Behind the Bars, Motorcycles, Memories and Mayhem

Scot Harden, AMA Hall of Famer, Executive, and founder of Plus 1 movement

An episode of Behind the Bars, Motorcycles, Memories and Mayhem

By Wilkins Harley-Davidson
Behind the Bars, Motorcycles Memories and Mayhem
Mark and John's no holds barred podcast about motorcycles and the people who ride them. Some language may be explicit. Sponsored by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, Barre, Vermont
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Ep 6, S3, Comparison, Harley-Davidson LiveWire v. Zero Motorcycle SRF, Electric Motorcycles
Ep 6, Season 3, Comparison, Harley-Davidson LiveWire v. Zero Motorcycle SRF, Electric Motorcycles In this podcast, Jon, John, and Mark compare and contrast the Harley-Davidson LiveWire and the Zero SR/F.   Both are fantastic electric motorcycles though the Harley is clearly aimed at those looking for a premium EV experience while the Zero is more value oriented.  That said, similarly equipped examples of both are closer in price than you might think.  The discussion focuses on Price, Range, and Components.  A lot still remains to be seen and many specs are simply unavailable at this point in time.   John gives a special shout out to one of our negative reviewers on Itunes.   Tune in to learn more. Thank you to our Sponsor, Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com As always, we would love for you to review our Podcast on whatever platform you listen to.  
April 4, 2019
Episode 5, Season 3, Genevieve Schmitt, founder of Women Riders Now and long-time motorcycle journalist, inspiration to many
Episode 5, Season 3, Genevieve Schmitt, founder of Women Riders Now and long-time motorcycle journalist, inspiration to many Well before her time, Genevieve Schmitt founded Women Riders Now back in 2006.  Undoubtedly she is a factor in the recent trend which has women entering the Motorcycle World in droves.   John and Mark chat with Genevieve about how the machine and the culture around riding is changing rapidly. Genevieve is a fascinating speaker with a long history of breaking down barriers between women and motorcycles.  She is truly a delight to engage with.   Genevieve is also a recent inductee into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame (Yes, the AMA Hall of Fame), with the Bessie Stringfield Award, recognizing efforts to introduce motorcycling to new or underserved markets. AMA Awards Women Riders Now  As always, thank you for taking a moment and subscribing to our growing podcast.  We appreciate it very much and value the positive and constructive comments many of you leave.  You help shape our future podcasts.  Lastly, thanks to Wilkins Harley-Davidson for sponsoring this. www.WilkinsHarley.Com 
March 6, 2019
Robin Bradley, Author, Controversial Article on Harleys More Roads Strategy
In this podcast, John and Mark chat with Robin Bradley, writer for American Motorcycle Dealer Magazine. Robin shares his candid point of view about the Harley-Davidson legacy. The conversation revolves around an article that Robin wrote recently in a trade publication about HD's More Roads campaign that applauds the new direction the Motor Company is heading in. He maintains it is possible to maintain the core group of customers while attracting a new generation of riders with different needs and expectations. Robin also discusses how the dealership network is responding to the changes and the overall timing of the More Roads strategy. As always, we would love it if you subscribed to our Podcast and left a review, positive or negative.  All constructive feedback is appreciated unless you're just a troll about things, then we just quit reading. Thanks to our sponsor www.WilkinsHarley.Com
February 7, 2019
Sandra Hinksman, Vice President of the Motor Maids
John and Mark chat with Sandra Hinksman, VP of the Motor Maids. Te Motor Maids is a women's motorcycle club in North America with over 1,200 members from the United States and Canada. Established in 1940, Motor Maids was one of the first women's motorcycle groups and has been called the oldest existing women's club in the United States.  This Podcast is particularly special to us as Barbara Wilkins, one of our founders and current teammate, started in motorcycling in the same era as Motor Maids.  Strong, empowered women have always been a part of Wilkins Harley-Davidson. Tune in to learn more about the history of this progressive organization. The Motor Maids We would love it if you would rate our podcast with an honest review.  We recently enjoyed one of our first negative reviews of our podcast and we appreciate the listener's insight, of course he unsubscribed so he won't see this.  :) #MotorMaids #TheMotorMaids  
January 25, 2019
Harley-Davidson LiveWire Update
As more details emerge about the Harley-Davidson Livewire, John and Mark sit down with Jon "The Eagle" Sargent to discuss the latest news.  While John and Jon remain obsessed with power and performance, Mark makes a case for changing the way we look at motorcycles in general.  John and Jon scoff at the idea that bikes could be tools not toys.   Other  Discussion focuses on Ride Modes, The Revelation Engine, Charging Systems, Cast Aluminum Frame, Traction Control, Overall Mixed Range (110 Miles) and some comparisons to Energica and Zero motorcycles.   LIVEWIRE MOTORCYCLES ENERGICA MOTORCYCLES  ZERO MOTORCYCLES  As always, we sure would appreciate a rating.  #EV #ElectricVehicles #ElectricMotorcycles
January 9, 2019
A call-in with Mysterious Motorcycle Enthusiast "Lefty"
John and Mark host a mysterious caller who goes by the singular name- Lefty. Lefty expounds on how he sees motorcycles as a social good that brings diverse people together and reduces our carbon footprints. He also claims to be able to tell the difference between how Kentucky Horse Manure and Pennsylvania Horse Manure smell. Driving a Car is just about mailing yourself safely from one place to another when you can't ride your motorcycle. Is it okay to ride your motorcycle to church? Muffler Mikes Plea for Quiet Riding. As always, we appreciate you listening.  We would love it if you rated our Podcast.  While a 5 star is amazing, we view all feedback as a gift.  
