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With A Story

With A Story

By Nicole Meliora
The podcast for dreamers & changemakers - it all starts WITH A STORY. Join your host, lawyer, yoga teacher & conscious lifestyle advocate Nicole Meliora every week for conversations with guests on topics ranging from the serious, like politics, technology, business, activism, and wellbeing, to the things that make life beautiful and fun, like art, traveling and food. Some conversations are deep and meaningful and some are short and sweet because there are all kinds of stories.
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Chapter 18 | Girl Talk with Mia Nissen of The Inner Blooming blog
This week's episode of is a heart to heart conversation with Mia of the blog the Inner Blooming. ⁠ We talk about everything from her blog where she writes on topics like self-love, travel, girl power and her love of music festivals, her love of knocking down barriers in wellness and how to show up for yourself in small ways.⁠ We talked about her newest side hustle, Earring Habit, where she shares her beautiful earring creations, her perspective on BLM and the shifts happening in the US, as well as her relationship and how she overcame a difficult moment in her partnership.⁠ I hope you enjoy this episode with Mia and check her out @mia.latoy or on her blog.
January 19, 2021
Chapter 17 | Aging Audaciously on the Road of Life w/ Lisa Levine
'If you don't feel old, you're not old!' This episode with Lisa Levine is so inspiring for many reason - I love her approach to aging and getting older, but also just to life in general. We talked about her early career in the music and film industry, how she met her husband and meeting famous people.  We talked about how she got into health and wellness, her journey through IVF, how she hit a transition point in her life and career and moving into life and health coaching. She shares how food and health are deeply connected, the concept of primary food and secondary food and to pay attention to what feeds your life and soul.  She shares so much wisdom and debunks myths around ageing, ageing as a woman, and what feeling audacious means to her.  This is an amazing episode to listen to for all kinds of inspiration from navigating changing careers, motherhood, and how to live a life that lights you up. I hope you enjoy listening to my conversation with Lisa as much as I enjoyed it. You can check her out on Instagram at @thelisalevine. 
January 12, 2021
Chapter 16 | Authentic Connection with Delphine Supanya Berger
I'm excited to share this week's episode which is my conversation with my friend, Delphine Supanya Berger. Delphine is a wellbeing educator based in Singapore and Paris, and she's currently exploring a bold vision for the future of corporate culture and employee engagement, that thrives on Human Connection through the deployment of department-wide mentorship development programmes. Leveraging her own experiences as a corporate lawyer, interior designer, and founder of a digital marketing agency, Delphine is on a mission to design human-centred work environments where growth & creativity flourish. In this episode, Delphine shares her experience of 2020, both personally and professionally, the challenges and difficulties that she experienced this year, but also how it brought her to reassess her priorities and what's important to her. We talked about her career trajectory, from corporate lawyer and the challenges she encountered in that industry, to burnout and becoming ill and experiencing several health scares in 2016, the steps she took to heal and retrain her body which led her to training in yoga, meditation and creating long-term wellbeing programs for corporates. Finally, Delphine explains authentic relating and how we can create deeper connections with others even while working from home and being remote. You can learn more about and connect with Delphine on LinkedIn and learn more about Authentic Relating here.
January 5, 2021
Chapter 15 - We Resonate with Lizzie Clark
In this week's episode I'm chatting with Lizzie Clark, the founder of We Resonate, creating unique pieces out of rare, vintage silks and creator of The Centered Self vision board workshops. We talked about Lizzie's background in fashion + prints, how she became aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry and how she made the transition to starting We Resonate.  Lizzie also shares her most recent creation, The Centered Self Vision Board workshops, the next one of which is coming up January 5th. She shares the structure of the workshops and what you can expect to get from them. This is a great episode for exploring your creativity and personal development. You can find We Resonate here. Check out her next vision board workshop here.
December 29, 2020
Chapter 14 | Creating Space + Bringing Comfort with yogi Sarah Malcolm
Sarah Malcolm is a London-based yoga teacher with many strings to her bow including blogging, YouTube and podcasting. Her mission through her work is to create the space to bring you comfort. In this conversation, we talked about what she's taken from the ups and downs of 2020, how yoga has kept her going and how helping others has helped her. We discussed how she transitioned to teaching yoga online this year, and the value of still being able to connect and come together thanks to the technology we have available. Sarah shared her yoga journey from discovering yoga, to embarking on her teacher training in 2017 and where she's at now in her yoga teaching and practice, as well as tips for yoga teachers just starting off.  We chatted about social media and her relationship with it and how she shares authentically online. Finally we discussed her wonderful podcast, Kitchen Club, which she created with her co-host Serena Louth, and her own health journey & healthy habits. You can check her out and find more information about her yoga classes at or on Instagram @sarahmalcs, and check out her podcast @kitchenclubpodcast.
