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Wings Mobile Detailing

Wings Mobile Detailing

By Andre Mezalira
It's finally here, a Business podcast from a real business! *Business owners or car enthusiasts - This is your heaven.* Welcome to the 21st century business podcast where you will receive content on how to start and expand your business to massive levels using our step-by-step proven results. + Take advantage of our Auto Detailing episodes for all of you detailers! Quick story: At 24 years Old, Andre Mezalira has franchised his company throughout the state of Virginia & growing throughout the US. TOPIC VARIATION: *Business expansion *Automotive Detailing tips and news
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Tony Ralda, the genius who customize those detailing vans for mobile detailers invited Andre from Wings Mobile Detailing inside his garage!  Andre Mezalira started Wings Mobile Detailing a few years back the same way most of you start; with a simple vacuum cleaner, wash bucket inside the trunk of the car. Now Wings Mobile Detailing is a Franchise offering every detailer a chance to start their business and grow it faster. \ + With the incredible custom build vans from Ralda's, you can detail happly in a beautiful custom detailing van.
January 22, 2022
Seth on the value of franchising w/ Wings Mobile Detailing - 112
Welcoming Seth to our Podcast today as he presents himself as the new Wings Mobile Detailing Franchisee! - Seth found Wings Mobile Detailing online and decided to share with the audience the benefits of starting a detailing business franchise.  If you also like to apply click HERE:
January 12, 2022
AutoDetailing maintenance wash for Ceramic coating w/ Wings Mobile Detailing
How to maintain and wash/ detail your car after Ceramic coating and Graphene coating? We answer those questions and a lot more.  LINKS: CAR PRO RESET SOAP Graphene Soap Reload ceramic spray Graphene Spray
January 05, 2022
You don't need a business plan. w/ Andre Mezalira 110
Are you early in business? Then quit worrying about creating a “Business Plan” and finding your “Target audience” instead, go provide your best service to everyone you can find and focus on achieving your GOALS. -BETTER YET, stop listening to all these people who hasn't grown any business in their lives and are trying to give you advice.- FRANCHISE.WINGSMOBILEDETAILING.COM
December 29, 2021
AutoDetailer: Work from home office? How to reach this point? - Wings Mobile Detailing 109
Is your goal as a detailer to work from home office? Do you feel like you would never reach this point? I will tell you 4 STEPS I used to be able to maintain enough employees so that I could make that transition. Do not miss the end of this podcast as I will also give you guys detailers a tip on what NOT to do once you reach this level. DO YOU NEED TO BOOST THE GROWTH OF YOUR BUSINESS? >>>FRANCHISE HERE
December 22, 2021
AutoDetailing types of Buffers - Wings Mobile Detailing 108
Andre will quickly cover the differences between Rotary, DA buffer, Forced roation buffers and why they are all great. Yes, you can use a Dual action buffer even for paint correction services. READ MORE: FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY:
December 15, 2021
AutoDetailing: Minimalistic and organized supplies - w/ Wings Mobile Detailing 079
If you need a few tips and why it's important to keep only the necessary equipment inside your mobile detailing van or shop, then we will cover just that in today's Podcast. Franchise opportunity:
December 08, 2021
When they say: "I have 30 years of experience" w/ Andre Mezalira 107
You have probably been around at least 2 of these personality traits I will talk about here.  From people bragging how they are better because of their 30 years of experience or something. That's when you know you are talking to an old but yet still an immature person. Years of repetitive experience does not count. Andre will also cover the different types of people who does everything by the manual. Now that's annoying! Franchise opportunity
December 04, 2021
Training my team with COLD CALL tips - Andre Mezalira 106
Live insight on a day in the life of an entrepreneur. As seen on Youtube on: Andre Mezalira's channel.  with yet another video as he provide tips and a few ways to perform a cold call to a dealership for Andre's Wings Mobile Detailing business.  Are you interested in a franchise opportunity?
November 25, 2021
Story of when I felt lost in my business, but restarted! MUST LISTEN - Andre Mezalira 105
Here is my story of a time when I felt like giving up, but did not and what you can expect while running your business!To Entrepreneurs who started or are looking to start a detailing business, I hope you all enjoy my story and lthe time of when I felt stuck. Instagram: @AndreMezalira FRANCHISE.WINGSMOBILEDETAILINGCOM.
November 17, 2021
AutoDetailing: Steps to follow while detailing [TIPS] - Wings Mobile Detailing 104
With so many different ways to detail and so many detailers thinking their way is the only right way to do things, we decided to explain our way. We will answer why we at Wings Mobile Detailing do the following first: 1. Why detail interior windows first 2. why do interior first. 3. Why Vacuum before hard surfaces 4. Why Remove rubber mats  5. + a lot more whys'  -------------------------------------------------------------------- Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise team: (804) 500-7696
October 27, 2021
It's that easy to start your business TODAY w/ Arsalan & Andre 103
Guys, because we received so many amazing feedback from people who followed these steps and succeeded when starting their business, we decided to repost for the first time!! With Arsalan Karimi and Andre Mezalira Do it with us and give your success a fast start. think big, leverage from us and go fast with:
October 20, 2021
5 SEO tips for your website - Andre Mezalira 102
Compress the images of your website so it loads faster, improving the SEO. ( ) Jump ahead with your detailing business and Franchise with us for an instant GROWTH in clients and your business ( ) Or access today the 
October 13, 2021
How to find the best coating amongst all the labels? - Wings Mobile Detailing 101
With all these new coating brand “technilogy” out there it may be difficult to find which ones are the best! What if I tell you they are all mostly the same. All ceramic coatings is composed of (SIO2) and all Graphee coating have Graphene resin. - Catch, some companies market their product better, but it doesn’t mean it’s better. What to look for when picking a brand of ceramic coating and should you even worry about that? Acreditation to get ceramic coating.
