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Witch Cast

Witch Cast

By Julea Lam
Welcome to Witch Cast!!! This is a portal to everything magic where you can experience life as a daily witch with me!!! In this podcast, I will be interviewing all kinds of witches/non witches to talk about all things MAGICK and folklore! If anyone wants to collaborate, please send us a message on my Instagram @Witchcast9 !! Happy listening everyone and please ENJOY!

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Plants vs. Witches
Hello everyone!!! I’m this episode for the glorious 02.22.2022 I have Shay from she is an amazing jewelry designer, crystal enthusiast and PLANT LOVER!!! I can’t wait for you guys to listen in and have a taste of what’s more to come! She is definite going to be a regular, so get company and give it a listen! Thanks for giving me love and listening everyone ❤️
February 23, 2022
Can you be more original?
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!! Hello everyone!! This is a mini update about what’s going on with the podcast! I essentially just rambled and talked about nonsense…. In all seriousness, I will be getting more content out and have crazy amazing guests come on like I did with John. A Rice!!! Super excited to be able to be back in action for the millionth time. Soooo let’s see what happens 😬😬😬
February 14, 2022
Even In The Dark You Shine ✨
Hello everyone!! Omg it’s been a minute!! Okay okay, todays episode is very special and has been a long time coming! I get to interview John. A Rice!!! He is an amazing artist and even more remarkable person!!! We talk about his upcoming deck called “Mindscapes Tarot” which will be released soon! Check out his page to get more information!!!
February 07, 2022
Hello and welcome back to the podcast!! Today, I’m talking with my very good friend/sister JADE! We get into the basic of astrology and what it involves!! Hoping this will start a mini series of sorts! Thanks for listening everyone! If y’all have questions, DM ME!!!!
November 29, 2021
Mrs. Lonely
Hello everyone!!! I’m a day late… SORRY! Life kicks my ass sometimes and I need to stop bullshitting and procrastinating!! In this episode I talk about THE HERMIT card and what I’ll be doing for the new moon in LEO!!!! I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you guys in the next one!!!
August 08, 2021
Death Becomes Her
Hello everyone!!! In today’s episode, I talk about the DEATH tarot card! I give my explanations and some book definitions!! Super pumped to be able to release episodes again and bring you guys into my WOLRD of tarot!!
July 30, 2021
Time after time
HELLO!!! This is just me testing the waters and seeing if anyone still listens and gives a shit hahaha!! I really missed talking to you guys and feeling apart of the witch community. I hope you all are doing well and keep slaying it!!! Comment on the Instagram to let me know what you guys are up to!!!
July 26, 2021
Live your best MAY!!!
Hello everyone!! In today’s episode, me and Elana talk May!! What crystals you should be gazing at, tarot cards to pull, and what kind of vibes you’re getting from the moon and stars!! Get yourself some popcorn and a notepad, cause shits about to get real!!! Thanks for listening, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! See you next week!
May 14, 2021
Hello everyone!! Happy Friday!! In today’s episode, me and Elana talk BOOKS! We talk about beginner/ intermediate and intense level!!! As usual we’re dorks and have wayyyy too much fun!!!! Please enjoy, and we shall see you next week!!
April 30, 2021
Which Witch BOX???
Hello everyone!!! In today’s episode me and Elana review witch boxes! 3 of them to be exact!!! We talk about Occultish, Witch Casket, and Spellbound!!! All 3 boxes are amazing and to die for!!! You can find all of these pages on our Instagram (Witchcast9) if you guys have any questions, message us! We’d love to talk to you guys!!!
April 16, 2021
Alchemy and Alcohol
Elana is joined by Brit from the WitchinKitchen to talk about how to use alcohol in alchemy.
April 05, 2021
Look into my Crystal Ball 🔮
Hello everyone!! Today episode ME AND ELANA do a TAROT reading for each other! Of course I go the oracle route and she uses her tarot deck! Join us in a live recording of us reading for each other! Lots of twists and turns in this one! Hope you guys enjoy and well see y’all next week!!
March 26, 2021
Ostara OSTRA!
Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! This episode Elana will be solo talking about the glorious holiday and spring equinox!!! It’s a gorgeous day to pick some flowers and decorate your altar with the beauty of spring!!! Hope you guys enjoy the episode and we’ll see you for regular programming next week!
March 21, 2021
The March ISSUE
Hello hello everyone!!! Welcome to the weekend!! In today’s episode me and Elana go in deep about what’s going on in March!!! We talk about astrology, divination and drinks!! If you want a good time filled with laughs and funsies come on by and have a listen!! Thanks for being awesome guys!!!! Hope you enjoy!! Also, if you guys have any questions or want to talk about this episode, you can find us on Instagram @witchcast9
March 12, 2021
Sound the ALARM!!!
Happy Friday everyone!! Hope y’all are doing well! In this episode me and Elana talk in depth about home protection and what to do to cleanse your home! Added bonus, haunted house story time!!! Hope you guys enjoy this episode and we shall see you in the next one!!!!!
March 05, 2021
Hello everyone!! Happy Friday!! So this episode I’ll be solo, don’t worry Elana is perfectly well and we will have normal programming next week! So I’m today’s episode, I talk about my oracle decks and what they are! Y’all know how much I love my oracle decks since they give me so much insight!!! I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks for listening!! See you guys next week!
February 26, 2021
Alcohol you LATER
Hello everyone!! Happy Friday/Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day!! Wooot woot! Can’t believe we have two holidays jam packed into one weekend! Super stoked to be able to share this special Valentine’s Day episode! Me and Elana talk about cocktails, shenanigans and sexy time! Get your drinks and let’s celebrate!!!!!!!
February 12, 2021
The February Issue
Hello everyone!! In today's episode, Elana and I will be covering topics up the ying yang!! We're going over all the wonderful festivities of February and what you can do to make is magickal! We talk about various topics such as,  Card of the Month Crystal of the Month Deities of the Month Drink of the Month What's going on astrologically Moonology  I talk about finding good information from the website they really encompass everything you need to know about the month of February like to the day! I hope you guys enjoy this episode because it is JAM PACKED! If you guys have any questions regarding this episode or just want to chat, you can always reach out to us on our Instagram: Thanks for listening and we'll see you in the next one! 
February 05, 2021
Sabbats and Sass
Hello everyone!! Today is a very special day for all witches and non witches! It's blessed IMBOLC! Our guest "Jen" from "Lipstick Legion Crafts" talks with us today about the different Sabbats and how they work with each other to build "The Wheel of the Year"! Jen goes into explicit details about how to work with the holidays and even talks about folklore! Elana and I are absolutely floored and enchanted with her story telling!! We hope you guys enjoy this episode and blessed Imbolc! If you guys have any questions or would like to reach out to us, DM us on our Instagram: Witchcast9 !! Thanks for listening and we shall talk to you guys soon!  About this episode: Witchcraft cocktails link is LIpstick Legion Craft Instagram: Jens Linktree to all her portals: Elana's shadow work prompt: "As we move from winter to spring, what parts of yourself do you want to carry into the rest of the year and what parts do you need to leave frozen behind in winter?"
February 02, 2021
Get your POPCORN Ready!!
Hello everyone! Happy FRIDAY!! I hope everyone is well and ready for the weekend! I know me and Elana are hahah. Okay today's episode... you can guess from the title that its going to be MOVIE/SHOW themed!! We each talk about our favorite movie and show and go into depth about what cinematic Hollywood blockbuster got to us! I talk about the movie "Constantine" and Elana talks all things "Supernatural"! SO if you're listening to this Keanu Reeves, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles WE ARE YOUR BIGGEST FANS AND OBSESSED WITH YOUR MOVIE/SHOWS!! As usual, we are both dorks and get off topic and talk about Sigils, half-breads, half-lings, demi-gods and MORE! If this sounds like your cup of tea, we hope you enjoy! If you want to message us on our Instagram: we would be THRILLED to talk to you about these topics! You guys can always reach us there and we can talk anything and everything :) Thanks for listening and we'll see you guys in the next one! 
