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A Wolverhampton Wanderers USA fans podcast
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Upcoming game preview - Aston Villa (a) in the EPL

Whole Lotta Wolves

Wolves 0-0 Burnley | Wolves 0-1 Liverpool | Man City preview | Adam Ruehmer guesting
Adam Ruehmer joins hosts Joshua and Paul for guesting duties on this episode, as he's fresh back from an inaugural pilgrimage to the Molineux to watch the Wolves take on Burnley. Adam talks how this has been the pinnacle of his fandom after only coming onboard with EPL 18 months ago, and it's a "must listen" for any others out there planning to make the transatlantic trip. The trio go on to cover the gut-wrenching Liverpool loss, and then preview the upcoming away gam versus Man City. Joey and Mulv, the boys from the 'Noisy Neighbors' Man City podcast in the US, join us for the opposition preview segment. As always, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and for email get in touch using 
December 8, 2021
Norwich 0-0 Wolves | Burnley and Liverpool previews | With Trevor Railey, SoCal Wolves
Hosts Joshua and Paul continue the trend of having a representative from a newly-formed official supporters group join them, as Trevor Railey from SoCal Wolves has the guesting duties for this episode. The trio dig into the negatives and few positives from Saturday's goalless draw away at Norwich. And it's a double game week with Burnley first and then Liverpool, so each are previewed. Between shows, be sure to connect with Whole Lotta Wolves on the socials - Facebook and Twitter - or email us with your 'No Stupid Questions' or Supporter Group shout-outs - 
November 30, 2021
Wolves 1-0 West Ham Review | Norwich Preview | With Aaron McAlister of DFW Wolves
It's a new voice joining hosts Joshua and Paul this week, as Aaron McAlister from the newly-formed DFW Wolves makes his debut. The trip have lots of positives to talk about following the one-nil in against high-flying West Ham. It's then on to the next game with a trip to Carrow Road to take on Norwich City. To get in touch with DFW Wolves, you can connect on Instagram - or email Don't forget to connect with our show during the week on the socials - Twitter and Facebook - whilst for all of your email, including any 'No Stupid Questions' you wish to have answered, it's
November 24, 2021
West Ham Preview | WIth Brawley Darbon of the West Ham Way USA pod
Hosts Joshua and Paul go straight into previewing this Saturday's EPL clash at home to West Ham, and we learn about the opposition thanks to a guest appearance by Brawley Darbon, who co-hosts the West Ham Way USA podcast. There's two tasty 'No Stupid Questions' this week that ask about away venues and also take us on a trip down memory lane! There's supporter group shout outs for watching this Saturday's game together from fans in Charlotte and Houston. As ever, continue to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook between shows, whilst is how you can reach us on email.  
November 17, 2021
Palace 2 - 0 Wolves | Review with Joe Two in Connecticut
Hosts Joshua and Paul are joined by Joe Two from Connecticut who guests again on this week's review of the away defeat of Palace. We try and get to the heart of it and add some context, and the doom and gloom is further diminished by a ton of thoroughly engaging 'No Stupid Questions' from the listeners. As always, stay connected between episodes on Twitter and Facebook, and our email is for your 'No Stupid Questions' for the next show, supporter group shout outs, and general questions of us. 
November 11, 2021
Wolves 2 - 1 Everton Review | Crystal Palace Preview | With Alex Winter in Florida
Joshua and Paul welcome Alex Winter this week to review Monday's victory at home against Everton. The trio go on to preview the upcoming EPL fixture away at Crystal Palace, with Matt Sampson of the Palace Supporters Group in DC stopping by to give some insight into the opponents (:35m). There are also some supporter group shout outs this week, for US-based fans hoping to get together in Minneapolis/St. Paul, DFW, and Houston. For intros into any of these groups, email us at Between episodes, get connected with us on Facebook - and Twitter - @wlwpod. 
November 4, 2021
Leeds 1 - 1 Wolves | Everton Preview | With NY Wolves, Dan & David
This week Joshua and Paul are reviewing the 1-1 draw away at Leeds in the company of Dan and David from New York Wolves. With the focus shifting to the following game week when Everton come into town, proud Evertonian and co-host of the popular DU Football Show podcast Sam Huston provides the take from the opposition. There's a bunch of 'No Stupid Questions' including a cracker from a traveling American fan's perspective - do you try and plan a trip around a Wolves night game, or traditional Saturday 3pm kick off? As usually, get after us on the socials - @wlwpod on Twitter and @wholelottawolves on Facebook, and it's to email. 