October 06, 2021
How to create a CULTURE in your business W/ Andre Mezalira 100
Do you hear people talking about creating a culture and then you decide to go to your company meeting super hyped up thinking that that's how you create a culture? - Guys, it's much easier than this. Let me tell you exactly how to create a culture in your company. *Learn how to start your own Auto Detailing business from 0 to 6 figure:
September 29, 2021
When client says: "Your price is too high". (Tough to listen) - w/Andre Mezalira
If a client is NOT closing the service with you because of your high price and you are expecting that the client will go with a cheaper option and get screwed over. Well, I say this. This client will actually go somewhere else and pay THE SAME PRICE as you offered. Why, because somebody else were able to explain and take responsibility to closing that deal. —Check more about dealing with this situation if, and only if, you are serious about growing a real business in detailing and taking responsibility for your success. Learn More at:
September 22, 2021
AutoDetailing: How to PRICE my services? W/ Andre Mezalira 098
If you have been curious to know how to price your auto detailing services and what methods you should consider to finding that out…. The answer is more simple than you thought. Don't over complicate things, and please, do not get yourself stuck in one particular problem. JUST DO THE SERVICES, you will also learn along the way. -Here are some examples of how much we charge for our own services. OUR PRICES:
September 15, 2021
Detailing van setup tips w/ Andre Mezalira 097
See our Van setup on YouTube: Andre Mezalira will give some tips on how to set up your Mobile Detailing van! SIGN UP for Mezalira Academy: Contact Andre at: (804) 500-7696 Instagram: @wingsmobiledetailing
September 01, 2021
What business should you start? W/ Andre Mezalira 096
Today, Andre Mezalira will answer your question about which business to start now if you are looking to have a huge growth potential, profit margin and a fulfilling day to day! If you like to enroll in a Detailing Business Academy to grow, start, or transform your detailing job into an actual 6 figure Mobile Detailing business, Contact me!  Instagram: @wingsmobiledetailing  Instagram: @AndreMezalira
August 25, 2021
What to focus on now? Too many ideas? - Andre Mezalira 095
Are you early in business and excited about a million ideas you have and is eager to execute now? BUT what should you do? What should you focus on doing tomorrow morning? THIS IS A BIG RULE FOR ANDRE…. FOCUS ON THE MONEY FIRST! Specially if it’s your first year in business. Focus on proving yourself valuable to the marketplace by focusing on these 2 main tasks. Now it is not the time to become friends with everyone in your industry. It’s not the time to become a YouTube couch. - Now it’s time to make money. FRANCHISE WITH US INSTAGRAM
August 18, 2021
Special Guest! Wings’ past employee now business owner, Bryan Felix interview w/ Andre Mezalira- Wings Mobile Detailing 094
This is it!!! As seen on YOUTUBE, now we got a chance to talk business with our past employee Bryan Felix, now owner at Mendez auto detail, he is sharing his experience and all the struggles he faced of his transition to start his own detailing business after leaving Wings Mobile Detailing as an employee. Now Brian is killing it.. Fully booked calendar and acquired the ultimate work fulfillment with endless potential Start your own business today (FRANCHISE WITH US) and receive a full booked calendar: Contact us today: (804) 500-7696
August 11, 2021
AutoDetailing: You can provide BASIC services only… W/ Andre Mezalira 093
There may be a variety of reasons why you are deciding to only provide basic services to clients. Perhaps the main reason is fear of going with the bigger services. If that’s you as a detailer, that is fine guys. This is the perfect podcast for you. Wings Mobile Detailing was founded by Andre Mezalira, a Brazilian immigrant born in 1994 who have always had the will to work hard in order to accomplish his goals.
August 04, 2021
AutoDetailing: Know how to Explain your services to clients - Wings Mobile Detailing 092
Do you find yourself disagreeing with your clients when they clearly booked a detailing service in which they didn't need, then you go and try to tell the client that he booked the wrong service?? IF you find yourself doing that, STOP!! You must listen to this Podcast with an open minded. Understand why you must excel in a perfect customer service.
July 28, 2021
Franchise announcement for DETAILERS! Time to think big - Wings Mobile Detailing 091
We are extending our Franchise opportunity now to everyone, with an affordable option! Detailers and business owners, it's time to take the leap and take huge steps to growing your business by growing together with us!  Franchise today:  Contact us:   (804) 500-7696
July 23, 2021
This is what "Working Hard" really means in business - w/ Andre Mezalira 090
Do you really think you are working hard really?? Only because you are feeling tired at only 7pm you think you put in any hard work into your business?  If so, this is your warning. You may get destroyed in the marketplace.   Hard Work, in business means to work every time of your day. EVEN when you are not in your work place. Perhaps you are out in a restaurant, or at a concert. It doesn't matter where you are, if you are in business you must be working even when you go out.  BUT HOW? - Listen to this podcast and Andre will explain to you what it takes to grow in business and the true meaning of HARD WORK. Join Andre in this Business Franchise opportunity:
July 07, 2021
It is HARD to grow a business.. Can you make it? - Andre Mezalira 089
Sure it is super easy to start a business.  Anybody can start one, but can you consistently grow without giving up on this rough battlefield? Can you fight as a real entrepreneur and are you willing to do these crucial tasks that real entrepreneur does to reach success? or are these tasks too simple for you? What are these tasks that Andre is talking about? Stay tuned...
June 30, 2021
AutoDetailing: Tesla paint quality w/ Andre Mezalira 088
If you are looking into buying a Tesla and is curious to know the few one con about this amazing piece of technological art, Andre will cover how the Paint of Tesla is not that great. Perhaps it compares to a Honda paint. Subscribe to us on YouTube:
June 09, 2021
Auto Detailing: Graphene coating & Ceramic comparison w/ Andre Mezalira 087
There are two important pros that makes Graphene coating better than Ceramic: 1. Its hardness (less prone to water spotting and fine scratches ) 2. its durability Today, Andre Mezalira, owner and Franchisor of Wings Mobile Detailing is on Youtube to show you the actual results of graphene coating.  Video can be found here: 
June 02, 2021
Ideas on using leverage early on w/ Andre Mezalira 086
There are many ways you could delegate tasks if you are a beginner business owner. If you are early in the entrepreneur game, delegating your tasks will be in the top of the list. Maybe that’s because your idea of becoming an entrepreneur was to be someone who lead people to do as much work for you as you can. Guys, as I explained on my early podcast episode #39, Go back and listen to that one.. But today, I have another idea of how you can leverage your time and delegate unimportant tasks so that you can only focus on providing the best service to your clients while we take care of the rest, and whilst you grow your business.
May 26, 2021
Detailers: Should you work from home now? w/ Andre Mezalira 085
Detailers, Whether you are starting out or ready to take the leap to work from home instead of out there in the field, Listen to this Podcast. Andre Mezalira will give you a huge heads up on what you must keep in mind for your own mental health, the health of your business before you decide to work full time from your home office. 
May 19, 2021
AutoDetailing products - chatting w/ Miranda detailing - 084
Today I took advantage of Philip Miranda’s Detailing garage which is filled with nice detailing products to have a fun 1 hour conversation about the pros and cons of some aleatory products.
May 05, 2021
Hiring Employees? How? W/ Andre Mezalira 083
Are you ready to take the next leap and take the risk of losing most of what you did from your self-preneurship to growing your team of Detailers? Andre Mezalira will cover the following questions: * Employees never show up to interview? * How do I train them? * Setting up the stage! * Is PAY everything?
