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I Failed...

I Failed...

By Shay Ruff
Let's be honest... NO ONE wants to talk about their failures but WE NEED TO.

From "social media flexin'" to "Started from the bottom, now I'm here"... NO ONE is sharing how hard it is to actually overcome past failures. We're always told that failure isn't an option but in real life... it happens! So, my friends and I are sharing our failures so that we can confirm that WE ALL ARE HUMAN! Struggles are real but they don't define us. Yes! Failing is embarrassing. Yes! Failing is horrible.

BUT... you're not alone.

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Long Distance Friendships... I Failed Podcast
Keep the connections. Long Distance Friendships can be hard but they are rewarding when everyone can work together.
May 23, 2022
Date Yourself ALWAYS - I Failed... Podcast
Even in your waiting, make sure that you date yourself ALWAYS!
May 21, 2022
Single and Hopeful about Marriage - I Failed... Podcast
In case you're Single and tired, DON'T GIVE UP.  Rhuneisha speaks about her experience and why it's important to keep going. 
May 21, 2022
I Failed... Being a Friend to ME
When we think of friendships, we think of those who have been closest to us for a long time. We think of those that we can confide in, laugh, cry with, and share life with. BUT! We never consider being a friend to ourselves. In order to be a friend, you have to show yourself friendly even to thine own self.  Today's guest, Dr. Heather James, shares the importance of befriending yourself and taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.  Origin: Lansing, Michigan Expertise: Medical Doctor, Mental Health, Physical Health, Holistic Health
May 20, 2022
I Failed... Friendship and Long-Distance
Your sound decision to move away from the place and people that you've every known can be rewarding and heartbreaking all at once.  While others are celebrating your bravery to move on, others are devastated and feeling betrayed. But for the friends who are cheering for you, you find a way to stay connected. Sometimes it's hard, but you're intentional about nourishing those friendships.  Today's guest, Charlene, shares her story and experience of friendship, long-distance. 
April 26, 2022
I Failed... Single & Hopeful about Marriage
The dating world has changed drastically and some are giving up on the idea of ever walking down the aisle.   But some are holding onto their faith no matter how grim the dating world can be.    Frank and Rhuneisha share their personal journeys of singleness, waiting, and meeting each other.    Origin: Harlem, NY and Ocala, Florida   Expertise: Photography and Travel   Social Media: @lifewithrhu and @frankr
April 18, 2022
I Failed... Friendship and the Workplace
Ahhh. The Workplace.  A place where most of us spend most of our time. And during that time, we eventually become closer to those that we work with because they're the ones who see us the most.   But is friendship always a good thing in the workplace? Or should you just keep it professional?   Natasha shares her wisdom about Friendship in the Workplace.    Origin: Savannah, Georgia  Expertise: Cosmetology & Nutrition  Social Media: @NatashaP
April 15, 2022
I Failed... Do You Want to be Married?
Have you thought about being married? If so, what makes you hopeful about it? And how bad do you want to be married?  The thought of marriage can make us all re-evaluate our "why."  Today's guests, Tyrone and Samantha, share their journey to marriage and why it can work.    Origin: Miami, Florida  Expertise: Insurance and Social Media Management  Social Media: @sam_socialsolutions & @tyroneharrell
April 04, 2022
I Failed... Friendships: Friendship and Church
Church... the place where a lot of us learn about God and how to live. But what happens when friendship expands beyond fellowship in the sanctuary?   While many are leaving churches because of church hurt, some are leaving because of torn friendships.   Today's guest, Leah Huggins, shares her friendship and church journey with us.    Origin: Charleston, South Carolina  Expertise: Non-Profit Grant Writing and Author  Social Media: @Transformingyourheart
April 01, 2022
Marriage and Gender Roles
The world of marriage has evolved from women being "just" homemakers.  More and more married couples are understanding how important it is to be a team and not a "one-man" show.  PJ & Taylor share their thoughts about Marriage and Gender Roles.
April 01, 2022
Friendships Aren't Valued Anymore
Friendships tend to evolve as much as we do. However, sometimes, it doesn't work out that way. So what do you do when you're growing but your friendship isn't? Do you move on or try to find a resolution? Do you believe that friendships are taken for granted?
April 01, 2022
I Failed... What Does Marriage Look Like to You?
