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Outfitting, guiding & media for the hunting search of organic food sources and sustainable resources
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Episode #108. Jacob Vanhouten has a sidekick that nose the whereabouts of your unfinished business.
Jacob Vanhouten met up with Wild Game Dynasty to book a bear hunt and arrange to bring his 'sidekick' along to keep the hunters' optimism highly elevated.
July 22, 2022
Episode #107. Tina Lewis left her lucrative corporate life to embark on a dream come true.
WGD met up with Wayward Trading Post's Tina Lewis who shared a "Made In America" journey she began after leaving her j-o-b behind.
July 13, 2022
Episode #106. Ballistics expert, John McAdams, digs into the "nitty gritty" of bullet selections for the proper game harvest.
WGD enjoys ballistics expert John McAdams expert and candid conversation in choosing our best caliber, bullet for the desired harvest.
July 12, 2022
Episode #105. Combining the love of hunting with ballistics expertise offers a much better hunting experience
John McAdams met up with Wild Game Dynasty to explain ways to minimize wild game meat losses while increasing the efforts to clean, humane animal harvests.
June 29, 2022
Episode #104. Brett Carey thoroughly enjoys putting extra efforts toward his whitetail hunting experiences
Brett Carey's year 'round efforts to harvest the best possible whitetail deer each year are always purpose-driven
June 15, 2022
Episode 103. The Food Plot Shop hosts a remarkable Deer Habitat Seminar
Tony & John return to the studio to share the "Deer School's" headliners.  Don't Miss It!
June 07, 2022
Episode #102. The Food Plot Shop Develops Plans For Success.
Tony and John of The Food Plot Shop develops winning strategies for Whitetail Hunting Success Stories For Your Generations.
April 18, 2022
Episode #101. Greg Compeau Has Learned 'Food Plots' From The Ground Up
When Greg Compeau, owner of GMK Logging, paralleled his business with creating whitetail food plots it show-cased his passion.
April 12, 2022
Episode #100. Nick Grillo of Michigan Brand, Inc. loves the sound of a Loon...
WGD reached out to Nick at Michigan Brand, Inc. finding him busy balancing "Faith, Family, Work and America's Past-time".
March 30, 2022
Episode #99. John O'Brion Credits Grandpa Ray For His Expertise
WGD Caught Up To John O'Brion Of Grandpa Ray Outdoors To Chat About 'World Class' Food Plots
March 19, 2022
Episode #98. A World-Class Cup Of Coffee!
WGD went on an exotic hunt and tagged out with a world record...of Hunter's Blend Coffee, that is!
March 15, 2022
Episode #97. Matt Liestenfeltz took his expertise and passion back into the out-of-doors!
WGD met up with Matt Liestenfeltz during a rare "break in the out-of-doors action" to learn why his dream job has no end in sight...
December 22, 2021
Episode #96. Three passionate deer hunters share their methods that create success.
Three generations of passionate whitetail hunters bring their success stories into one Podcast.
December 09, 2021
Episode #95. John and his "sidekick Beau" offer happy endings!
John explains what a deer hunter needs to know before he gives up on "the track"...
December 04, 2021
Episode #94. Adrian Z accepts no whitetail hunting shortcuts
WGD listens to Adrian Zarantonello explains why his hunting efforts are just an extension of his family...
November 23, 2021
Episode #93. Brandon says, "it is why I hunt".
WGD hears Brandon share his "well-thought-out" hunting plan long before he releases an arrow or pulls the trigger!
November 01, 2021
Episode #92. Don Higgins talks about "Chasing Giants".
Don Higgins of Higgins Outdoors says his passion of Chasing Giants beings with a rope...
August 02, 2021
Episode #91. Smokey McNicholas puts in the last pieces to the licking branch puzzle.
Smokey McNicholas has engineered an approach to successful whitetail deer harvests...
July 20, 2021
Episode #90. Smokey McNicholas maps out a "licking branch" hunting tactic!
Smokey McNicholas takes "Center Stage" explaining the gist of a whitetail deer licking branch and its hunting harvest success...
July 12, 2021
Episode #89. Smokey returns to the "outdoor stage" to challenge all deer hunters!
Smokey McNicholas has spent a lifetime off "the main grid" to understand wild animal behavior, specifically the whitetail deer.
June 25, 2021
Episode #88. Floridian Chad Smith affectionately calls out his Michigan connection
WGD hosted one of Florida's finest outdoorsman, Chad Smith as he outduels the ammo shortage by bagging a dandy Michigan Eastern Gobbler...
