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Real Estate Innovation Podcast: What does it mean to be innovative?

Real Estate Innovation Podcast: What does it mean to be innovative?

By Judy Farhat
Join our conversations at the Real Estate Innovation Podcast, where we take a closer look at the evolution of innovation and what it means to be innovative in real estate today.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia

Powered by the Urban Land Institute’s Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI BC)
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HCMA - on community-centric architecture, design & branding

Real Estate Innovation Podcast: What does it mean to be innovative?

Addy - innovation in fractional homeownership
Tune in to a conversation between host Judy Farhat and Stephen Jagger, co-founder of Addy. Steve and Judy discuss addy’s fractional investing business model, its growth & success strategy, and how technology, community, and purpose-driven investing come together to open new opportunities in home ownership.
December 14, 2021
Fabric Living - strengthening communities through thoughtful purpose-built developments
Tune in to a conversation between host Nitasha Rajora, Jordan MacDonald (CEO) and Theresa Dillon (Sales and Marketing Director) of fabric living. Jordan and Theresa describe fabric's journey to date and describe how the company's design-forward, thoughtful approach to development is enhancing the landscape of emerging neighbourhoods and giving back to the communities that surround them.  
November 05, 2021
HCMA - on community-centric architecture, design & branding
Tune in to a conversation between host Judy Farhat and Melissa Higgs, principal and architect at hcma. Melissa discusses hcma’s rebranded, interdisciplinary approach to architecture and design, and how their practice invites talent, art and collaboration to lead the way for shared outcomes and values that ultimately inspire community-centric places.
July 30, 2021
Tribe Property Technologies - from property management to community building
In this episode, Judy Farhat invites a guest whose been making headlines as the visionary behind a new approach to property management.  Founder of Tribe Property Technologies, Joseph Nakhla leads the vision for a comprehensive suite of products and services that cater for building and managing residential communities. Tribe Property Technologies is a technology-enabled platform of services that works together with owners, residents, councils, and developers to understand community and what that means from pre-construction to post-occupancy. They’re redefining property management and making COMMUNITY, their new type of business. Tune in!
June 01, 2021
Reina Condos - commercial development from an all-women perspective
Judy Farhat chats with the director of development at Urban Capital ,Taya Cook, who helped steer the very first all-female development project in Toronto, Canada. They name the development Reina, the Spanish word for Queen. Reina today is all over the the news, dubbed the most impactful project of the year 2021 and a game changer when it comes to how building teams are formed, whose sitting on the decision table, and what kinds of discussions are taking place. Tune in!
January 16, 2021