We all have pre-conceived thoughts about what marriage is to us. And while it's not a bad thing, sometimes explaining your point of view can be complicated.  You gotta make sure that you and your partner can agree on what marriage looks like to you as a union.  Today's guest, Paul and Taylor Howard, shares their thoughts and experiences before marriage. Guest's Origin: Oakland, California and UK Expertise: Computer Analyst and Politics
March 21, 2022
I Failed... Friendships: Friendship & Growth
Friendships tend to evolve as much as we do. However, sometimes, it doesn't work out that way. So what do you do when you're growing but your friendship isn't? Do you move on or try to find a resolution?    Today's guest, Starlis (Star) Blaise, shares her moments of outgrowing friendships.    Guest's Origin: Decatur, Georgia  Expertise: Multi-preneur   Social Media: @star_blaise
March 18, 2022
I FAILED PODCAST FAMILY!!!!! I am so excited to be back with you all!! I am astounded by your continuous support for this podcast even though we took a break.  A lot has happened but nevertheless, we are here!!! We've gotten your questions, comments, concerns, and love with much appreciation.  If you aren't following us on Facebook and Instagram, please do so @wisdom_by_30 and @ifailedpodcast.
March 17, 2022
I Failed... at Understanding Property Insurance
Insure this! Insure that! You need coverage!  When we buy a home, a car, or rent an apartment, we are told to get them insured. And out of habit, we do so not really understanding the "why" and what we are covering. Today, we are breaking it all the way down.  Today's guest shares her wisdom and personal experience when it comes to property insurance.  West Coast girl with sweet, Southern hospitality, Antoinette Sims, is an Insurance Agent who diligently assists hundreds of families protect their assets. Connect with Antoinette on Instagram @antoinetteleann. 
April 26, 2021
I Failed... at Taking Care of My Skin
It's all about SKIN today!  Like you, I have struggled and failed in this area.  "Buy this product!"  "Buy that product!"  "This one works better!" Here's the truth, I didn't understand what type of skin I had nor did I research the ingredients in the products that I was buying.  Today's guest is sharing her skincare journey and how it became a full-time career.  Houston rooted with Georgia flare, Ms. Veronica Johnson is a mompreneur with hands for skincare. Veronica began her making skincare products when her son became gravely ill and was bedridden for months. Concerned about his skin change, she took natural products that changed his skin forever. Connect with Veronica on Instagram @vecor_bodycare_alexx_blanks and
April 19, 2021
I Failed... Podcast - Special Episode
Today, we are discussing Human Rights with Mr. Gerald Rose.  This is a special conversation that discusses sensitive current events and brings awareness to the importance of human rights. Unfortunately, America is separated by race, ethnicity, religion, gender, when it's called the "United" States.  Mr. Gerald Rose, a Human Rights Advocate and Leader, speaks about how he and his organization has stepped in to advocate for those who have been discriminated against.  Ohio native, Gerald Rose, was introduced to the Human & Civil Rights arena through his father. His father was a part of the NAACP and worked with political officials to bring justice for those who didn't have a winning hand. Connect with Gerald on Instagram @rose1992order.
April 12, 2021
I Failed... at Retirement Planning
While the present can have its own turn of events, the future is coming day by day.  Some of us are good at planning, while others take it day-to-day, but are you ready for retirement? Have you thought about it? What's your plan? As much as you love your job, do you plan on staying? Today's guest educates us on how important retirement planning is and when to start.  Filled with Southern Hospitality and HBCU excellence, Jeffrey Lamar, is changing the way people handle their finances. With a financial and real estate background, Jeff has helped thousands of families reach their financial goals. Connect with Jeff via Instagram @_jefflamar and @hamiltonwealthadvisors. 
April 05, 2021
I Failed... at Understanding Life Insurance
Life Insurance! What's it all about?! Why do we need it? Who is it for?  One thing that is for sure is that we all are going to leave Earth and transcend to another dimension.  Life Insurance, in the midst of grief, is a way to take care of your loved ones in your physical absence.  Life Insurance isn't just for the rich... it's for everyone! Today's guest educates us on the importance of protecting your assets and the ones you love.  The phenomenal, LaKisha C. Williams, is a licensed insurance professional, grief coach, and a mom to 2 superstars. She hails from Ohio and is reigning in Charlotte, NC. Connect with LaKisha on Instagram @lakisha_c_williams and/or
March 29, 2021
I Failed... at Self-Defense
When it comes to Self-Defense, some of us are taught early while the rest of us are forced into learning.  Some learn physical Self-Defense, some learn mental Self-Defense, and others learn how to use their intellect as Self-Defense.  The year, 2020, definitely woke us all up and made us prepare differently when it comes to defending ourselves and loved ones.  Today's guest educates us on how to take the right direction to ensure that we don't fail.  Chyna Escobar is a renowned, self-defense coordinator and media producer. Her roots are nourished in the beautiful field of South Carolina while she spreads her wisdom in Atlanta, GA. Connect with Chyna and her Self-Defense Coach on Instagram @chyna.escobar @provectusgroup. 