January 3, 2019
Is Harley Killing off a bunch of models?
Jon "The Eagle" rejoins John and Mark for a lively end of season Behind the Bars podcast. This one features plenty of free-spirited banter about a Hodge podge of subjects including Mark's growing relationship with the FXDR114, how motorcycles were used in World War II, a wonderful philanthropic gesture by a Black Hills Harley-Davidson, Darwinism, and news on the most recently retired H-D models. Thanks to all of you who continue to listen and support this Podcast. We would certainly appreciate a review and a suggestion.
November 27, 2018
Jeannine Condon, riding instructor for track days and MSF.
In this Behind the Bars Podcast with Jeannine Condon, daughter of the famous Ken Condon, John and Mark gain a deeper understanding of how motorcycling is empowering and inspiring more women to ride. Jeannine speaks about the experience of training riders, both male and female, on the track and how those skills translate to street riding. She shares stories about riding with her father and how those experiences strengthen relationships. As always, we appreciate the ratings and reviews. We certainly would appreciate it if you shared Behind the Bars with a friend! Sponsored by www.WilkinsHarley.Com
November 15, 2018
Ken Kaplan, New England Motorcycle Museum, Rockville, CT
Ken Kaplan, New England Motorcycle Museum located in Rockville, Connecticut is a very interesting guy. Having built a 70,000 square foot Motorcycle Museum from scratch, he is on a trajectory to have a one-of-a-kind museum. Mark was in his glory as Ken and Kenny expounded upon the spiritual nature of bikes and "motorcycles as art" The museum is in an old mill that has been completely restored. The mill used to manufacture US Army military suits. Bigger than Noah's ark! Museum will eventually include a motorcycle themed restaurant, a pub, a drive in motorcycle movie theater, and a micro-brewery. Many of the bikes are for sale. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: As always, we appreciate all the support. Please take a moment and rate our Podcast! Thanks to our sponsor, Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
November 9, 2018
Jim, colorful long-time Harley Rider, Body-Builder and Motorcycle Racer.
In this explicit podcast, Mark tries to keep the peace while John bickers with Jim-one of our favorite colorful customers. Jim was a motorcycle Racer, Body-Building Champion and long-time Harley rider, growing up in New Jersey and transplanting to Vermont. He is one that purposely pushes the envelope just to get a rise out of people so don't find yourself getting red in the face, it's all part of Jim's enjoyment. One reason we love him.
November 3, 2018
Women Riders World Relay, Liza Miller
In this podcast, John and Mark chat with Liza Miller from Women Riders World Relay. That's WRWR for short. This group calls itself a "Global Sisterhood" of riders who are performing a relay across the world in the Spring of 2019. In a very short time, WRWR has inspired and empowered women riders in 92 countries. Women Riders World Relay Facebook Page: Women Riders World Relay's Website: Liza's Podcast, Check it out! WRWR's Instagram Page:
October 27, 2018
Harley-Davidsons' Newest Patent, Automatic Braking Systems?