January 29, 2021
Our Story
Hello everyone!! Happy Friday, and I hope you guys are having a great day!! In today’s episode, me and Elana dive into the realm of light vs. dark. We both showcase our origin story and practice. Super stoked to share with you guys how our practice works and what’s behind the scenes! Thank you so much for listening!! If you guys have any questions about this episode or just want to chat, you guys know where to find us!!! IG: Witchcast9
January 22, 2021
Make your own MAGICK!
Hello everyone!! In todays episode, we have Kait from She is a remarkable witch that is an absolute delight! We talk about how to make your own practice and essentially your own magick! We have so much fun discussing the nature of witchcraft and let me tell you the episode recorded so fast! Kait will definitely be a regular on Witchcast and we LOVE IT! So have a listen and enjoy the adventure me and Kart embark on for this episode! Love you all and follow us on Instagram: for updates on the podcast and daily posts on magick!
January 15, 2021
New year NEW WITCH!!!
Hello everyone! Happy new year!!! In today’s episode I have a very big announcement!!!! Elana from is now a COHOST!!! We have a lot jam packed in this episode regarding planners and visions boards to use for 2021!!! Below are the planners that were discussed in todays episode!!!  1. Coloring Book of shadows 2. Biddy tarot planner 3. Silk + Sonder planner 4. Llewellyn's 2021 Witches date book If you guys have any questions regarding these planners or this episode, please do not hesitate to reach out through our Instagram!! Love you all and thanks for listening!!! 
January 08, 2021
The Beginning
HELLO AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is a very informal and impromptu episode that I wanted to start with for the new year! Its just a small little "Hello" and wanted to tell you what this year is going to look like!! I hope you guys are ready for a new chapter with me as I explore the new year with NEW BEGINNINGS!!! Please enjoy and stay tuned for Season 2 of Witchcast!!! 
January 05, 2021
HELLO! Hey guys, its me! I'm BACK! So this journey so far has been a wild one! This episode is about what has been going on with me and how I've been feeling super disconnected with my MAGICK. I love talking to you guys about anything and everything! If you guys have any questions don't be afraid to reach out and talk! Thanks for listening and supporting everyone! This was an impromptu episode and was randddooom but needed to be posted. LOVE Y'ALL
November 10, 2020
Hey everyone!! In this weeks episode we have Will from @ghostwitchinsta !!! He’s an amazing witch and we talk about spiritual awakenings and what it’s like to be a modern day witch!!! Come check out this episode and see what it’s all about!!!
October 06, 2020
The Oracle
Hey everyone!! Happy TUESDAY!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! In today's episode, I'll be talking about my experiences with DEITIES and what they're all about!! I'm excited to share my stories with you guys on the wonderful power of deities and what they are all about! I talk about a really cool book about Greek Mythology called "Lust Chaos War Fate" - Jason Boyett !! I'm so exited to be able to read this book and all its findings! It's an easy read and a fun one! Definitely check this out if you want to learn the easy way about GREEK MYTHOLOGY!!! Thanks for listening guys and I'll see you in the next one! 
September 29, 2020
Haunted Mansion
Hey everyone! Happy TUESDAY and MABON!! Hope everyone is having fun on this joyous FALL EQUINOX HOLIDAY!! In this episode I get to talk to Elana AKA !! She talks about her "Ghost Adventure" in this creepy AF house in Savannah!! Come check out this episode and listen to how bone chilling scary her story is!!! Thanks for listening and I'll see you guys in the next one! LOVE YOU
September 22, 2020
MINDcraft (Can you even sit with us?)
Hello everyone and happy TUESDAY!! Gosh, the weeks always go so damn fast! ANYWAY, today I have a very cool guest from DAVID NHAN!!! We talk about what its like to get an "Outsiders" perspective of the world of MAGICK! We go into full detail about my gifts and what Witchcraft really is! Check out their podcast guys! Super cool and fun to be apart of a podcasting world! I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! I'll see you in the next one!!! LINK IN BIO for Instagram If y'all wanna reach out and talk! 
September 20, 2020
The Stars in your EYES
Hey everyone and HAPPY TUESDAY!!! In todays episode, I GET TO TALK WITH MY BEST FRIEND JADE!! We talk about the zodiacs and their characteristics! We have a good time and just flow like two bffs have a regular conversation! By the way, Jade has a podcast of her own called DMT and she and her cohost DAVID are a hoot! Check them out on their INSTAGRAM! Link BELOW! Also, just started a youtube Chanel thats essentially a VLOG for my tarot card readings of the day! Its a journey of me experiencing the world of tarot and I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for listening and ill see you in the next one!  Link to my YOUTUBE CHANEL!!! 