March 22, 2021
I Failed at... Doing Business with My Spouse
Finding your Life Partner is such a great feeling but is it great enough for you to do business together?  There are many couples who are building empires together and they make it look easy.  When doing business in general, sometimes lines can become blurred. But could you really withstand day-to-day business with your spouse by your side? Featured Guests Allen and Renee Richardson, a couple as smooth as leather, hails from the extraordinary Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From real estate to festive eats, this couple has dominated every obstacle in business TOGETHER. Connect with them on Instagram @realestateallenr. 
March 15, 2021
I Failed... at Car Buying
Cars! Cars! CARS!!!!  No matter where you live, we all need a form of transportation to get around. However, transportation can be costly and a serious damper to your credit score if you can't afford it.  But when Tax Season comes around, there is a glimmer of hope for the carless. Whether you're making a decision to buy new or used, this podcast is just for you.  Featured Guest New Jersey swagger with a touch of Florida's southern hospitality, Gemar, is the car professional that everyone loves. He's been educating and working in the car industry for more than 17 years. Connect with Gemar on Instagram @gemarichibon.
March 08, 2021
I Failed... at Entrepreneurship
From the outside looking in, entrepreneurship can look very rewarding and sometimes glamorous.  Some people become entrepreneurs out of pure passion and some jump in because of the look. Either way, it's all hard work.  Today's guest shares his entrepreneurship journey of triumph and failure.  Featured Guest Sarry Ibrahim is a financial consultant and the Founder of Financial Asset Protection, where he and his team help high net worth individuals, real estate investors, business owners, and retirees grow and protect their wealth predictably and safely. Connect with Sarry on LinkedIn and
March 01, 2021
I Failed... at Understanding Taxes
Yep! It's tax season and we have SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! COVID-19 definitely played a factor for all of us and now we are wondering what to do. Today's guest is here to help us navigate the Tax Waters. The vibrant, intelligent, and elite, Latasha Webb, shares her financial wisdom through business and life with the world. Her mission is to educate the masses about finances and how it can work for them. Connect with Latasha on IG @webbcfs.
February 22, 2021
I Failed at... Business Relationships
Whether you're a business owner or an employee or in management, BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS MATTER.  It's important that we learn how to nourish them and not be afraid to establish them.  Today's guest shares her stories of how she found confidence in building business relationships.  Widely known as “Queen Aftan”, Aftan M Williams is the founder and visionary of Crown Up International, a movement that seeks “to transform the mindset of a girl into the mindset of a queen and the mindset of a boy into the mindset of a king”. She believes that we are all born royalty and therefore it is our responsibility to uphold that legacy. She is a southern girl that hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her design is creative, with gifts to host, manage, speak, write, sing, dance, choreograph, act and captivate audiences.  As a full-time entrepreneuHER, she has achieved accomplishments in those areas working in various capacities from road manager to talent with major forces. “Queendom” is a seed that has been planted in her when she was a little girl. In 1990, she became the Queen of “God’s Royal Court” at Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church at just 5 years of age. She even became a national titleholder as U.S. United Ambassador in 2014. Queen Aftan was the first-ever Queen Juneteenth (2017-2018) and went on to win another national title right after that! She has done over 5,000 hours of community service for which she was awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama. Clark Atlanta University rendered her two community service awards for leadership and commitment. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication: Public Relations. She is also a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, Inc and Lambda Theta Rho Alpha Synfonette Sorority, Inc. Her company, Royalist Management, boasts affluential clients and evidence of her constant pursuit of excellence! As a personality, her “Crown Jewels”, "Car CROWNicles" and “Reign Drops” are anticipated tools of motivation on social media. In all of this, Queen Aftan has put God first. She has been honored by her experiences and is grateful to have been chosen all while walking in her pink shoes with a crown pin on the same side as her heart! Connect with Queen on IG @queenaftan.
February 15, 2021
I Failed by being a People Pleaser
Is it common courtesy? Is it peacekeeping? Is it simply PEOPLE PLEASING? We live our lives making sure that other people are accommodated and sometimes it comes with sacrificing ourselves. While striving for peace is a great goal, it can be draining if you don't change your approach.  Today's guest shares her journey of being a "People Pleaser" and how it shifted her life. This brave and charismatic vessel, Keoka Harrison, hails from New Orleans. Filled with wisdom and triumph, she shares her heart with many to help them become their best selves. Connect with Keoka on IG @stephenkeokaharrison.
February 08, 2021
I Failed... at Taking Responsibility for My Own Healing
This is not only the 40th episode but this episode is personal.  It has been 23 years since we have last seen and spoke to our biological father.  Three days before my 36th birthday, he called.  In this episode, my brother and I breakdown how we wanted our father to be responsible for our healing. 
