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Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

By Windward
Conversations about leadership, innovation and the future of the maritime ecosystem.
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Guardians of the (galac)sea

Beyond Borders

Guardians of the (galac)sea
Global trends impact nearly every aspect of daily life, including crime. It is the role of government and law enforcement agencies to minimize the rise of crime and ensure citizens' safety. The recent pandemic has challenged how crime is managed, driving organizations to increase their reliance on innovative technology to prevent and catch crimes. Windward CEO Ami Daniel sat down (virtually) with General Riccardo Rapanotti from the Italian GDF to discuss the impact global trends have on criminal activity, the role technology has on preventing money laundering, and the direction the GDF will take in the future.
July 15, 2020
No ship is an island
When thinking of shipping, it is natural to gravitate towards vessels; however, it is just as important to think of the men and women who operate the ships. Today, the increased challenge of changing crews and maintaining ships has forced shipping leaders to quickly adopt new methods of operation and rapidly speed up the rate of digitalization, all while bringing to light the importance shipping has on the daily lives of people around the world. Windward CEO Ami Daniel sat down (virtually) with Bjorn Hojgaard, CEO of Anglo-Eastern, to discuss the difficulties keeping crews and ships safe in the face of growing fatigue and uncertainty, the digitalization the shipping industry is experiencing, and the evolution leaders, particularly in the shipping industry, must undergo. 
June 24, 2020
Mutual interests
The current global events have challenged the shipping industry, and particularly, marine insurers. Today, they must manage increased regulations alongside transportation limitations, and they must often do so remotely, which is a significant change from the previous methods of operations.  However, these events have also created opportunities, removed barriers, and increased cooperation. Windward CEO Ami Daniel asked Paul Jennings, CEO of North P&I Club and Chairman of the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG), to discuss leadership during times of adversity, the importance of cooperation over competition, and the impact recent regulations will have on marine insurers, shipping and trade.
June 2, 2020
Catch me if you can
Drug traffickers, like every business, will take any opportunity to expand their operations. The recent global crisis has provided a new opportunity for agile and well-funded smugglers to test new weaknesses and exploit vulnerabilities. Therefore, nations and government authorities are tightening the way they collaborate and share intelligence to outsmart the bad guys together. Windward CEO Ami Daniel asked Michael O'Sullivan, Executive Director of the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre Narcotics [MAOC(N)], to share his unique experience intercepting drug smuggling into Europe and discuss the importance of collaborating on intelligence to achieve a common goal.
May 26, 2020
Holding on to value
Drastic global changes can rapidly impact even the most traditional businesses. While Covid-19 fast-forwarded innovation and talk of digitization, it also reminded companies of the importance of personal relationships and the value of people within a corporation. Windward CEO Ami Daniel asked Keld Demant, Group CEO of Bunker Holding, and a global leader in bunkering, to share his insight on the importance of personal relationships when running a decentralized business, the driving power behind digitization, and how to create value within an organization experiencing rapid changes.
May 13, 2020
Navigating the Perfect Storm
No doubt COVID-19 has transformed the global community,  but for the oil and shipping industries, it created the Perfect Storm - challenging not only the commercial environment and where people work, but also the way the work itself is performed. This is especially true for safety-related work which is always the top-priority, forcing the business leaders to think differently about communication, collaboration, and community. Ami Daniel asked Guy Mason, Global Head of Shipping at BP, to share his leadership insights, especially today, as the oil and shipping industries must quickly adapt in order to keep trade safe and efficient.
April 28, 2020
Keeping standards high in times of disruption
COVID-19 has brought trade, shipping, and maritime security to the forefront of global discussions. However, these are not new topics. Some nations, such as Australia, are amongst the leaders of maritime border protection due to the nature of the country being an island, where protection of health, trade, and environment is constantly at the forefront.  Ami Daniel asked Rear Admiral Lee Goddard, commanding officer for the Australian Maritime Border Command, to share his key insights as leaders all around the world are required to adapt how they work, manage, lead, and communicate.
April 6, 2020