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Off Curve: Driving Hearthstone Discussion

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39: Ripping Up the Ladder

The New Ladder

39: Ripping Up the Ladder

39: Ripping Up the Ladder
Void Ripper got me to Legend! So let’s take a detour to talk about this month’s Legend grind, how the new ladder feels different, and some fundamentals of playing control decks. Links: - - Contact Info: - - - - -
March 19, 2018
38: Well Worgen Territory
The Witchwood is coming! Everything you need to know about the next Hearthstone expansion and the new arena changes that just went live. Links: Coin Concede: Deck Guide: Control Priest: Hearthstone: Announcing The Witchwood: Designer Insights: Upcoming Arena Changes: Five Thoughts on New Arena (Patch 10.4): Contact Info: - [@Offcurve]( - [@WickedGood]( - [Twitch]( - [YouTube](
March 16, 2018
37: Appreciation Day
After this past week’s ranked woes, it feels like it’s time to throw some love to under appreciated folks who make Hearthstone great, like the developers, the casters, and the Void Rippers. Find links to everything I talk about at!
March 5, 2018
36: Feeling Ravenous
Happy Year of the Raven! We discuss the changes coming with the new Standard year, followed by a discussion of the Wild meta and what you should look out for as you enter the Brawliseum. Find links to everything I talk about at!
February 28, 2018
35: Just Playing Around
What does it mean to play around a card? When should you do it and when should you not? This week, we explain one of the biggest concepts you need to understand to take your Hearthstone play to the next level! Find links for this episode at!
February 22, 2018
34: Fish Are Friends
How I learned to stop worrying and love Murloc Paladin, and some other decks for you to try in the new meta to climb the ladder. Find links for this episode at!
February 13, 2018
33: Left in the Dust
Dust feels hard to come by, and maybe you're one or two expensive cards away from the new hot deck. Never fear, we're here to demystify the dust economy and help you plan out your dust efficiently! Find links for this episode at!
February 9, 2018
32: Our New Voidlord Overlords
As if the ranked changes weren’t enough, we had a new round of balance changes announced, and they’re big! Let’s look at what’s changing and how you can prepare both your decks and your dust balance for the post-Patches world. Find links for this episode at!
January 30, 2018
31: Press Start To Continue
Ranked play is changing! Is it for the better or worse? And what on earth does this have to do with Super Mario Bros? All these questions and more (including some from listeners) will be answered!
January 25, 2018
30: Almost Famous
With the Year of the Mammoth wrapping up, a look at why cards go to the hall of fame around set rotations, and what cards are likely to go. (And one that’s not likely but should anyway!)
January 23, 2018
30: Almost Famous
With the Year of the Mammoth wrapping up, a look at why cards go to the hall of fame around set rotations, and what cards are likely to go. (And one that’s not likely but should anyway!)
January 23, 2018
29: FeelsBadMan
So it’s time to have a long talk about what the Kobolds meta is, why it feels bad, and what Blizzard (and you!) can do to make it better. Links: - [S46 #1 Legend RaFaEl's Tempo Rogue | BeerBrick Hearthstone]( - [Rage's #1 Legend Tempo Rogue (January 2018) - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Steve Lubitz on Twitter: "Thanks for everyone coming out to check out the stream! Went from rank 4 and 5 stars to rank 2 and 2 stars with this slight mod of @Rage_HS’…"]( - [Meet Your Doom! \[Hearthstone Constructed - Tempo Rogue\] - YouTube]( - [119 – Coin Concede: ”Appa, COME ON DOWN!” – Coin Concede: A Hearthstone Podcast](
January 16, 2018
27: IRL Windfury
Dust burning a hole in your pocket? Need a new deck to play while you’re hunkering down from the Bomb Cyclone? Then let’s craft some cards! Links: - [Stancifka's HANDLOCK is back! - Hearthstone Decks]( - [Sjow's Top 10 Legend Jade Druid (Kobolds, December 2017) - Hearthstone Top Decks]( Contact Info: - [@Offcurve]( - [@WickedGood]( - [Twitch]( - [Leave a review on iTunes!]( - [Call in to the Anchor station](
January 4, 2018
26: The Legend Marathon
