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Cindi's Wild Weight-Loss Journey

Cindi's Wild Weight-Loss Journey

By Cindi B
Like most women, I have battled my weight almost my entire life. I had tried everything to fix this problem I had with food, my body, increasing weight, and deteriorating health. I tried everything known to women yet failed every time. In early 2019 when I was at my end, divine opportunity would change my life in profound ways. I've created this podcast to show other women that the impossible can be done, and I'm living proof. I am sharing it all here to inspire you to become your best self for the rest of your life. Join me on this journey to wellness.
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My Story

Cindi's Wild Weight-Loss Journey

Special Guest
I had the opportunity to share some time with a very special guest.  Please join me and see who this amazing person is and what they have to bring to  the table.  Thank you for spending your time with me!
September 18, 2020
Are You Just Part Of The Crowd
I have spent so much time wanting to and being a part of the crowd, the trends, the fads, are you doing that too?  It's time to get away from all of that and invest in YOU - the BEST investment you will ever make!
September 13, 2020
Everyone Gets Tired
Have you ever just wanted to "not" workout?  Maybe you just don't want to eat right today.  Listen, it happens to all of us at one time or another.  It's temporary, don't fall into its trap.  You are stronger than that!!!
September 6, 2020
My Annual Exam
Do you get an annual physical?  I never used to.  I got my first annual exam last year, and now for my second one.  After all of the work that I have been doing, I was not expecting to hear what I heard!  Come and join me on my walk and allow my journey to stir in you a desire and and a hunger to begin or to continue a life of health, wellness and longevity.
August 26, 2020
Live In The Moment
Are you so busy living in your past that you can't seem to live in today?  Or have you brought your past with you into your future that you don't see the forest through the trees?  Walk with me and learn to let go of what is holding you back from being happy in today.
August 18, 2020
Life Is Challenging
Today we all face very challenging times.  How can we possibly fit "more" into our day?  It's all in how we prioritize really.  Join me today and be inspired or encouraged, and know that many are struggling with time challenges.  Let's do this together.
August 14, 2020
Failing Our Way To Success
Did you know that every time we fail, we are that much closer to succeeding?  It's true.  We fail our way to success as long as we don't quit.  Don't quit your journey just because you make mistakes!  Walk with me and laugh with me, let's fail our way to success together!
August 8, 2020
Check Up From The Neck Up
Have you taken your mental temperature lately?  Have had and attitude check up lately?  Maybe it's time to check yourself so you don't wreck yourself!  Walk with me today and think about YOU, your journey and your own attitude toward yourself.
July 29, 2020
Own Your Journey
Listen, our life is ours and ours alone!  It's time to own it.  It's time to not let anyone or anything outside of you, control the outcome of your life!
July 16, 2020
Do you, or have you, ever had an insecurity about anything?  About yourself?  So many today are battling with this ugly fear of insecurity.  That's all it is, a fear. Where did it come from?  What is the root of your insecurity?  I share about this insecurity epidemic that is sweeping across the world.  It does not discriminate. Join me today and be encouraged - we can all get past this.  
June 30, 2020
Subtle Change Is Still Change
Have you ever thought that change should be quick and if it's not then something must be wrong?  I have, until now that it.  Subtle change is still change no matter how you look at it.  Don't be discouraged if you don't see change over night.  Sometimes it takes a little longer, hold on and don't give up because as we continue in consistency the change will come!
June 22, 2020
What's In That Food?
Do you have any idea about what you are eating?  I had to look it up!  The food industry wants us to keep eating their stuff no matter that it is not good for our body.  Do your homework, find out "why" you crave that food.  Join me on my walk and hear what I did.
June 16, 2020
What Is A Diet?
What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Diet"?  Exactly!  Everything that deprives you of something good!  Well, in this message you will learn what it really means.
June 9, 2020
No Support? No Excuses!
We cannot allow excuses to keep us from the best version of ourself.  Even if we have no other support but our own, we must keep going for our own self worth, self health and the longevity of our life!
June 3, 2020
We Are All Different
Not one of us is alike.  We all have different body make ups.  This doesn't mean we can't have great results in life!
