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Much more than accounting services… WMT has a reputation for fresh thinking and flexibility.

Amongst our clients we count dynamic organisations with drive and ambition as well as lifestyle businesses, charities and private individuals.

Your goals and objectives are unique. The WMT team makes a point of understanding them so that we can provide ideas, advice and support as needed.
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Discussion with Brian Trollip from Dishoom
In our latest podcast, we chat with Brian Trollip, Managing Director of Dishoom, about how Dishoom adapted and coped with the problems faced by hospitality during the pandemic. For help and advice, contact our team today!
August 20, 2021
Tax After Coronavirus - What you need to know
The impact of Coronavirus on the public finances has led to considerable speculation about the potential for tax rises.  At the beginning of March this year the House of Commons Treasury committee published a ‘Tax After Coronavirus’ report on how the country will recover, what taxes may have to rise and what allowances will be affected.   But what is actually is likely to happen?  And how can taxpayers plan for the unknown?   In our latest podcast, our expert team evaluate the findings of the report.   For help and advice, contact us today!
June 18, 2021
Round Table - The Hospitality Sector Post-Lockdown
In our latest podcast, we hear from Peter Davies, Partner and Head of Hospitality at WMT, and Peter Flaxman, Head of Hospitality at WMT in London about how the hospitality sector will change and adapt post-lockdown. For help and advice, contact our expert team today!
June 09, 2021
Webinar: It’s time to get your business set for 2021
Business challenges and opportunities are always easier to control and adapt to when you have your finger on the pulse of your business finances.   During this webinar, WMT’s Adrian Le Roux, demonstrates the Four Step Plan for setting the foundations of good business financial management. This includes:   Real time accounting data  The role of management accounts and reporting  Cash Management Tools and Techniques  The importance of KPI’s For help and advice, contact our expert team today -
February 26, 2021