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Who Is Myke Ellis???

Who Is Myke Ellis???

By Therealcolumbus89sound
this is a journey of an artist/song writer as he creates music and he shares the process of his song writing and making comments and shares thoughts on music and recording working with artists and etc
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Whats going on out there..?
Another couple of interviews that i did which is fun with more to come
February 05, 2021
King of Groovy( JD KYD) we created a banger 5 mins before sharing it live......... its a hit ya'll and i gave you the exclusive!!!!!
Who is Myke Ellis first episode starts after a recording session with King Groovy who has a banger that he just created 5 mins before we shot this interview he was excited to do the interview and so was i ....dope hip hop needs to be heard a diamond in the rough is the future of hip hip and now you have gotten an exclusive to a journey as he creates hits good music good vibes
December 10, 2020