldn't pick the pens :/ )and the men's worlds (aka the Kucherov, Kakko and Nylander show). As well as Holland in EDM, wtf Philly's doing in the coaching department and the new coach GM Eichel - cough- Botterill hired in Buffalo. We're excited to announce we are now part of the National Podcast Network, so if you are new listener- Hello! Or if you are a long time listener, check out some of the other podcast on the site! either way thanks for listening :)
May 19, 2019
Where's My Stick 022: Thanks Jim !
The gang is back together to recap the draft order, touch on Voynov's suspension and new coach hiring's. As well as try and digest what was the first round. Based on the pens post season results and the title of this episode the girls have a few concerns and comments for Jim Rutherford and quickly touch on how badass Ryan Reaves is. If you have any topics or questions for the girls contact them @wheres_my_stick
April 25, 2019
Where's My Stick 021: If He's a Virgo, I'm F*ucking Ending It!
The girls are back (well, almost)! And just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! In this week's episode, the girls discuss some shake ups in Buffalo, GM Jack Eichel is on the move! Of course, we give our picks for winners of the first round. Spoiler Alert: we cry about the Pens. Connor McDavid had some things to say and we are all ears! Finally we discussed the unfortunate folding of the CWHL and the future of women's hockey.
April 10, 2019
Where's My Stick 020: "Bitter Betty"
In this week's episode the girls discuss the Canes YCP/ HIFE month, Spanish social media's and the Stars in Mexico City. As well as find out who is a Bitter Betty (spoiler, it's not Gary) and which playoff team is trustworthy. The girls also create a new playoff format that NHL owners may not like, but would be a lot of fun. As always rate, comment and follow the pod @wheres_my_stick !
April 02, 2019
Where's My Stick 019: "HOlli Maatta"
The girls are BACK! It's been a few weeks since the girls recorded so this week they played catch up. The girls discussed homophobia in today's NHL?, NHL's Player Safety and their inconsistency and some things they would change. The girls also talked Tavares' return to New York. Spoiler Alert: They loved it. The Caps invitations to the White House (they're not bitter about it you are). Malkin's 1000th point!. And of course the girls talked about the Pens and the playoff picture.
March 24, 2019
Where's My Stick 018: "WTF Just Happened?"
There are good trades, and then there are the Penguins. On today's episode, the WMS ladies talk all of the trade deadline action.
February 28, 2019
Where's My Stick? 017 (part 2): "Wait, this table only has three legs?!"
Welcome back to part two of episode seventeen! In honor of the NWHL's All Star weekend, we are joined by Alyssa, the creator of Even Strength, a women's hockey analytics' website. We discuss hockey in Australia, rivalries and how Alyssa became a hockey fan. As well as her views on which analytics provide the best analysis of a player, the lack of data from both pro women hockey teams and Gary Bettman's views on a NHL partnership with NWHL and the CWHL. If you'd like to know more about analytics follow @even_strength and follow Alyssa at @alyssastweeting. You can also read her work at @theicegarden!
February 08, 2019
Where's My Stick? 017 (part 1): "So... I guess we're Panthers fans?"
The girls are back discussing women shaking up the NHL starting with Kendall Coyne-Schofield as a guest analyst for NBC's Wednesday "not rivalry" night. As well as morn the loss of Derick Brassard and Jamie Oleksiak and evaluate GMJR's trades and discuss the new kids on the block (Nick Biugstad and Jared McCann). Lastly, the girls try and answer the question: is the NHL All Star game fun? We tease an interview with our first official guest, stay tuned for part two of this episode! As always, you can always reach us at @wheres_my_stick on twitter!
February 05, 2019
Where's My Stick? 016: "@yellowcrocs4life"
On the latest episode of Where's My Stick, the Oilers did a thing and didn't #ExtendChia. In light of his firing, the girls discuss his greatest hits in his 4 year stint with the Oilers. The Rangers did a good thing? Is this K'Andre Miller's influence? Mika Zibanejad was sweet in Sweden. Again, is this K'Andre Miller's influence? The girls answer the question: Are the Capitals okay? The girls also talk about some mid season awards and come up with their dream starting 5 only using players with the same Zodiac sign as them. And would it really be a WMS episode if the girl don't mention Brian Dumoulin. Enjoy! Make sure to give us a follow on Twitter @wheres_my_stick & to tell a friend!
