Cindi's Wild Weight-Loss Journey

My Story

An episode of Cindi's Wild Weight-Loss Journey

By Cindi B
Like most women, I have battled my weight almost my entire life. I had tried everything to fix this problem I had with food, my body, increasing weight, and deteriorating health. I tried everything known to women yet failed every time. In early 2019 when I was at my end, divine opportunity would change my life in profound ways. I've created this podcast to show other women that the impossible can be done, and I'm living proof. I am sharing it all here to inspire you to become your best self for the rest of your life. Join me on this journey to wellness.
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Triggers and Food Addictions
Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to stop eating or drinking certain things?  I did.  In this episode I share with you how the food industry manipulates us to stay unhealthy and continue to eat all the wrong things.  May you be enlightened and motivated to dig in and find out for yourself.  
September 15, 2019
My Story
We all have a story, where we have come from.  Our story is the why and the reason we are where we are today.  Our story depicts our life, it tells of who we are.  Everyone has a story to tell and today I tell you mine.  It may not be like yours, it may not be as bad as your or may be worse than yours, thing is, it's just mine.  My life has had turns, uphill, downhill, forests and deserts.  I am no different than you.  Listen and find hope for your life.
September 9, 2019
Be Encouraged
Growing up I had little to no encouragement.  Even less as an adult.  I could never seem to do anything right.  Because of the negative input from outside sources, I began to tell myself that I was no good, could never do anything right, and I began to hate who I was.  Be encouraged today that this has changed in my life and can change for you too.  Listen to this episode and know that you are beautiful, you can get up and move forward in your life.
September 1, 2019
Where I Began
In this episode I walk you thru my journey over the past three and a half months and reveal my personal coach/trainer/mentor.  How I found my coach and the miracle of how the opportunity came to me.
August 26, 2019
Let Me Introduce Myself
In this short episode I want to introduce myself,  tell you why I am doing this, to encourage you to never give up and that nothing is impossible! Only believe, and never, ever, lose hope.  You don't know when change is going to happen.  
August 20, 2019
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