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The Global Credit Union Podcast

The Global Credit Union Podcast

By World Council of Credit Unions
Hear how World Council of Credit Unions engages in advocacy, development and education to champion and grow credit unions and cooperative finance worldwide on our monthly podcast. We'll feature interviews with World Council's diverse array of experts and other credit union professionals from our global membership base.
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Episode 15: Can Credit Unions Provide Solutions to Ease Global Food Insecurity?

The Global Credit Union Podcast

Episode 15: Can Credit Unions Provide Solutions to Ease Global Food Insecurity?
Episode 15 of the Global Credit Union Podcast examines the global food security crisis caused by COVID-19, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and climate change and looks at whether credit unions can provide more solutions to help local food producers. Jacob Kirkegaard, nonresident senior fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) and resident senior fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States, joins the program to discuss the current issues with the globalization of our food supply.  Arthur Faviero, structural operations and sustainable finance specialist with Sicredi, the largest credit union system in Brazil, also joins the program to talk about the innovative agribusiness solutions they have created and whether they can serve as a model for credit unions worldwide. If you're interested in learning more about Sicredi's innovative agribusiness solutions, you can email Arthur at 
July 13, 2022
Episode 14: Forging a Path for Migrants Through the Economic Inclusion Project with Oscar Guzman
Oscar Guzman, Chief of Party for World Council of Credit Unions’ Economic Inclusion Project (EIP), discusses how the USAID-funded activity in Peru and Ecuador connects Venezuelan migrants and low-income local residents to financial services, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, and also works on the prevention of gender-based violence. At the two-year mark, the Economic Inclusion Project has had a tremendous impact in South America and provides some lessons on how to assist migrant and refugee populations around the world.
June 15, 2022
Episode 13: ABCUL CEO Robert Kelly on Glasgow Hosting the 2022 World Credit Union Conference
Robert Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL) is our guest for Episode 13 of the Global Credit Union Podcast. ABCUL, World Council’s direct member credit union association in the United Kingdom, is co-hosting the 2022 World Credit Union Conference in Glasgow, Scotland with WOCCU from July 17-20. Along with being an expert on the UK credit union movement, Robert is also a Glasgow native. He talks about all the great things that await you in Scotland—both at the conference and outside of it. And if you’re still thinking about joining us in Glasgow this July – Robert will have some great reasons as to why you should register today. You can register for the 2022 World Credit Union Conference, and find a list of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, hotels, day tours and more, by visiting
May 18, 2022
Episode 12: 36 Hours in Rzeszow
World Council of Credit Unions' (WOCCU) President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde and members of the WOCCU Credit for Agriculture Producers (CAP) Project visited Rzeszow, Poland on April 19 and 20 to hold a series of meetings aimed at exploring ways they can help provide further assistance in Ukraine, where credit unions, their employees and members continue to deal with the tragic consequences of the Russian invasion.  The CAP Project is a USAID-funded activity focused on strengthening Ukraine’s credit unions and expanding access to agricultural lending. McCarter LaBorde first met with the CEO of a CAP partner credit union in western Ukraine, who we are not identifying out of concern for his safety. But the CEO spent hours discussing the current challenges facing credit unions that belong to the All-Ukrainian Credit Union Association, a WOCCU associate member member organization. He also shared details on the ways credit unions are assisting displaced credit union members from eastern Ukraine, and told us what credit unions need now, and what he believes they will need the international credit union movement to help them with in the long term.  McCarter LaBorde also met with representatives from USAID's Ukraine Mission and members of the United Nation's Office for Coordinated Humanitarian Assistance (UN OCHA) to discuss future ways WOCCU could help improve the situation on the ground in Ukraine through our member credit unions.
April 21, 2022
Episode 11: The Impact of the Russian Invasion on Ukrainian Credit Unions
Our guest on this edition of the Global Credit Union Podcast is “Aleksandr.” A liaison to the Ukrainian credit union movement, Aleksandr talks about the dire circumstances facing both the people of Ukraine and its credit unions. Aleksandr is not his real name. We chose to hide his identity for his safety, but the stories he shares about the devastating impacts of the Russian invasion of his country are very real. Aleksandr discusses what life is like for credit union employees and their members in Russian-occupied areas of the country, where there is a lack of food, water, communications, electricity and heat. He also talks about what the country’s credit union associations and regulators are doing to make it easier for those credit unions that are still operational, and what the country might need to get all their credit unions back up and running once this conflict is over. If you want to help the people of Ukraine in the short term—and Ukrainian credit unions and their members in the long-term—you can do that by making a donation to Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions’ Ukrainian Credit Union Displacement Fund. Click here to donate. To learn more about how credit unions in Ukraine are overcoming the challenges they face and how the global credit union movement is working to assist them, follow updates on World Council’s Ukrainian Crisis Response blog.