February 01, 2021
I Failed at... Recognizing & Understanding Abuse
Abuse is a very sensitive subject but it has become more spotlighted during COVID-19. Many of us didn't really know the individuals that we resided with until we were told to quarantine.  More people have lost their lives because their loved ones couldn't process this "new normal." Today's guest shares her journey and expertise when it comes to abuse.  FEATURED GUEST The wonderful and studious, Coach Nakisha Hargrove, hails from the great state of Maryland. She has been an advocate for Domestic Violence survivors worldwide and a Life Coach to many. She is also an author and her work can be found on Connect with Nakisha on Instagram @nakisha_thevessel.
January 25, 2021
I Failed... My Mental Health
Mental Health has been the topic of 2020 and now that we are in 2021, more people are coming to the forefront to make it less taboo. We oftentimes get hit with so many of life's circumstances that we find ourselves pushing through the pain and never acknowledging that it hurts. Today's guest gives us some tools to live by through telling us about her personal encounter with mental health. FEATURED GUEST The beautiful and studious, Monique Darnell, is a therapist changing the culture of mental health. With over 12 years of experience, she has transformed her clients in achieving a healthier relationship with themselves. Connect with Monique on Instagram @moniquedarnell and 
January 18, 2021
I Failed... at Being Honorable
Honor is one thing that either we are taught at home, in the church, in the military, and sometimes school.  However, our continuation of "honor" can sometimes leave us and we find ourselves having to learn it all over again. In some truth, we are able to honor others but neglect ourselves.  Today's guest teaches us just how important honor is.  One of Dade County's most prolific and outstanding leaders, Lakeisha Q. Dixon, is a God-champion leading people into greater realms. She has a passion for breakthrough strongholds and baking sweets. Connect with Lakeisha on Instagram @thebreakthroughstrategist.
January 11, 2021
I Failed... at Prevailing
2020 wore us out!!! We all lost something, someone, etcetera. No matter what, we survived it.  When tragedy hits us, it's hard to pick up where we left off and some of us never even try.  Today's guest shares his traumatic moments and how he prevailed afterward.   The charismatic and inspirational soul, Coach Brandon Sweeney, has dedicated his life to teaching others how to go beyond the trauma. He is also a husband, father, school administrator, and leader. Connect with Brandon on Instagram @coach_sween. 
January 04, 2021
Hey there! We won't be dropping a new episode tomorrow but we will be LIVE on Instagram this coming Wednesday for a podcast review.  Follow us @wisdom_by_30 for the LIVE at 7 PM Eastern, 6 PM Central and 4 PM Pacific Time.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!!! 
December 27, 2020
I Failed... at E-Commerce
From selling custom t-shirts, jewelry, custom cups, and so much more... it all looks lucrative.  So we try it for ourselves, the entrepreneur road. All to find out that there is a lot more to learn than just selling items on social media.  Today's guest takes us down her journey of discovery via e-commerce.  From corporate to a million-dollar empire, Cyn Meadows has definitely taken her destiny by the ropes. She is also a coach, mentor, and business guru  changing the way that we all "e-commerce." Connect with Cyn via Facebook @cynmeadows.
December 20, 2020
I Failed at Managing a Blended Family
We are often taught how to love our biological family but love lines can become blurred when two families merge. Will they listen to me? Will they like me? Will they accept me and my family? Today's guests share their journey as a blended family and they have learned how to love each other.  Emmanuel and Michelle Lewis are a young, dynamic couple for New Orleans. From high school to doing life together forever, they are breaking generational curses and setting the tone for new generations to come. Connect with Mannie & Chelle via Instagram @deekay_mimi. 
December 14, 2020
I Failed... at Planning for the Future
Planning for the future can be difficult because of life's uncertainties. Even planning for the next day is a bit of a stretch.  The truth is that life happens fast but you gotta be prepared no matter what.  Today's guest shares his uncomfortable journey to the "wise road" of planning for the future.  Centario Grier, husband, financial advisor, and entrepreneur hails from the great state of North Carolina. With poise and his level-headed persona, he educates his community on the importance of being financially free. Connect him on Instagram @cjgrier5.
December 07, 2020
I Failed... at Loving My Parents & Setting Boundaries
Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but sometimes it's hard to be the child of your parents.  Just like they had to learn how to love us, we had to learn how to love them. But what happens when you become an adult with your own family to raise? Are you still treated like a child or honored as an adult? Sometimes it feels like a tug of war.  Today's guest shares her transition from a parented child to an honored adult.  Patrice is a Voice Finder! CEO and founder, Patrice Lindo of @TheCareerNomad helps clients to amplify their authentic corporate voice using their professional brand, experience, and expertise to drive change in their career and business. Connect with Patrice on Instagram @thecareernomad. 