January 27, 2019
Where's My Stick? 015: "Petty Revenge"
[Originally recorded 1/19/19] This week, the girls talk the Taylor Leier trade (00.01), the Dallas Stars host a Make-A-Wish event (00.03), Ryan Johansen's hit on Mark Scheifele (00.04), and Carter Hart (00.06). They draft their own All Star teams (with mixed results), and talk about the NHL's own All Star team, the Lightning, and the All Stars of all All Stars, Nikita Kucherov (00.20). They discuss the ongoing Derick Brassard drama (00.29), whether or not the Penguins are good, and the Penguins D-corps. They also draft their own All Star teams (with mixed results) and perform a re-draft of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft (with better results... mostly). Follow along at @wheres_my_stick on Twitter!
January 22, 2019
Where's My Stick? 014: "Pikachu Face"
In this week's episode, the girls explore NHL players biggest obstacle... buying jeans that fit. As well as discussing what is going on with Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets, Jets fans being frustrated with Laine and catching up on recent Penguins news. Lastly, the girls each pick their Vezina winners (SPOILER: No one agrees with the NHL writers lol) As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns you can tweet the girls @wheres_my_stick
January 18, 2019
Where's My Stick? 013: "To Russia, With Geno"
The girls are back this week to discuss the conclusion of the World Juniors Championship, Spanish speaking hockey broadcasters and All-Star selections. Also in this episode, the girls talk about the upcoming trade deadline, some recent trades and an interesting Power Play unit in the league. Of course we close, with some Pens talk and the return of the game "Name 9 players".
January 09, 2019
Where's My Stick? 012: "#LetangForNorris"
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The ladies celebrate by quickly recapping some their opinions on older topics, discussing the best hockey games of the season (World Juniors) and welcome back Matt "Money" Murray. They address the penguin's depth scoring and realistically look at the Kris Letang's stats and his chances on winning the Norris (if you're not on the #LetangForNorris train then what are you doing?). Lastly, the girls touch on the Dallas Stars "Bennguin" drama and are Islander fans allowed to still be mad at Tavares?
January 02, 2019
Where's My Stick? 011: "Is he gonna McDie?"
In this week's episode, the girls discuss some of the news they missed last week, rapid fire style. The girls also celebrate Seattle getting a team, their new found love for Dylan Larkin, go over current news around the league, played a new game and of course talked about the Penguins. As always, let us know what you think and be sure to give us a follow at @Wheres_My_Stick on Twitter.
December 16, 2018
Where's My Stick? 010: "Is John Gibson Available?"
On this weeks episode, the girls discuss new NHL firings and trades, look a little deeper into the flyer's former GM and his tenor in Philly and #nylanderwatch. As well as discuss the current top goalies and who could be a fit for the pens. Speaking of pens, the girls sum up the pens play in one word. Lastly, since we hit the quarter of the season the girls hand out team and player superlatives! As always, let us know what you think and if you have any questions, topics or concerns at us @wheres_my_stick on twitter! If you want to know more about the #BGHC meetup in DC on Dec.15th @BlackGirlHockey on twitter!
December 02, 2018
Where's My Stick? 009: "RIP Carl Hagelin. He's not dead, he's just a LA King now."
On today's episode, the girls discuss the Hagelin and Pearson trade (you can't wear number 14 Tanner!) and what lead to this trade, Jim Rutherford re-signing, Mike Sullivan's job security and goalie controversy (again!). While this episode is very pens heavy, the girls also discuss Tomas Tatar Guy, HHOF inductees Gary Bettman and Willie O'Ree. As always let us know what you think and if you have any questions, topics or concerns at us @wheres_my_stick on twitter!