September 20, 2020
Emotions are a BITCH!!
Hello and happy Twitchy Tuesday guys!! OKAY, so in this episode we have another SOLO one from yours truly. SHOCKER I KNOW! I talk about EMOTIONS and how it plays into reading tarot/oracle cards. I talk in depth about how they affect me and how I feel when I actually read the cards! I'm starting to really like solo episodes, so if you feel like you want to hear more from just me... LET ME KNOW and I can talk about other subjects you guys want to learn about! I'm so grateful for y'all and can't wait to see where these SOLOS take me hahah! Thanks for listening and I see you guys in the next one! 
September 20, 2020
Don’t BOS ME!!
Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!! In today’s episode, we have a real treat to talk to Lena Webb from @thecreativewiccan !!! I’m so excited for this episode because we talk about art therapy, magick as a whole and everything book of shadows! Lena is an amazing witch and y’all should check out her page and see her magick ✨✨
September 20, 2020
Magick in ME
Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!!! In this episode we’re going to be diving a little deeper in my mind of magick. This is basically a part 2 to the “Monologue”!! I’ll be talking about ghosts, my upbringing and how I feel now about the realm of all things magick!! Enjoy, and thanks for listening!!! Y’all the real MVP!!!
September 20, 2020
Hey everyone and happy Tuesday!!!! This episode we have TY back from occultish! We talk about shit the moon says and other stories and shenanigans!!!! Thanks for listening and enjoy everyone!!
September 20, 2020
Scary stories to tell in the DARK!
Hey everyone!!! Happy twitchy Tuesday!!! Today’s episode BRITTANY FROM THEWITCHINKITCHEN is BACK!! We talk about ghosts and scary stories we’ve personally experienced!!! It’s going to be a wild ride with some serious stories! Grab your flashlights and blankie and enjoy!!!
September 20, 2020
Make a WISH!
Hello everyone, and happy TUESDAY!!!! In this episode we have ELANA back with us! We talk about all things relating to spell casting!! Super get into spell jars and what it means to even PUT A SPELL ON YOU hahah!!! We have a lot of fun with each other and its clear that we will do a shit ton more in the future! I hope you guys enjoy this episode and let me know if you have any questions! You can DM me at Witchcast9 and we can chat about anything and everything! ENJOY and thanks for listening
September 20, 2020
Nifty Thrifty Witch with Lipstick Legion Craft
Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! I know I haven't posted in some time, but guess what?! I'M BACK!!! This episode is with an amazing witch that specializes in crafting tools for the witch on budget! She uses everyday items to create beautiful creations! Check out her page!!
September 20, 2020
Slay it with KAT!!!
Hello witches and happy Tuesday!!! In this episode, lll be interviewing KAT!! She’s a beginner witch and wants to share her stories of how she got into witchcraft! Essentially this episode should’ve been the first, it’s basically witchcraft 101!!!! I hope you guys enjoy, and thank you for listening!!
September 20, 2020
Herbs and Blurbs
Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!!! In this episode, I have BRITTANY HOWE FROM THE WITCHIN KITCHEN PODCAST!!! Brittany is such a fun and knowledgeable spirit!! We talk about how to keep herbs and plants alive!! Lots of fun discussion and happy conversation!!! When you guys get a chance, check out her podcast!!
September 20, 2020
My soul to take
Hello everyone and happy FRIDAY!!! In today’s episode, we have ALESE OSBORN with us AGAIN!!! What a treat 😍 We y’all about all things tarot and debate and on tough subjects regarding tarot!!!! Please buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride!! Enjoy, and thanks for listening!!!
September 20, 2020
Catching “FEELS” for the Witch
Hello and happy Tuesday everyone!! In this episode, I’ll be having a very raw conversation with Alese Osborn from Neon Cauldron!!! Definitely check out Alese’s podcast, SHE’S KILLER 👏 It’s basically story time in this episode because we talk about what is a “Witch”? Alese really has a way with words and almost makes you feel like you’re in a trance!! I’m excited to share this with you guys and you’re going to love her!!!