November 30, 2020
I Failed... at Trusting People
Trust... the essence of allowing people into your personal space freely. And while some of us are open to doing this, the rest of us are not.  Trust doesn't come easy and once you get it, there is a hefty price to pay to keep it.  Today's guest shares her most vulnerable moments of experiencing trust on every level.  One of Meridan's beautiful magnolias, Danielle Badgett, is a diverse entrepreneur with southern charm. When she's not being a CEO, she is a realtor, production manager, and community advocate. Connect with Danielle on Instagram @dani.badgett.  
November 23, 2020
I Failed... at Celebrating Myself
Are you a great cheerleader? Are you readily available to cheer others on and to celebrate them? Do you love throwing parties and making others feel good? It's a joy to be able to bring light to someone else. But! Do can you do all of this for yourself? Today's guest shares her moment of truth concerning celebrating herself. Hattie is a Mom, a wife, a writer, she is a Creator. The author of 'A Heart Worth Breaking', the woman behind N'spired Kri8ions, a romance planning company, and the creator of a new guessing game called 'Oh That's Nasty...But is it?'. She is on a journey to live out her dreams and allow her talent to take the front seat. After writing for over 20 years in the year 2020 Hattie decided to pursue writing as a profession and journey into the world of music as a songwriter. On her road to success, she aims to break generational curses and inspire others and get a little bit more comfortable with stepping into her own light.
November 16, 2020
I Failed... at Fitness
Some of us want to be fit for the look.  Some of us want to be fit because it's our lifestyle.  And the rest of us want to be fit because WE HAVE TO.  But it's hard!!! No matter what category you fit in, we all find ourselves at a "Fitness Crossroad." Today's guest helps us to navigate the life of fitness with simple tactics. The beautiful and fit, Coach LaKisha C. Williams, is a nutritional soul from Akron, Ohio. She is all things culinary, baking, training, and fitness. Connect with Lakisha on Instagram @Lakisha_C_Williams.
November 09, 2020
I Failed... at Celibacy
Celibacy. The essence of saving yourself for marriage but it saves you from A LOT more.  But what happens when the saving is hard to maintain?  Today's guest shares her most intense moments of maintaining celibacy.  The beautiful and talented, Dorian Brock, is a creative, designer, and culinary enthusiast with Bay and Creole roots. She is the proud owner of "Blessed in the City," a safe community of acceptance and understanding for those who have made the choice to seek professional counseling in hopes of improving all areas of their lives. It is my hope to remove the stigma around seeking therapy and counseling in the Christian Community, specifically the Black Christian Community where it is considered taboo and not encouraged. In this space we are intentional about extending gentle loving grace to those who are struggling with their mental health, relationships with themselves, others, and God, their purpose, careers, and so on by promoting healing through therapy in combination with prayer.
November 02, 2020
I Failed... at Self-Awareness
In a world full of critics, critiques, and perspectives... we usually don't take the time to do self-checks. The truth is that most of us are a little nervous about what those self-checks may reveal.  Today's guest walks us through self-discovery and how not to be afraid of becoming self-aware. Featured Guest Tasha T. Huston is an Editor-In-Chief, Author, and Sociologist who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is also a bakery entrepreneur comforting her community through baked goodness. Connect with her @tthuston on Instagram.
October 26, 2020
I Failed... at Politics
Let's be honest...  The 2020 election is in high tension and we all are feeling it here in America.  And while some of us know exactly how we are going to vote, some of us are blowing in the wind.  Today's guests share with us on how they once were not the greatest at understanding politics.  Featured Guests Chyna Escobar is a South Carolina rooted screenwriter with a passion to educate and empower as many people as possible. She also an entrepreneur and film producer. Connect with her on Instagram @chyna.escobar. Rhuneisha Fields is a Florida girl with West Coast style. She is a Change Manager by day and a Brand Stylist by night. She is a successful t-shirt line owner and creator. Connect with her on Instagram via @lifewithrhu and @divarhoni.
October 19, 2020
I Failed... at Perfectionism
When we're young, we make plans about when we will marry, have children, graduate from college, buy a home ore our dream car. We won't make a decision about chasing a dream because we feel that it's "not the perfect time" to so.  Today's guests all open up about how perfectionism once ruled their lives.  Featured Guests Rhuneisha Fields is a Florida girl with West Coast style. She is a Change Manager by day and a Brand Stylist by night. She is a successful t-shirt line owner and creator. Connect with her on Instagram via @lifewithrhu and @divarhoni. Shakeera Ruff is a New Jersey creative with an eye for Interior Design & Style. As a realtor and designer, she is cultivating ways to empower those who have yet to tap into their creative side and those who are in need of realty education.  Tasheka Williams is a New Orleans designer and wardrobe stylist who loves all things fashion. She is a savvy entrepreneur who is trending on the fashion scene. Connect with her on Instagram via @shekababy504.