May 26, 2021
Episode #87. Greg Glesinger of Drury Outdoors says to "keep quiet" in your set-up.
WGD chatted with Greg Glesinger of Drury Outdoors & learned why he's on the "leader's board".
May 05, 2021
Episode #86. John "Logger" Hubbard says a big change in Michigan's bear season is overdue...
While doing some construction at WGD's Crooked Creek we paused for a Podcast with houndsmen Logger Hubbard of Michigan's U.P.
April 23, 2021
Episode #85. Dale Hendershot is a "conservationist" who enjoys mentoring the next generation.
WGD hooked up with Dale Hendershot, a consummate hunter, angler and trapper.  More importantly, "a conservationist" with a passion to share...
March 31, 2021
Episode #84. Travelers Crossing The Mighty Mac Appreciate the "Welcome Mats"
The Joy Of Crossing The Mighty Mac Is Serendipitous With A Greeting From Toll Worker Pat Rickley 
March 09, 2021
Episode #83. Our Most Knowledgeable Conservationists Might Be "Today's Trapper"!
One of EUP's finest conservationist - trapper Mark Spencer, explains how predators need a (better) management plan...
February 27, 2021
Episode #82. Jim Riggle just might be the Whitetail Deer' "Social Media Expert"
WGD guest Jim Riggle has embraced today's technology with "yesterday's" proven practices...
February 24, 2021
Episode #81. The Beckley's of NE MI enjoy the Sunrise Side!
WGD caught up to Eddie Beckley while somewhere on frozen Saginaw Bay...just north of his Dad's bait shop.
February 22, 2021
Episode #80. Knowing Zeb Harker is a pretty big deal.
WGD hooked up with local Missourian Zeb Harker and found a friend for life...
February 14, 2021
Episode #79. Dr. Coyer Says Your Dog 'Nose' What You're Up To...
Upper Peninsula Veterinary Services, Renee' Coyer, DVM understands what's involved in planning a hunting adventure
February 11, 2021
Episode #78. Edge Attractants Catch The Motor City Madman!
Bill Stacy and Lisa Dickerson team up to catch the attention of all hunting!
February 08, 2021
Episode #77. Bob Eastman's passion for bowhunting is admired by many.
Bob Eastman continues his quest with efforts towards making a difference in people's lives built by his humble beginnings.
February 04, 2021
Episode 76. Gary Gorniak says Michigan needs a wolf management plan.
Gary Gorniak, who has the ear of many Michigan conservation organizations, says our wolf population has reached levels that are a detriment to the remaining wildlife.
January 25, 2021
Episode #75. Yooper native, Brian Krupla, shares his wolf attack experience that could have ended badly.
Brian Krupla's day began with a fresh cup of coffee...he had no idea what was to happen next!
January 18, 2021
Episode#74. Kentucky's Finest Upland Bird Hunters Pin Michigan "An Upland Bird Hunting Destination!"
Our Kentucky friends have called Michigan's U.P. an upland bird hunting destination...for 12 years!
January 11, 2021
Episode 73. Nick Grillo goes Mountain Lion hunting & discovers Colorado
Nick Grillo tells of his quest for a mountain lion harvest...for some of the finest table fare our Creator has gifted us.
December 24, 2020
Episode 72. Ted Nugent gives 'thumbs-up' to Bill Stacy's Powerfeed.
Bill Stacy spent the better part of five year developing what many are saying is "the real deal".
October 22, 2020
Episode #71. Jim Riggles says when you're passionate about something your focus is steadfast 'til your goal is met.
A 12000 mile journey for Jim Riggles turned into a quest for "one buck" that tugged at his heart....a P&Y brute that developed into a relationship.
October 09, 2020
Episode #70. Retired QDMA director Brian Murphy shares how our hunting community can grow meaningful relationships
Brian Murphy retired from QDMA after 'running the show' for 21 years.  His knowledge and partnerships have a technologically-based desired to reinvent your love of the outdoors, including deer hunting.
July 27, 2020
Episode #69. Paul Wilson on managing Ted Nugent's Ranch for over two decades
Ted Nugent's Sunrize Safari Ranches are well-managed by veteran guide Paul Wilson
July 24, 2020
Episode #68. The Ratajczak Family rolls out the red carpet in the world of bear bait.
Curt Ratajczak says when you need to feed your bears...come to their farm and ask for his wife, Melissa...she runs the show!
