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Wild Prosperity

Wild Prosperity

By Jane Ysadora
Welcome to the Wild Prosperity podcast with Jane Ysadora, pioneer of the trauma-informed manifesting movement, CEO of Wild Prosperity, and creatrix of Whole Self Manifesting - the world's first parts & trauma informed manifesting system. I help big-hearted humans on a soul path - like you - heal your money blocks & become spiritually and financially abundant so you can create the biggest impact possible while living the life you're really meant for.
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Transforming Trauma Responses into Manifesting Allies
Your trauma responses, your places of unhealed pain, and your protective parts *want* to become allies on your manifesting journey! In this episode, I teach you how to move from repressing your "alarm-system" parts into working with them so you can turn pain into power. To learn how to work with me, go to
June 07, 2022
The Abundance & Purpose Map
Ever wish there was a roadmap to make your dreams a reality? Like you know you are meant for purpose and prosperity but you're not sure how to get there? That's all about to change! This episode is an excerpt from the Financial Freedom Challenge for coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs where I teach you the exact steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality and the KEY ingredient for success on your journey. If you want to create an amazing relationship with money full of freedom, ease, and relaxation, check out Wild Prosperity - the safest, biggest-hearted, most ABUNDANT container on the planet for coaches, practitioners, and entrepreneurs. Click here to learn all about WIld Prosperity Remember to like this episode, leave a review, and send it to your friends! It might just be the thing that changes their life. xo, Jane
February 21, 2022
How to Price a Coaching Offer
Welcome to the Wild Prosperity podcast! In this episode I'm teaching all about creating an aligned and abundant price for your coaching offer. We'll cover: * What not to do when pricing a coaching package * What money blocks to watch out for * What factors to consider when creating and pricing a coaching offer * How to price your offer * How to know when to raise your price You'll leave these 15 minutes feeling way more clear and ready to price your offers in a way that benefits both you and your client! If you're a coach, practitioner, or entrepreneur and you're ready to create more abundance in your business, I invite you to join me for the upcoming 5-day Financial Freedom challenge. I'll teach you my best stuff on how to identify and heal your money blocks, why a trauma-0informed approach is a total game changer for your relationship with money, and so much more. Plus! You have the opportunity for FREE live coaching with me.  Click this link to register for the free challenge. Can't wait to see you there! 
January 31, 2022