October 12, 2020
The I Failed... Podcast Introduction
Hey Everybody!  It's your Host & Creator, Shay Ruff! I want to welcome and invite you to the "I Failed..." Podcast! This is a podcast space where failure is welcome so that we all can be set free from the regret of our failures.  Failure happens, but it doesn't define you! That's why my guests and I share our stories with you so you won't feel bogged down by failure. 
October 08, 2020
I Failed... at Homebuying
Many of us dream of buying a home... our dream home. However, we're not really clear about the process.  There are so many different resources that it can be overwhelming.  Today's guest, who is a realtor and homeowner, shares how she first failed but then succeeded. Featured Guest Creative, starlight, realtor, and so much more! Stylis B. hails from the cultural, New Orleans, and her personality is just as live as the city. Connect with her @real_estatewithstyle on Instagram. 
October 05, 2020
I Failed at... Breaking UP & Breaking Bad Habits
The tears. The heartache. The headaches. The frustration. The random emotions!!!! Breaking up is clearly hard to do but there's always a lesson or 2 to learn.  Today's guest tells us his story on breaking up and how we all should see it another way.  Businessman. Traveler. Wisdom-filled. Full of truth. All of this describes the smooth, Jermaine Manuel. His reign is Louisiana based and he brings southern hospitality everywhere he goes. Connect with Jermaine on IG @jpaul318.
September 28, 2020
I Failed... at Decision Making and Business
Emotions plus Decision Making equals "Regret." Emotions plus Business equals "Instability." And while we all made this mistake in a time or another, it taught us a lesson.  Today's guest shares with us why it is important to "stay vertical" and his personal story.  Featured Guest Coach Samuel Sheffield is a Spiritual Life Coach and epic Innovator with Georgia roots and a New Jersey twist. He is a "heart specialist" with an intent to free people from the bondage of regret. Connect with Coach Samuel at 
September 21, 2020
I Failed... at Parenting and Helping People
Have you ever looked at your childhood after becoming a parent and realized that some of the things that were used to discipline you WON'T work for your child(ren)?  Have you ever felt like your "helping" others may be a distorted vision? Well, we all have encountered at least one of these reflections. Not to worry though! This conversation is just what we all need.  Today's guest gives us his perspective and experiences with both instances.  Featured Guest Antyon Wallace is a grounded and wise soul with Nashville roots. He is a father, a Pastor, and a visionary with a heart to restore those who have been stuck in their own past. Connect with Antyon on IG @antyonwallace. 
September 14, 2020
I Failed... at Comparison
Let's compare this? Let's compare that?  Well... she has this! Well... he does that! Why am I not there yet? We're the same age! We're from the same place! We went to the same school! WE HAVE THE SAME PARENTS!!! Comparison is a killer to self-identity and self-preservation. Today's guest takes us through her journey of being caught up in comparison.  Featured Guest This sweet and charming spirit, Michelle Lewis, hails from New Orleans. Michelle is a CNA by day and a Culinary Enthusiast by night. Connect with Michelle on Instagram @deekay_mimi.
September 07, 2020
I Failed... at Money Handling
Yep! We all are guilty of not being "so responsible" when it comes to handling money.  For some of us, we haven't quite navigated through how to change our relationship with money.  Today's guest gives us insight on how she changed the way she handles money and how we can too.  Featured Guest Rhuneisha Fields is a Florida girl with West Coast style. She is a Change Manager by day and a Brand Stylist by night. She is a successful t-shirt line owner and creator. Connect with her on Instagram via @lifewithrhu and @divarhoni.
August 31, 2020
I Failed... at Maintaining My Emotions Pt.2
Welcome to the "Kings Edition" of Maintaining my Emotions Part 2! Have you ever wondered if men actually have emotions? Well, your question will be answered during this podcast.  These 2 Kings are bravely sharing their emotional journey with us and how they've gotten better from it.  Featured Guest Melvonty Small is a cool, calm, and collective musician & entrepreneur draped in Louisiana roots. When he's not playing his instruments, he is traveling the world and gaining all of the knowledge that he can soak up.  Connect with Melvonty on Instagram @mel.vonty. Sly Irving is a Serial Entrepreneur who is finding a way to motivate others to not only build wealth but to BUILD THEMSELVES. He hails from Buffalo, New York, and continues to reign in the entrepreneur arena. Connect with Sly via
August 24, 2020
I Failed... at Maintaining My Emotions Pt.1
Are you an Extreme EMO? A balanced EMO? Or completely nonchalant? No matter which one you are, you just cannot escape EMOTIONS!  Today's guest will be bravely sharing her "high and low" emotional journey.  Featured Guest The sacred and joyful, Medina Perine, is a Performing Arts Master with a cultural twist.  She hails from New Orleans, Louisiana full of grassroots and essence. Connect with Medina on Instagram @medinasunrise. 
