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What's Important Now

What's Important Now

By Cara McCullough
The world hitting "pause" has given us a unique opportunity to reflect on how we live, work and relate to each other. In "What's Important Now?" host Cara Szellemes McCullough asks you to share what mattered before the pause, what matters now and what you'd like your new future to look like once we hit "play" again.
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You don't have to do all the things feat. Kate Toon
Kate Toon was gearing up for her biggest year yet with paid speaking gigs taking her to far-flung places when the Pandemic hit and it all disappeared. But if you think Kate is unhappy about that, think again. It’s easy to get caught up in the myriad of expectations people have when you develop an online business but Kate is using her time during the Pandemic to drop a few things and is discovering what it’s like to do what she wants to do and not what everyone else expects her to do. Here's what's important now for Kate. About Kate Kate is an award-winning SEO copywriter, SEO consultant and speaker with over two decades of experience in all things advertising, digital and writing. She's the author of ‘Confessions of Misfit Entrepreneur,' winner : Best SEO community - SEMRush and was voted No. 1 woman in SEO by Serpstat. Kate is also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse, as well as co-host on the Hot Copy Podcast and the founder of CopyCon, Australia's first dedicated copywriting conference. Learn more about Kate on LinkedIn.
June 8, 2020
Will lockdown change our spending habits for good? feat. Rachel Smith
Author of Underspent, Rachel Smith has gone from jet setting international transport consultant to being on the Australian government's Jobkeeper allowance within a matter of weeks and she's taking the time to alter her business offerings during COVID-19. We talked about her book Underspent and how it might be oh so handy for people post-Pandemic, when a recession becomes reality (which, as of publishing, it is), and how people have been changing their transport habits, walking to the shops more and buying less. We speculate about whether that's something that will last post-COVID-19. At the time of recording, that seemed a distinct possibility but this week we've seen traffic dial up and the post-lockdown spending spree begin. Not to mention riots in the US and other countries. Seriously, if I had been on another planet for the past 6 months and come back, I wouldn't believe what has happened to our world. This is What's Important Now as we slowly shift into the Post-Pandemic world. About Rachel Rachel is a Transport Planning, Demand Management & Behaviour Change Expert. Find Rachel on LinkedIn.
June 4, 2020
Exquisite Self Care and Being True to What's Important Now feat. Rosie Odsey
Rosie Odsey is using this COVID-enforced break to practice exquisite self-care and figure out what she wants next. She’s also discovered how little importance she’d placed on the things she thought were at the top of her priority list, like her family and spending time with her partner. Here’s what’s important now according to Rosie. About Rosie Rosie Odsey helps people create the systems and habits they need to sustainably give their all to their life’s work. Find Rosie on LinkedIn:
May 31, 2020
Connection takes effort online feat. Gordon Mullan
Connecting online takes effort in comparison to connecting through water-cooler moments and physical activities. Gordon Mullan shares how his been exploring his love of dancing through online classes and how businesses have to adapt to conjure greater connection online during the Pandemic. All this and more in this episode of What's Important Now. About Gordon A business analyst by profession, a self-confessed geek, “offline to online” business coach, property developer, dancer, husband and father, Gordon has worn and continues to wear many hats. Born in the northeast of England, Gordon brings a straightforward but warm approach to everything he does, always looking to understand the world around him, and for opportunities to make things more efficient and productive in simple but powerful ways. In 2010, he was staring into the depths of an abyss, having lost his home, marriage and job, in debt, and struggling to talk to even his own family. 10 years on, Gordon has rebuilt his life and confidence, and despite multiple challenges that were already deeply stressful before Covid-19 came about, manages to bring a reassuring calm to life, helping, advising and supporting friends, family, and colleagues alike. Website: Facebook:
May 17, 2020
The present is the only moment we have featuring Azul Terronez
Have you ever had the experience of feeling truly uplifted after a conversation? That's how I feel every time Azul Terronez talks with me and this episode is no exception. Before the great pause, Azul and his husband Steve were globe-trotters and they'd just launched their first major event and were planning more. Then everything changed. Azul shares what's important now as he adjusts to Pandemic life. There are some absolute gems in this talk, especially if you are a writer or aspiring writer and you need a much-needed boost. But even if you're not, you will love hearing from Azul. Enjoy! About Azul Azul is the CEO of Authors Who Lead, a world-renowned leader, an international speaker and host of the Born to Write podcast. He is a contributor to Thrive Global, Addicted to Success and The Good Men Project and is the bestselling author of The Art of Apprenticeship. Azul has been featured on Smart Passive Income Podcast and has spoken at Podcast Movement, Digital Nomad Conference among many others. This year, Azul launched his own mega event and is planning to kickstart an author membership and group coaching program. He runs Authors Who Lead with his husband Steve Vannoy and is currently based in Austin, Texas.
April 26, 2020
The arts paradox featuring Brendan Glanville
How important are the arts and creativity during lockdown? In today's episode, we discuss the arts paradox... the fact that a lot of people are turning to creative pursuits during lockdown but yet artists are unable to make a living. About Brendan Brendan Glanville is the founding artistic director of the Australian Acting Academy, an arts organisation that has created safe places for kids and teens to feel 100% supported to creative risks. He is a strong advocate for the power of stories we tell and listen too. to change our lives. He Acts, writes directs and is a father of 4 teens, a positive male role model for all the students of the AAA online.
April 17, 2020
What's Important Now Episode 1 Featuring Damien Johnson
In today's episode, Cara McCullough interviews her friend and musician Damien Johnson. Damien shares how working from home has become even better, how he's invested in his music more because, well, he can't spend money going places and how he's used the opportunity to experiment with different music styles and online activities to reconnect with his family. 
April 14, 2020