windshield time

windshield time

By Dae and Arry
In Windshield Time, hosts Arry (@arryinseattle) and Dae (@luggageDonkey) from Yellow Umbrella Ventures, and their guests discuss money and bitcoin (BTC) as they affect humans in areas like: investing, community, work, family, entrepreneurship, side hustles, the internet, marriage, cannabis/weed, guns, religion, politics, and the new age digital economy.

We will experiment a little. Meanwhile...
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Thank you for listening y’all!


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Facebook's Crypto Libra, Caitlin Long's Predictions & FVRR
Our official season 1 episode 1 (s1ep1) with all the finishing touches practiced in our two pilot episodes. Satoshi math in Bitcoin calculations. Facebook's Crypto Libra Project by Calibra, along with Caitlin Long's predictions and our reactions. Fiverr's recent IPO with $FVRR. The WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council (CBC) will be launching a Speaker Series of events that you won't want to miss. Please don't forget to send us ratings, reviews, and comments on your thoughts on Windshield Time. Send us a voicemail through with any questions or comments and you may hear your answer on the podcast. #togetherWeRise #stackSats
June 18, 2019
Pilot #2 Dae and Arry on a Friday
Improvements: * intro music * intro disclaimer/disclosures by the awesome Dom at Coinme! * introduction to explain what happened in the original recording * the original recording - LOTS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION * outro music outro disclosures/disclaimer by Tracey!
June 14, 2019
Pilot episode with Dae and Arry
It's Arry and Dae in our first ever podcast episode.  A "pilot" episode as it is sometimes called.  We plan to publish weekly.  It's a little bit clunky here, so bear with us and we get our act together. In this episode recorded 2019-06-10: The price of bitcoin vs the value of satoshis. Updates to the web site and blog and side gigs. Beyond Meat ($BYND). Parenting with a newborn and getting life done. An outing to see the awesome Matt Case. Mike Hanson is absolute karaoke machine! How to do bitcoin math with satoshis (the smallest incremental unit of a bitcoin). #togetherWeRise #stackingSats #stackSats
June 11, 2019
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