Harley-Davidsons' Newest Patent, Automatic Braking Systems? Jon "The Eagle," Mark and John, with little public information, discuss the ins and outs of Harley-Davidson's new patent on automatic braking systems. What does this mean for motorcyclists? Do they want the Automatic Brakes? Will this decrease the risk of motorcycling? As always, it's a lively discussion. Thank you for listening. We would certainly appreciate it if you subscribed and or rated this podcast. We love 5 stars, but any rating is appreciated. Thank you for our sponsor, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
October 18, 2018
Discussion on the New Harley-Davidson Pan America, Adventure Touring Motorcycle
Jon "The Eagle" Sargent joins John and Mark to speculate on the new Harley-Davidson dual-sport Adventure Touring bike- the Pan America. Jon fancies himself a "rebel with manners" while John explains how a compass works. Mark rises above the fray staying focused on the spirit of the new model. Harley-Davidson's Pan America Adventure Touring: We would sincerely appreciate it very much if you subscribed to this podcast! www.WilkinsHarley.Com
October 11, 2018
Jesse James Dupree, Full Throttle Reality, Lead Singer for Jackyl, Bourbon Sales
Jesse James Dupree, Full Throttle Reality, Lead Singer Jackyl, Entrepreneur, talk with Mark and John about Jesse's visit to Laconia during bike week with the Full Throttle Reality Crew, his new Jesse James Bourbon, singing for the band Jackyl, and what its like to have 100 irons in the fire. Instagram: @jessejamesdupree What the hell is Locomotive Agitated Bourbon? see @jessejamesspirits Jackyl: @officialjackyl
October 5, 2018
Brock St. Clair, Harley-Davidson Freedom Intern
John and Mark catch up with Brock St. Clair- one of the eight H-D Freedom interns. From taking Riding Academy to riding 15,000 miles this summer, Brock wasted no time. Brock's inspired us with his willingness to face fears and just go for it! His instagram page is a perfect place to watch as he chronicles the challenges from learning to ride to traversing the country. #FindYourFreedomIntern #WeBuildRiders Brock's Instagram: @dont_brock_the_boat Youtube Channel: We would sincerely appreciate it if you subscribed and rated the Behind the Bars Podcast on whatever platform you use. It allows us to continue to produce this without asking for money from sponsors, well, other than Wilkins Harley-Davidson.
September 13, 2018
Jon "The Eagle" Sargent talks about the new 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR114
In this podcast, Mark's slower process of getting to "know" the NEW FXDR114 before riding it and the contrast to Jon and John's twist and go approach. Mark's sense that the Harley-Davidson FXDR114 is rooted in tradition, but also has one foot in the future. The three of them go over the style, engineering and physical hot spots of the new model. #FXDR114 #WeBuildRiders As always, we appreciate the support. If you like this podcast, please take a moment and subscribe and rate it.
September 4, 2018
Ryan McFarland, Founder of Strider Bicycles
John and Mark talk with Ryan McFarland Founder and "Chief Enthusiast" of Strider Bicycles about his mission to get kids on two wheels really young---and we are talking by the time they are 6 months (Baby Bundle Product) old! Turns out the kids are responding with great enthusiasm. Surprising and clearly he is on to something with 500,000 Strider Bike Sales a year! Check these things out. 👉 www.StriderBikes.Com As always, we sure would appreciate it if you subscribed to Behind the Bars Podcast and rated us on whatever platform you are listening. Special thanks to our sponsor, Wilkins Harley-Davidson,
August 27, 2018
High Flying Cole Freeman, Modern Day Evel Knievel
John and Mark speak with 'High Flying' Cole Freeman. People are calling Cole a Modern Day Evel Knievel. Cole jumped his 2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide in South Dakota 99 feet with no speedometer, no way of hitting a certain speed, just estimations using the seat of his pants and some serious balls. This podcast gets a little dicey so if your ears bleed when you hear bad words, don't listen. VIDEO: Instagram @colefreeman Facebook: Sponsored by As always, we would love for you to subscribe to this Podcast wherever you listen to it. Thanks to our sponsor, Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
August 20, 2018
Jim Halvorsen, To Wear a Motorcycle Helmet or Not
Mark and John get into it with Jim Halvorsen, contributor for Motorcycle Consumer News and Retired Motorcycle Cop about motorcycle helmets. The discussion focuses on the freedom of choosing whether to wear a helmet or not. We would love to hear your position on facebook, even if you disagree with Mark. We would appreciate it if you subscribed to our podcast. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
August 17, 2018
Sara Liberte with Garage Girls
If you think motorcycles are just for guys, think again. Gone are the days of women riding on the back. Women riders are the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle industry. Tune in to hear John and Mark chat with Sara Liberte, owner of about how motorcycles are empowering women and what she is doing to change the riding landscape for them. Ride on Gals! As always, we would appreciate it if you rated our Podcast. We know Itunes and Spotify like that stuff. We do too. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
August 9, 2018
Robert Pandya, former PR Manager for Indian and Victory.