October 26, 2021
Aston Villa 2 - 3 Wolves review | Leeds preview | With Teddy Eley in Baco Raton
With the dust just about settling following a crazy last 10 minutes on Saturday, Joshua and Paul do their best to try and break down the famous derby comeback versus Villa in the company of Teddy Eley. The trio also go on to preview the upcoming away trip to Leeds for the next EPL fixture. David Geckle from Baltimore comes back on to give his take on Leeds currently. There's a ton of 'No Stupid Questions' this week - very player focused encompassing Marcal, impact on the Africa Cup of Nations, Fabio Silva, and our individual 'Mount Rushmore' of Wolves players from our era. We're across the social - Facebook & Twitter - @wlwpod and you can also email us - do this if you're interested in any of the supporter meet ups mentioned this week too. 
October 19, 2021
Upcoming game preview - Aston Villa (a) in the EPL
Joshua and Paul preview the upcoming trip to Villa Park to take on local rivals Aston Villa. To preview the opposition they bring in Paul Mattey from the Space City Lions supporters group in Houston. They then go on further to talk about what the approach Bruno will take after an international break and the miles that key starters will have racked up travelling across time zones during this time. Included you'll hear the usual score predictions, and there's a No Stupid Question that asks about views on these international breaks. As usual, get connected on the socials - Facebook and Twitter - where we're at @wlwpod, or email us at 
October 14, 2021
Wolves 2-1 Newcastle Review | With Justin, Tennessee Wolves
Regular contributor Justin from Tennessee Wolves is back this week to join Joshua and Paul in breaking down the 2-1 victory at home to Newcastle this past Saturday. Hwang superlatives. Trincao's miss and missing. Who forms the forward trio? Traore benched because of his contract? Between games and for all of your No Stupid Questions, we're on Facebook and Twitter @wlwpod and email is 
October 5, 2021
Southampton review | Newcastle preview | With Joe Two from Conneticut
Joshua and Paul bring back Joe Two from Connecticut to guest on this week's show, and the trio break down Sunday's one-nil victory away at Southampton. Alan Llanes from the Toon Army Baltimore supporters group drops in to help with the opposition preview ahead of Saturday's clash when the Wolves welcome the Newcastle to Molineux. Again, there's No Stupid Questions dropped in throughout the show, and to add yours in the future simply email it through to or ask our socials, Twitter and Facebook. 
September 28, 2021
Brentford Review | Spurs (League Cup) & Southampton (EPL) Previews | With New York Wolves
This week, Joshua and Paul have representation from New York Wolves with David Koppe and Dan John guesting on the show. The disappointment of Saturday's defeat at home to Brentford is covered, along with previewing the upcoming clashes against Spurs in the League Cup and then away at Southampton on the weekend in the EPL. There's listener input with No Stupid Questions sprinkled in throughout the show. Between shows, connect with Whole Lotta Wolves on Facebook and Twitter, and is the email to use if you want to get in touch.
September 21, 2021
Watford Review | Brentford Preview | With Andrew of Atlanta Wolves & Wolfman Jeff
This week, Joshua and Paul welcome back the dynamic duo of Andrew Smith of Atlanta Wolves and Wolfman Jeff “on the porch” in Alabama for plenty of positives from Saturday’s away win at Watford. The group goes on to preview this coming Saturday’s home EPL fixture versus newcomers Brentford, along with answering plenty of No Stupid Questions submitted by the listeners. As always, get in touch across the socials - @wlwpod – on Twitter and Facebook, or hello@wholelottawolves.comto get in touch via email.
September 14, 2021
Watford Preview | No Stupid Questions back with a BANG!
