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The Wizard's Guide to Peak Performance

The Wizard's Guide to Peak Performance

By Bryan Pankow
Dr. Bryan Pankow interviews various guests and provides his own insights on how to perform at your best - on the field, in life, and in business.
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Isolation Edition - With Dr. Khanita Suvarnasuddhi
Today I speak with Dr. Khanita Suvarnasuddhi, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, and Chinese Medicine Herbalist in Clarksburg, Maryland. In her practice, Khanita blends Western and Eastern methods in treating her patients, and loves using traditional Chinese Medicine for today's modern stresses. Her focus is helping people live their best lives using holistic methods. Khanita's self-care practice draws from her years of martial arts which has taken modern shape over the past 5 years, and began with boxing when she was 12 years old.    Follow along with Dr. Khanita!  Website: On Facebook:     On Instagram:  
May 11, 2020
Isolation Edition - With Rick Alexander
Rick Alexander, Author of "Burn Your Couch" and "Ambitious Heros and Heartache" and host of "Morning Coffee" speaks to how he is spending the shutdown, and provides transformative steps that can be taken during the shutdown to use it efficiently. Check out Rick: On Instagram: On Morning Coffee: And Rick's current course, The Trials:
May 1, 2020
Isolation Edition - With Dr. Waqas Pervaiz
Today I speak with Dr. Waqas Pervaiz, Co-Founder and Fitness Director at Malta Chiropractic & Sports  Rehab. Dr. Waqas has been a Volunteer Fireman for over 15 years and assists with his family in their motel business.  We speak about how Waqas stays active on the daily and strives to get better and helps others with their own personal and fitness journeys during the shutdown.  Check out Dr. Waqas: On Facebook: On Instagram:  On LinkedIn: And if you haven't already, be sure to grab your copy of The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great Indoors here:
April 23, 2020
Social Isolation Edition - With Jeff & Jessica Depatie
Today I took the opportunity to speak with Jeff & Jessica Depatie, creators of The Special Forces Experience. We talked about the opportunity presented by this shutdown. Check out The Special Forces Experience - The Process & The Trials: Follow Jeff on Instagram: Follow Jess on Instagram: Jeff references Kitty O'Meara's In the Time of Pandemic, read it here: And if you haven't already, get your copy of The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great Indoors here:
April 16, 2020
Social Isolation Edition - With Jeff Chan
Today I welcome Jeff Chan, founder of MMA Shredded, where he creates martial arts and fitness content - including breakdowns, tutorials, training vlogs, and workouts - accessible to everyone around the world! Jeff is just returning from his ONE Championship debut, where he won his first ONE fight by submission.  We discuss Jeff's experience debuting in a closed-doors fight due to the COVID-19 crisis, his return home, and his time in quarantine after returning from his fight. Follow Jeff  On YouTube On Instagram And grab your copy of Dr. Bryan's The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great Indoors
April 13, 2020
Social Isolation Edition - With Emily Manuel
Today's guest is Emily Manuel of Plant Forward Nutrition.  Emily is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher, and founder of Plant Forward Nutrition. She has a passion for helping people discover the foods and wellness habits that allow them to feel their best and cultivate a healthy relationship with food and body. You can find Emily consulting with clients at Starr Wellness, giving wellness workshops all over Ottawa or sipping on coffee writing for her blog. Emily Speaks about how she is handling the COVID-19 shutdown and gives actionable tips for how to improve your relationship with food.  Check out Emily: On Instagram  On Facebook And if you haven't already, get your copy of The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great Indoors here!
April 9, 2020
Social Isolation Edition - With Mark Korte
Today I got to speak with Mark Korte of the Ottawa REDBLACKS. Mark was Ottawa's first-round draft pick in the 2018 draft, and bythe 2019 season was the team's starting left tackle.  We discuss how Mark is balancing working from home with training for the season.  Check Mark out on the field when the CFL season (hopefully) starts up again!  If you haven't already, grab your copy of The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great Indoors here!