December 22, 2020
Chapter 13 | Welcome to (ayur)Veda with Sophie + Rheanna
This episode is a great starting point if you're interested in learning more about ayurveda. In this episode I'm chatting with Sophie & Rheanna of Welcome to Veda. We talked about how they met (very recently!), what services they provide individually, whether as Ayurvedic practitioners or working for Urban Veda.  We then dive into what ayurveda is, what is a dosha and how to figure out what yours is, and how we can balance the doshas through ayurvedic practices. We discuss their approach to ayurveda, being mindful of appropriation, and finally sharing ayurvedic practices both for the winter season but also for #2020. Stayed tuned to the end for their upcoming workshops, full moon sessions and their Christmas giveaway, and follow them @welcometoveda for much more resources and tips.
December 15, 2020
Chapter 12 | Permaculture & Permacrafters with Christelle Siohan
In this episode with Christelle Siohan, co-founders of Permacrafters, we talked about her childhood, her career path and how she got into permaculture. She explains what permaculture is, starting Permacrafters with her cofounder Christina and their online course offerings, from herbal remedies to body care products and how to get started with their courses and seeing these as part of a new lifestyle as opposed to as tasks. She also shares her tips for how to have a more conscious holiday season.  Check out their course offerings at and follow them on Instagram @permacrafters for lots more tips and resources! Enjoy this conversation, xx. 
December 8, 2020
Chapter 11 | Dance like Nobody's Watching with Claudia Colvin
Claudia Colvin is the founder of Nobody's Watching, on a mission to inspire people to dance and change what it means to be a dancer. During our chat we spoke about the benefits of dancing, Claudia's background in dance and the influence of her mom and grandmother on her. She shares how she got the idea for Nobody's Watching, her entrepreneurship journey, how she creates safe spaces for people to feel comfortable dancing with others at her events, how she responded to the pandemic this year, and her upcoming projects, including a book and a podcast! You can join in on the Wake Up and Dance challenge every weekday morning at 7:30am UK until December 8th by signing up to the Nobody's Watching newsletter and join in on the daily dancing fun.  If you have a story about how dancing has positively impacted your life, do reach out to Claudia to share your story at For more check out I hope this conversation inspires you to bring more dancing into your day to day, and share with a friend to spread the joy of dance!
December 1, 2020
Chapter 10 | SOLO: A bit about me!
In this solo episode I'm sharing a bit about my background, my childhood growing up in multiple countries, how I met my husband, my early adulthood and career choices, and how I ended up living in London.  Short and sweet but covers a lot of ground - happy listening!
November 24, 2020
Chapter 9 | Holistic Healing + Essential Oils with Nurse & Yogi Avery Putterman
In this week's episode I chat with Avery Putterman, who is trained as a nurse, yogi and is a wealth of knowledge on holistic health and healing. In this conversation we chatted about her current morning routine and mantra meditation, her holistic health and spiritual journey.  We discussed the nursing 'whole person' approach to treatment and how essential oils can be a tool in helping to support the body naturally. We dove into what essential oils are and how they're made, how to use them supportively and intuitively but also responsibly, her recipe for cleaning with essential oils, which oils to start off with and a few different ways to get started using them. This is a great episode if you're curious about essential oils and looking to introduce less toxic and more natural approaches to your beauty regime, cleaning products or simply start dabbling in aromatherapy. You can connect with Avery on IG @averybess. Mentioned in this episode: Gayatri mantra Gabby Bernstein  On Guard essential oil Unwell on Netflix
November 17, 2020
Chapter 8 | Building Community through Travel + Writing with Jaclyn Mishal of Pink Pangea
Pink Pangea is an online community of women who love to travel (the word 'pangea' refers to a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras). Jaclyn Mishal (and her co-founder Rachel Sales) founded Pink Pangea in 2009 with the intention of providing information and inspiration for women travellers. Pink Pangea is the place where you can get authentic travel information from other who want to see the world and are already doing it. In this episode we discuss the evolution of Pink Pangea from blog to an online platform which includes workshops and retreats, how travel has changed for women travellers, safety when travelling, Jaclyn's favorite travel destinations, how she likes to travel and her 'before trip' habit. We also discuss how we can travel mindfully and consciously and what a Pink Pangea retreat looks like. Jaclyn shared the following resources during this conversation: - Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World by Lisa Bloom - Speck on the Globe blog  To sign up for the free Pink Pangea newsletter and learn more about their workshops and retreats, visit or find them on IG @pinkpangea.