Season 2 of Behind the Bars, Motorcycle, Memories and Mayhem! Discussing Harley-Davidson's newest release of the HD Livewire Electric Motorcycle, HD Pan America (Dual Sport Bike), Custom, and Street Fighter Models. The "More Roads to Harley-Davidson" Launch. Video here: (which if you haven't seen the video, you should). Robert Pandya is out of Georgetown, Texas and is the owner of SpokesPeople LLC, an agency dedicated to motorcycling and cool stuff with throttles. Former PR Manager for Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Victory and most recently Indian Motorcycle. He’s currently hosting a motorcycle industry panel and conversation at and consulting with a couple companies he can’t tell you about…yet! As always, we would certainly appreciate it if you subscribed and gave us 5 stars. Itunes and Spotify like that stuff. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
August 3, 2018
Jeff Muir with East Penn Manufacturing, HD Batteries
This is an interesting one and you don't have to be a technical person to appreciate the exchange with Jeff. Mark and John interview Jeff Muir with East Penn Manufacturing (Harley-Davidson Batteries). East Penn Manufacturing, founded in 1946, makes batteries for Harley-Davidson, BMW, Caterpillar, Freightliner, Mack Volvo, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Jeep, Audi, John Deere, and they are family owned! *What is Battery Soup? *Mark and John discuss all sorts of battery topics including smelters (Mark confuses this with Smelt Fish). We would sincerely appreciate it if you rated our podcast. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
July 25, 2018
Jake Bright, TechCrunch Writer, Author on Electric Mtces
Award winning author, writer on global business and tech, contributor at TechCrunch and Revzilla Common Tread. After test riding several of the leading electric motorcycles, Jake recently wrote a very interesting article on Tech Crunch "How EV Startups Alta, Energica, and Zero could reboot the motorcycle industry." See below for link: Twitter Handle @JakeRBright Video on Harley-Davidson Livewire: As always, it would mean the world to us if you subscribed to our podcast using whatever site you use to listen to. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
July 20, 2018
Jody Reinisch, Mayor of Ryder, North Dakota
Mark and John interview the Mayor of North Dakota. Why? Well, you may have seen the town of Ryder in the news. Harley-Davidson decided to help turn the entire town of Ryder into a town of Motorcycle Riders by training everyone on how to ride a Harley using Riding Academy. Interesting story on the behind of the scenes on how Harley-Davidson really is focused on building riders for the future. As always, we would love it if you subscribed to this podcast and rated it a 5 stars. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
July 16, 2018
Jeremy Kroeker, Author, Motorcycle Adventurer
Mark and John interview a very unique Canadian (Mark thinks Canadians are Americans), and they talk about snake bites, motorcycle travel through Syria, Iran, Libya, and other foreign countries. He discusses being interrogated in Syria, visiting the Holiest Shrine in Iran (non-muslims not allowed). He also broaches the topic of spontaneity and seizing the moment rather than focusing so much on the problem at hand (running out of fuel in Libya). His website: www.MotorcycleTherapy.Com His Books: We would sincerely appreciate it if you subscribed to our podcast! www.WilkinsHarley.Com
July 12, 2018
Jim Halvorsen, Retired Motorcop, Columnist for Motorcycle Consumer News
In this episode, Mark and John spar a bit with Jim, a self-proclaimed "contrarian" but a true professional in his field. Jim debates Motorcycle Only Law Enforcement Stops and supports them! Helmet Laws, and other related highly spirited topics. We can see Jim being a regular with the Behind the Bars Podcast since he clearly researches the topics, has the stats to back up his position and gets John and Mark fired up. As always, we would sincerely appreciate it if you subscribed to this Podcast, it would mean the world to us. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
July 8, 2018
Scot Harden, AMA Hall of Famer, Executive, and founder of Plus 1 movement
Scott Harden, AMA Hall of Famer, Corporate executive for companies including KTM, Husqvarna, Zero Motorcycles and BMW and now behind the Plus 1 movement to grow the motorcycling industry. Some of the topics we touched upon: *The more you ride, the longer you will live. *Plus 1. Challenging new riders to bring another rider to the sport. *Electric Bikes and Range Anxiety. *How riding a motorcycle feels. Are you watching the movie or IN the movie? Scot's website: As always, it would mean the world if you subscribed to this Podcast. This is how we grow and bring on great people to be interviewed. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
July 6, 2018
Charley Boorman, Long Way Round on a Motorcycle
Mark decides to take a vacation day (which he never does) and John gets to spend time one-on-one with a real inspiration to the motorcycling community, the one and only, Charley Boorman. Travel Writer, Actor, Adventure Rider, Speaker, Motorcycle Rider who has ridden his motorcycle across the entire Globe, 20,000 miles. Some of our fun discussion: *Never ask a person on a horse or camel for directions. *Staying overnight in mafia's home. *Stopped for speeding in Ukraine on the bike. *Riding through Mongolia, (which is the size of Europe) with only 500 miles of Pavement. *Riding with good friend Ewan McGregor, Famous Actor from Star Wars. As always, we would genuinely appreciate it if you subscribed and rated our Podcast. This allows other listeners to find this podcast. It would mean the world to us.
