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You Know What They Say About HR...

You Know What They Say About HR...

By Philip Major
The Client Relations team at Willory has a whole lot of nothing to say about things you want to hear regarding Human Resources and Payroll in the workplace.
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...All They Care About Is Compliance
With special guest attorney Seth Briskin, Episode 2 focuses on compliance and addresses the issues that cause some people to have a distaste for HR. Get some insight about best practice and entertainment as you can surely relate to many situations Seth talks about.
September 15, 2020
...People Just Fall Into It
In the pilot episode of "You Know What They Say About HR..." Lisa and Philip approach the stigma that people just fall into it. While getting to learn more about the hosts backgrounds and their paths into HR, you also get to hear some stories about other HR professionals and are encouraged to share your own story about how you got into Human Resources. Send an email with your story to or 
September 8, 2020
You Know What They Say About HR... coming September 7th at noon!
August 27, 2020