July 17, 2020
Episode #67. Eddie Beckley shares his passion of being a third generation sporting goods, Archery Pro Shop owner.
WGD was able to have Eddie Beckley pause long enough in his busy schedule to share his thoughts on helping people enjoy the great outdoors...crediting his family's lineage for the passion of a third generation sporting goods owner.
July 10, 2020
Episode #66. Retired Whitetail Deer Biologist John Ozoga gets candid about Michigan's current situation.
John Ozoga, a retired MI DNR whitetail deer researcher, led the way back in the day for our countries most revered game animal.
June 27, 2020
Episode #65. Wild Outdoors' Jay Gregory talks whitetail deer preseason hunt spot set-ups.
Jay Gregory of Wild Outdoors TV tells why hunters need to hone their whitetail deer knowledge well ahead of the hunting season.
June 26, 2020
Episode #64. Dale Gettel and Steve Asel have a recipe to rekindle your passion for deer hunting
WGD sat down with two of mid-Michigan's finest whitetail deer hunters who know how to "lure" more people into "the love of hunting".
June 09, 2020
Episode #63. Dan Mutton says he has a solution to keep your waterfront recreational property free of fowl.
With nearly 10 years of experience Dan Mutton can help you keep your waterfront property from becoming a "goose poop park".
June 02, 2020
Episode #62. Bill Stacy, of Edge Attractants, has a whitetail nutritional product that is focused on results....not revenue!
Edge Attractants is a Charlevoix, MI made company that researched, tested and is now producing a product focused on Whitetail Deer nutrition....for hunters, land owners and all who care about our natural resources.
May 10, 2020
Episode #61. Michigan DNR's large carnivore specialist, Cody Norton, enjoys his time with bears, cougars and wolves
Cody Norton joins WGD's Podcast to discuss his educational and research stepping stones leading up to his current position and why his job description can carry controversy.
April 25, 2020
Episode #60. Listen as two 'Millennials' share why their methods for hunting are catching on.
WGD recently joined Josh & Derek to hear why they are getting back to scouting to maximize their hunting experience.
April 20, 2020
Episode #59. Jerry Everhart knows a "thing or two" about successful whitetail hunting
WGD chatted with Jerry Everhart about changing your whitetail hunting techniques to find your groove again...
April 13, 2020
Episode #58. For Ed Beckley, taking care of people is a "family thing".
WGD chatted with Ed Beckley about his 21 years in the Army and why he might be claiming a second retirement as an outdoor advocate.
April 07, 2020
Episode #57. Joe Callahan of True North Arrows says loyalty demands a straight shooter
Joe Callahan of True North Arrows says he handcrafts each arrow he sells because "there's no reason to shoot an ugly arrow".
March 30, 2020
Episode #56. Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller Cares Deeply For Our Hunting Heritage
WGD learned why Laramy Miller is "The Last Of A Breed" in the great outdoors
March 24, 2020
Episode #55. VISS is Jon's way of reopening a hunting opportunity for everyone!
Jon "Frenchy" French explains why he was able to recreate his purpose and wants to share the same for everyone, especially veterans.
March 19, 2020
Episode #54. Nick Grillo expains why Michigan Brand represents Quality.
WGD took home some road trip snacks while third generation Michigan Brand's Nick Grillo shared their secret recipes for success.
March 09, 2020
Episode #53. Michigan's UP Hockey Warrior Jon French Skates With A Purpose
WGD chatted with Jon French of Michigan's UP Warrior Hockey Club And Says "They're "UP" For The Challenge"
February 29, 2020
Episode #52. Doug Young Explains The Growth Behind Ghost Rider Defense
Doug Young shared the vision of Ghost Rider Defense and why training successful people of today's society is different
February 23, 2020
Episode #51. A World Class Hunt For All To See
Jason of Roger's Nursery says some people call their Au Gres, MI showroom a mini-Cabela's
February 14, 2020
Episode #50. Pennsylvania State Rep. David Maloney has strong reservations about CWD research.
WGD chatted with Pennsylvania's State Rep. David Maloney about "inept leadership and failed science" towards game animals and their well-being.
February 04, 2020
Episode #49. U.P. Houndsman John "Logger" Hubbard says he supports separating Michigan's bear season.
WGD caught up to John (Logger) Hubbard of Grand Marais, MI to hear his take on correcting ongoing bear hunter conflicts.
January 29, 2020
Episode #48. Derek Harrison tells why the Show Me State is a special place
WGD chats with Derek Harrison, his wife Ashley & friend Katie....a story that explains why misfortunes can sometimes lead to big blessings.