March 16, 2022
Episode 10: A Preview of the 2022 World Credit Union Conference
The World Credit Union Conference returns as an in-person event for 2022! We preview the conference set for July 17-20 in Glasgow, Scotland on Episode 10 of the Global Credit Union Podcast. Belinda Parmar, founder and CEO of The Empathy Business is the featured guest. She will address attendees at the conference on why it is important for credit unions to embrace an empathic style of leadership. Her presentation at WCUC is sponsored by PSCU. World Council of Credit Unions’ Event Marketing and Communications Manager Kadie Hochmuth also joins the show to preview the other keynote speakers and breakout session topics to be featured at WCUC 2022. If you have yet to register for the 2022 World Credit Union Conference, you can do that right now at You can also find more information there about the conference schedule, hotels, day tours and other activities.
February 16, 2022
Episode Nine: The 2022 Global Regulatory Update
Sustainable finance is one of the fastest growing areas of concerns for regulators and credit unions, which is why it is the focus of World Council of Credit Unions’ 2022 Global Regulatory Update for Credit Unions and Financial Cooperatives. World Council Assistant General Counsel of International Advocacy Panya Monford and World Council Senior Vice President of International Advocacy and General Counsel Andy Price join Greg Neumann to discuss that and the other topics covered in their 2022 Global Regulatory Update. That includes how their efforts paved the way for credit unions to expect regulations that are more favorable to expanding financial inclusion, and how digitalization, cybersecurity and cryptocurrency will be more closely scrutinized by regulators in the months ahead.
January 19, 2022
Episode Eight: How a Peruvian Fintech is Digitizing Credit Unions in Just 30 Days
Facundo Turconi, owner and CEO of Solven, a South American fintech, is featured on Episode Eight to discuss how his firm has helped credit unions in Peru offer digital credit options to their members in less than two months through World Council of Credit Unions’ Economic Inclusion Project. Funded by USAID, the Economic Inclusion Project seeks to expand financial inclusion to Venezuelan migrants and low-income local residents in Peru and Ecuador. Facundo also talks about the obstacles preventing many credit unions in Latin America from offering digital services and why many of those roadblocks are common ones for credit unions throughout the world. If you want to learn more about the work Solven is doing with the Economic Inclusion Project in Peru, you can read about our joint efforts on World Council’s Challenge 2025 blog.
December 15, 2021
Episode Seven: How GWLN and WYCUP Are Leveling the Playing Field for Women and Youth
Results of a first-time demographic survey of World Council of Credit Unions' member credit union associations showed women trail far behind men when it comes to credit union membership and leadership. The responses, from 34 credit union associations on five continents, also showed the average credit union member is far older than the average person in the general population.  But two World Council and Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' programs are actively trying to to reverse those trends. In this episode of the Global Credit Union Podcast, Host Greg Neumann talks with:  - Mary Rose Gob, Knowledge Resource Center Head/Senior HR Advisor for the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO-Philippines) and a member of the Global Women's Leadership Network (GWLN), and - Vinicius Mattia, Sicredi (Brazil) Youth Committee member and a member of the World Council Young Credit Union Professionals (WYCUP) program.  Gob gives her insights on the issues holding back more women from becoming credit union members and preventing women working in credit unions from ascending to leadership roles. She also discusses the role GWLN plays in reducing the inequities in both areas.  Mattia talks about the obstacles credit unions must overcome to appeal to more young consumers and reduce the age of the average member. He talks about why WYCUP can be a powerful tool credit unions can tap to reach out to more young people worldwide. You can learn more about WYCUP here.  You can learn more about the Global Women's Leadership Network here.  To find the report on Sicredi's Youth Committees referenced by Vinicius in this episode, click here.  And to find the demographics survey data discussed in this episode of the podcast, click here and go to page six of the 2020 Statistical Report.
November 17, 2021
Episode Six: WOCCU President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde
New World Council of Credit Unions' (WOCCU) President and CEO Elissa McCarter LaBorde is the featured guest. Elissa took over her new leadership role in August 2021, bringing more than 20 years of experience leading organizations in delivering financial services to underserved communities across the globe. For the previous 12 years, Ms. LaBorde served as Chief Executive Officer of Vitas Group, a for-profit holding company she established under Global Communities, an international development and humanitarian aid organization that operates in 27 countries. Ms. LaBorde also served for 16 years as Global Communities’ Vice President of Development Finance, overseeing the non-profit organization’s strategy, investment and thought leadership in financial inclusion. Greg Neumann talks to her about why she felt the time was right for a new challenge and why she thinks credit unions offer a huge opportunity to financial inclusion around the world through further digitization.