April 6, 2020
Isolation Edition - With Aaron Guyett
Today I speak with Aaron Guyett of about how he is handling social isolation, how he has been prepared for this for many years, and how his routines set him up for success in any situation.  Also check out Aaron's most recent foray into fostering self-development, The Trials   Follow Aaron on Instagram through multiple accounts Aaron Leaders of Leaders Battle Ropes Exercises
April 2, 2020
Isolation Edition - with Dallas Alexander
In today's episode, I speak with Dallas Alexander of Live Elevated about how he has optimized his time in full isolation following returning from travel, and how he has made this into such a good experience for him that he'd like to do this regularly.     Check out Dallas at , and the Live Elevated Patreon Community      Follow his social media journey on Instagram Follow his music journey on YouTube And if you haven't already, grab your ebook copy of "The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great Indoors"!
March 30, 2020
Social Isolation Edition - With Chandler Cutler
I sat down today with Chandler Cutler of Phenom Engine to discuss strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners for weathering the uncertainty of the COVID-19 shutdown.      You can find Chandler at, where you can connect and schedule your 15min+15 min FREE business strategizing call.      Also, follow along with Phenom Engine on Social Media:    Twitter     Facebook    Instagram    LinkedIn   Email:    Grab your copy of Dr. Bryan's "The Wizard's Guide to Surviving the Great  indoors at:
March 25, 2020
Mental Performance - With Kurtis Pankow
Today I speak with Kurtis Pankow, Mental Performance Coach for the Edmonton Eskimos, Defensive Line Coach with the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football, and undergoing his Ph.D. at the University of Alberta researching Sport Psychology.  We talk about tactics used in professional sports settings used to achieve peak mental performance and give some actionable steps you can add into your own life. 
January 31, 2020
Purpose, Routines, & Discipline - With Farid Yaghini
Today I talk with Farid Yaghini, Chairman and Founder of Camp Aftermath. We discuss what he teaches participants in the Camp Aftermath program, suffering from PTSD, to help improve their lives, as well as what Farid does in his own personal life.   Check out Camp Aftermath:  Website Instagram YouTube
January 10, 2020
KatBionic - With Katrina Wright
Today I sit down with IFBB Fitness Pro Katrina Wright to talk about her journey through National level gymnastics to becoming a Fitness Pro! Check Kat out: Instagram YouTube
January 3, 2020
Clarity - With Rick Alexander
Today I speak with Rick Alexander, founder of The Clarity Academy, author of Burn Your Couch: A Manifesto for the Average Averse, ultra-endurance athlete, and host of Morning Coffee with Rick Alexander! Rick is an amazing guy with invaluable insights to offer - definitely give this episode a listen!  Links: Clarity Academy Burn Your Couch: A Manifesto for the Average Averse  Morning Coffee Podcast (Apple Podcasts)
December 27, 2019
Consistency - With Iain and Melissa Valliere
Today I speak with Iain and Melissa Valliere, bodybuilding's power couple, about their training and lifestyle habits that have helped them both reach the Olympia stage and be amongst the world's top bodybuilders!  Check them out on Instagram:  @ifbbiain  @melissabum Don't forget to subscribe and rate the podcast so that it shows up for more people! Thanks for listening!
December 20, 2019
Military and Entrepreneurship - With Jeff Depatie
Today I speak with Jeff Depatie, retired CANSOF operator and owner of The Special Forces Experience, about the habits that allowed him to thrive through his time in the Canadian Special Forces, and now as an entrepreneur.  Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst, by Robert Sapolsky Tao Te Ching Warriors of the Wasteland, by Douglas Hill I didn't get this up before mid-November, so you might want to try to get on the waiting list through the link above to see if a spot opens, or to sign up for Serial 3, 2021 Check out Jeff: Instagram
December 13, 2019
Overcoming Obstacles - With Chris Bumstead
Welcome to The Wizard's Guide to Peak Performance! This is our first episode, and we're really excited to bring out the podcast to you! The podcast is meant to focus on daily habits that can help perpetuate high performance in all aspects of your life To start the show off with a bang, we brought on Mr. Olympia Classic, Chris Bumstead! If you've got further questions you'd like me to ask Chris for round 2, send me a message on Instagram, @drpank  or @nobilitychiropractic and I'll make sure to include them for round 2!  Check out Chris On Instagram @cbum On YouTube
November 14, 2019