Previewing the upcoming trip to Watford, Joshua and Paul bring in Richard Spragg from the local Watford supporters group in Houston for the opposition preview, and then go on to preview how we think the team will line up along with the usual score predictions. A request for the first No Stupid Questions of the season saw the inbox flooded, with everything from Jeff Shi's Athletic interview to the mystery of glue in a tube! Between episodes connect on our Twitter and Facebook - both @wlwpod - or email us
September 9, 2021
Man. Utd. review | Deadline Day car wreck | With Teddy Eley in Boca Raton
Joshua and Paul are joined by Teddy Eley in Boca Raton for the 4th episode of the second series of Whole Lotta Wolves. The key points from Sunday's game versus Manchester United are highlighted, and then a deep-dive into everything that transpired across the past 24-hours of the transfer window closing. On the socials - Facebook and Twitter - you can find us @ wlwpod, and good ol' email is
September 1, 2021
Tottenham review | Man Utd preview | With Justin, Tennessee Wolves
It was a repeat of the showing in the second half versus Leicester for the whole game against Tottenham, and another miss from Adama that will be placed under the microscope with a 0-1 loss. Joshua and Paul are joined by regular guest Justin from Tennessee Wolves to review the game, speculate what could happen this week as the transfer window draws to a close, and then preview another heavyweight coming to town in the form of Manchester United next Sunday. Big reds fan Colm Hamill in Massachusetts gives us the lowdown on the opposition. In between episodes, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or email directly 
August 23, 2021
Leicester review | Spurs preview | Joined by Mike, Virginia Wolves
From spirit animals to belly tickles, there’s a lot for Joshua and Paul to digest in the second episode of the new season. They’re joined by Mike Schad of Virginia Wolves to do this, and the trio cover the Leicester loss, much of the transfer window speculation, and look ahead to Sunday’s fixture when Nuno comes back into town with Tottenham. Andrew from the Tottenham Depot podcast hops on to help with the opposition preview. As ever, get in touch across the socials – Twitter and Facebook – or good old email
August 18, 2021
Season 2 kick off! Leicester Preview | With Danny Paoletti from Baltimore Wolves
Joshua and Paul are back with season two of Whole Lotta Wolves! Joining them to preview the first game of '21/'22 is Danny Paoletti, who's been busy laying the groundwork for Baltimore Wolves. The trio cover the preseason developments including outgoings and incomings, and a big wishlist thanks to a visit from "Santa Lage"! Jim from Texas Foxes in Houston hops on for the opposition preview. We're on Twitter and Facebook, and to reach us directly for anything covered in the show or related, email
August 11, 2021
The King is dead; Long live the King | Bruno Lage | An introduction by John Batista
Well it was a name mooted early, and so it transpired, with Bruno Lage officially announced as the new head coach. Not necessarily a household name, hosts Joshua and Paul bring back Whole Lotta Wolves’ resident expert when it comes to the Portuguese league, John Batista, to provide the introduction. Formations, shape, and intent are all covered, along with some potential incomings and outgoings. Don’t forget that our listener survey will be open throughout the close season to get your feedback as we plan for season 2. It can be accessed on our website or on our socials.
June 11, 2021
End of season... end of an era. Thank you, Nuno.
Who would have known just a few days ago when we wrapped up the last episode that we’d be facing the most pivotal summer in recent history, due to Friday’s announcement of Nuno’s departure?  It was such a significant development that hosts Joshua and Paul are joined by a number of guests for this season’s wrap – Teddy Ely, Wolfman Jeff, Andrew Smith, and Alex Winter – to try and break down a crazy few days.  Circumstances, memories, and what’s next are all covered in this hour-long special.  Also remember listeners to do the survey as we reflect on our first season as a podcast and how we can improve in 21/22 – you can do this direct online at
May 24, 2021
With Ryan Gray in Rhode Island | Spurs, Everton reviews | Man Utd preview | POTS | 'Start, Squad, Sell'
Joshua and Paul welcome Ryan Gray in Rhode Island for the penultimate episode of the season.  There wasn’t too much to talk about from the past two games apart from probably one standout player, so that led the trio to start summarizing the season by way of discussing player of the year and reviewing all of them in a ‘Start, Squad, Sell’ segment. This will also be available on our website and Social Media - Facebook and Twitter - - to have listener participation too.  Also be on the look out for our listener survey on the website – – so we gather feedback and look to improve the podcast next year.
May 21, 2021
With Joe Two in Connecticut | 2-1 win vs. Brighton reviewed | Preview & Predictions for Spurs & Everton
Hosts Joshua and Paul get Joe Two in Connecticut back this week and they have a win to talk about! 2-1 versus Brighton and all that went with it, with the performances across the team covered. The upcoming double game week with two away trips to Spurs and Everton is previewed, along with score predictions for both. And there's some testing 'No Stupid Questions' this week, especially when it comes to a potential departure. You can ask your own NSQ on our Socials - Facebook - and Twitter -, along with on our website also - Joe is on Twitter, and his podcast is 2 Fast 2 Forever - 
May 11, 2021
With Mike, Virginia Wolves | 1-1 vs. WBA debrief | Brighton preview with Paul from Stateside Seagulls
It was a somewhat disappointing draw in the Black Country Derby, and Joshua and Paul are joined by a returning Mike Schad from Virginia Wolves. The trio do highlight some bright spots across the team and some green shoots thanks to the youth. Next up is another blue and white Albion, Brighton on Sunday.  Paul Dorsey from Stateside Seagulls pops in to help us get the lowdown on the opposition. Some good listener input in this episode again with ‘No Stupid Questions’ about our attacking intent and Vithina’s future. For these and everything else, you get in touch with Whole Lotta Wolves via Twitter -, Facebook -, or by emailing For Mike and Virginia Wolves, they have a Twitter - along with their page on the Worldwide Wolves website -
May 4, 2021
'We Hate Albion 102' - Our Black Country Derby preview with special guest, Karl Henry
It's a very special preview of the upcoming Black Country Derby versus West Brom at The Hawthorns, as Joshua and Paul are joined by former Wolves Captain Karl Henry to talk about his experiences of the ficture, his favorite game in a Wolves shirt, what he'd like changing in the game today, along with his prediction of Monday's score. We were delighted to have listeners take part live to ask questions, and we also asked Karl those that were sent in from around the country in advance.  