April 28, 2021
Re-defining your priorities w/ Andre Mezalira 082
How do you know what to do when you have so much to do??  Are you saying you don’t have time to do the tasks that will take you to your goal? If so you most likely need to redefine your tasks and manage your time…  But in order to do that, you must do this one important thing on a daily basis. W/ Andre Mezalira
April 22, 2021
Auto Detailers: Should you learn how to ceramic coating? Is it worth it? -Wings Mobile Detailing 081
If you are a beginner in Car Detail and is in that phase of considering whether or not you should learn or start offering ceramic coating to clients, we will say yes. - What if you don’t have a shop? should I do it? YOUTUBE CHANNEL: INSTAGRAM
March 26, 2021
10X Growth Con - Motivation & doubt can be dangerous w/ Andre Mezalira 080
If you are just getting back from a business conference with a little bit of doubt about the actions you are personally taking to achieve success, perhaps you are all fired up to go full throttle now after hearing all the amazing speakers. Guys, ONE thing to keep in mind now is how you have to be smart on this critical moment. Motivation or doubt can make you take unplanned actions which can cause short term failure. Also, understand what 10X actions really mean. Post 10X growth Conference 2021 - Grant Cardone. SUBSCRIBE to this podcast! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM:
March 15, 2021
AutoDetailing: Minimalistic and organized supplies - w/ Wings Mobile Detailing 079
If you need a few tips and why it's important to keep only the necessary equipment inside your mobile detailing van or shop, then we will cover just that in today's Podcast.  Franchise opportunity:
March 03, 2021
?¿ 079
Nonsense conversation between Andre & Arsalan due to lack of topic
February 24, 2021
Explaining how SEO works on GOOGLE - Andre Mezalira 078
This is a short podcast where Andre explains the difference between First first on the MAP section vs the organic section below.  There are a couple of things to consider which you can do to make sure you have a chance of appearing on the first page of google being on the top, maps section, or organic section. However, be aware of google penalizations you ought to avoid.
February 17, 2021
My marketing “plan” walkthrough. -Andre Mezalira 077
Do you business owners ever see a young company who’s already got thousands of followers and hype that makes you think you are doing something wrong? Listen to my plan and why you shouldn’t worry about the way your competition is doing business. Follow these three steps obsessively: 1. Show People your service/ product brand (Facebook) 2. Educate people (Blogs + Youtube) 3. Be the first to offer them your service. (Google + your local gym. INSTAGRAM (personal):
February 11, 2021
AutoDetailing: Wax vs Polish - Wings Mobile Detailing 076
Can you over wax your car just like you CAN”T over polish? Or is that all just a myth? Why does polish remove scratches where waxes does not? We have many answers on our short 20min podcast, but just in case you are a beginner and are still curious to know more in-depth, REACH OUT TO US!
February 03, 2021
Auto Detailing: All about Clay bar decontamination 075
Today Andre Mezalira will talk about the importance of the clay bar and what other types of paint decontamination there are. Did you purchase a brand new car? Hear me on why people recommend clay bar treatment on your clean paint! Reach us on Instagram or Facebook at: Wings Mobile Detailing. DM US!
January 27, 2021
Real Estate VS Stock investing w/ Andre & Arsalan Karimi 074
We are no experts at Real Estate or Stocks, but we both have hands on experience and knowledge acquired from real successful investors. So we debated about which is the best way to invest and most importantly the mistakes that many people make by listening to the hype that is out there. Both Arsalan and I agree that you should first invest in yourself. Indulge in reading before making any investment decisions and NEVER just invest by simply following the hype of what the majority of people are telling you.
January 06, 2021
Why you should not transact with ARROGANT (delusional) people - W/ Andre Mezalira 073
There are many traits about people that you want to watch out for. People with negative traits can be catastrophic to your life if they have influence over you.  Why is that?  Because 99% of the time it will lead to failure. They may succeed for a short while, but it won't last long! Also learn from exemple: How Travis Milton went from saying he was beating Elon Musk, to losing everything in a matter of 1 year? - That's the true example of a delusional person and you must watch out as the world is filled with these same people. 
December 30, 2020
Jordan Stupar's early days w/ Andre Mezalira 072
If you don't already know Jordan Stupar, he is owner of Stupar Academy, a sales training company located in Wisconsin. He went from Broke to working for Grant Cardone and now, Stupar owns his own Sales Academy. Jordan will share with us some facts I truly believe in when taking on any business. If you enjoy to listen to a conversation from real business owners growing a real business, you must listen and follow this guy on Instagram:
December 23, 2020
What to consider before decreasing your PRICES & giving DISCOUNTS - Andre Mezalira 071
This is exactly what you SHOULD NOT do if you want to continue to believe and retain the client’s belief upon your service. Also, Discounts can be a good short term solution to acquire clients, but there is an enormous counter effect in the long term. Andre Mezalira will explain why you must be really careful before making a quick decision on lowering your prices.
December 09, 2020
AutoDetailing: Foam Cannon. Opinion - Wings Mobile Detailing 070
Are you contemplating on buying a foam cannon for your arsenal? Wondering if it is really all that some people say? what I can say is that it is fun to use, and it sure does help a bit, but not a lot!  Follow us on Instagram:
December 02, 2020
How I got to expand Wings to a multi Location business! Interviewed by Patrick from Louisiana.
Today Andre Mezalira, owner of Wings Mobile Detailing was interviewed by Patrick, an Auto Detailer from Luisiana. Most people like to over complicate things, and today I decided to share my 1 cent about operating Wings and what it feels like to own a multi-location business. How did it all start? Was there a magical moment that made Andre expand to 3 locations? How can you do the same? Tune in Now and Follow us on YouTube for the coming up video!
November 20, 2020
AutoDetailing: Winterizing your equipment W/ Andre Mezalira 068
Winter is coming and some detailers are already worried about their equipments freezing up. This is the time we start to think of a billion ways to maintain our Mobile Van or equipments from freezing.  Here are all the ways and unfortunate situations I had to deal with all these years. TALKED SOLUTIONS: Electric/ MrBuddy heater with propane tank  insulation foam. Waterless Detail Moving to a warmer state :P  YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM:
November 12, 2020
Arsalan is back to Corporate. Talking about his transition. W/ Andre Mezalira 067
We are back with another conversation with Arsalan Karimi, Wings Mobile Detailing’s ex franchisee of our Virginia Beach location. Now he will share his opinion about the corporate life vs being an entrepreneur. With a Special Guest: Marilia Munhoz w/ Munhoz Photography. Franchise Opportunity:
November 04, 2020
There is no 1 way route to success. W/ Andre Mezalira 066
Are you a success zombie going around the internet looking for videos that teaches you that "1 important thing you gotta do to succeed"?... Andre tells you how this can be a broken mentality. There is no 1 magical way to make you succeed, only consistent actions through trial and error during, again, a LONG period of time.
