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Witchy.AF Podcast

Witchy.AF Podcast

By Marie Satori
Join me, Marie Satori, as we get witchy with it. I'll be discussing the theme of each zodiac season (month), and which rituals you can use to amplify each season. I'm excited to hold space for your intuitive curiosity, exploration, and development. Let's have some fun!
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E5. Scorpio Season: Taurus Blue Moon on Halloween, Scorpio New Moon, Mercury Rx: Transformation
It’s Scorpio Season, a time for transformation. It’s also a time when we are pushed to go deeper - opening the doorway and the portal between the seen and unseen worlds. The initiation of descent into the Underworld. Gifting us access not only to our own potential for growth, healing but also healing and honoring our ancestors. We start Scorpio Season with Mercury already in Retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury retrograde is significant in helping us return to the past, clear up old baggage, and unhealed relationships. A time when we review, reflect, and restore ourselves to health. The beauty of Mercury in Scorpio is that we get to really dig deep and get to the bottom of issues that we would normally avoid. As difficult and painful as this may be, there is actually beauty at the end of this journey if you trust in the process. The Taurus Full Moon on October 31st will urge us to collaborate with the natural world and seek nourishment and pleasure (Venus); and the Scorpio New Moon on November 15th encourages transformation.  Join me at for tools, meditations and horoscopes for Scorpio Season.
October 18, 2020
E4. Libra Season & Mercury Retrograde: Balancing the scales of power
Libra symbolizes relationships and partnerships. What we need and want from others needs to be balanced with what they want and need from us in return. If that balance cannot be struck, it will be time for major changes. which will be our collective focus this season. To help us in our journey of balancing relationships, we will experience Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. This retrograde gives us the opportunity to do this not only for ourselves but also for our ancestors and descendants. As we clear the karma of our past and our familial line, we give our descendants the possibility of a cleaner slate than we were born into. For spiritual tools and resources for Libra Season & Mercury Retrograde, please join me at
October 13, 2020
E3. Virgo Season: Nurturing Heaven on Earth
Join me in this Astrologically focused episode discussing Virgo Season. Learning to say “No” is a lesson for Virgo. Coming from the Pisces lack of boundaries, Virgo is now practicing boundaries and self-care. During this Virgo season, we can take a look at the ways in which we give too much of ourselves and are left feeling drained and under-appreciated.
August 19, 2020
E2. Leo Season & Love is the light of your soul
Join me in this Astrologically focused Episode of Leo Season & Love is the light of your soul. Leo season is a time when we discover or re-discover, that our Light is Love. Over these last four months, we have learned to integrate (either actively or passively) and embody the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. During Aries season (fire), we became aware. During Taurus season (earth), we become aware of our physical body. In Gemini season (air) we become aware of our mind. Then finally, in Cancer season, we became aware of our emotional body (water). Now, after integrating all four elements, we learn to embody the 5th sign on the cosmic wheel/the 5th element Spirit (Aether or Quintessence - which literally translates as "the fifth element" in Latin). Now, as we enter Leo season - ruled by the Sun - we are being asked to shine our unique Light (Spirit) outwards. It is by embracing all that Leo has to teach us, we learn that Light (Sol/Spirit) is Love (Heart).
July 27, 2020
E1. Cancer Season & Summer Solstice
Join me in this Astrologically focused Episode of Cancer Season & Summer Solstice. Where I'll discuss Cancer, our Universal Mother. Who during this time gifts us the energetic support and lessons to heal our family dynamics. Through channeling her energy, her teaching, Luna will guide us in deepening our capacity for unconditional love and compassion. Together, let us work through childhood memories that may be hindering our advancement. The Cancer Eclipse welcomes us to rebirth, and to reorient ourselves, just as Sol/Sun, reorients himself during this Eclipse. The Universe asks that we no longer running away; instead we are asked to come back home. Back into our bodies, and the place where we feel most as our true self. We are gifted this season to re-discover and remember who we are. The Cancer Eclipses gift us opportunities to grow out of outdated patterns and situations that are no longer serving us. They open up portals, asking that we step through to create profound changes, and experience a new life.
June 20, 2020
Why can't I stop thinking about you?
People often ask me about profound connections. The sense that they have met someone that “they’ve never felt a connection like this before” – followed by a deep confusion as to why then a relationship isn't manifesting, or why the relationship has fallen apart. Then, in the state of separation they find themselves still thinking about the connection or wondering “why am I still holding on?” or internalizing and wondering “what is wrong with me?”  that they haven’t yet experienced this sense of release.
May 10, 2019