April 28, 2021
With Alex Winter in Florida | The 0-4 Burnley debacle
Well we joked last week that Burnley was going to be a slobberknocker. And it certainly was. For their fans! Joshua and Paul are joined by Alex Winter in part 1 of a 2-part special this week, and the trio try and get to the bottom of what on earth went wrong, and the potential knock-on effects it may have into the future. We read out some 'Social Shoutouts' from across the globe this week, and for the special announcement about part 2 of this week's show that you'll hear toward the end of this episode, this is a reminder that the email you'll need to use is
April 27, 2021
With Justin from Tennessee Wolves | Reviewing the 1-0 win vs. Sheffield Utd. | Anticipating a Burnley slobberknocker | Saying "NO" to the ESL
Hosts Joshua and Paul welcome back regular contributor Justin Buznedo from Tennessee Wolves this week, and it was all set to be a 'Groundhog Day' review of a 1-0 win versus a lowly team and a preview of another one coming up when Burnley come to Molineux this Sunday. But then 12 of the greediest leeches of European football decided to drop the mic on the game we love with yesterday's bombshell. So that's discussed at length. For the usual 'No Stupid Questions' in each episode, or to get a 'Social Shoutout' highlighting the part of the world you listen to podcast from, use our Twitter -, Facebook -, or email
April 20, 2021
With Paul Smith from Florida Wolves | Review Fulham 0-1 Wolves win | Previewing Sheffield Utd with Chad from Blades in the USA
There was some special last-minute Adama-time to celebrate in this week's show, with hosts Joshua and Paul joined by returning guest, Paul Smith from Florida Wolves. The last-gasp win at Craven Cottage was covered, along with the upcoming visit of Sheffield United. A big thanks going out to Chad from Blades in the USA for coming on to provide the opponent's view of the game. For ways to get in touch, be it a 'No Stupid Question' or a 'Social Shoutout' for the part of the world where you listen to the podcast from, use our Twitter - @wlwpod -, Facebook -, or email You can also send us a voice file of your question or shout out that we'll use directly in the show!
April 13, 2021
With Joe Delluis in Connecticut | West Ham loss broken down, and Fulham previewed
This week, Joshua and Paul introduce a new guest, Joe Delluis in Connecticut. The trio try and pick out of the positives from the loss to West Ham, along with diving into the implications of Jonny's new knee injury. Part of the transfer speculation this week has a blast from the past for older fans, whilst Paul adds a new criteria that all new signings must adhere to! On to the trip to Fulham on Friday they go, and is it stick or twist with the line up and mentality we saw versus West Ham? You can get a hold of Joe through all of the Socials related to his podcast, 2 Fast 2 Forever, based on The Fast & The Furious movie franchise.  Follow Whole Lotta Wolves across social media on Twitter and Facebook, and use these to submit your 'No Stupid Questions', or email them to
April 6, 2021
With Chris Wood, Ohio Wolves | News from during the break | West Ham preview
Joshua and Paul are joined by returning guest Chris Wood from Ohio Wolves, who was previously on the podcast right at the very start on episode 2.  The trio discuss some notable items from the extended break, including Saiss's contract extension, standout performances of Wolves players for their national teams, and a host of incoming and outgoing transfer speculation.  Then it's on to getting down to business with a return to EPL action on the horizon and West Ham coming to Molineux on Monday night, and the usual score predictions.  Finishing up with some 'No Stupid Questions' about team stereotypes and the correct pronunciation of names!  Connect with Whole Lotta Wolves on social Twitter - and Facebook -,  Reach out to Chris in Ohio as part of the official Worldwide Wolves collection of supporters groups -
April 1, 2021
VAR-cical! Review of the Liverpool defeat, thanks to… you guessed it! Whole Lotta Wolves episode 25
Teddy Eley out of Boca Raton Fl. joins Joshua and Paul again to put a bow on the Liverpool game.  What was more obvious? Dodgy VAR-ing, or a Jota winner? Well, have both! The were some low-points but some high spots too that the trio review.  No Stupid Questions this week gets us talking Vitamin D, along with the Wolves Women’s season scrapped again, and Social Shoutouts summarizes our support across North America.  For more on the Worldwide Wolves network of local supporter groups in North America and across the globe, visit www.  And get liking and following Whole Lotta Wolves on Facebook and Twitter!