November 10, 2020
Chapter 7 | Yoga, business, friendship + self-care with Reka & Amona of Bassline Yoga
Reka and Amona are childhood friends who launched their yoga brand, Bassline Yoga, this past year. In this conversation, we chatted about their friendship and making the decision to start a business with a friend, the concept of Bassline Yoga and how they wanted to respect the tradition of yoga through their concept while also adding a modern twist and making the practice more accessible to a broader audience. We talked about launching their business during the pandemic and how they took the summer to reflect on the future of their brand, the shifts that have occurred in the yoga industry this year, how they've evolved their yoga teaching during this year, and of course, their SELF-CARE tips and what is serving them this year + at this stage of their lives. Enjoy! A few things we mentioned in the episode: - you can check out their IGTV conversation on the @basslineyoga IG page - Lean In circles Check out the Bassline Yoga website for more info or to get in touch.
November 3, 2020
Chapter 6 | Healthy Snacks + Growing a Business Organically with Claire Dinan of Makan Snacks
This week's episode is my chat with Claire Dinan, yoga teacher, founder of Makan Snacks and lovely human being.  In this conversation, we discuss how Claire got the idea for Makan Snacks, how she's grown it organically from selling her products at a street market to now being stocked in Selfridges. Claire shares her product development process and what's kept her sane during lockdown.  You can check out her products at and on Instagram @makansnacks.
October 27, 2020
Chapter 5 | Agile Careers for the Modern Age with Adele Barlow
In this conversation with Adele Barlow, Head of Content and Communications at Makers Academy in London, we discuss her career path (starting a business at age 21, enrolling in and then dropping out of law school), how she created and figured out her career path, her work with Escape the City and working in an early stage start-up, finding fulfilling work, managing career transitions, and how to take a L.E.A.N. approach to your career.  You can find her at, her blog at or connect with Adele on LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram. 
October 20, 2020
Chapter 4 | Clean + Green Beauty with Karen Macdonald of Blomma Beauty
This week I'm sharing my conversation with Karen Macdonald, the founder of Blomma Beauty. We discuss her career before founding Blomma, how she started the business and being an entrepreneur in the green beauty industry. She shares tips on transitioning to a clean beauty regime, her beauty routine and making the most of being in a lockdown for your beauty routine, and how she chooses the products Blomma sells. If you're looking to start a green beauty brand, transition to using cleaner beauty products, or just want to learn more about the green beauty industry, this episode is for you! You can find out more and purchase from Blomma at and on Instagram @blomma_beauty. Blomma Beauty is providing a 15% discount for With a Story listeners with code withastory15.
October 13, 2020
Chapter 3 | Modern Mindfulness, Practical Productivity + Emotional Intelligence with Connor Swenson
This week I'm sharing my conversation with my friend Connor Swenson. Drawing in his 7 years of experience at Google, Connor is a facilitator, writer and coach helping leaders and teams develop focus, increase effectiveness, and ultimately sustain high performance.  Connor is a Certified Teacher of Make Time, a simple yet powerful framework invented by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky (NYT bestselling authors of “Sprint”) that helps individuals and teams focus on the work that matters every day. He’s also a Certified Teacher of Search Inside Yourself, a self-leadership program born at Google and backed by world experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. We recorded this conversation back in March of 2020, just after many countries in Europe were imposing quarantine measures due to the spread of Covid-19. You can find more about Connor at You can contact him at Connor also publishes a weekly newsletter called One Percent Wisdom which I highly recommend! You can sign up to receive it here:
October 6, 2020
Chapter 2 | Emotional Intelligence + Wellbeing in the Workplace with professional enjoyer, Dana Svoboda
Dana Svoboda is the Chief Joy Officer for Makers Academy (, Europe's leading coding bootcamp.  She is Czech-South African and based in London. In addition to her role at Makers, she is a yoga teacher and freelance holistic coach, coaching individuals and groups on emotional intelligence, wellbeing, mindfulness meditation and yoga.  In this conversation, we discuss her role at Makers, how she's combined her passions into her current career, and how to bring mindfulness and wellbeing into the workplace.   Dana says of her path:  "In everything I've encountered, I came to discover a few fundamentals of life and keys to enduring joy - emotional intelligence and our relationships with ourselves (and the rest of the world). Consciously sifting through my experiences to heal, learn and continue enjoying life has meant that I’m usually the initial subject of my own ’Test Driven Personal Development.’ I believe that life is meant to feel really good and I absolutely love helping others connect with their true joy." Earlier this year Dana published a book on emotional intelligence which you can find here. You can find more about Dana on her website, 
October 6, 2020
Chapter 1 | Ratio Cooking + Reducing Food Waste with Ann Storr of Storr Cupboard
This week I'm speaking with Ann Storr of Storr Cupboard.
October 6, 2020
With a Story Podcast - Introduction
A little background about me as your host and the intention for this show.
October 5, 2020