January 20, 2020
Episode #47. Black Bear Bow Hunting Society's Gerry Maciok chats about his vision
Gerry Maciok of Black Bear Bow Hunting Society explains the need for better representation in the Michigan's bear hunting woods.
January 14, 2020
Wild Game Dynasty welcomes 2020!
WGD gives thanks for 2019 and looks forward to what is already shaping up to be a banner 2020!
January 07, 2020
Episode #45. Steve Sorensen talks late season whitetail hunting tactics.
WGD visits with writer, public speaker and avid outdoorsman Steve Sorensen on "keeping it simple" for late season whitetail hunting.
December 12, 2019
Episode #44, Bill Stacy has the "edge" for healthy deer.
WGD met with Bill Stacy of Edge Attractants...getting his take on healthy & hunt-able whitetail deer.
December 06, 2019
Episode #43 featuring Pure MI Hunt winner John Murphy!
John Murphy, 2019 Pure Michigan Hunt winner hunts and chats with WGD...sharing his surreal PMH journey.
November 15, 2019
Episode#42. Derek VanBuren, husband, father, Veteran...& true Yooper.
Derek VanBuren tells why his love of raising a family in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is so important.
October 30, 2019
Episode #41. Richard P. Smith shares 40+ years of deer research.
Richard P. Smith says the DNR's approach to CWD/disease management in our whitetail herd is the wrong approach.
October 21, 2019
Episode #40. Brian Masterbrook...DNR's "go-to" guy for Michigan's Elk herd.
WGD sat down with Brian Masterbrook of Michigan's Regional DNR office in Gaylord, MI to chat about our Elk herd's impact for everyone's enjoyment.
September 16, 2019
Episode #39. State Representative Triston Cole's message is clear!
State Representative Triston Cole, an avid sportsman,  does not agree with the methodology to arrive at a 'no bait' law for Michigan's whitetail deer season.  
September 04, 2019
Episode #38. When Ross Elliott makes a promise you can take it to the bank
WGD learned why Ross Elliott works with top products in the hunting industry and the connection to his investment in people.
August 21, 2019
Episode #37. Donnie Krzysiak of Krzysiak's House Restaurant in Bay City is all about faith, family...and community.
Donnie sits down with Wild Game Dynasty and tells of growing up a 'restaurant kid' and why he chose to continue in his Dad's footsteps.  "Its  what you're passionate about that should drive your ambition", says Donnie
August 07, 2019
Episode #36. Trevor Edmonds appreciates his hunting, fishing & Land Conservancy 'partnerships'.
Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy employee, Trevor Edmonds chats about the impact and importance of a Land Conservancy on our game and non-game species.
July 31, 2019
Episode #35. Paying Your Bridge Toll Can Be A Serendipitous Experience.
Pat Rickley, a toll worker at The Mackinac Bridge Authority sets the stage for your visit or departure.
July 24, 2019
Episode #34. Nagy's Tractor Sales & Service Specializes In Food Plot Equipment.
Dan from Nagy's Tractor Sales has a solution for your successful food plot plantings with an equipment warranty you'll appreciate!
July 14, 2019
Episode #33. "From Glory Days...To Glory Days", says Northern Michigan legend Harvey Marlatt.
When Harvey Marlatt was drafted into the NBA and became a Detroit Piston he knew his love of the Outdoors would take him home.
July 10, 2019
Episode #32 features Smokey McNicholas & his world-class Whitetail Deer Lures
WGD reached out to Smokey McNicholas and asked Smokey to share why his lures are sought after by some of the finest hunters out there....
July 01, 2019
Episode #31. A "National Park" that's three feet wide & thousands of miles long. We call it the North Country Trail.
Michigan is home to some of the greatest parks and scenic landmarks in the world...and The North Country Trail - Hiawatha Shore-To-Shore Section offers you that type of experience.
June 23, 2019
Episode #30. Curt Ratajczak of Ratajczak Farms has a barn full of bear feed.
WGD and Curt Ratajczak chat about 'everything bear feed'.   Curt & his family throw all in when it comes to taking care of hunters and outfitters buying bear feed.  "The look on the person's face when they visit our pole barn for first time...."
June 20, 2019
Episode #29. Outdoor Writer Mike Gnatkowski is back! Michigan, that is...
Mike writes for many outdoor publications throughout the country,  but can affectionately do so knowing Michigan will always be home.