We got there! I recap my successful legend run with Big Priest, and then answer your Twitter questions about finding the right deck for you, why I keep trying to get to Legend, and awful things like Mill Rogue and math. Links: - [Steve Lubitz on Twitter: "It’s a Christmas miracle! Got to Legend with Big Priest! The road was a bit rockier than I would have liked, but the meta call was correct.…"]( - [036 – Coin Concede: “To Sum It All Up: Math” – Coin Concede: A Hearthstone Podcast]( - [Hypergeometric Calculator]( Contact Info: - [@Offcurve]( - [@WickedGood]( - [Twitch]( - [Leave a review on iTunes!](
December 27, 2017
25: Talking Teching
Now that the initial Kobolds meta is starting to settle out, let’s look at the main decks you’ll be playing against and how you can tune what you’re playing to counter them. And while we’re at it, why not update Big Priest for the new meta? Big Priest: ### Statue of Limitations # Class: Priest # Format: Standard # Year of the Mammoth # # 2x (0) Silence # 2x (2) Shadow Visions # 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain # 2x (2) Spirit Lash # 2x (3) Shadow Word: Death # 1x (4) Barnes # 2x (4) Eternal Servitude # 2x (4) Greater Healing Potion # 2x (4) Shadow Word: Horror # 2x (6) Dragonfire Potion # 2x (6) Shadow Essence # 1x (7) Lesser Diamond Spellstone # 2x (7) Psychic Scream # 1x (8) Shadowreaper Anduin # 1x (8) The Lich King # 2x (9) Obsidian Statue # 1x (9) Ysera # 1x (10) Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound # AAECAZ/HAgaiCairAoW4AsLOApDTAuPpAgylCdMK1wqhrAK3uwLqvwLRwQLlzALmzAK0zgLwzwLo0AIA Links: - [The Happy Hearthstone Podcast - Gold or Fake Coins? Probably Gold. (Kobolds and Cataco
December 21, 2017
24: The Opposite of WarGames
The new expansion is live, which means it’s time for RidiculousHat from CoinConcede to come back on the show as our Jungle Cruise tour guide to all the decks of the new meta! Links: - [Coin Concede: A Hearthstone Podcast – Making the Competitive Side of the Game More Accessible to You]( - [Ridiculous Hat (@RidiculousHat) | Twitter]( - [Twitch]( - [Satellite's #2 Legend Kobolds Dragon Priest - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Silver Hand Recruit Paladin Deck List Guide - Kobolds and Catacombs (KAC) - December 2017 - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Theo's Big Priest ft. Psychic Scream, Embrace the Shadow - Hearthstone Top Decks](
December 16, 2017
23: Three Hours Dungeon Run!
Twas the night before Kobolds, And all through the dungeon, I run through some decks For the ladder to Bludgeon. (I know, I know. Stick to Hearthstone and leave the poetry to professionals.) Links: - [The Happy Hearthstone Podcast - Delving into the Catacombs (Kobolds & Catacombs Review, Part 1) - Episode 105 | Free Listening on Podbean App]( - [The Kobolds & Catacombs Cards That Hearthstone Community Members are Excited to Play! - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Janky Mage 2.0 - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Theorycraft: Togwaggle Miracle Mill Druid - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Top Deck Kings: A Hearthstone Podcast by KremePuff on Apple Podcasts](
December 7, 2017
22: Dusting Off the Dust
With Kobolds and Catacombs just a week away, let’s take some time to look at cards you may already have that could suddenly see play again. Links: - [Steve Lubitz on Twitter: "Well, I’m going to give a huge thank you to @andrewisliving for making me pick Wallet Rogue up again, because turns out the deck is still go…"]( - [Explore Kobolds & Catacombs on December 7!]( - [‎]( - [Hearthstone Crafting Worksheet - Google Sheets]( Contact Info: - [@Offcurve]( - [@WickedGood]( - [Twitch]( - [Leave a review on iTunes!](
November 29, 2017
21: You Call That a Weapon?
I bounce back from a frustrating week on the ladder with a new perspective on how to choose a deck for ranked that you’re not going to hate. Plus bonus rundown of my take on Kremepuff’s wallet rogue! Links: - [andrewisliving - Gotta Get the Lag Fixed. :0 - Twitch]( - [\[GOLD\] vS Live App | Vicious Syndicate]( - [Hearthstone Meta -]( - [KremePuff on Twitter: "After meme'n the first 4 days of the season, I decided to rank up to 10 today w/ this gem. Still have yet to draw prince on 2 LUL"]( - [Steve Lubitz on Twitter: "Buckled down and decided I was going to tempo rogue at least to rank 5. Got there tonight with my own take on @KremePuffHS’s wallet rogue, w…"]( Con
November 21, 2017
20: All the Fox To Give