August 17, 2020
I Failed... at my Career
Let's be honest... Is the career you chose really working out? Most of us have written the plan of finishing college with a degree that will make us the money that we need without a hitch, right? You land the career and suddenly it doesn't work out as you planned.  Today's guest gives us insight on how he transitioned from a nightmare to a thriving career.  Featured Guest The "cool breeze" himself, David Lewis, is a New Orleans native with a love for all things COMPUTER. He is a Tech Consultant and Entrepreneur tearing down statics and removing bias. Connect with David on Instagram @dee.andre_0017.
August 10, 2020
I Failed... at Grieving
Grief... is it something that only pertains to losing a loved one or is there more to it?  2020 has been hard-hitting for all of us and most of us struggle with grief on some level or another.  Today's guest shares her experience with grief and how she has begun to embrace the process.  Featured Guest The beautiful and charismatic, CJ, is a radio and television personality that is bringing laughter to the world. Born and bred in East Atlanta, CJ stays true to her roots and her craft. Connect with her on Instagram via @cjsmileyface7 and Youtube via @cjsmileyface.
August 03, 2020
I Failed... at Balance
What is this thing called "balance" that we all crave? How can we befriend it and make it a constant in our lives? Today's guest shares her story about how balance was always available to her but she kept missing it.  Featured Guest Rhuneisha Fields is a Florida girl with West Coast style. She is a Change Manager by day and a Brand Stylist by night. She is a successful t-shirt line owner and creator. Connect with her on Instagram via @lifewithrhu and @divarhoni.
July 27, 2020
I Failed... at Self-Care
How much do you LIKE yourself? How much do you LOVE yourself?  Have you forgotten about you at all? We all get lost in the shuffle of our day-to-day life, caring for others and forgetting ourselves. It's important that we have "self-check-in" moments just to be sure that we are on the right track of "self-care." Listen to your body and it will give you what you need.  Today's guest expresses how she didn't realize how much "self-care" was missing in her life.  Featured Guest Shakeera Ruff is a New Jersey creative with an eye for Interior Design & Style. As a realtor and designer, she is cultivating ways to empower those who have yet to tap into their creative side and those who are in need of realty education. 
July 20, 2020
I Failed... my Family
IF I WOULD HAVE ONLY DONE WHAT THEY WANTED ME TO DO... WE WOULD HAVE A BETTER RELATIONSHIP. For many of us, FAMILY is everything and we would do anything for them. However, things can get complicated when you decide to branch off from their ideas of what "your" life should be. Today's guest explains how he encountered moments with his family that seemed like failure. Featured Guest Matt Anderson is a New York native with Georgia roots and Omega vibes. He is an entrepreneur and technology consultant who is rebuilding his community through mentorship and acts of service. Connect with him @matt_5007.
July 13, 2020
I Failed at... Love Languages
WHAT IS LOVE LANGUAGE? I CAN BARELY SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH! Did you know that there was a language to love other than the obvious "French Paris" conditioning that we see in movies? And that... WE ALL LOVE DIFFERENTLY?! This episode may give you insight as to why some relationships didn't work out. Back again... Tasha shares with us her journey to understanding love languages. Featured Guest Tasha T. Huston is an Editor-In-Chief, Author, and Sociologist who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is also a bakery entrepreneur comforting her community through baked goodness. Connect with her @tthuston on Instagram. LOVE LANGUAGE QUIZ LINKS Couples: Singles:
July 06, 2020
I Failed at... Dating and Marriage
JUST GIVE UP! And sometimes... life can make you feel that way. Here's the thing, you're not meant to be alone and there is someone there for you. And yes... DATING IS HARD but you can't give up. Today's guest tells us why she didn't give up and how she overcame the "blues" of dating and marriage. Featured Guest Tasha T. Huston is an Editor-In-Chief, Author, and Sociologist who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is also a bakery entrepreneur comforting her community through baked goodness. Connect with her @tthuston on Instagram.
June 29, 2020
I Failed... at Maintaining My Self-Esteem
YOU AREN'T THE GREATEST! Yeah... the lie detector test determined that THAT'S A LIE! Listen, it's okay if you don't feel great every day but it shouldn't stop you from loving yourself. Most of us have had to rebuild our self-esteem over and over again just to remind ourselves of who we are. Today's guest gives us an inside look at her journey to better self-esteem maintenance. Featured Guest Tonya Cash is a Creative Writer and Minister who hails from Detroit, Michigan. As an advocate for truth, she lives her life ensuring that people understand who they are and why they are. Connect with her on Facebook @tonyacash.
