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Who Wants Bananas?

Who Wants Bananas?

By Who Wants Bananas
The comical musings of four very different millennials. We cover a little bit of everything concerning our generation.
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Episode 48: Killing Industries Part III (Part I)
If you hated the first two Killing Industries episodes, you may as well turn off your interweb box, go live out in the woods, and shove a handful of Cheerios up your brother Ezekiel's butt. Not sure what that all means, but WELCOME to the first part of the third installment of Killing Industries! I don't rightly remember exactly what we talked about in this  episode because tbh I've kinda been drinking a bit.  Something about real estate and weddings, or something like that. Either way, shut up and listen to this industry-murdery goodness.
September 7, 2019
Episode 47: Streaming
We all like to go streakin... er, we like to STREAM things, yeah that's right.  Anything from live events on social media, to gamers at work, and our favorite tv shows and movies. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode. Or don't. I'm not your parent, or your guardian.
August 31, 2019
Episode 46: Would You Rather Part Deux
If you listened to our first "Would You Rather" episode, thank you, and we're sorry. That being said, we decided went against our better judgement and decided to revisit the subject, but with minimal family/self sacrifice this time. Sit back, relax, and please enjoy this ringtone while your party is reached.
August 24, 2019
Episode 45: Movies
 If you're reading this, that means that you're thinking about listening to our episode about movies, so congratulations. I must give you a warning though, all those who venture further into the realm of our discussions of cinematic pleasure may find themselves face to face with the horror that is S P O I L E R S, so if you are one of the few people left in this sector of the galaxy who hasn't seen Avengers Endgame yet, you're in for a bad time. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN WARNED THAT THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE, SO DON'T CRY TO US WHEN YOU FIND OUT THAT PROFESSOR SNAPE ACTUALLY KILLS SPIDERMAN. That being said, enjoy the episode. 
August 17, 2019
Episode 44: Artificial Intelligence
Robots? Androids? Cyborgs? Smug toasters? These things all may have more intelligence than us one day. But until then, we talk about it here on Who Wants Bananas. 
August 10, 2019
Episode 43: Food Pt. 2
Hey! You know that stuff you shove into your face that your parents told you to stop playing with? Well we're talking about it today! Gadgets, recipes, life stories and terminator dicks. 
August 3, 2019
Episode 42: Books N' Reading
There's a lot of days where I look at books in the library, or in a bookstore, and it makes me really wish I could read. If YOU know how to read, and if YOU'VE ever read a book, magazine, or the back cover of a porno magazine, tune in to this episode and listen to us talk about the wonderful world of visual word consumption.
July 27, 2019
Episode 41: Comedy
Do you like to laugh? Of course you don't, nobody does. Life is serious business. That's why we like to laugh. We're talking about everything humorous, from comedians to those damn internet mee-mees that the kids are all talking about. Enjoy, but don't laugh.
July 20, 2019
Episode 40: Goin' Out
We all go out sometimes, but WHERE do we go? Anywhere from museums, arcades and parks to bars, pubs, taverns, speakeasies, and insert other establishment for consuming alcohol here, we're covering it all on this episode!
July 13, 2019
Episode 39: The Bro Code
Ever wonder what "The Bro Code" is all about? Neither do we, but you're gonna have to listen to it anyways. Take this magical journey through the mythical code, laugh cry, and enjoy yourselves.
July 6, 2019
Episode 38: Finance Pt2
Tune in to here some more helpful tidbits on finance from the Who Wants Bananas crew!!
June 29, 2019
Episode 37: Environmentalism and Sustainability
We're all trash but that doesn't mean the world has to be!!
June 22, 2019
Episode 36: Legalization Pt 2
That ganja returns, we talk about CBD, shrooms, the economics of the situation. So toke up and listen!
June 15, 2019
Episode 35: Art
We discuss the art world, what art means to us, a bit of the business side and what it really means to be abstract. 
June 8, 2019
Episode 34: 90s Kidz
We dive into the wild world of the 90s, including (but not limited to) Legos, Funny Bones, Pogs, Pokemon, SpongeBob, Fresh Prince and probably many other things!
June 1, 2019
Episode 33: Video Games Pt. 2
Placeholder. If you're listening to the episode and this is still up, than whoops!
May 25, 2019
Episode 32: Killing Industries Pt. 2
We keep murdering things, while keeping others alive. Take a listen about how dog food, cheese and house plants all work together for these shenanigans. 
May 18, 2019
Episode 31: Drinking
Sit back as we regale you with the do's and don'ts of drinking, the shenanigans we've gotten into and many other life lessons you probably shouldn't abide by!
May 11, 2019
Episode 30: Push the button Pt. 2
So, here we are again, pushing the button. Terrible things happen to people. And terrible people happen to things, Tune in to find out more!