November 24, 2018
Where's My Stick 008: "Fine & Okay"
The ladies are back for another look into happenings across the NHL! Joel Q's firing, and who's next? (0:00); the Senators go viral (0:13), Milan Lucic's hit on Mathieu Joseph (0:19); A deep dive into powerplays across the league! (0:24); The Penguins are Bad [ft. the Capitals, defensive pairings, and line-mixing] (0:34); Jim Rutherford meets the media (0:50); Was Rick Tocchet The Key all along? [ft. Kelsey hates Mark Recchi] (1:02); A disconnect between GMJR and HCMS? (1:05); Sprong & the Penguins' development (1:10); was Brassard a good or bad acquisition? (1:14); the return of the Name Nine! game (1:25).
November 17, 2018
Where's My Stick? 007: "Those Are The Standings....Really?"
Hello! On today's episode, the girls discuss gambling and the NHL, the rocky relationship between sweet angel, Josh Ho- Sang and the NYI, and the (then) current standings. As well as some coaches that may be in the hot seat (@ flyers we're looking at you). Of course the girls touch on the pens home and home against the Islanders and voice their questions about the team. As always please feel free to tweet the girls any episode suggestions or questions at @wheres_my_stick
November 07, 2018
Where's My Stick? 006: That's "4th Overall" Mitch Marner, To You
It has been a loooooong time since the girls recorded. On this late night recoding of Where's My Stick, the girls discuss Kyle Dubas and Willian Nylander's international love affair, nhl celly controversies and when the pens were bad. They also touch on the some nhl injuries and the age old question, who's better; McDavid, Crosby or Matthews? Easy! Evgeni Malkin :) As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns you can each the podcast at @wheres_my_stick on twitter!
October 30, 2018
Where's My Stick? 005: "Western Conference Preview"
In this week's episode Kelsey, Kristie and Danielle discuss preseason drama and the Western Conference. They break down projected lineups, off-season acquisitions and decide who needs to have career year, as well as some playoff projections. As always feedback is appreciated, feel free to hit the girls up on @wheres_my_stick with any topics or questions!
September 26, 2018
Where's My Stick? 004 (3.5): "An Oldie But A Goodie"
The girls discuss some older news like; the Leafs hiring two women, what in the world the Whitecaps are doing and Captains in the NHL. As well as, recent player signings and what happened with Max Pacioretty and MTL. All feedback is appreciated and let us know if you have any questions or any topics for the girls to discuss on a future episode @wheres_my_stick !
September 21, 2018
Where's My Stick? 003: "Tyler Seguin, Who?"
Hey everyone! On today's episode, the girls discuss the craziness that was last week, discussing Auston Watson and the Predators, Max Pacioretty to Vegas and FINALLY the Karlsson trade. As well as, Zetterberg retiring, the Seguin extension and other NHL news. As always, feel free to tweet the girls for show topics/ questions on their own personal twitters or at @wheres_my_stick
September 17, 2018
Where's My Stick? 002: "Gucci Gang"
The ladies of "Where's My Stick?" are back, and using the lazy days of the offseason to dive into some deep hockey questions! Ryan Ellis, Roman Josi, and other catfish-related horrors (01.10); we basically drafted music festival aficionado Dylan Larkin's contract - you're welcome, Red Wings fans! (07.30); draftees, their Big Teams, and some truly cursed thoughts regarding the Senators (09.30); Dart Guy and why are there so many white men in sports? (20.00); and marketing hockey to minorities (32.00). Research mentioned: "Women in the NHL Workforce" data, compiled by Sasky Stewart and Sarah Connors (2014): "Why Don't Women Coach in the NHL?" Dayna Kanis (2011):
August 24, 2018
WMS 001: "Hiss, Hiss"
Welcome to our inaugural episode! Join the WMS ladies in discussing the good, the bad, and the Tom Wilson of the offseason - signings, arbitration hearings, trades, and a deep dive into the philosophy of a rebuild. Follow us on Twitter at wheresmystickpod! We'd love to hear from you!
August 10, 2018