March 17, 2021
Jigsaws, Jenga, and prolonging the first half suffering | Villa review, & Liverpool preview with Teddy Eley in Florida
Joshua and Paul are joined by a new guest for this week's episode, welcoming Teddy Eley from Boca Raton, Florida.  The trio tackle the first half no-show and second half sitters versus Villa, and expectations with a severely out-of-form Liverpool coming into town. There probably hasn't been a busier 'No Stupid Questions' segment, as they get quizzed on the positional order of priority for next season, Jonny Otto, hotbeds of US Wolves support, and alternatives to watching the first halves of our games! For all this and more during future episodes, get in touch via our Facebook, Twitter, and email -
March 9, 2021
Death, Taxes, and a draw versus Newcastle | Plus Man City & Villa previews
Well surprise, surprise – a draw against Newcastle, with a typical pattern of play, is what Joshua and Paul have to break down this week with the help of a new guest we’re hearing from for the first time, Steve Evans out in LA. The trio go on to look ahead to a double game week of tough away trips, versus league leaders Man City and local rivals Aston Villa. There’s a couple of tasty 'No Stupid Question's that get answered too. Fellow fans in LA or visiting can get a hold of Steve via the Wolves USA page on Facebook or by emailing him -
March 1, 2021
The Positive Podcast! With special guest Jason Guy, host of The Wolf Whistle podcast, and ‘Tales From The Tape’ in print
Positivity is a common theme that runs through this week’s episode, as Joshua and Paul welcome Jason Guy as an extra special guest.  Positivity is a word that can certainly be used to encapsulate Jason, be it his outlook when it comes to his beloved Wolves or how it’s been used when confronting the challenges faced in his personal life. It continues to be a very moving story, as he tells us about his latest fundraising efforts in the form of the written transcripts of his popular ‘Wolf Whistle’ podcast interviews of former Wolves players and management, published as “Tales From The Tape”. There’s further positivity found by the trio as they discuss the Leeds victory, along with previewing Newcastle and what the remainder of the season may bring. For the contest, the email for entries is and the closing date is Saturday, February 27th. The winner must reside in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. For international listeners especially, one of the easiest ways to get yourself a copy is from the Wolves official online shop
February 22, 2021
Toe to toe in a stalemate vs. Leicester | Patron Saints of conceding goals? FA Cup & League Southampton previews
Plenty of positives from a point against Leicester that Joshua and Paul dissect, and then it’s on to the Southampton double-header in the FA Cup Thursday, and away in the league Sunday morning. To help with the view from the opposition, we get the input from Matt Markstone from the Southampton Dellivery podcast. There’s a No Stupid Question that tackles the topic of recent weeks – 5, or 4 at the back? And the usual Social Shoutouts. Get involved across our socials – Facebook and Twitter – or via email
February 9, 2021
iNsaNItY! Wolves beat Arsenal in the battle of the imploders | with David Koppe from NY Wolves
Well, who saw that coming, eh? Certainly not Joshua, Paul, and David after the first 10 minutes today versus Arsenal. But there's luck, and we'll take it! The trio highlight the plus points, and what it means at this stage of the season, before moving on to preview the next game when high-flyers Leicester roll into town on Sunday. We get Leicester fan Jim from Texas Foxes to try and tell us what to expect from them in the opposition focus, and a 'No Stupid Question' that's weather related from Ron in Canada! Hit us up on the Socials - Facebook - and Twitter - or go old school with an email -
February 3, 2021
“With 5 at the back…” | Positives from a Stamford Bridge stalemate, plus Palace & Arsenal previews
If you love dogged attritional defensive displays then the trip to Chelsea was just for you!  Joshua and Paul are joined again by Justin from Tennessee Wolves to put a positive spin on things, and hope that it’s a start to build on.  The trio look ahead to the Palace and Arsenal fixtures in another double gameweek, and thanks to Matt Sampson again from the DC Palace Supporters for coming again for the opponents preview segment.  A No Stupid Question about the welcome at Molineux for international supporters, and the link for the membership mentioned in that segment is Send your No Stupid Questions in, and any Social Shouts Outs for next week’s episode, on our Facebook, Twitter, or email Connect with Justin at Tennesee Wolves via
January 29, 2021
Getting #NunoIn trending | Albion autopsy, Chorley FA Cup, & Chelsea EPL previews, with John Batista guesting
Where do you start after a defeat to your fiercest rivals who are rooted in the bottom three? Joshua and Paul are joined by the returning John Batista in attempting to do this. Plenty of questions around the team and formation ahead of this week's games versus Chorley in the FA Cup and then Chelsea in the EPL too. A No Stupid Question on our friend VAR and the impact of Nuno's comments against ref Lee Mason, and a bunch of Social Shoutouts. To do either of this in upcoming episodes, get in touch on Facebook - , Twitter - or email
January 20, 2021
'We Hate Albion 101' - an exclusive with Steve Bull ahead of this season's first Black Country Derby!