June 13, 2019
Episode #28, NWTF - MI Biologist Ryan Boyer chats about why our wild turkeys continue to thrive
Ryan Boyer, NWTF - MI Biologist and fellow turkey hunter shares why our nation's turkey populations continue to thrive.  "We call all pat ourselves on the back on this one...", says Ryan.
May 31, 2019
Episode #27. Troy Harrison has tips on prepping your animal for the taxidermist
Troy Harrsion, manager of the Baldwin Canoe Livery, also knows a thing or two about taxidermy.  Troy says we all need to know how to handle our tagged animals well ahead of the hunt.
May 29, 2019
Episode #26. Jim Wessel of Wessel Outdoors talks food plots.
Jim Wessel shares his expertise from soil prep to planting and the importance of having the knowledge to avoid wasting time and money.  For a lot of people they have one time slot each year to get it right.  If done wrong you'll have to wait til next year.
May 20, 2019
Episode #25. Blending Tree Stand Safety with Timber Tree Care LLC
WGD chats with Curt Holsinger, owner of Timber! Tree Care, LLC.  Curt, a professional tree trimmer and invasive species expert shares the importance of safety in his business and also while enjoying one of his favorite past-times....bow hunting!
May 08, 2019
Episode #24. Cabela's of Saginaw Connecting With Community
WGD chatted with Samantha, Events Coord., and Eric, the shooting sports mgr at the Saginaw Outpost Store - "Its all about community!"
May 01, 2019
Episode #23. Barry Wensel reflects on Montana's Milk River Whitetail Bow Hunts - World Class!
WGD met up with Barry Wensel, arguably one of the top bow hunters in the world, as he reflects on bow hunting Montana's Milk River of days gone bye...   "It was the best that this planet had to offer".
April 29, 2019
Episode #22. Lori Card shares why she is so passionate about Wild Card Outdoor Adventures
Gary Morgan chatted with Lori Card of Wild Card Outdoor Adventures.  Lori shared why she is so passionate about wearing the 'many hats' necessary to promote Ladies In The Out of Doors...
April 24, 2019
Episode #21. 9 Time State Turkey Calling Champ, Rod Little, shares his secrets
WGD sat down with Rod Little who has hunted turkeys for  40+ years.  Rod was also the MI State Turkey Calling Champ 9 years running!  He shares his secrets and why turkey hunting is the single most dangerous hunting sport there is...
April 17, 2019
Episode #20, chattin' with Kevin about wildlife food plots...owner of the 100+ year old Atlanta Hardware!
WGD met up with Kevin at the Atlanta Hardware.  We pulled up our stools overlooking a beautiful building that Kevin and his family are renovating and chatted about wildlife food plots.  After the Podcast Kevin showed me his Whitetail Institute display, fertilizer, lime and all that is needed to put in a small or large planting...without emptying your wallet!  
April 10, 2019
Episode #19, WGD welcomes back John Eberhart...and his approach to hunting Michigan's big timber.
WGD reached out to John Eberhart on the eve of Michigan's no bait rule.  He is quick to tell us that Michigan is one of the most difficult states to hunt the elusive whitetail.   But, his approach is doable for anyone that wants to retrain their hunting skills.  
April 04, 2019
Episode #18, chattin' with James Sutton, calling the U.P. as he sees it.
WGD chatted with James Sutton of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  James, now in his last (senior) semester at "Michigan Tech" tells his reason he will always call the UP 'home'.  ...And, he shares why staying in the UP for his collegiate studies, etc. were equally important.  Go Huskies!
April 01, 2019
Episode #17, chattin' with Missouri native and master predator hunter Heath Baker
WGD and Heath Baker of Predator Tactics and Alpha Dog Down (YouTube) took a break from the coyote hunting action and chatted about the importance of hunting and why he has decided to share his lifelong Predator Hunting passion with others.  Take a listen....
March 25, 2019
Episode #16, Chattin' with the fellas at Bourbon Creek Gun Dogs and Guides
WGD sat down with Jesse and Shawn from Bourbon Creek Gun Dogs and Guides .... a couple miles west of Atlanta, MI.  These gentlemen have carved out a great upland bird hunting preserve that offers everyone an opportunity to hunt pheasants and others game birds at their own skill level.  As you will listen & learn how this opportunity can change the way many folks will consider the sport of hunting!
March 22, 2019
Episode #15, chattin' with Richard P. Smith, one of our experts in bear and deer behavior.