June 22, 2020
I Failed at... Forgiving People
(DISCLAIMER: THIS ONE IS INTENSE WITH HEAVY CONTENT) STAND YOUR GROUND & KEEP YOUR GRUDGE! You know... that's not a good idea. Holding a grudge or constantly replaying the moment that someone took your kindness for weakness is exhausting. Forgiveness is a true character builder but it also releases the stress of holding onto something that hurts. Today's guests share some very vulnerable and intense stories of how they are working on forgiveness. Featured Guests Chris Ford is a serial entrepreneur that hails from Washington, D.C. He is an innovator and mentor to many all while being a father and devoted husband. Connect with him on Instagram @misterford. DK Mannie is a musician and lyricist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He embarked on his love for music at the age of 8 by playing the violin. Since then, he has been surrounded by music and a featured artist on major projects nationwide. Follow him on Instagram & SoundCloud @dkmannie.
June 15, 2020
I Failed... at Changing
YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE! Unless you want to. But eventually... you're going to have to find another way to get through life and THAT... may cause you to change. Some of us don't want to change because it's uncomfortable. Some of us don't want to change because the process takes time. And the rest of us... WE JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT! Today's guest shares his failure to change and how CHANGE took over.  Featured Guest Sly Irving is a Serial Entrepreneur who is finding a way to motivate others to not only build wealth but to BUILD THEMSELVES. He hails from Buffalo, New York, and continues to reign in the entrepreneur arena. Connect with Sly via
June 08, 2020
I Failed... GOD
GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU! No! He isn't! But if you believe this because of what you've done in your past, maybe currently... it's not true.  "WE" put these levels of guilt, shame, condemnation, and self-pity upon ourselves, and God really doesn't have anything to do with it.  He created grace, mercy, repentance, and forgiveness as a way to communicate that He still loves us NO MATTER WHAT! So... for this episode... it's just me and you. Let's discuss this and get free from guilt.
June 01, 2020
I Failed... at Friendships
ARE YOU A GOOD FRIEND?  Often times we believe that we are actually a good friend but if we did a survey, would the consensus validate our thought? Truthfully, friendships can be complicated with fingers pointing at everyone involved. BUT! When the finger is pointed at you, can you be honest about not being a good friend?  Today's guest shares her friendship failures and how it has changed her.  Featured Guest  Leah Huggins is an Author, Project Manager, and Non-Profit Consultant who continuously sows inspiration into anyone she meets. With beautiful, deep roots from the state of South Carolina, Leah remains grounded in humility and passion for the less fortunate. Connect with Leah on Instagram @TransformingYourHeart. 
May 25, 2020
I Failed... at Ministry
First of all... WHAT IS MINISTRY! Most tag the word to the idea of "church" and its 4 walls. However, we don't understand that ministry is actually who we are... how we live our lives... how we interact with each other. WE ARE ACTUALLY MINISTRY AND THE CHURCH. No building needed. Today's guest shares his interpretation and how it failed him concerning this word. Featured Guest Phil Ruff is a Change Manager and a Ministry Leader who is intentionally changing the way people look at ministry. He hails from Oakland, California, and is a devoted husband and father. Connect with him @ruffjr.philip on Instagram.
May 18, 2020
I Failed... at Being Authentic
YOU'RE FAKE! It's a harsh statement but is it true? We go through life thinking that we are being our "true" selves and one day... It hits us like a ton of bricks that we aren't. So how do we fix this? Where do we begin? "Pull the trigger on being fake!" Today's guest shares her moment of truth of failing at being authentic. Featured Guest Jennifer Southerland is a Master Massage Therapist and Wellness Advocate by way of Arizona. In her journey to becoming healed and whole, she is now assisting others with releasing toxic tensions through her mobile business, "Healing Hands." Follow her on Instagram @jsoutherland5.
May 11, 2020
I Failed... At Handling Opportunities
MISSED OPPORTUNITIES!  It happens to all of us where we are presented with "The Opportunity" of a lifetime... You know, the one you prayed for?  But somehow... we mess it up, aren't prepared for it, become overwhelmed, or just don't know where to start.  Today's guests share their most opportune moments and how they failed at execution.  Featured Guests Aziza Imani (Sunflower Cassette) is a choreographer, audio/content editor, and ultimate creative from Decatur, Georgia. Among many features, she has made her prominent debut on BET's American Soul series as a dancer and is constantly perfecting her craft. Follow her on Instagram @LovelyFoofie. DK Mannie is a musician and lyricist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He embarked on his love for music at the age of 8 by playing the violin. Since then, he has been surrounded by music and a featured artist on major projects nationwide. Follow him on Instagram & SoundCloud @dkmannie.
May 04, 2020