It's now here - it's Derby week - West Bromwich Albion come into town for the first Black Country clash in 8 years. So what does it mean to our fanbase? Why is it so important?  To answer these questions and a ton more, Joshua, and Paul are exclusively joined by Wolves legend, the club's leading goal scorer and former England international, Steve Bull!  This comes after we cover the previous two games this past week, and afterward, we give our views on the best line-up and score predictions. Bully mentions it, and Paul goes into detail behind the significance of drawing non-league Chorley in the 4th round of the FA Cup too. Follow us on social media - both Facebook and Twitter - and get in touch via our website or by emailing
January 13, 2021
I'll take a Costa & an Eriksen please! Festive games review, plus Palace in the FA Cup & Everton in the league previews, with Mike Schad of Virginia Wolves
It was a blue Christmas without a win in the three games that Joshua and Paul review in this week's show, with the help of Mike Schad from Richmond, Virginia Wolves. And now that January's here, it's speculation time again with the transfer window open, and one or two spots for the Wolves to fill.  We have a full to overflowing 'No Stupid Questions' mail bag this week to go through, which looks at the left back spots, expectations for the league finish, total games in a season, and what constitutes our 'Old Gold' jersey color. It's a double game week with the FA Cup this weekend, and then Everton the following Tuesday in the EPL that Joshua, Paul, and Mike preview. For getting in touch with Mike and the Virginia Wolves supporters group, head to: and
January 5, 2021
What were you doing at 18? Burnley & Chelsea reviews, festive period previews, & a HUGE announcement ahead of an upcoming special
It seems that the ghost of Wolves' Championship mediocrity past paid a visit over the last week. Bouncing back with a thrilling victory versus Chelsea, then getting bullied by lowly Burnley. Joshua and Paul have Justin from Tennesee Wolves returning for his regular guest spot to dissect all of this, and then look ahead to a busy 3 game festive period. We have Ryan’s Coach’s Corner about where the formation went wrong during the Burnley defeat, and a couple of Social Shoutouts. Plus there’s HUGE news - exclusively for listeners - about a special podcast recording in the new year that you can be a part of, as we begin to preview the first Black Country Derby of the season and teach America what it’s all about. A reminder that the email to be a part of all of that is
December 22, 2020
Winter is coming! No, it's not all doom and gloom - it's Alex Winter helping us review the Villa loss, and preview Chelsea & Burnley.
Winter is coming! No, not the impending gloom of a tough December after the Villa loss. It is in fact Joshua and Paul being joined by Alex Winter this week, from the sunnier climes of Florida. The trio break down the Villa defeat, and tackle the double header gameweek coming up against Chelsea then Burnley. Joshua throws and impromptu No Stupid Question into the mixer about some striker speculation, and there’s three Social Shot Outs from across the globe too, including the nuances of Gornal’s geography. To get yourself featured in either of these segments, head to Twitter or Facebook, or direct into the inbox at Visit our website if you'd like to come on the podcast as a guest, volunteer to help with its production and publicity, or discuss our available sponsorship packages.