WGD's Gary Morgan chatted with Richard P. Smith.  Richard, by all accounts, is an icon in the hunting and outdoor platform.  He's authored several books, videos and has been and continues to write for countless magazines and outdoor publications.  Most folks appreciate Richard's "unvarnished truth" on many topics such as today's...Bear Hunting in Michigan.
March 13, 2019
Episode #14. Chattin' with Predator Hunter/Master Angler Chad Malcolm
WGD shared a pot of coffee with Chad Malcolm and learned the highs and the lows of a Predator Hunter.  This episode is dedicated to our friend 'Maggie' and all those who let their hunting dogs do what they love to do....HUNT!
March 08, 2019
Episode #13, Chattin' with The Michigan DNR's Finest!
WGD sat down with MIDNR's Fisheries Mgt. Biologist Heather Hettinger and Wildlife's Division Outreach Communications Specialist Katie Keen. 
March 06, 2019
Episode #12, chattin' with "The Bear Man" Jim VanSteenhouse, a former Thumbkin turned Lone Star
WGD's Gary Morgan seized an opportunity to sit down with Jim VanSteenhouse during a brief visit back home.   Jim recounted his grizzly attack while hunting trophy moose in Canada's Northwest Territory.   
March 01, 2019
Episode #11, chattin' with Jason Proctor of Scientific Angler...the world's leading fishing line producer
Jason Proctor joined WGD's podcast program to share his thoughts on where our fishing & hunting 'industry' is heading.  His optimism is contagious if we'll just embrace what it takes to "get there".
February 26, 2019
Episode #10, chattin' with Jerry Everhardt of
WGD chatted with Jerry Everhardt who mastered a whitetail hunting method that can fill the void for those adversely affected by Michigan's new "no bait" rule for all of lower peninsula.
February 21, 2019
Episode #9, Chattin' with an icon in the world of hunting...John Dewyse
WGD's Gary Morgan had the privilege of chattin' with John "Sam" Dewyse.  John is a master builder/craftman who spent a great many years building structures of the highest quality.  If you were to meet up with "Sam" he'd want to tell you a story or two about rabbit hunting with his grandkids and his prized beagles.  A humble man with a story to be told!
February 20, 2019
Episode #8, Chattin' with Don Strabbing and also Wes Smith
WGD's Gary Morgan sat down with Don Strabbing during bear camp.  Though Don did not tag a bear he sure has a story to tell.  Our second half of the podcast brings us to chat with Wes Smith.  Wes is a humble man that sure leads by example!
February 17, 2019
Episode #7. Biologist John Eveland, Unified Sportsmen Pennsylvania lock arms with LSU researcher, Dr. Bastian .... the cure for CWD!
WGD chatted with Biologist John Eveland, who stands firm with the Unified Sportsmen Pennsylvania in a formal partnership with LSU's Dr. Bastian in his quest to continue his quest to cure the CWD epidemic ... and then some!  Stay focused ... as the cure is here!!
February 13, 2019
Episode #6. Chattin' with M. R. James
WGD's Gary Morgan took his Podcast on the road to south Indiana and chatted with one of the most iconic persons in the world of Archery & Bow Hunting.  M. R. James is a gentleman and scholar in the truest sense!
February 11, 2019
Episode #5, chattin' with an Icon of the hunting industry ... Jim Brunette
WGD's Gary Morgan sat down with Jim Brunette, arguably one of the most knowledgeable persons working within the bow hunting industry.  Jim manages a hunting department of the 2nd largest crossbow retailing in the country.  Let's see what he has to say!
February 07, 2019
Episode #4, Chattin' with Mike Avery
WGD's Gary Morgan sat down with Mike Avery to chat about "the yesterday, today and tomorrow" of our Outdoor World.  He also reflected on his career - promoting the Outdoor World and how he feels about his home state of Michigan.  
February 03, 2019
Episode #3, Chattin' with Tom Lounsbury...a true "Thumbkin".
WGD's Gary Morgan chatted with Tom Lounsbury, an icon in the hunting community.  Tom has a long-running radio program on WLEW's 102.1 as well as a weekly Outdoor column for a couple newspapers.  He's also a contributing writer for several Outdoor magazines, etc.  
January 31, 2019
Episode #2 Chattin' with John Eberhart
Wild Game Dynasty sat down with John to discuss everything whitetail deer hunting with a heavy focus on scent control.
January 28, 2019
Episode #1, Fireside Chat With Ross Chamber
Gary Morgan of Wild Game Dynasty chats with Ross Chambers about his experiences and assistance with the business of guiding clients.
January 23, 2019