October 28, 2020
Book review w/ Andre Mezalira 065
Check out my review of the top business books I have read in the past few months and since my first day in business. Recommended for young to older entrepreneurs and even for future investors with stock market investing... 1. The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster - Darren Hardy 2. The 10X rule - Grant Cardone 3. Sell or Be Sold - Grant Cardone 4. Spin Selling - Neil Rackham 5. Be Obsessed or be Average - Grant Cardone 6. If you are not first, you are last - Grant Cardone 7. Think Big - Trump 8. The Art of the detal - Trump 9. The Power of Broke - Daymond John 10. How to win Friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie 11. The One minute manager - Spencer Johnson 12. The Slight edge - Jeff Olson 13. The emigrant edge - Brian Buffini 14. The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham 15. Your first year in Real estate - Dirk Zeller 16. The Go-Giver - Bob Burg 17. The Grand Design - Stephen Hawking 18. Astrophysics for people in a hurry - Neil Degrasse Tyson 19. Relentless - Tim Grover 20. Future Andre Mezalira’s book ;)
October 21, 2020
AutoDetailing: “Will wax remove that scratch?” LOL moments in detail. - W/ Andre Mezalira 064
Hey Detailers: I am sure you have heard these saying before: compound my car and I am good to go Clay my car to remove scratches Can you come do a quick buff for $80 bucks Over waxing my car. I want my car to look great but I don’t want put any wax on it.. Just wash it and I am good to go. ETC..... Please get in touch with me on instagram or by phone: (804) 500-7696
October 16, 2020
AutoDetailing: List of equipments we use - Andre Mezalira 063
Here is a list of all the equipments we at Wings Mobile Detailing use! From Vacuum cleaners all the way to bucket water heater. Listen to this podcast and share your opinion with us by following us on Instagram: @wingsmobiledetailing Thank you very much everyone for your support. I hope you enjoy! BLOG:
October 08, 2020
This is why you can't find Great employees. w/ Andre Mezalira - 062
Have you heard before from entrepreneurs that they can not find great people to work for them? If so close your ears to this fatal excuse. Yes, it is hard at the beginning to find great employees. Actually, it’s impossible. But it’s your responsibility to make it work. Invest with us: Franchise Opportunity
October 01, 2020
Worst days of an entrepreneur. Putting out fires - w/ Andre Mezalira 061
You will go through moments in your entrepreneurial journey where you spend days in and days out only putting out fire. It seems like it’s never going to end. Sometimes it may seem catastrophic. Keep a positive mindset, know that if you continue to work for it, the fire will go down. This is the life of an Entrepreneur. It’s a roller Coaster.  BOOK: THE Entrepreneur Roller Coaster  Andre Mezalira will share with you a few tips on how to deal when you are going through moments like these. FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY
September 23, 2020
AutoDetailer's nightmare, Artillery Fungus - w/ Andre Mezalira
We too suffer while trying to remove those tiny black dots from the paint of the vehicles we detail.  We will cover in this PodCast: 1. What they are 2. where do they come from 3. Ways to prevent them.  4. How we remove MORE! Interested in learning more about Mobile Tech RX click HERE:   Follow us on INSTAGRAM!
September 16, 2020
Merica, the land of opportunity/ RANT - Wings Mobile Detailing 059
Today Andre Mezalira, a Brazilian immigrant  is going on a grateful rant about how good we have it here in America.   Takes: Don’t ever blame somebody else.. EVER. Specially if you are in America. - The only moment you are not able to make it in America is the moment that you give up on work. - EMAIL:
September 09, 2020
AutoDetailing: Is it time to get a Detailing shop? - Wings Mobile Detailing 058
From Mobile Detailing to Shop! If you are planning to start operating your detailing business from Mobile to a shop but not sure if now is the right time for you, then listen to this podcast!   VIDEO VERSION:
September 02, 2020
AutoDetailing: Simple methods for detailers on a small budget + Equipments and products - Wings Mobile Detailing 057
WELCOME NEW DETAILERS! Listen to this Podcast if you are looking to start detailing while beginning on a small budget.  Andre Mezalira will share with you some products and equipments you can use and the ones you must have. IF you are also a bit ahead and wanted some tips on Paint correction, then stay tuned.  Franchise Opportunity
August 26, 2020
How to know who to TRUST? - Wings Mobile Detailing 056
Andre Mezalira covers one of the most important and perhaps simplest topics! This is a must know and you should be very open minded to understand the people who does have the characteristics of letting others down. If you were let down before and then you were winning and fault the other person, maybe it's time to rethink and take responsibilities for your own problems   - Has anybody told you repeatedly how much they will help you, but then they were the first to leave? OR has anybody convinced and promised you things all excited about something that was too good to be true, but you fell for it? If you are the good ones that fight for long term growth and not interested in short term "chicken flight". .. Check out WIngs' Franchise opportunity:
August 19, 2020
AutoDetailing, How much does it cost? -Wings MObile Detailing 055
Today, Andre Mezalira goes live on Youtube (Wings Mobile Detailing) to break down the different prices and how much you would spend, on average, to get your vehicle detailed. We will also cover what you would get if you decide to choose a cheap detailer, and why detailing is better for your pocket than just a plain car wash. WATCH THE VIDEO
August 05, 2020
Why "ALWAYS AGREEING" will put you on top - Wings Mobile Detailing 054
The wise man uses this simple method of “ALWAYS AGREEING” to the point where the arrogant person thinks that the wise is easily manipulated. When in reality, the quiet wise men earned what he needed and knows everything ahead of time. But the arrogant will never know what just happened and continue to be arrogant. Always agreeing with your client does not mean he is always right.          If you had heard this saying, "always agree with your customer" but still think that you should STAND YOUR GROUND with facts, then listen to this podcast with an open mind.  WATCH YOUTUBE VERSION PODCASTS
July 29, 2020
#1 tip to feel HAPPY everyday - Wings Mobile Detailing 053
Do you pet yourself in the back after a long day of work and feel entitled to rest? If that is you, Listen to this Podcast until the end. See me running my business on YouTube: Realize that all you did that day was nothing short of your responsibilities as a normal human being. If you want to be truly happy and fulfilled, Learn to take the extra step that day you feel like there is no energy left. There is much more left  inside of you.
July 22, 2020
Avoid taking advice from people who love you - Wings Mobile Detailing 052
Back with Another Wings Mobile Detailing Podcast. Andre Mezalira talks with Arsalan Karimi about the danger of taking advice from your parents, or from people close to you. They can be the worse haters to your success in the most innocent way.    If you are starting a new life endeavour, or being part of something you truly believe in but haven't proven to yourself or others that it actually works, then be really careful with the advice you take. Watch this on YouTube
July 16, 2020
AutoDetailing: 10 must know for PAINT CORRECTION service - Wings Mobile Detailing 051
In 20 minutes, you will learn 10 things every detailer must know and do when performing a Paint Correction service with a DA Buffer. Paint is fully prepared 0 tar Clean buffing pads Keep Pads moisture controlled   Clean the pad with a brush every panel (When Compounding) Use Isopropyl alcohol (eraser) Buffing speed (ALWAYS DO IT SLOW) Windows Small areas polish with fingers Re touch same area with one step compound ( make sure to remove micro marring haze) DO NOT Wax or seal the car  if you are going to ceramic coat OTHER PODCASTS: - PAINT CORRECTION PROBLEMS -
July 08, 2020
Doing whatever it takes to massive growth. It is up to you - Wings Mobile Detailing 050
If you just wonder what does it really take to grow professionally in a company or grow your own company... This is for you!  Did you ever wonder why successful people still work non-stop when they could very well just "take it easy" or chill in a beach somewhere? Quick answers to growing to massive levels: 1. Work Hard 2. avoid Shortcuts to achieving success easier, or you will get cut. 3. Stay AWAY from negative people with "take it easy" talks 4. It's always up to you - We will also cover task delegation and why should you delegate tasks. (tip: it's not to free up your time to enjoy life)
July 01, 2020
Business talk w/ Luke from Wilson Auto Detailing. & Andre Mezalira - Wings Mobile Detailing 049
Special guest!!  for the past 4 years, Luke has grown his auto detailing YouTube Channel (Wilson Auto Detailing) to over 100k Subscribers. We finally had a chance to chat over the phone with Luke and unveil his career plans and show you first hand experience about the importance of education and get to understand his true business mentality.  Check out His channel: Start my own Auto Detailing Business: 
June 24, 2020
AutoDetail: Removing SMOKE SMELL from your car? - Wings Mobile Detailing 048
Does your car smell like smoke or cigarette?  We will cover all the methods, the best methods, to clean your car a first time and then the solution to eventually getting rid of the smoke smell. - It takes repetitive cleaning and patience, but it will come out. Follow these simple tips and learn more why you can't get rid of the on a first time detail!  Methods: - Apply Oxiclean powder throughout the carpet and upholstery.(let it sit for a few hours) -Vacuum thoroughly. - Clean all upholstery and headliner with Distilled vinegar. -Use a Ozone machine/ Odor bom. *Wait a few weeks, clean your interior continually*
June 17, 2020
AutoDetailing: Black plastic Trim restoration - Wings Mobile Detailing 047
Today we are covering all about Black plastic Trim restoration. what causes it?  - Sun burn - Contamination - simply age How to restore?  - Over the counter Products - Heat gun --  Back to black, WipeNew, GriotsGarage -- Is there a magic solution?   