December 14, 2020
Liverpool post-mortem, and Villa preview | With Nate from Football Neophytes
Where do you start after a 4-nil pumping?  Joshua and Paul try to do their best this week, and are aided with some cross pod-ination by welcoming Wolves fan Nate Hughes from the Football Neophytes podcast. The post-match debrief is extended into a No Stupid Question about our striking options, and the guys go on to preview the upcoming Villa derby. There’s input from the opposition thanks to Paul Mattey from Space City Lions, along with the usual predictions.  Social Shoutouts this week starts here in the US and goes over the pond. To get in touch and be involved in any of the show’s segments you can find us on Twitter @wlwpod and Facebook /wholelottawolves, or make a run into the inbox by emailing
December 8, 2020
We're all pulling for Raùl | Arsenal review | Liverpool preview | With Justin from Tennessee Wolves
Lots to get stuck into this week, with Joshua and Paul joined by Justin from Tennessee Wolves for his regular guest slot. First and foremost it’s putting Raùl firmly in our thoughts, and hoping everything works out for him in recovery so he returns to 100% health, prior to even thinking about kicking a ball again. But there’s a ton of praise for the team in tackling that adversity with a historic win away at Arsenal. The formation again is a big talking point; something that Ryan also elaborates on in 'Coach’s Corner'. Justin goes improv with a 'No Stupid Question', and a few 'Social Shout Outs' thrown in there too. For either of these in upcoming episodes, get in touch with us across Facebook and Twitter, or even go shoot us an email - *** We also mention a fundraiser back in the UK to support a Wolves fan seeking a specialist cancer treatment, and how we can contribute through the special prints designed by George Rinaldi. If you’re US-based and want to be a part of our bulk order, head to this website - - and then let us know the print and size you’d like to order with an email to ***
December 2, 2020
Beers, Bimbo, & an oiled-up Adama | Southampton preview
Who’d have thought that a simple preview show of the upcoming Southampton game would take Whole Lotta Wolves down 85 minutes’ worth of random rabbit holes including beer, bread, RUN DMC, and Ross from Friends’ monkey??! Well that’s what happens when Joshua and Paul invite Wolfman Jeff from Soccer in the South and Andrew from Atlanta Wolves back on as guests! We’re also packed full of Social Shout Outs this week, and a couple of solid No Stupid Questions. As per, get a hold of us on Facebook and Twitter, or with an old skool email to
November 17, 2020
Lackluster at Leicester, with Dan John of the award-winning NY Wolves | Exclusive interview with Joe Hunt, International Projects Manager at Wolves
Joshua and Paul have Dan from New York Wolves back on the show, for a look at what went wrong during Sunday’s defeat at Leicester. Ryan’s ‘Coach’s Corner’ is a particularly revealing focus on an important area that Podence needs to develop. We get a few of our listeners joining in with a new segment, Social Shoutout! A major highlight of this week’s show is the interview with Joe Hunt, who is the International Projects Manager at Wolves. It’s an insightful peak behind the curtain of the depth that goes in to developing the Club overseas and maximizing our popularity in emerging markets. It’s well worth a listen, and if Joe’s scope of works indicates that there’s the possibility that you may be able to collaborate on projects together if you’re involved in organized youth soccer or coaching at a club, then he encourages you to get in touch via email at As usual, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and send us your ‘No Stupid Questions’ to be featured on the following show.
November 10, 2020
Palace positives, Neves & Donck in the Coach's Corner, & Leicester preview, with the returning Justin from Tennessee Wolves
Another new signing joins Joshua and Paul this week, with Justin Buznedo from Tennessee Wolves returning to take up a regular guest spot. The trio discuss the positives from the Crystal Palace win, with a Coach's Corner from Ryan Gray that focuses on the performance of Neves and Donck in the middle of the park. We preview a potentially tough battle this coming Sunday away at Leicester. Jim Harris is our opposition fan from Texas Foxes who gives us the lowdown on our East Midland neighbors. There’s a No Stupid Question asking whether our developing style of play will allow us to crack the top 4, plus the usual predictions and a special one added this week also. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter, slide tackle into our DMs, or go old school with an email to Thanks as always to the Wolfpack Howlers for the use of their music throughout the show, and we encourage you to get a copy of their album from the Wolves megastore.
November 3, 2020
Carrada de Lobos! With US Portuguese fan John Batista, & new - Coach's Corner
A really unique fans perspective comes to you this week, as Joshua and Paul are joined by John Batista. John is prolific across social media and offers a unique viewpoint thanks to his Portuguese heritage and fandom. The three review the Newcastle game, and preview the upcoming Crystal Palace league fixture, where the opposition segment is provided by Matt Sampson of the Palace Supporters Group in DC. Also, we're pleased to announce a new signing - Ryan Gray returns to provide his unique insight on the previous game from a coach's perspective in 'Coach's Corner'. Slide tackle into our DMs across social media : Facebook - | Twitter - | Ask Us a No Stupid Question About the Wolves CONECT with John FCportoNj on Twitter - and subscribe to the Heavily Opinionated channel on YouTube -
October 27, 2020
Have a drink of "Sedgley-ade"! With Wolfman Jeff & Andrew of Atlanta Wolves, reviewing Leeds & previewing Toon
Joshua and Paul are joined by a southern tag team this week - Andrew from Atlanta Wolves, and Wolfman Jeff in Chattanooga. The Leeds win is covered in-depth, with a couple of related 'No Stupid Questions' thrown in for good measure, and the upcoming EPL fixture against Newcastle previewed. Alan, from Toon Army Baltimore joins in to help with the opponents segment. The episode is NOT sponsored by The Beacon Hotel in Sedgley, but we wish it was! Get in touch via the Socials, slide(tackle) into our DMs, and email
October 22, 2020
Leeds preview & predictions, Coady celebrations, and a Coaches View with Ryan Gray from Rhode Island
This week, Joshua and Paul are joined by professional Coach Ryan Gray who lives in Rhode Island. Ryan spent time at the start of his career involved with the Wolves in what's now the Wolves Foundation, so he brings a unique look at style, formations, and creativity. The three look ahead to the upcoming Leeds game, and are joined by Leeds fan David from Baltimore who helps preview the opponents. Connor Coady's amazing international break is covered, and we finish with the usual No Stupid Questions. Follow us on Facebook - - tweet with us on Twitter - @wlwpod, and follow Ryan across all of his socials if you're in Rhode Island and would like to learn more about his coaching, along with his own podcast - The Coach's View pod.