May 4, 2019
Episode 29: PAX 2019 Recap
Well because we have great timing, here's our recap of our PAX shenanigans! We talk about what we saw, what we liked best or didnt like. And of course the things we got into outside the event.  Be sure to check out for our merch, new episodes and more!
April 27, 2019
Episode 28: Fashion
If you've ever done fashion once or twice, listen to us talk about the past future and present!
April 20, 2019
Episode 27: Success & Productivity
We're talking about SUCCESS. Find out what our thoughts on ways to be successful and ways that we stay motivated!!
April 13, 2019
Episode 26: Censorship
We talk about what we're allowed to talk about. Talking censorship, how people react to things and what is and is not okay to say....also Nipples
April 6, 2019
Episode 25: PAX Pt 2
We share our excitement for the schedule and various events at PAX East
March 30, 2019
Episode 24: PAX Pt. 1
We share our love of video games and the excitement for one of the biggest video game events around, PAX East, listen as we break down what we're looking forward to and what we may have already done before. 
March 22, 2019
Episode 23: Independent Living
Do you live on your own? With Family? With creepy ghosts that you can't seem to get out of your mind/attic? Well then, listen in as we talk about most of these things!
March 16, 2019
Episode 22: Super Fight
Ever wonder how Ghandi would do going toe to tow with a Sasquatch driving a a blimp....with blinding light hands?! Oh, you have? Well then...get on in here you crazy rascal. 
March 9, 2019
Episode 21: Media Consumption
We take a trip down memory lane, talk about things of yesteryear and most importantly, hit clips!
March 2, 2019
Episode 20: Cigars
Ever suck down a stogie? Maybe a good puff on a churchill? Have no idea what these things mean?! Well Ryan and Keenan drop some cigar knowledge on you fools in this episode. 
February 23, 2019
Episode 19: Music #2
Round 2 of the episode that makes you shake your groove thing and diving a little deeper into the types of music we listen to. Enjoy!
February 16, 2019
Episode 18: Vaping
Ripping phat cloudz? Check. Wrapping new coils? Check. Potential pipe bombs in the early days? Apparently also check. 
February 8, 2019
Episode 17: Exercise
Ever wonder how podcasters feel about running? Jumping jacks? Or various other rigorous activities? Well here ya go!
February 2, 2019
Episode 16: Generational Differences
We talkin' 'bout beards, dresses and old people! 
January 26, 2019
Episode 15: Relationships
All aboard! In this episode we hop right into our relationship history, the ups, the downs and the ins and outs. 
January 19, 2019
Episode 14: Music #1
Listening to something discussing listening to things?! You get to do two things at once! Hop on in as we discuss music history and genre tastes.
January 12, 2019
Episode 13: Legalization
Herb. Green. Tree. Grass. The sticky icky (ooh ooh). Today we share our stories/thoughts on marijuana and the legalities of it.
January 5, 2019
Episode 12: Would You Rather?
We discuss oodles of things. Would you want glowy bits? End loved ones for food? Fly while people aren't looking? Find out in this episode!
December 29, 2018
Episode 11: Travel
Planes! Trains! Automobiles! We're covering it all, where we've gone, and our worldly experience or lack thereof.
December 22, 2018
Episode 10: Finance
Ever wonder how we handle money? Well prepare to hear how we really don't handle it!
December 15, 2018
Episode 9: Social Media
Have you ever taken a book to the face and realized people need to hear birds talk about it while you break conversations? Or maybe just want to hear people talk about Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, tune in!
December 7, 2018
Episode 8: Technology
Oh buckle up for an entire episode about technology, lettuce and ranch dressing bottles. Enjoy.
December 1, 2018
Episode 7: Video Games
We plug into the wild world of video games to discuss our favorite characters, our history with video games. Even address some combat mechanics and why they aren't people battling with wrenches.
November 24, 2018
Episode 6: Workplace
We clock some time talking about some past jobs, our worst jobs, workplace attitude.
November 17, 2018
Episode 5: Killing Industries
We discuss the industries millennials are killing as well as our thoughts and experiences about it.
November 10, 2018
Episode 4: Red Dead Redemption 2
Whoa there pardner. This episode is all about the wild west world that is Red Dead Redemption 2. Hats, horses and shotguns aplenty in this here podcast. Giddy on up.
November 3, 2018
Episode 3: Unlimited Money
What would you do with unlimited money? Hear our answers and learn how we would handle 10,000 tanks.
October 27, 2018
Episode 2: Food
We talk about food. Takeout, meal prep, mail order cook at home and how we feel about cooking in general.
October 20, 2018
Episode 1: The Intro
We introduce ourselves and welcome you to the crazy world of Who Wants Bananas
October 13, 2018