June 10, 2020
Getting REAL about life - Wings Mobile Detailing 046
Patience and thinking long term is the key to acquiring a life of true satisfaction. Guys, You are suppose to be broke in the first few years in business. Contrary to what some "influencers" had tried to make you believe.  RUN FROM SHORT TERM HYPE.
May 27, 2020
From corporate to entrepreneurship - Wings Mobile Detailing 045
We will get first hand example of Arsalan karimi who went from working for a fortune 500 corporate company,  with a great university degree, to starting his own mobile service business with Wings Mobile Detailing FRANCHISE.  We will go in detail and compare the the ups and downs, the doubts and stability that the two routes will offer you. If you are unsure of which route to take, there is no better person than to hear from someone who had a stable and fixed corporate job but decided to take on this entrepreneurial roller coaster ride. - Entrepreneurship VS Corporate? - What is your mindset? - Should you give up your corporate job? - What is the difference between the two? - Will one route bring more fulfillment? 
May 20, 2020
Auto Detailing MYTHS - Wings Mobile Detailing 044
If you are a detailer or a car enthusiast, I am sure you had been criticized about one of the steps you use when you detail. Maybe you heard: "Oh, using one bucket will scratch your paint" or "You should never wash your car in the sun".  Whatever critics it came your way, Arsaland & Andre are chatting about what is a myth and what is not. SUBSCRIBE to our podcast
May 13, 2020
Effects of recession in our business w/ Arsalan Karimi & Andre Mezalira - Wings Mobile Detailing 043
We will talk about the effects this Corona crisis has had in our Wings Mobile Detailing business with our co-host franchisee, Arsalan Karimi. Still under quarantine! We will compare “Good” vs “Bad business” under Covid-19 and whether there is a recession proof company or investment. Is real Estate investment REALLY a recession proof business like most people think? ENJOY AND HAVE FUN WITH OUR TEAM Franchise Opportunity (Own your business)
May 07, 2020
AutoDetailing: How to store your car - Wings Mobile Detailing 042
There are many reasons why you would keep your car in storage for a short or long time period. Today, Andre Mezalira is explaining why it is important to take a few measures BEFORE you store your vehicle, Not after. Storing a vehicle inside your garage while it's dirty or even humid inside, can cause mold, termites, or specially it can cause the paint to go dull if you do not take the proper care. How to Detail the vehicle before storage Should I use a car cover What do I do with the battery, tires, and motor fluids?
April 22, 2020
Growing too big & too fast is not a mistake - Wings Mobile Detailing 041
Yes, you should grow too big and too fast AS LONG as you are learning just as fast from the mistakes of others. Whereas if you are doing the same without self development and reading, then you'll surely fail but not because you grew too fast, but because you didn't grow responsibly.  If you take a long time to do things, you will lose the interest, the motivation and thus your energy will turn into exhaustion.   Franchise Opportunity:
April 15, 2020
Covid-19 Why this is a great time to start a business - Wings Mobile Detailing 040
This may not be the time to use your savings. But instead, this is the perfect time to use your biggest asset that you have during this Corona Virus Pandemic, your time and people's attention. As long as you have a good strategy, you can take advantage of investing your time and then have it return back to you monetarily. The most important thing a startup business owner fight for in the first stages of starting the business is people's attention and that is what we have the most of. Their attention, specially as the economy begins to climb. Then, they you convert attention into money once everything is back up.
April 09, 2020
When to DELEGATE tasks for startup business owners - Wings Mobile Detailing 039
Are you starting in business now and already thinking about paying other companies to do things you are not sure how to do?  If that is you, listen to this PodCast as you may be putting yourself at risk as a business owner. Businesses owners should know the ins and out of the front line and all the different sectors of their business. You should get your hands dirty at first and delegate later.  Understand why you should not delegate everything early on Know when to delegate tasks Understand WHY.
March 27, 2020
Corona crisis. Stay positive & invest - Wings Mobile Detailing 038
The topic is Corona Virus - The year is 2020. Stock market is going down, everything is closed and we all gone quarantine. Should we fear? should we contract? or the question everyone is asking: Will everything be okay? YES! Everything will not only be okay, but it will be better than how it was before all this started. Investment opportunity: NOW, this is the time the rich and opportunity seekers all waited for. This is the time to expand and continue to give your best. Stay away from Netflix and listen to this podcast and learn what to do during coronavirus. How to invest.  Andre Mezalira, your host, At 24 years Old, Andre Mezalira has franchised his company throughout the state of Virginia and continue growing throughout the US. Be part of his amazing team and invest now!
March 18, 2020
AutoDetailing: Paint correction Problems w/ solution tips - Wings Mobile Detailing 037
If you are a car detailer and done Paint Correction before, chances are you got yourself trapped polishing a car and getting to no results. Perhaps you even doubted your detailing skills because you never got anywhere while buffing a car non stop from all the scratches, swirl marks and Micro-marring, and the more you continued to polish and compound and buff the car, the worse it would get.  In this PodCast, Arsalan Karimi and Andre Mezalira, will give you tips on how to avoid a few of the many complex problems you might encounter as you are buffing an automobile. Stay tuned and listen towards the END of this episode we will reveal a special tip that will completely solve any paint correction problem if nothing you tried worked. Follow and message us online: INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK START YOUR OWN BUSINESS
March 11, 2020
Everything about taxes for your small business- Wings Mobile Detailing 036
Nobody has ever gotten this practical when talking about doing small business taxes!! Why should you want a business checkings account?  Do I really have to track business mileage?  What is tax deductible & what is not?  what about tax audition, how does it work? Andre Mezalira will answer all those questions and more!!