May 31, 2020
Stir It Up
It's time to STOP pleasing people and stir up the dreams, goals and vision within you!
May 20, 2020
Taking Care of YOU
Time is now to take care of your body, the vehicle that will take you through life.  If it breaks down, what will it take to get it fixed?
May 18, 2020
Are you discouraged about your life?  I was today.  Listen, we need to put positive into our life in order for positive to make a difference!
May 13, 2020
Focus on Progress
Do you find yourself looking backwards instead of keeping your eyes looking forward?  You are not alone in that.  However, you can change your view.  Join me on this episode and be encouraged.
May 3, 2020
Get Out of Your Head
In this uncertain time that we are living in, it's easy to get stuck in the negative of life.  Get up, and get out of your own head.  It's time to put some positive into your life!  Take a walk with me and relax.
April 16, 2020
Embrace Life
Even though we are all in a time that is new and unfamiliar, we must not forget to live.  Embrace life, get up and get out.  Get fit, stay healthy.  
April 8, 2020
What's Up?
So, what's up with you during this time?  Are you allowing all that negative to direct your life?  Or are you the captain of your own ship?  Don't allow anyone to put fear on you!!!
March 29, 2020
No More Grumbling
At a time in our world where so many seem to be fearful; it's easy to grumble and complain about what we don't have.  I am here to tell you that there is always someone else in a worse place than you.  Listen here, and you will soon realize how true that statement really is.  Share this with at least one other person who needs to hear that as well.
March 19, 2020
Are You Ready?
Summer does not wait for anyone!  Are you ready?  What do you need to do to change your health and fitness today?  Don't wait.  It's time to stop making excuses and make a decision!  Make your decision to become a healthier you today.  Be the best version of you starting today!
February 26, 2020
Strong and Sexy
Summer is right around the corner, here in New England anyway.  Are you ready?  Is it another Spring and you're thinking it's too late to do anything now?  Let me tell you - IT"S NOT TOO LATE!  It's just a decision to make a change.  It's time to be strong and sexy no matter your age!
February 20, 2020
We all know that life happens.  Thing is, are we allowing it to affect our attitude? We alone choose if we will be positive or negative at any given time. I encourage you to choose the positive, every time.  You will never regret that choice.
February 12, 2020
Do you have an attitude conducive to change?  I didn't, not for a long time.  Until one day I woke up and knew that a negative attitude was not going to get me where I wanted to go in life!  Will you choose a positive attitude or a negative one?  It's just a decision away!
February 7, 2020
If Only
Have you ever said "if only"?  I lived my life saying that.  If only I was skinny, if only I had my own cook, if only, if only, if only!  Life is not an if only.  Life doesn't just happen, we make it happen.  What are you thinking about that is bringing a positive outcome to your life?  It's all about mindset, every area of our life.
January 30, 2020
Mind Trash
What are you saying to and about yourself?  Would you want others around you to hear what you say?  Or would you except them telling you the same thing?  Probably not!  My day was all about learning to not do that no matter the situation.
January 21, 2020
Are You On The Right Program?
With a little humor, take a look at what kind of health and fitness program you are on.  Mine, well, obviously the WRONG one.  Join me on my continued journey to health and fitness.
January 12, 2020
Make Time For You
Do you make time for yourself?  A time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of life?  If not, it's time to.  Once I understood how important it is to give myself the respect of my own time, my world changed, my mindset changed.  Join me today and continue with me on this journey of life.
January 6, 2020
Overcoming Negative Self Talk
Have you been talking negative words to yourself?  I did, for most of my life.  In the podcast, I share my experience and how I have changed my negative self talk into positive talk.  Speak what you want, not what you don't want.
December 29, 2019
Pleasantly Surprised
Life is a journey.  No one is immune to the challenges that life brings.  Today I say this, challenges can be overcome, we get knocked down but we get back up again.  Don't let your challenges keep you down!  Time to get up!
December 22, 2019
Being Grateful
Being grateful in every season can be a challenge.  Gratefulness brings so much light into our lives, taking our eyes off of ourself and our circumstances and putting them on others can change our whole outlook.  I am grateful every day I am given, it's a gift.  Gifts are meant to be enjoyed and loved.  Love the gift of life today.
