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Wolfgang Sport Podcast

Wolfgang Sport Podcast

By Matt Ieriko
The ultimate amalgamation of sports and culture! The Wolfgang Sport Podcast shares a passion for US & UK sports culture which has evolved into an entertainment industry and a way of life for sports fans. Hosted by Matt Ieriko, episodes cover a fascination for sports subcultures including sports card trading, analytics and sports pop culture.
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The Worst NBA Team in History & the #1 Mistake for All Sports Card Collectors to Avoid
This week’s episode explores the worst team in NBA history. Michael Jordan helped create the best team in history in Chicago but also helped create the worst in Charlotte. Jimmy Kraken also joins the show to discuss the #1 mistake all sports cards beginners need to know to avoid.
May 14, 2020
Beginners Guide to Sports Card Collecting and the Hobby Slang
This week’s episode explores sports card razzing with Jimmy Kraken and how much of it makes up our personal collections. Also listen out for the Sports Card Collecting 101 Guide for Beginners as we discuss trading card slang and meanings to help those new to the game.
May 14, 2020
The Unexpected Impacts Coronavirus is Having on Sports Culture
Today’s podcast visits the uncharted territory of the Coronavirus and the impact it’s had on sports culture. Jimmy Kraken stops by to give his take on the growth phenomenon of sports culture and the explosion of sports trading cards.
April 27, 2020