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Without Limits Runners Podcast

Without Limits Runners Podcast

By Tom Clifford, Without Limits
As runners and in life, we set ever-increasing goals and peaks to achieve. We face ever-widening obstacles and gaps to overcome. Embracing our challenges and celebrating our successes. Tune in and listen to discussions on running, endurance sports, triathlons, race events and nutrition + ways to improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually, all from the perspective of the endurance athlete.
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A Record Free Dive by a Runner!
Alex Llinas @saltyfreediver dove 70m (230’) without fins or the aid of any propulsion or pulling…it is basically a modified breast stroke all the way there and back.  It was a Continental record for South America and his 5th National record.  I did it because just like with running, I wanted to explore the results of dedicating a year to freediving training would have and to see where my limits are or as you would say without limits.  I also want to hopefully inspire some people to chase their goals and dreams despite adversity and what life throws your way.  If a at 44 years a person that has had cancer and other health issues can successfully start their competitive freediving career, so can many others start to pursue their dreams and passions.  It is early in the year and my 1st competition, but have a few other goals and comps coming up and I am hopeful Incan overcome some of the issues I am having with my equalization.  This is a journey and nothing is guaranteed, but i’m sure gonna try like hell!
July 21, 2022
Continued Discussion on Running, Weight Loss, Eating Issues with Diana Davis
We follow up with registered Dietitian Diana Davis on eating issues.  One of our previous podcasts with Terra Jackson discussed her eating disorder and how she overcame that.  Now we get into some more healthy conversation on how to deal with it from a dietetics standpoint.  Listen to Tom and Diana on this topic that many athletes struggle with.
July 21, 2022
Body Image with Top Hyrox and Dekafit Athlete Terra Jackson
Tom Clifford talks with one of the top Hyrox and Dekafit athletes in the world Terra Jackson.  Terra began her athletic career in running and had major eating and body issues.  Her image was her nemesis and she found a way out and is now faster than she has ever been.  Listen in on what Terra has to say and hopefully she will inspire you!  You can follow Terra at: @terranovatrainer on instagram and on Facebook
April 14, 2022
Athlete Communication at Races with our Athlete Services Coordinator Tracy Meyerson
Tom Clifford and Tracy Meyerson discuss race rules, athlete communication, advice for athletes from a race directors point of view and an athlete's point of view.  Tracy Meyerson is 58 year young and has done 34 out of 50 states for the marathon.  She has done over 50 marathons (or greater distance) is the USATF 2015 Marathon Trail Champion age 50-54 an a Barkley Fall Classic Finisher.  She has been the president of the Wilmington Road Runners and a board member for 15 years.  She started her own company Good Habits in 2019 and calls herself a lifestyle modification specialist.  Her favorite quote is "YOU MUST BE THE CEO OF YOUR OWN HEALTH" Tony Robbins.
April 14, 2022
What it means to be a VIP Runner?  Why go VIP at your next race
Let's Talk VIP status at your next race with Destination Marathon!  Tom Clifford and Mark Janik, two Eastern Michigan grads talk VIP packages.  Destination marathon is a great option for your next marathon experience and they come to the Novant Health Wilmington Marathon along with other large races around the world.  Listen in if you are thinking "I might want to go VIP"
December 23, 2021
Breathing - Wim Hof for Endurance athletes and more techniques for meditation and performance.
Tom Clifford talks with certified breathing instructor and Without Limits Coach Angela Midget on breathing, Wim Hof Method and how breathing can help you overcome many things in life and may enhance performance in endurance sports!
December 23, 2021
Ice Baths, Breathing and Intermittent Fasting. What I have learned and explored
Tom Clifford talks about exploring the benefits of Ice Baths, Wim Hof Breathing and Intermittent fasting during a period of low training load time.  Does all of this work?  We will get into more details about each of these on separate podcasts but for now, chime in and take a listen to how this has affected Tom.
October 26, 2021
Overcoming Depression, Eating Disorder and Weight Loss Through Endurance | 14 Year Anniversary in Business
Without Limits turned 14 this summer of 2021.  Tom Clifford talks a little bit about the past and the future.  Read the WOL 14 Year Story here  Tom then interviews athlete Kim Baldwin gets into a deep Podcast on her past fight with depression, an eating disorder, weight loss and a near death experience.  How did she do it?  What was her journey like?  This is a must listen because we all know someone going through it, but what are they feeling.  This is a great listen.
