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Wild Child by Ironwild Fitness

Wild Child by Ironwild Fitness

By Chantal Steele
Can us moms really do ALL the things? You know, stay fit, grow in our careers, be good moms, and love ourselves at the same time? Truth be told, it’s a struggle for most of us to balance everything we want to be. But it can be done! This podcast is meant to provide women with the encouragement we all need to keep our chins up through it all. Join me to talk about everything from postpartum depression, fitness, starting a business, relationships, the struggles of motherhood, mindset and more! My name is Chantal Steele - welcome to the Wild Child podcast!
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Welcome To Wild Child!
Hey guys, it's Chantal from Ironwild Fitness! In this episode of my new podcast, Wild Child, I'm talking about postpartum depression, becoming a personal trainer, and how Ironwild Fitness got started. Woop woop! Be sure to connect on Instagram: @ironwildfitness.
September 24, 2019