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WN Podcast with Miriam Gudino

WN Podcast with Miriam Gudino

By Palm Harvest Podcast Network
Miriam Gudino is a voice for the immigrant community in Costa Mesa California.

She is a connector and lover of people in all walks of life; rich and low-income, anglo and hispanic, it doesn't mater where you come from, we are one humanity.

Join the conversations as we get to hear from community leaders with the focus to empower the youth, the old and everyone in-between.

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Mike Glenn's
Mike Glenn has been living in Newport Beach for about 17 years after moving here chasing his career opportunities. Mike was upset when the government seized his friends property just like that, He decided to be more involved with what happens in the city And found out a way in which he could have a voice in the community. He took the advice of his 3rd Grade teacher who used to say it only takes one person to get anything started, one person willing to accomplish anything. Mike has now founded: Save Newport, a Non-profit focusing on local news, events and politics in the City of Newport Beach. Mike Believes one of the best ways to see change happen is to get involved in your local counsel meetings and even run for office. Mike is going to share his thoughts on how two cities need to resolve problems, be better neighbors and Thrive Together. Thank you for listening to the WN Podcast. If you would like to know more about what Mike Glenn is doing you can check out his website And also, we invite to check out more of how we are connecting as humans at our website Westside.Network
February 25, 2020
#6 Gabe Andrade - PAIS Missionary: From Brasil to Costa Mesa, California
There used to be a time when a lot of missionaries to the world came out of the United States. This time it seems like the US is receiving them from other places in the world.  In this episode we are talking with Gabe Andrade, a missionary from Brasil (and apparently a great Cook too, we can't wait to find out soon!).  At only 21 years old he was called to come to Costa Mesa and now he is known as the "Estancia guy" because he is part of another Christian Club in this Highschool.  Mili and him are talking about how the 2 clubs can work together. Mili is gonna share how her spiritual CPR lessons are gonna bring an awakening!  Brasil here we come!
November 27, 2019
#4 Chris Kretzu - Healing our anger and loneliness
In this episode we are talking with Chris Kretzu from South Hills Church in Costa Mesa. In the wake of another school shooting Mili brings some thoughts to the table about anger, fear and loneliness. What if we look at our past as shaping us, but no defining us.  What if we look outside of ourselves, of what feels good to me, what is comfortable for me and start putting the needs of others first. We often hear only "good vibes" allowed, we attribute our behaviors to our DNA and generational sin, what does it look like to act upon the invitation of Jesus  to love even our enemies. 
November 15, 2019
#3 Christine Nolf - Conflict is good, don't run away
Hi friends!  On this episode we sat down with Christine Nolf, a Pastor from @redemptionoc here in Costa Mesa. She will share a little of her story growing up in Costa Mesa and going to @estancia.asb in... was it 1994? Estancia Highschool is a place of connection, of diversity.  Why is conflict probably one of the ways to actually come together? Listen now!  Check out Follow @miliave 
November 15, 2019
#2 Josh Carman - Making long-lasting friendships
Yooo We sat down with youth pastor Josh Carman from The Crossing Church in #CostaMesa to talk about Friendship and relationships. What does it take to have a long lasting friend? What do we mean when we say Jesus is the foundation for our relationships? Send us your comments and questions! @westside.nights
November 08, 2019
#1 Victory Center - How to help a friend struggling with addiction?
We told some students at Estancia Highschool in Costa Mesa to ask God a question, one of those questions was how can I help a friend with substance abuse?  As part of the answer, Mili sits down with Alec and Gabe from Victory Center, these 2 guys are part of an outreach to the youth around the world, they will talk about their experience and their work in the city of Costa Mesa, California, they will share their own struggle with addictions like weed and drinking and how they could overcome it.  Find ous on Instagram: @westside.nights
October 24, 2019