February 27, 2020
AutoDetailing Shampoo methods - Tool comparison - Wings Mobile Detailing 035
Throughout the years as I had personally detailed hundreds of vehicles, I have tested 3 tools to shampoo upholstery of cars in my mobile and local detailing business. I have used the Mytee Hot Water extractor, a Wet vacuum, and a steamer. On this PodCast I will compare and go over the pros and cons of using each tool.  Subscribe to this PodCast to stay on top of auto detailing tips. it will save you time and money!!
February 20, 2020
Real business Lesson using the UNTOLD Grant Cardone Story - Wings Mobile Detailing 034
For The first Time you will hear Grant Cardone, A multi millionaire Real Estate & Business Guru's story from the time when he first started and all the years of hard work. Guys, You will realize how SIMPLE it is to make it in life. At least the concept is simple, the work and determination is hard. There is no magic formula.  Quick Overview of his story and lessons to learn: Grant Cardone started working on a regular job at 25 years old. There, he started saving money and studying all he could. He did NOT lose his focus on buying dumb stuff and trying a million other opportunities. No, He simply worked hard, saved a big amount of money and then, 5 years later at 29 years old, after years of studies, he dumped his money on a down payment. His first investment single-family home. He failed at first. Sold that property for a break even point and then decided to save even more money for another 5 years to invest on a Multi Unit (38 unit) investment property. He had saved, after years of hard work and acquired wisdom, over $350k to put a down payment on the multi unit that costed a total price of over $1.8 Million. Obviously he needed to borrow money. Then after a few months, he saved more money and dumped all in another multi unit complex, using his credit he had built with bankers. THat allowed him to make bigger moves.  What it takes: Work hard Save Money  Give up on luxuries ("pay the price today, so you can pay any price tomorrow") Focus one 1 thing - Be patient Study. Study. Study Think big - Invest big  Multiply on your investments Create your opportunity with our Franchise systems
February 05, 2020
Why is your Business profit lower than before? - Wings Mobile Detailing 033
Are you concerned about your profit margin being lower than its first and second year in business?  If you are growing your business consistently but have noticed a drastic degrease in profits, even though its revenue is improving, Then, we may have something to tell you. Although this is completely normal, you should also follow these few tips in order to avoid problems created by you.  Read Our Blogs:
January 29, 2020
What to look for in a Franchise Opportunity - Wings Mobile Detailing 032
Are you looking for a Franchise opportunity? LISTEN to what you should consider and watch out for and not get yourself trapped into an old operating system, but part of a big visio.  Opportunities: 804.250.1028 -All Franchisor will provide you with an uniform operating system and technical support. Great Franchisors, provide its franchisees with  uncomfortable tasks and a path to make you actually grow a huge business. These includes continuous educational programs and most importantly, they will show you their stamina to grow the business into domination. Be part of the right vehicle and not just part of a system who gives you a manual and don't push you to your fullest potential-
January 15, 2020
Auto detailing The old way or the new way? Wings Mobile Detailing 031
There hasn't been a real world comparison on detailing your vehicle the old fashion way with Paste, hand applied, waxes versus using Sealants or even Ceramic coating.  Are you skeptical with the new Products the market is presenting, and consequently deciding to stay away from all the Hype in detailing, sticking with the old handy detail? - Watch as Andre Mezalira equally covers the pros and cons, the hype and the benefits of doing it both ways.  Contact us: Franchise.WingsMobileDetailing. com
January 08, 2020
MONEY & Wisdom - with Andre Mezalira - Wings Mobile Detailing 030
Money does not make you happy. You can't be broke and happy at the same time.   You may be under valuing or overvaluing the effect that money would bring in your life if you were wealthy.   Andre Mezalira  share with you his opinion backed by over 6 years of studies on the topic of Business and wealth. Andre thinks that if you are fighting to acquire wealth, then you have an obligation to first acquire wisdom through books. Be responsible.  "Money doesn't change people, it only intensifies that person's attention. A good person with money will do good things. A bad person with money, will continue to do bad things" Are you wise enough to get on our Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise growth? Click HERE
January 01, 2020
Starting a big company vs Self-employment - Wings Mobile Detailing 029
Big or Small company. If you are starting or has started your business, being it big or small, you will get some in-depth tips and ideas of how to run it, as well as understand the difference between both decisions.  Uniformity is also a key point if you decide to grow an organization and delegate tasks to your team. Always grow your business with one thing in mind, how will I delegate this same job I am doing now. Prepare and create training systems if necessary. With Andre Mezalira & Arsalan Karimi If you are interested in acquiring a big, long term, franchise business. Invest with us and grow your team. Franchise Opportunity
December 25, 2019
AutoDetailing: How to Detail your car. step by step - Wings Mobile Detailing 028
In a few words,  you will fully learn how to do detail your car from beginning to end, step-by-step. In our previous Podcast, we have talked about the importance of regularly detailing your car and the importance of doing it the right way, whence avoiding machine wash. We can also help you find a list of tools and accessories to have in your garage for your auto detailing needs. Read our blog: How to detail my car? Why you should avoid machine CAR WASH at all costs
December 18, 2019
Cyber Truck roundtable discussion + Bet on Tesla - Wings Mobile Detailing 027
Today we sat down to a round-table discussion on the new controversial design of the Tesla Cyber Truck. We also share our different opinions About Tesla's future. Join us as Thiago Saldanha with Thibecs Production shares his idea backed by his construction work experience about his preference towards other car maker's design. (Corvette, Kia, Ford). Arsalan Karimi owner of our franchise also share his opinion on how the market may not follow Tesla due to it's controversial design. Your host, Andre Mezalira, has a different, positive, perspective on the future of Tesla and believes that the market will adjust, similar to the APPLE company,  and follow Tesla's design and style while dominating its industry in the 10- 15 years.  BET!  Franchise Opportunity  
December 11, 2019
Excuses you will probably make & must avoid - Wings Mobile Detailing 026
We have analyzed a variety of startups and business owners, and regular dudes for many years. We always come across excuse makers, heck we have been one ourselves. Believe it or not, we noticed that the huge majority of business startups goes through the same exact excuses to justify why they shouldn't move forward with their idea, or worse, to why they shouldn't continue fighting for success. ATTENTION: I guarantee that you have used at least one of these excuses before, so stay tuned with out PodCast on the topic of Business, and get ready to take full responsibility for the outcome of your life.  The list goes on: 1. I thought I enjoyed this business, But maybe it's not for me 2. Competition is too high in this industry 3. It's hard to find good people 4. I am not as smart as the successful ones. 5. Perhaps I am better off just thinking small and doing my own thing.  ...... Start your own business:
December 04, 2019
AutoDetailing: Car wash VS detailing; is it really worth it? - Wings Mobile Detailing 025
When people says that they never had an auto detail service done on their vehicle before, they are usually not sure if it's actually worth the extra bucks.  Today we will cover the Difference between both and why detailing can be a better option for your pocket.  Answers: Should I detail my brand new car? How about my beat up old car?
