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Win Against HS

Win Against HS

By Gail Marek
My name is Gail Marek and my sole mission is to equip you to fight hidradenitis suppurativa... and win.

The focus of this podcast is discussing a variety of actions you can take to improve your quality of life with HS.

My background is as a certified primal health coach.

My prayer is that you’ll learn how to arm and defend yourself in this fight, never feel as though you’re fighting alone, and finally... WIN AGAINST HS.
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Who Shouldn't Fast
Part 2 of 5 in the 5 W's of Fasting Series Have hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) and interested in fasting to reap the potential benefits fasting offers?  Check out this episode to find out if it's safe for you or not. Check out Dr. Jason Fung, and Jimmy Moore's book The Complete Guide to Fasting Help others w/ HS by supporting this podcast.
April 11, 2021
Why Fast?
Part 1 of 5 in the 5 W's of Fasting Series Why purposely choose not to eat?  If you've got HS, and adjusting your diet hasn't improved your symptoms as much as you'd like, today's discussion is going to cover how fasting may be able to help you improve your symptoms more so than just diet changes alone. Support the Win Against HS podcast financially with this link, and by subscribing and rating this episode and the podcast.   Here are the links to all the reference mentioned throughout the episode: No BS About HS HS Foundation The Harvard Article, Understanding acute and chronic inflammation PubMed Review PMID 32947129, Effects of intermittent fasting diets on plasma concentrations of inflammatory biomarkers: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials PubMed Article PMID 23044824, The inflammation theory of disease PubMed Article PMID 24440038, Fasting: molecular mechanisms and clinical applications The Definitive Guide to the Primal Eating Plan
April 3, 2021