October 16, 2020
Fulham review, and grading the transfer window. With Dan John, NY Wolves.
On this episode of Whole Lotta Wolves, we're joined by Dan from NY Wolves.  There's positives and negatives to discuss from the Fulham victory, and a comprehensive grading of our transfer window, with the help of some listeners via Twitter.   No Stupid Questions this week prompts us to take a look at the up and comers from the Wolves Academy.  Once again there's a treat playing you from the Wolf Pack Howlers!  Contact Dan for everything NY Wolves related by searching for the group on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and please do as much of the liking, reviewing, and 5-star-ing of this podcast wherever you possibly can.   To ask your own 'No Stupid Questions' or to simply get in touch, slide tackle into our DMs on Twitter or email  Get liking our page on Facebook, too.  Whole Lotta Wolves website.
October 7, 2020
Hammers horror show! Fulham fillip? And Josh would donate a body part to the cause!
On this episode of Whole Lotta Wolves, we're joined by Justin from Tennessee Wolves.  We do what needs to be done in 'reviewing' the West Ham shambles, and try and put a positive spin on things heading into Fulham this coming Sunday. Jason from 'Fulham In The South' provides the detail on the opponents.  The usual transfer guesses and prediction of Ronaldo signing, and a couple of 'No Stupid Questions' that we get to answer.  Contact Justin for everything Tennessee Wolves related by email at, and please do as much of the liking, reviewing, and 5-star-ing of this podcast wherever you possibly can. F or 'No Stupid Questions' or to simply get in touch, slide into our DMs on Twitter or email  Get liking our page on Facebook, too. Whole Lotta Wolves website.
September 30, 2020
Howling with delight at Semedo! Man City debrief, looking ahead to West Ham, with Paul of Florida Wolves and a bonus to close out the show
Joshua and Paul pack a lot into the latest episode, as they're joined by Paul Smith of Florida Wolves. The Man City defeat is dissected, and the upcoming West Ham game previewed with the help of Mike Younger from the Bayou Ironworks West Ham supporters group in Houston. All the transfer talk, including the jet-flying, limousine ridin' arrival of Nelson Semedo and other possible moves before the window shuts. We close the show out with an extra special treat that's in homage to our number 9! Get involved with Whole Lotta Wolves on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.
September 24, 2020
Una Corona por favor, Sheff Utd review, Man City preview, with David Koppe of NY Wolves
This week we're joined by David Koppe of NY Wolves, to chat about the Sheffield United win and look ahead to Manchester City. Mark & Joey from the Noisy Neighbors podcast give us the lowdown on the opposition. Plus the latest transfer rumors. Follow Whole Lotta Wolves on Twitter, and 'Like' us on Facebook.
September 17, 2020
Chris WWFCOHIO Wood (not the Burnley one), Sheff Utd preview, and a whole lotta transfer speculation! Ep. #1
Joshua and Paul are joined by Chris from Wolves Ohio to preview the first game and talk through a busy weekend of transfer speculation. Chad from Blades in the USA comes on the talk through the opposition, and 'Molineux Memories' this weeks takes a look back at memorable opening days with the help of contributions off the Molineux Mix forum. We finish up again with 'No Stupid Questions'.  Get involved via, our Facebook, and Twitter.
September 7, 2020
Whole Lotta Wolves - A Wolverhampton Wanderers USA fans podcast - Preview
This is the kick off show to the new Wolverhampton Wanderers USA fans podcast, Whole Lotta Wolves.  Hosts Joshua Buckley and Paul Lappage introduce you to the format and what you can come to expect each week. There's a number of ways to interact - namely via email, Twitter, and Facebook. Shout outs and inspiration mentioned for this coming together go to: Wolves Fancast The Express & Star Wolves podcast Molineux View podcast from The Athletic The Old Gold Club The Wolf Whistle podcast The Drunkard United Football Show Glenn Davis in Houston Links mentioned during the show: Official Wolves supporter groups in North America Become a Wolves International Member
August 26, 2020