November 13, 2019
The 3 rules to brand and marketing with Phillip Miranda & Wings Mobile Detailing - 024
Join us with our guest, Phillip Miranda, owner of Miranda Detailing as we share our expertise on providing a clear and honest approach to your customers, growing and starting  your Auto Detailing business.  Three  important points you should take into account when marketing your business to your audience. Be that company who: Shows your product/ services Educate people on what your service does Offers the actual service/product LINKS: Miranda Detailing YOUTUBE channel START YOUR BUSINESS TODAY
October 23, 2019
AutoDetailing: Chatting with Phillip Miranda on Ceramic Coating - Wings Mobile Detailing 023
We got together with Phillip Miranda from Miranda Detailing to chat and share our humble opinion on Ceramic Coating and other ways to protect your paint using PPF!  Why do we prefer Ceramic Coating over PPF and what are the pros and cons of both coatings? Always taking into consideration that nothing offers 100% protection but there can always be the better choice.  We hope you enjoy our conversation and our combined 20 years of expertise on automotive detailing! CLICK HERE to Start your own auto detailing business franchise Miranda Detailing YOUTUBE CHANNEL
October 16, 2019
Digging multiple holes too early in the game. - Wings Mobile Detailing 022
If you  caught yourself everywhere and nowhere, starting multiple businesses or doing multiple things and never being fulfilled; Then this episode is for you! Your host Andre Mezalira won't sugar coat while sharing his opinion at the Wings Mobile Detailing PodCast/ Company.  
October 09, 2019
Passive income is only built through hard work - Wings Mobile Detailing 021
What is Passive Income? and how do I start working towards passive income? If you are looking into acquiring THAT LIFE through passive income, even if you are willing to work hard for it, listen to Andre Mezalira share his many years of business experience and studying real estate gurus about acquiring passive income.  Wait, but is this really a thing? after all, isn't the definition of passive income something that you earn money without working for it? is there really such thing? well, we will answer this question for you in a really practical way, and it can be done in any industry. It is only up to you to make it happen. Franchise opportunity
September 25, 2019
AutoDetailing: Why should you not polish your car to perfection, explained. - Wings Mobile Detailing 020
Today, Arsalan and Andre will chat about Paint correction and auto detailing. We explain to detailers and new car owners why it is better to polish/compound or simply paint correct your vehicle to perfection.  The more you polish your vehicle, the more clear-coat/paint you are removing from your car. We detailers always find a balance to achieve a perfect result while leaving a safe amount of Clear-coat/paint on your vehicle.  Did you purchase a brand new vehicle? are you thinking about performing a full paint correction or polish? - Listen to our team's opinion! Or simply get in touch with us : Learn More
September 18, 2019
Fulfillment & the real grind with Renato Fabri - Wings Mobile Detailing 019
Today, Andre Mezalira had the chance to speak with another young business owner, Renato Fabri, a 23 year old top marketing guy. Renato services companies around the world, including parts of Europe and Brazil. Stay tuned as Renato shares what is behind that real grind and the work necessary to reach your goals. “You don’t wanna feed some negative parts of your life, you don’t wanna feed your Ego, but you wanna feed your mindset” See it yourself - Follow RenFabri: Facebook/Renfabrii Instagram/Renfabri Youtube/Renfabri
September 11, 2019
Grant Cardone's advice to young Entrepreneurs + Business opportunity tip - Wings Mobile Detailing 018
Many of you know Grant Cardone for his massive financial and Lifestyle successes. Grant Cardone talks to Andre Mezalira, a young Franchisor, about the mistakes people ought to avoid early on while in business, and how to take these practical steps in order to jump right into this game. He also gave out a hint on the importance of getting in the right vehicle early on by acquiring a franchise business. Grant's tip - Franchise Opportunity:
September 04, 2019
Jordan B Vs Grant Cardone's heated interview, Our opinion on what actually matter. -Wings Mobile Detailing 017
For the first time, Grant Cardone and Jordan Belfort did an interview/heated debate together, now everyone is judging these two's ability to teach sales  based solely on that poor interview. We at Wings Mobile Detailing (Andre Mezalira) have studied and applied these two guys' principals to grow a multi state franchise for the past 5 years, and realized how that same interview does not portrait who they really are professionally.  Actual Interview link:  
August 28, 2019
Be careful with FakePreneurs' success - Wings Mobile Detailing 016
It’s so easy to fall into that false image that success is created in a short period of time, or with a magic formula.  The world is filled with Fake entrepreneurs showing their unreal glamorous lifestyle, deceiving fresh business owners with a false reality of how to achieve success.  If you are in business for 5 years or less and you want to avoid being part of the 95% of failed businesses, you must learn to have patience and understand that it takes time to collect your successes.. 15-30 years down the road. Build your foundation and learn from the other 5%.  Franchise Opportunity 
August 14, 2019
What is SEO & Why should you stop paying for SEO companies - Wings Mobile Detailing 015
Search Engine Optimization. First page on GOOGLE - Know why it is important to have your business on the first page of google by search engine optimization. Today, Andre Mezalira will go over the reason why you should consider dropping your SEO company, and whether it is worth or not to pay monthly for that service after your business has already acquired first page placement! Also, I will briefly discuss the benefits of hiring an SEO company to place your business on the first page. Business found on the first page: Wings Mobile Detailing Contact us
August 07, 2019
Auto Detailing business experience from two company owners! W/ Phillip Miranda & Andre Mezalira - Wings Mobile Detailing 014
Today, we sat down with another Auto Detailer, company owner. Phillip Miranda also operates his mobile detailing business in Richmond, Virginia and his own YouTube channel. Andre and Phillip talk about the amazing time they have owning their unique style of business. Although they are both in the same industry, they run them different ways.   Links: Miranda Detailing YOUTUBE Start your auto detailing business
July 31, 2019
AutoDetailing: dealership Vs specialized detailing for new cars - Wings Mobile Detailing 013
1st: Should I get my new car detailed? In short, Yes you should. Specially if it is not a leased vehicle and you wish to maintain that original gloss for as long as possible ... There has been a multitude of people who initially trusted their dealership with their detailing needs. They even paid a ridiculous amount of money with Paint warranty coatings and Vinyl conditioning treatment. So far, these people only later realized how much they were overpaying for something that was not even that great for their new vehicle.  READ BLOG Contact Us
July 24, 2019
3 ways of becoming an omnipresent brand - Wings Mobile Detailing 012
Andre Mezalira figured out that there are 3 different market steps. Three things that if you do them well as a company owner, you will be the ONLY brand in the consumer's mind. They will hear about a product coming from you, then they should learn the benefits of the product from you, and finally they will trust to only buy from you, as if you were their only choice.  Be the company who: Show  people your product/service (People whom never known about your product) Educate  people about the product you sell (People who knew about the product but don't know what its purpose) Offer the product (Ready buyers) If you are the company whom educate the market about a particular product or service, then the chances are that those same people will also trust your company to buy the same.  Create that funnel to your Brand and you will become omnipresent in the marketplace.  