December 13, 2019
Our Words
Have you ever noticed that what you are speaking comes to pass?  Think about that.  Positive or negative words have power to them.  What are you speaking into your life today?  Our words set the course of our life.  Change your words and change your life!
December 4, 2019
Defining YOU!
How do you define who you are?  I defined myself by others.  Listen to this episode and break free from a life of pleasing other people.
November 24, 2019
In life we have choices.  We make choices and decisions that affect Every area our life as well as the people in our life.  We are where we are in life because of the books we read, the things we listen to, and the people we associate with.  What and who are you listening to today?  Who are you associating with today?  Are these having a positive or negative outcome in your life?
November 17, 2019
We Get To
We have the freedom to choose.  To choose how we live our life, what we do, what we listen to.  Not everyone has that freedom.  We tend to take life for granted.  Life happens, don't beat yourself up just move on.
November 10, 2019
No Mass Market
Have you been bombarded with all those adds of pre planned meals, frozen meals, portioned meals?  Drop the weight by eating only their food!  Can you say "bondage"?  That's what it is, bondage.  You never learn how to eat right on your own, nor are you taught how to change your thinking about what you are eating.  Join me today as we talk about the journey without the mass marketing.
November 4, 2019
Have you ever felt like your life would never change?  Have you lost your belief that you will be better?  I did too.  As you listen to this episode, you will start believing again.  You will begin to change those thoughts from I will never to I will, and believe that you can!  I believe in you and I believe you will succeed in your life.  If I can, you can too.
October 21, 2019
My Update
Hey.  This episode I wanted to share my update with you.  What I didn't know was that it was going to turn in a different direction.  Join me here and find out what happened.
October 13, 2019
Being True To Myself
Are you tired of allowing fear or other people determine who you are?  I am!  Join me today and be encouraged to be you.
October 7, 2019
Can't Have vs Don't Want
When we have the attitude that we can't have something, it causes us to feel deprived of whatever it is we want.  This can cause us to veer off track.  Now when we can get to the place that we don't want something, it changes our focus to knowing that we are not deprived and that we are making the choice to not have.  Join me in this short episode of real life.  Don't feel deprived, feel empowered!
September 30, 2019
Progress not Perfection
Too many times we want to wait until everything is just right, is perfect, before we do something we have always wanted to do.  Or we wait until the "time" is right. There is NEVER going to be a perfect time to begin.  Begin today, don't feel your way into action, act your way into feeling.  Progress is the right time.
September 23, 2019
Triggers and Food Addictions
Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to stop eating or drinking certain things?  I did.  In this episode I share with you how the food industry manipulates us to stay unhealthy and continue to eat all the wrong things.  May you be enlightened and motivated to dig in and find out for yourself.  
September 15, 2019
My Story
We all have a story, where we have come from.  Our story is the why and the reason we are where we are today.  Our story depicts our life, it tells of who we are.  Everyone has a story to tell and today I tell you mine.  It may not be like yours, it may not be as bad as your or may be worse than yours, thing is, it's just mine.  My life has had turns, uphill, downhill, forests and deserts.  I am no different than you.  Listen and find hope for your life.
September 9, 2019
Be Encouraged
Growing up I had little to no encouragement.  Even less as an adult.  I could never seem to do anything right.  Because of the negative input from outside sources, I began to tell myself that I was no good, could never do anything right, and I began to hate who I was.  Be encouraged today that this has changed in my life and can change for you too.  Listen to this episode and know that you are beautiful, you can get up and move forward in your life.
September 1, 2019
Where I Began
In this episode I walk you thru my journey over the past three and a half months and reveal my personal coach/trainer/mentor.  How I found my coach and the miracle of how the opportunity came to me.
August 26, 2019
Let Me Introduce Myself
In this short episode I want to introduce myself,  tell you why I am doing this, to encourage you to never give up and that nothing is impossible! Only believe, and never, ever, lose hope.  You don't know when change is going to happen.  
August 20, 2019