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Still Processing

Still Processing

By William Tran
Embark on a songwriting journey with William Tran. In Still Processing, he uses the creative process to deconstruct a traumatic memory. Along the way, he makes new friends in the musical and scientific community.
5. History (The Wildseed Ranch)
Shelbi takes Jakob, Frank, and I on a tour of the Wildseed Ranch, a communal living space in East County San Diego for creatives to focus on their craft.
April 03, 2022
4. Acceptance (Vocals and Melody, Part 2)
Host William Tran continues crafting a melody while learning to sing better. Featuring interviews with musicians Shelbi Bennett (The Midnight Pine), Nate Williams (Outside the Frame), and Jakob McWhinney (New Me).
January 30, 2022
3. Community (Melody, Part 1)
Host William Tran takes on his next creative challenge, writing a melody to emote the feeling of his traumatic incident. However, he finds himself in a creative rut, and recruits the help of his creative community to take him out of his writer's block. Featuring interviews with musicians Shelbi Bennett (The Midnight Pine), Frank Mindingall (Spooky Cigarette), Jakob McWhinney (New Me), and independent filmmakers Joyce Rocacorba and Brendan Julian. 
December 23, 2021
2. Happy Place (Lyrics, Part 2)
William Tran continues his songwriting journey, finally putting his pen on paper to write lyrics about his traumatic experience. Guests include musician Frank Mindingall (of Spooky Cigarette) and freelance filmmaker Joyce Rocacorba. 
December 11, 2021
1. Lyrics, Part 1
In the first episode of Still Processing, William Tran begins the journey of processing a traumatic memory through songwriting. He starts with lyrics, and learns about the creative process from the multi-talented musician and journalist Jakob McWhinney. 
December 04, 2021