July 09, 2021
Mental Fatigue
Tom Clifford interviews psychologist and clinical social worker Tracy Hilsman ( Mental fatigue is real for all of us and all athletes.  So what happens when you are mentally fatigued and how do you overcome it?  Do you have physical symptoms?  Can you perform when you are mentally fatigued?  How does your brain affect your performance.  Take a listen on what ALL OF US go through when life hits, a pandemic hits and we are extra busy while trying to race and train. - Music by O.A.R. Taking on the World Today
May 19, 2021
Breaking Color Barriers
Our guest is Angela Midgett AKA Love Uplifted Lady. Angela is an black female who has made it her life's purpose to guide others into living their own Love Uplifted Lifestyle. She believes whole heartily that in order to conquer a life, you must first conquer the self. We ask and answer questions such as: How to get more black people into the road race world, what does it feel like to be black at a race and fight against any stigmas, how can all sides show up and help pursue change!  Enjoy the podcast!
March 27, 2021
Youth Running Development
Listen in on Without Limits coaches and former youth athletes discuss training, coaching philosophy, memories and experiences, and how to get to the next level in running starting at the youth level!  Coaches Tom Clifford, Colin Hackman, Aaron Kolk, Ryan Hauck, Justin Fischetti, and youth athletes Robinson Snyder and Jamie Whitmer come together on a super fun discussion. Learn more about our youth programs here:
February 10, 2021
This podcast is with Kyle Phillips, a 23 year veteran in the US Marine Corps. We discuss accountability which is defined as being ANSWERABLE TO YOUR ACTIONS. There is pressure to hold yourself accountable, and pressure is a privilege, especially in endurance sports!
February 05, 2021
The Magic of Southern Tour Ultra and the Ultra Marathon Scene
We talk about ultra running, the magic of Southern Tour, and dig into the newest event this year, Last Man Standing. It was AWESOME!  Tom Clifford was interviewed by The Ultra Running Guys Podcast You can search "The Ultra Running Guys" wherever you get your podcasts. This is one you don't want to miss! LINK TO: @theultrarunningGuys LINK TO: Without Limits Events #TheUltraRunningGuys #Podcast #RunningPodcast #IAmWithoutLimits #UltraRunning #SouthernTourUltra
January 03, 2021
Are You In A Slump Mentally or through Injury?
Coach and athlete Tom Clifford discusses his own set back and also has guest athlete Alecia Williams on who overcame a broken femur in the Boston Marathon and 3 surgeries to fix it.  Alecia is now a grand master and is running 7:30 miles on the track.  You will get inspired and learn how to mentally overcome the hurdles you experience when you are deeply injured or in an athletic slump. BLOG ABOUT ALECIA:
December 02, 2020
Overcoming Injuries and Setbacks - Strategies for Safely Returning to Training
Without Limits hosts Coach Chris Bailey in a forum environment to discuss injuries and returning to training.  We also discuss other alternatives that assist running fitness and chat about how to stay fit without pounding your body too hard.
September 18, 2020
Ultra Marathon Q and A with 25 Ultra Athletes
A little different podcast episode in that we had 25 people chime in on a zoom chat with Coach Matthew Hammersmith and Coach Tom Clifford. Athletes asked questions to Coach Matt and Coach Tom. Both coaches weigh in on some of the subjects on Ultra Marathoners' minds: How to get into Ultras, nutrition, heart rate, blisters on your feet and more! Learn about Matt Hammersmith and some of his experiences getting into the sport and coaching it.
August 19, 2020
Aaron Kolk's Solo 140.6 Effort in 8:42
Professional Triathlete and Coach Aaron Kolk discusses his solo 140.6 effort to raise nearly $7,000 for charity. Aaron talks about all aspects of the event from it being his first 140.6 race to his mindset, nutrition and coaching philosophy. While Aaron may not be one of the known elite’s, “YET” he gives great advice and not many can say they did 8:42 all alone for their first IRON-DISTANCE triathlon.
July 25, 2020
The Aging Runner
60-year-old Brenda Estlack and 70-year-old Eddie Buchanan join us for the conversation on aging as a runner. Brenda and Eddie are not just any old runners though, they are state record holders, national ranked and very motivated to continue. How do they stay motivated? What do they do differently? What keeps them out there? Along with this podcast is a great blog written by Eddie that goes along with aging as a runner.  Find that blog here:
July 01, 2020
Paul McMullen Olympian on His Journey from High School to College to Professional
Tom Clifford interviews U.S. Olympian Paul McMullen about his running experiences. Paul talks about his career in High School, his Collegiate experience at Eastern Michigan, his professional career and what drove him to greatness. Paul gives great advice to young athletes who are striving for greatness and adult athletes who are looking for the edge. 
June 13, 2020
Connecting Faith and Endurance: The Race of Life
Tom Clifford talks to Father Richard Sutter of St. Gabriel Church in Charlotte, NC.  Father Sutter and Tom connected after the 2017 IRONMAN NC 70.3 Triathlon at Sunday Mass.  Father Sutter, himself, is a triathlete and marathon runner.  He has competed in the 70.3 world championships and run 2:58 at the Boston Marathon.  Father Sutter talks about the connection between endurance sports and faith, how to pray better when in your sport, who to pray for, how suffering in life and endurance sports are related and more!  If you want to grow in your faith and use your sport as an outlet, this is a great listen.
