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Where's My Midwife? A Podcast

Where's My Midwife? A Podcast

By Where's My Midwife?
IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WERE MIDWIVES. Then in 2020, the Where's My Midwife? CrowdMap launched at to help connect midwives trained in out-of-hospital birth with people who choose birth in private homes + freestanding birth centers. Now, Where's My Midwife? A Podcast has come to life. A podcast about midwives and the families who love them, we feature new voices each week in support of the US movement to make way for midwives. Storytelling is a key component to Where's My Midwife? and increasing access to excellent maternity health care.
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Episode 3 (Tanya Smith-Johnson)
Steff and Kirsti sit down with Tanya Smith-Johnson to talk about putting policy into practice, pushing the status quo, uplifting student midwives and investing in liberation.
April 18, 2021
Episode 2 (Indra Lusero)
Steff and Kirsti sit down with Indra Lusero to talk about thinking outside the scope of practice box, supporting bold policy solutions, and funding 
birth justice policy work.
April 18, 2021
Episode 1 (Betty-Ann Daviss, David A. Anderson, Kenneth C. Johnson)
Steff and Kirsti sit down with Betty-Anne Daviss, David A. Anderson, and Kenneth C. Johnson to discuss their latest policy and practice reviews article, "Pivoting to Childbirth at Home
 or in Freestanding Birth Centers
 in the U.S. during COVID-19: Safety, Economics and Logistics," which was published in Frontiers in Sociology on March 26, 2021. Read the article.
April 18, 2021