July 4, 2018
Vermont's Governor, Phil Scott, discusses motorcycles
Behind the Bars, Motorcycles Memories and Mayhem. John and Mark visit the Vermont Statehouse for a rare interview with Governor Phil Scott about motorcycles, racing, politics, and life. Despite his best effort, John fails to convince the Governor that the State House dome would look good with a Harley-Davidson on top. It would mean the world to us if you subscribed to Behind the Bars Podcast. www.WilkinsHarley.Com
June 19, 2018
Ride out of the Darkness, Suicide Prevention with Grant Bourne
Recently, the news has been full of prominent people taking there own lives. Suicide is clearly an issue. Annually, more people die at their own hands then die in automobile accidents. Grant Bourne has been riding his Harley-Davidson Road King across America raising awareness about the suicide epidemic in our country. He calls it a Ride out of Darkness, 100,000 Miles to Raise Funds and Awareness for Suicide Prevention. In this podcast Grant shares stories about his campaign and the people he has encountered along the way. It is a truly moving discussion and one that is important. Website: Instagram: facebook: Sponsored by Wilkins Harley-Davidson www.WilkinsHarley.Com
June 14, 2018
Bill Davidson, Great Grandson of one of the HD Founders
In this episode, Mark and John interview Bill Davidson, great-grandson of one of the founders of the Motor Company. Harley-Davidson is in Bill's blood and it clearly comes out in this episode. He talks about Harley, Electric bikes (Livewire), Evel Knievel, and growing up around the best motorcycles on the planet. We certainly would appreciate you SUBSCRIBING to our podcast. It would mean the world to us and certainly, you'll get notice of all the future exciting episodes we are editing currently! Some very exciting ones! Brought to you by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
June 7, 2018
Matt Levatich, CEO Harley-Davidson Motor Co, Tariffs
In this episode, John and Mark ask Matt Levatich some of the hard questions. Harley's decision to build a production facility in Thailand might surprise you once you listen and learn what is already in Thailand. Also, some interesting information many may not know on where Harley-Davidson already has a plant and surprisingly, it's been there for a while.... Lastly, the CEO's other decisions that continue to keep motorcycling front and center in the industry. This is a good one. www.Harley-Davidson.Com Brought to you by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
May 29, 2018
Cornering Techniques with Cornering Expert, Ken Condon
Behind the Bars, Motorcycles, Memories and Mayhem In this episode, Ken Condon, Author, Racer, and Instructor talks about: *The feeling you get when your ass puckers in a corner * Ken has several free educational sites and one of the best up to date blogs on topics that are of interest to all motorcyclists: Ken's Own Podcast which is awesome: Also, some amazing other training opportunities. Our favorite is the Non-Sport Bike Class he puts on at the Thompson Speedway in Connecticut and also the Palmer Speedway in Springfield, MA. Brought to you by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
May 29, 2018
Vintage Steele, Restoring old motorcycles in Vermont
Behind the Bars, Motorcycles, Memories, and Mayhem, Vintage Steele. *These guys are the Real Deal! Self taught from Youtube, these guys are winning awards by restoring vintage motorcycles. In this episode, John and Mark discuss: *Daddy Cages (they didn't want to talk about this) *Do Motorcycles Have Soul? *What's in the Water in Brattleboro, Vermont that causes so much interest in Motorcycling. *Mechanic or Artists, you be the judge. Vintage Steele can be found here: Vintage Steele Website: Want to see some amazing photos? Instagram them Or if you love Facebook, check them out here: If you liked this Episode, please rate this and subscribe! We appreciate it very much! Brought to you by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
April 25, 2018
Senator Joe Benning from Vermont
In this episode, Vermont State Senator Joe Benning discusses: *nasty mineral based material that adheres to your motorcycle when riding in Alaska, *proper Packing for a long range motorcycle trip, *Zen Experiences on a motorcycle, what's in front of you, *the 2019 Harley-Davidson Model, Benning Glide, *Lawyers and Bikers *Harleys at the State House *Monkey Butt Meanwhile, John challenges Mark about his stupid hypotheticals. If you liked this episode, please subscribe! It helps! Brought to you by Wilkins Harley-Davidson, www.WilkinsHarley.Com
April 25, 2018
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