June 03, 2020
Running Chat May 2020
Tom Clifford and Colin Hackman talk about racing the mile and why it is good for everyone to do and try.  Then they transition to ULTRA MARATHON crazy distance running, Colin talks about Avery Collins a normal 8K 10K guy that now is a known Ultramarathon runner "RUNNING HIGH"  The talk then transitions to the importance of sleep, then to Colin discussing mental health, addiction, his own personal experiences and how it ties together into his love for running.  We finish up with some quirks and funny stories about Tom.
May 28, 2020
Swim Run The Sport, What It's All About
Tom Clifford interviews Kristen Jeno a coach, event director and SwimRun guru.  Kristen has a long list of accolades for SwimRun as an athlete but she is also a SwimRun race director for SwimRun Lake James and race director of Swim the Loop 3.5 mile swim.  Kristen has done the Otillo world championships, the 2016 SwimRun Georgia, 2016 SwimRun Casco Bay – 4th place female team, 2016 SwimRun Hanging Rock – 3rd place female team, 2017 SwimRun Casco Bay – 2nd place female team, 2017 SwimRun Hanging Rock – 1st place female team, 2018 SwimRun Hanging Rock – 1st place female team, 2019 Rockman SwimRun.   Kristen and Tom discuss how to get into the sport, what it all entails, some tips on training, what its like to train with a partner, and equipment needed.  Learn about SwimRun and maybe you'll want to add it to your bucket list for the journey and experience or to really race it and take it on as your new sport.  You never know!  EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE #IAMWITHOUTLIMITS
May 24, 2020
Journey to the Olympic Trials for 3 Amateur Runners
Coach Tom Clifford interviews Brittany Perkins, Erin Hogston, and Peyton Thomas on their journey to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials.  Also including special guest and training partner Bridget Phillips.  Bridget decided to train with these girls so she could try to break 3 hours at age 44.  The podcast is more about the journey of how qualifying for the trials unfolded for each of them, their advice to you, how Bridget began as a 4:03 marathoner and overcame many mental hurdles to get under 3 including stepping way out of her comfort zone to train with Brittany, Erin and Peyton.  If you want to be inspired, and meet 4 amazing women who are driven, set goals, and never gave up, this is a great listen! 
May 10, 2020
Running Chat April 2020
Tom Clifford has guest runner, race director, timer, and meteorologist Colin Hackman on the program.  Colin and Tom have been friends and work partners for over 10 years.  The conversation begins with current events with COVID-19.  We start out by discussing Colin's solo 26.2 B.Q. on a 10 x 2.6 mile course, then go into COVID-19 discussion on smaller race events this fall.  Tom's talks about his background, what motivates him, how he still competes,  runs 3 businesses and raises his two daughters.  Colin then interviews Tom on his background, mistakes, and a little fun Q and A.  If you want to get to know us better, this is one to listen to:)
May 01, 2020
Running Event Impacts from COVID19 for Race Directors and Runners
Tom Clifford interviews Dave McGillivray, owner of DMSE Sports and Race Director of the Boston Marathon. Tom and Dave discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the race event industry, tips for race directors, how runners themselves can assist in understanding what is happening and how they can help to make races successful when they return.  Dave is a runner himself and has a list of accomplishments personally and professionally.  This podcast is sponsored by Long Run Recovery Formula and Without Limits Events.
April 24, 2020
Nutrition During COVID-19 and Immune Boosting Runners Supplementation
Tom Clifford interviews Registered Dietitian Diana Davis, R.D. on nutrition pitfalls during COVID-19 lockdown, weight gain, and how to boost the immune system to fight off infection and recover better.  We also discuss the effects of alcohol, the best way to supplement for runners, IRON, and some tips on periodizing eating when training increases and decreases.  Diana has been a registered dietitian nutritionist since 1983 and has been a Without Limits athlete since 2010. She started running to keep up with her husband, Phillip and their two children.  She began as a walker at age 50 and qualified for Boston for the first time in 2019.  She is an amazing inspiration on how to start from ground zero and break through limits!
April 14, 2020
How Running Endurance Relates to Life Success
Without Limits owner Tom Clifford hosts the podcast on running and endurance sports relating to life.  Overcoming obstacles, resilience, and failure combined with personal experience.  Guests are Kyle Phillips and Keith Parrella who are both endurance athletes and have served 22 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Kyle has completed over 10 marathons, Ironman finishes, Swim Run races, and lives the sport every day,  and Keith has done several 100-mile races, over 25 ultra marathons and JFK 50 x 3.  This is a motivational podcast that will give you advice and guidance of preparation, readiness and overcoming fear of failure.
April 05, 2020