You got Diablo in my Hearthstone! You got Hearthstone in my Diablo! (In other words, let’s talk about Kobolds & Catacombs for a while.) Links: - [Zalae's Big Druid (November 2017) - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Heskey4Lyfe's Big Warlock (October 2017) - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Kobolds and Catacombs Expansion Guide, Release Date, Card Spoilers List - Hearthstone Top Decks]( - [Inn-vitational - Dungeon Run - Jungle Giants - YouTube]( - [Inn-vitational - Dungeon Run - Grimestreet Grifters - YouTube]( Contact Info: - [@Offcurve]( - [@WickedGood]( - [Twitch]( -
November 9, 2017
19: Frozen Throne in the Rearview Mirror
With the new expansion announcement right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to look back at what I got right and wrong about cards from Frozen Throne. Links: * [GingaNinja's Murloc Paladin | Vicious Syndicate]( * [Walk to Work - A Mobile Hearthstone Podcast: Ep 282 - Getting to Legend: Playing into your Outs. GingaNinja's Top 30 Legend Murloc Paladin]( * [Zalae's Big Priest - Top 100 Legend (October 2017) - Hearthstone Top Decks]( * [Teebs' Corpsetaker Tempo Rogue | Vicious Syndicate]( * [Climbing to Legend & Managing Anger in Hearthstone | The Id DM](https://th
November 2, 2017
18: Lord of the Arena
Getting excited about dual class arena runs? Let’s make the most of them with this week’s guide to getting started with arena! See full show notes and links at!
October 24, 2017
17: The Good Kind of Patches
Let’s talk about the spooky patch that emerged from the darkness, and the good and bad that came from the Hearthstone Summer Championships. See full show notes and links at!
October 18, 2017
16: The Hearthstone Dictionary
I’m joined by Sabriel Mastin, an Overwatch content creator who recently returned to Hearthstone, to talk about life as a new player. See full show notes and links at!
October 11, 2017
15: Aches and Ladders
Now that ranked has turned into an actual Rat Race, let’s talk about what needs to be done to improve it for everyone. See full show notes and links at!
October 2, 2017
14: Go Big Priest Or Go Home
Hey, remember how last week I was hoping to improve my ladder results? About that… See full show notes and links at!
September 26, 2017
13: The Ranked Routine
I got to Rank 1 with this one weird trick! Not really, but I did revisit my ladder routine, and I learned some things about improving results on the grind to Legend.
September 20, 2017
12: Two Truths and a Lyra
Coin Concede’s RidiculousHat is back to discuss how not to use statistics in deckbuilding, and how to love Razakus Priest. Full show notes and links at http://offcurve.c...
September 12, 2017
11: Nerfed Nemesis
Now that we know what's changing in the next balance patch, it's time to figure out what it all means. See full show notes and links at!
September 5, 2017
10: A Natural Mistake
It’s time to have a calm and rational discussion about our new Druid overlords. See full show notes and links at!
August 30, 2017
9: New Meta, New Problems
Has Frozen Throne not lived up to expectations? Steve explains why you’re frustrated with the metagame and how to turn things around! See links and full show notes at
August 18, 2017
8: A Ridiculous Number of Decks
Coin Concede's RidiculousHat joins me to talk about all the new and shiny decks we've been playing! See links and full show notes at
August 15, 2017
7: Getting Gul'Dangerous
On the doorstep of the Frozen Throne, here are the decks to look for as the Death Knights descend on Hearthstone. See links and full show notes at
August 9, 2017
6: Arts of Crafts
With Frozen Throne sliding ever closer, how do you decide what to craft? Plus, helping a listener jump into Ranked for the first time! See links and full show notes at
August 2, 2017
5: Bearshark Best Shark!
Things to consider as you try to figure out which of the new cards will be good and which ones are waiting to become dust. See links and full show notes at
July 27, 2017
4: Roll Play
How being diagnosed with ADD affects how I approach randomness in Hearthstone. See links and full show notes at
July 20, 2017
3: Get Off the Floor!
The ranked floors can suck, but they don't have to. Let's figure out why the ranked floors are so hard so that we can get past them faster! Full show notes are available at
July 13, 2017
2: Knights of the Frozen Throne
So, about that new Hearthstone expansion...
July 7, 2017
1: The Quest Rogue Nerf
Intro • Ladder Results - 7/3 • The Quest Rogue Nerf - Design Space • The Quest Rogue Nerf - New Players • Closing and Contact Info
July 3, 2017

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