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Wouldn't It Be Cool If...?

Wouldn't It Be Cool If...?

In this podcast Dr. Chandra Sledge Mathias is interviewing cool folks who are doing cool things. They leaped out on faith to answer the question, "Wouldn't It Be Cool If...?" and she wants to hear all about their journeys: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The conversations are inspiring, insightful, and entertaining. Tune in and get inspired!
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"Do Something" with entrepreneur, educator, activist, and advocate Leonardo Williams
In this episode, Chandra chats with Durham, NC entrepreneur, activist, and advocate Leonardo Williams. Leo and his wife Zweli own the only authentically Zimbabwean restaurant in the United States .  A former educator, Leo is extremely service-minded, and talks about "about-ism".  He urges us to do more than talk about it, but calls us to "be about it" as well. Tune in and get inspired by a man who is a serial GIVER.  
October 6, 2020
"YOU, but make it fashion: Finding YOUR purpose, listening to YOUR voice, and owning YOUR calling" with Henry Edwards II
Chandra chats with good friend Henry Edwards II, Creator and Founder of // Magazine, stylist, consultant, and educator.  Henry shares how he nourished his passion for fashion which developed in his small southern rural hometown and allowed his passions to connect him with industry associates around the globe. His work marries the world of fashion to the world of social impact.  He talks about finding his voice in the fashion world, and owning his literal voice (his strong southern drawl), as well as how we should never sacrifice what makes us uniquely beautiful.  Lots of laughs in this episode. Tune in now!
August 22, 2020
"Beard Gang, Black Card Revoked, and Why We Need To Stop Deleting Ourselves" with Attorney Hassan Kingsberry and Dr. Francemise Kingsberry
In this episode Chandra chats with Attorney Hassan Kingsberry and Dr. Francemise Kingsberry about their journey through marriage, coping with grief, and finding strength, peace, and joy through life's challenges.  We also get a glimpse into how they thrive in their partnership and how Dr. Kingsberry got her husband into the BEARD GANG!  Tune in to hear some golden nuggets from this dynamic couple and learn why Chandra got her Black Card Revoked (and why she earned it back)!
July 31, 2020
A Bonus Virtual Fireside Chat with Dr. Chandra Sledge Mathias and guest host, Michael Markofski
It's late July and yes, we're calling this episode a "fireside chat" because we're in the middle of a pandemic and nothing makes sense!  Our host, Dr. Chandra Sledge Mathias, asked listeners a while back what they'd like to hear on the podcast, and several folks wanted an episode about her! So she chats with guest host (and previous Wouldn't It Be Cool If? guest), Michael Markofski, and they talk about her journey into education, global education, and why she's milked not one, but TWO COWS! Tune in and learn a little more about our host!
July 24, 2020
Between the Mikes and Me: Part 2. Finding Our Fight in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
In this episode Chandra talks to her long time friends and colleagues, Mike Williams and Michael Markofski. Both Mikes are former classroom teachers who now work in education in different roles (Mike Williams- National Humanities Center; and Michael Markofski is currently in the Ed Tech space.) The guys chat with Chandra about how they are processing the Black Lives Matter movement as our nation and the world comes to a boiling point, and what small steps can we take moving forward.
June 5, 2020
Between the Mikes and Me: Part 1. Finding Joy, Purpose, & Global Connections Through Education
In this episode Chandra talks to her long time friends and colleagues, Mike Williams and Michael Markofski. Both Mikes are former classroom teachers who now work in education in different roles (Mike Williams- National Humanities Center; and Michael Markofski is currently in the Ed Tech space.) The guys chat with Chandra on their non-traditional journeys to education, how they've made connections with schools in other countries, and how they work to provide equity to students through opportunities.  Tune in to Part 1 of this two part episode.  
June 5, 2020
"Hit Hard Like Sledgehammers" The Sledge Family Mothers Day Episode
In this special Mothers Day episode, Chandra is excited to be joined by her mom, Catherine, and her sisters Casha and Chalis. The  "Sledgehammers" talk about mom life, career advice, and finally settle the debate of which sister throws down best in the kitchen. (Hint: It's NOT Chandra!) Enjoy this family time and Happy Mothers Day! 
May 10, 2020
"STRONG. PERIOD." with Sara Farias aka SARATONIN
Chandra chats with personal trainer, coach, and fitness guru Sara Farias, the owner of the Saratonin brand. Sara shares her passion for helping people find wellness on the inside and outside.  As a celebrity trainer, long-time athlete, and go-to coach for brands like Under Amour, Sara's most prized possession is her ability to develop a deep level of trust, familial belonging, and confidence in her clients through her distinct ethic of care.  Her impact in undeniable.  
May 6, 2020
"Coping Through COVID-19" with Dr. Shareefah N. Al'Uqdah
Dr. Shareefah N. Al'Uqdah is Associate Professor of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies at Howard University's School of Education. She is also the Director of Training for Counseling Psychology, International Trainer for mental health and substance abuse professionals, Founder and Chief Psychologist at Your Neighborhood Clinic, wife, mom, bonus mom, and superwoman!  Chandra chats with Dr. Al'Uqdah about ways that everyone can take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Tune in for helpful tips and strategies to thrive during these challenging times. 
March 23, 2020
"Oh The Places You'll Go: Hair care, Homeschool, and Hollywood" with Maisia Smith-Jackson
In this episode, Chandra chats with social media strategist, brand influencer, Founder of Four Natural Girls, homeschooler, and Momager to models and actresses, Raegan and Payton: The Jackson Twins.  Maisia shares how the shift to natural hair put her on a journey that led all the way to Hollywood. She talks everything from homeschooling her girls, to navigating the industry, and how her faith helps her through it all!  Tune in and listen to our "imaginary brunch" conversation!
March 20, 2020
"Designing Life On Her Own Terms" with Andrea Hysmith
In this episode Chandra chats with Andrea Hysmith, Principal Consultant and Designer of ASH Interiors and Design. Andrea talks about her journey of rebounding from a devastating setback to designing her life on her own terms and running a successful interior design firm. Lots of gems in this episode!
February 24, 2020
"Doctors and Dancing and wait... what does Mary Parker Coleman have to do with this?" with guest, Dr. Kellye Worth Hall
Chandra's talking with Dr. Kellye Worth Hall who shares her journey to emergency medicine and her pivot to dance.  But wait, who is Mary Parker Coleman, and why is she engraved in the fabric of our lives?! Tune in and find out! 
January 17, 2020
Let's Get This Party Started
This is the introduction to the podcast "Wouldn't It Be Cool If..?" where host Chandra Sledge Mathias is celebrating cool people who are doing cool things 
January 17, 2020