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The Den - Conversations with Andrew Wolffe

The Den - Conversations with Andrew Wolffe

By Wolffe
I'm Andrew Wolffe and I’d like to invite you to the Wolffe studio (our Den) to listen in to a series of conversations about the business of creativity and creative thinking in business.
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Blair Bowman
This week I'm in conversation (on Zoom; and apologies for audio quality) with Blair Bowman, internationally recognised whisky consultant and author. Blair shares his views on how the whisky sector is embracing innovation, and how he 'listens to his gut instinct'. Slainte!
March 23, 2021
Paul Scharf
This week, I’m in conversation with Paul Scharf from G.F. Smith, to talk all things paper. Paul Scharf calls it “Brand in Hand”, and discusses how he sells paper to enhance design.
March 17, 2021
David Reid
This week, I’m in conversation with David Reid, founder of Because Brands Matter - Edinburgh-based brand building and marketing consultants who are some-time collaborators with Wolffe. Over a nice bottle of Claret, we discuss a bygone era when great ideas, magic markers and layout pads were all that mattered.
March 17, 2021