July 17, 2019
We are going through a business SETBACK / How do you prepare yourself. -Wings Mobile Detailing 011
Franchisor of Wings Mobile Detailing, Andre Mezalira, drove down to the Virginia Beach location for an exclusive talk w/ Arsalan Karimi. After facing a major business SetBack, we share with you guys our challenges and will help you, business owners,  understand that even during the most rough setbacks, you should still take advantage of this amazing opportunity and understand that, regardless of the problems you are facing, this is only a test.  "A failure or a setback is not a defeat. Defeat is a state of mind" - Donald J. Trump. It doesn’t  matter the business you are in. Setbacks are Problems, Massive problems which comes at huge unexpectedly losses all at once and as a consequence it makes you lose your belief that it is even possible. Franchise with us:
July 10, 2019
Auto Detailing Products - Is it really all a Hype? - Wings Mobile Detailing 010
In this PodCast we explain why many people have used the excuse that an auto detailing product is hyped up when it does not work for them. When in reality, the market will really tell and that product wouldn't be around anymore. There are always pros and cons of every detailing product, and it doesn't mean it's all a hype.  We put it this way, if it is a real hype, the market would make the brand go away in a matter of days.
July 03, 2019
Quit studying your "competitors" and the market - Wings Mobile Detailing Mobile Detailing 009
Are you starting a new business but caught yourself stuck with market research and looking at what your competitors are doing? How can you Dominate the game if you got your mind stuck on other business? - You CAN'T, so grow up and leave all of that broken mentality you were taught all along and look at what YOU can do. NO MORE GOSSIPING NOR WAITING DOWN TALKING YOURSELF.  Go DOMINATE.  There are a multitude of Habits that you must acquire in order to become a successful entrepreneur, but today we are covering the one Habit, or that one thought in which you must get rid of before entering the entrepreneurial journey.  Grow a real business, Franchise with us and learn first hand how to dominate while growing in a mobile industry: FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY
June 26, 2019
75 Hard Challenge - Our 2week experience as Wings Mobile Detailing - 008
Following Andy Frisella/ MFCEO's 75day challenge, we decided to share with you guys our early 2 weeks experience.  -Arsalan Karimi and Andre Mezalira, both franchise owners and Franchisor of Wings Mobile Detailing bring to you a challenge that will make you unstoppable and accomplish everything in Business, Career, and life. Join our challenge and you will realize in only 2 weeks all the excuses you have been giving yourself to not get shit done.  Links: ANDY FRISELLA PODCAST FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY
June 19, 2019
AutoDetailing: Ceramic Coating vs Clear Bra (PPF) + Paint protection - Wings Mobile Detailing 007
Today' show we're going to talk about automotive detailing. Topic: The difference between waxes, paint sealants,  ceramic coating and PPF or paint protection film.  Most commonly known as clear-bras.  Learn why you should maintain your paint protected and what are the benefits of both Clear Bra and Ceramic coating. Which one should you have installed on your vehicle.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.
June 12, 2019
Team meeting chat & laughs + a bit of how to win in business with customer service ALONE. - Wings Mobile Detailing 006
I challenge you to Stay tuned as I bring our whole Richmond, VA team into a PodCast recording section. Here we will bring in 6 important points of how to dominate your industry using customer service ALONE. We Gathered with our team  to share a few of our histories and laughs while getting some real business examples of customer satisfaction.  We have all created a company culture here between our team where each one of us understand the importance of customer service. Even having our ups and downs, - 90 degree weather - we know what a great customer service can bring to the growth of our company.  You will feel like you are there with us! Team Members: Andre M - Joshua P - Joshua M - Chett K - John N -  Hunter M - and Jordan M the JayVintage rapper/ Detailer professional.  Are you in Richmond, VA? Come meet our Wings Mobile Detailing team at the Stone Soul Festival this Saturday at the Richmond Raceway as Jordan M presents his New hit played at the end of this podcast!!  Click HERE to get tickets.  Wings Mobile Detailing Book a Service Earn the Wings Mobile Detailing Stamp  Contact Us
June 05, 2019
Are you thinking about LOWERING your PRICES? STOP! Learn how to overcome this made-up objection. - Wings Mobile Detailing 005
Business owners and sales people, stop that voice in your head telling you that your price is too high and making you not believe in your own product. We will explain to you how to deal with that situation by showing you how to overcome such customer complaint.  Comun objections: Your price is too high I found a better deal  Can you do it for less? Let me think about it Let me talk to my wife first it's too much money -  While operating and growing Wings Mobile Detailing, Andre Mezalira, a 24 year old franchisor have studied a variety of  big and small business owner's perspective on price. The majority of these same people have blamed their prices for the lake of sale, consequently lowering their price and devaluing their own services because of the opinion of a few clients.  We have also learned from multi million dollar business owners like Grant Cardone, that price is Not an objection, but a complaint.  -Grow your own Auto Detailing Business today by working to yourself but not by yourself. get on board of our Massive growth while profiting huge and learning from Cardone University. -
May 29, 2019
A quick chat on LIFE BALANCE & work obsession - Wings Mobile Detailing 004
Arsalan and Andre Mezalira talks about Life balance, explaining how balance works differently for everyone. This is not something universal, and there is no such thing as a right or wrong balance. Each person's got their own. Stay tuned for this quick 20min episode as we compare the lives of other business owners such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone.  As we were both running our business this Wednesday afternoon, detailing a boat in Virginia Beach, Arsaland and I decided to share our excitement of our own balance that we have found to ourselves. We later decided to set up the mics and start recording as his dog was eating a treat non stop. Find your balance with us and start your own business:
May 22, 2019
Is it that easy to start your own business? We say YES! - Wings Mobile Detailing 003
Episode 3 of our WIngs Mobile Detailing Podcast. Listen straight from a Franchisor and Franchise owner -  how to start your own business with extremely easy and practical steps. (non Motivational) Let us hear your opinion, contact our office for any questions. - JUST START. Sell your service (starting with your friends) acquire equipments + Business license Build all FREE social network accounts Take pictures + post them Ask for referrals  Repeat. 
May 15, 2019
Story of our Franchisee, with Arsalan Karimi & Andre Mezalira - Wings Mobile Detailing - 5/11/19, 4.38 PM
This is how simple any business should be. If you are looking into starting a business to yourself or not sure about where to get into, Listen to our Franchisee's story as Andre Mezalira, Franchisor of Wings Mobile Detailing, chat with Arsalan Karimi. Start your business Simple concepts  put in the time pick the right vehicle and surround yourself with the right people. For more information on starting your exciting venture or if you are interested in a franchise opportunity, check us out at:
May 11, 2019
The beginning put into perspective w/ Jimbo.
For the first time I will be sharing part of the beginning story into an interview show with Jimbo, another business owner from "The auto Detailing Podcast".  About My business:
May 06, 2019