October 20, 2021
Episode Five: Building Global Bridges with Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' Executive Director Mike Reuter
Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions’ Executive Director Mike Reuter joins the program in Episode Five to discuss the global journey available to credit unions that take part in the Global Bridges program. As the charitable and engagement arm of World Council of Credit Unions, the Worldwide Foundation started Global Bridges to allow credit unions to select and customize thematic content that gives a global context to current credit union challenges through interactive webinars, peer-to-peer engagements between credit unions from around the world, and conferences that add value to existing education and training programs. Mike Reuter discusses the creation of Global Bridges, some of the experiences credit unions are benefiting from due to the program, and how he sees the initiative growing as it moves forward.
September 15, 2021
Episode Four: Gender Lens Investing and Credit Union Development
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has gained significant interest and momentum in the credit union industry over the past few years. Episode Four of the Global Credit Union Podcast delves into a topic related to DEI as we look at the role of gender in credit union development. Funded by USAID INVEST, World Council of Credit Unions’ Gender Lens Investment for Credit Unions Activity in Senegal is piloting a gender lens investment methodology for credit unions to connect women with needed capital. As community-centered financial cooperatives, credit unions are ideally positioned to deliver blended capital solutions that increase investment in women-led businesses. The pilot is being implemented through UM-PAMECAS, the national credit union association for Senegal. Sophie Romana serves as the lead gender specialist and SME finance consultant on the project. Diattou Coulibaly serves as the activity’s local consultant and inclusive finance expert. Both join Greg Neumann to talk about the obstacles facing women when it comes to obtaining loans and other types of financial products in the developing world; why it is important those obstacles be removed; and how the goal of their work is to make it easier for women to obtain credit to build and grow businesses. They also discuss how they are working with women working in the pilot credit unions to create a Global Women's Leadership Network Sister Society chapter.
August 18, 2021
Episode Three: WOCCU Senior VP of International Advocacy Andrew Price
If you work in compliance at a credit union or you advocate on behalf of credit unions at any level of government, you know that standard setters and regulators never sleep. And this summer seems to be even busier than usual for the professionals with World Council of Credit Unions’ International Advocacy team, as the G20 discusses the importance of financial inclusion and other international standard setters focus on the digital operational resilience of financial institutions. So, what does all that mean for credit unions? Andrew Price, World Council Senior Vice President of International Advocacy, joins Host Greg Neumann this month to talk about why those issues are of particular concern for WOCCU—and how he’s working with our members to make sure the credit unions we represent are treated proportionally on those issues. We also discuss: the issues credit unions still face due to COVID-19. what’s new with the regulation of payments. what is sustainable finance and how is it changing the landscape of financial services? You can learn more about the work of Andrew Price and our International Advocacy team does by reading their Advocate blog at and The Telegraph monthly newsletter at
July 15, 2021
Episode Two: 2021 World Credit Union Conference Preview
World Council of Credit Unions' annual World Credit Union Conference (WCUC) is going all virtual for 2021! Due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, WCUC 2021 will be held online from July 14-21. But that doesn't mean it won't be as exciting as our traditional in-person conferences. In fact, in some respects, it offers more education, engagement and networking opportunities for attendees. It also allows more credit union professionals to take part in the experience, because there are no travel or accommodation costs with a virtual conference.  We talk with Kadie Hochmuth, World Council's Event Marketing and Communications Manager, and Kassandra Schroeder, World Council's Virtual Engagement and Special Events Manager, about why you won't want to miss what they have planned for WCUC 2021.  To learn more about the conference and to register, visit - and be sure to tag the conference on social media with #wcuc2021
June 16, 2021
May 25, 2021
May 25, 2021
Episode One: World Council of Credit Unions' President and CEO Brian Branch
This is the first edition of The Global Credit Union Podcast – a new initiative of World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). This new monthly podcast is the only one that will focus on the international credit union and financial cooperative movement. We started this podcast to provide the international credit union community with an in-depth look at some of the interesting and important stories we have to tell here at WOCCU, particularly in the areas of International Advocacy, International Projects, Education and Networking, and Digital Transformation. But we will also be telling your stories about the work credit unions across the world are doing on behalf of their members. We start by looking back on the tenure of our soon-to-be outgoing President and CEO Brian Branch. He will be retiring in July 2021, after more than 30 years with WOCCU – the last 10 as the leader of our organization. He talks about starting his work at WOCCU during the early 1990s when civil wars were raging in Central America and communism was ending in Eastern Europe - and ending it during a pandemic that is causing global upheaval. During those crises and all the ones in between, Branch explains how credit unions have been there for their members - and how World Council of Credit Unions has continued to find new ways to help them strengthen, innovate and grow.
May 19, 2021