September 20, 2020
Hello everyone!! Happy Friday!! In this episode of Witch Cast, ill be interviewing a very cool tarot witch named Anya!! She is a very witty and knowledgeable witch, especially with tarot! We’ll be talking about what decks we have, where to get them and the basics!!! It’s going to be a fun ride!!! Thank you for listening and please enjoy!!
September 20, 2020
The elusive "Book" with Occultish (Ty)
Hello and Happy Twitchy Tuesday!!! In this episode we have Ty back from Occultish and its going to be a juicy episode! We talk about Book of Shadows, Rare books and all around just INCREDIBLE stories!! Ty has become a good friend of mine and is an amazing human being!!! Please be sure to check out his Instagram page and his Facebook Coven group as well!! Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you so much for listening!! If you guys have any questions or want to collaborate, you can message me on my Instagram page
September 20, 2020
The Portal Episode 1 - Moon child
Hello everyone and happy Friday!!! I cannot believe how fast the days fly by!! In this episode, I will be working with a guest host!!! Her name is Raven, and she is an amazing source of magick and knowledge! We're starting a series called "The portal", where we'll be talking about different topics in each episode and today's episode is called "Moon Child" !! We have this vision of bringing you guys into a portal/realm of knowledge that will dive into fun topics! "Moon Child" talks about magick 101 and we will enter into what I like to call "Moonology"!! It's a very educational episode to really get the gist of the basics and witchcraft!! I hope you guys enjoy!! Please let me know if you guys are interested in other topics so I can weave it into different episodes!! Happy Friday again, and thanks for LISTENING!!! You can contact Raven's Instagram by clicking this link :
September 20, 2020
Inside the MIND of a WITCH
Hello everyone!! Starting off this week with a brand new episode starting every Tuesday and Friday now! I know in the intro, I said "Happy FRIYAY" BUTTT today is Happy Twitchy Tuesday!!! In this episode, me and my BFF Jaimee will be talking and debating about how Magick and Psychology work together as friends! In the next week or so,  Jaimee will be graduating with her Masters in psychology! Her main focus is to become a therapist for individuals that need assistance!! I hope you guys enjoy this new episode and THANK YOU so much for listening!! 
September 20, 2020
Entering the SPIRIT REALM; Magick of the DEAD with Elana
Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! So in today's episode, I will be interviewing a DEATH WITCH!! Her name is Elana; She is very very lively and vivacious! You're going to lover her SPIRIT, I know I DO! This Episode will be diving into the unknown on the subject of what a death witch is and how it relates to NECROMANCY! It's a really fun and information session that is fun and witty! If you guys want to know more about ELANA, her Instagram is posted below!! Thank you for listening and please ENJOY!
September 20, 2020
The Monologue.
Hello EVERYONE!! I know it's not Friday yet... but today is a special day for me! Its my birthday! BIRTHDAY EPISODE YAY!! In this episode I talk about how I got started in practicing witchcraft! Lots of going down memory lane and what 'Julea' Is all about! Its very rare that I talk about myself because I Inwardly cringe EVERY TIME. This is just the beginning of  story time... SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS LITTLE PIECE OF ME. Thank you for listening and TOMORROW will be a regular post on an exciting topic with a amazing witch! 
September 20, 2020
Witchcraft with Occultish
Hello and welcome to Episode 1 of Witch Cast!!! In this episode we have a very special guest speaker!!! He is the founder of a group named OCCULTISH; his name is TY! Ty will be talking with me about his mission for occultish and how magick is very real and fun! We talk about all things MAGICK and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life!  Below are his tags you can find on social media!!  Instagram: @occult.ish Facebook:
September 20, 2020
The Journey
Hello!!! This podcast is getting a make over! It’ll just be me interviewing magickal folk and non magickal folk!! This episode is just an overview about me and what I’m about! I also talk about future episodes and we pull a tarot card of the day!!! If you guys have any questions, feel free to message me on my Instagram @witchcraft9 thank you for listening and hope you guys enjoy!!
September 20, 2020