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This Is Woman's Work with Nicole Kalil

This Is Woman's Work with Nicole Kalil

By Nicole Kalil
If you have ever felt like there aren’t enough minutes in the day, or like the pressure of work is killing you (especially when it’s combined with the pressure to look and be perfect along the way), then this podcast is for you.

When you trust yourself, build healthy partnerships, and grow your confidence, you can be who you are truly meant to be.

If you’re a career motivated, get-shit-done, multi-juggling, badass woman, you just found your new safe space.

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008 / The Problem Is How You See The Problem With Lisa Kalmin

This Is Woman's Work with Nicole Kalil

095 / How Are You, Really? with Jenna Kutcher
So many of us feel like we're inundated with ‘should’s, ‘supposed to’s, unsolicited advice, expectations and general pressure to do it all while making it look effortless. In the face of all of that noise, you’ll hear today from one of my bucket list guests, how to learn to listen to yourself again. I’m THRILLED to welcome Jenna Kutcher as my guest today. If you have somehow managed to make it through life up to this point without knowing who she is, Jenna is a Minnesota wife, mother and entrepreneur who aims for two things daily: helping others wake up to life, and staying in comfy pants (now, that’s a mission I can get behind). Host of the top-rated Gold Digger podcast, she’s helped hundreds of thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams through her work as a leading online personality and educator.  Her book, How Are You, Really? is about to hit the shelves and I am so excited we all get to hear from her. We are going to invite you to get a little uncomfortable. Because as Jenna says, “the realist version of you deserves to be known and listened to.” To pre-order Jenna’s book go to and follow her on IG @jennakutcher To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 29, 2022
094 / Struggling With A Decision
As a business owner I have to make some tough decisions where there is no way to be absolutely sure if I’m making the right one when I’m making it. This can lead to over-thinking, increased stress, and even looking for signs or someone who can just tell me what to do… because like so many people, I don’t love uncertainty. On today’s episode I share about a dilemma that I’ve been working through the last few months (if I’m being honest the last few years) around social media. I open up about my doubts, my fears and ultimately the steps I decided to take to get out of my comfort zone, and get into action. But this episode really isn’t about social media at all, it’s about listening to your inner voice, choosing an empowered perspective, deciding for yourself, getting clear on your boundaries and getting into action towards what REALLY matters to you. And if I’m going to encourage you to do all that, I better do it too! Because the woman I am becoming and the woman YOU are becoming will cost us… but we should choose her over everything. That is woman’s work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 20, 2022
093 / The Audacity To Be Queen with Gina DeVee
I’ll be honest that I generally find the idea of women calling themselves “queen” a little cheezy. But I love it when someone comes along and changes my mind! On today’s show I’ve invited the incomparable Gina DeVee to be my guest. Gina is the founder of Divine Living, a global lifestyle and empowerment brand for women, a speaker, transformational coach, host of the “Divine Living” podcast, and author of “The Audacity to be Queen.” Gina shares with us how to release all forms of self-doubt and self sabotage so that we can discover the best version of ourselves. “In every woman lives a queen, who is confident, poised and clear on her calling. She is bold and unapologetic. Drawing from her spiritual connection and feminine nature, she accesses the power to manifest her desires and fulfill her purpose. The era of invisible women is over, your time to be queen has arrived. The days of dismissing ourselves and our desires end here, no longer must we pretend to be anything other than our brillant, capable and fabulous selves.” And that definitely sounds like woman’s work to me. As you heard in this episode, Gina has been a huge support and I've already experienced personally the value of her work.  Here's a little insider information I'd like to share with you... Gina is hosting an incredible program later in the month, but in the interim she is offering this FREE 3 day event this week (Wed-Fri), check it out HERE! To learn more about Gina visit her website at and follow her on IG @ginadevee. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 15, 2022
092 / Making A Career YOU Turn with Ashley Stahl
In this episode of This Is Woman’s Work, we are going to explore a topic I know many of you are overthinking: making a career decision or transition. Making what my guest calls a YOU turn. I’ve invited Ashley Stahl, a counterterrorism professional turned career coach to join us today. Ashley is the bestselling author of the book You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design your Dream Career. You probably have already heard of her from her two viral TEDx talks, or from her show “The You Turn” podcast, or in her monthly career column in Forbes. Ashley shares with us how to discover your best career path. When you know yourself intimately, deeply and truly, it becomes much more obvious where you fit, and where you don’t. And it becomes clearer who and what’s meant for you, and who and what isn’t. And let’s be real… you invest too much time, effort, energy and talent into your job to be doing something you hate, or to be doing it with people who don’t appreciate the fully historic arrangement of badassery that is you. So go find or create that job, and if it requires a YOU turn, well that is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Ashley visit her website at and follow her across all social media @ashleystahl. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 08, 2022
091 / Why Must I Curse?!
In this episode of This Is Woman’s Work, I share my response to the question “why must you use the f word so much?” Yes, someone actually asked me that. You bet your a$s I had an answer. But before I share my answer, I have a little fun exploring what cursing means, my boundaries around using it and when I think it’s appropriate and when it’s not…for me. Because I am the decider of what words come out of my mouth, as are you. My intention in cursing is never to demean or disrespect or even for shock value. I do it because I choose to. Because it’s authentic, it’s a way to release frustration, express a genuine feeling, and because it often just makes things way funnier. Does it always need to be so serious? So professional? I think the f*#@ not. LOL! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 01, 2022
090 / Unmasking Modern Motherhood with Katherine Wintsch
If you are a self-doubting mom who would love nothing more than to feel confident as a parent, you are not alone, and this episode is for you. Our guest on today’s episode of This Is Woman’s Work is Katherine Wintsch, founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, and author of Slay Like A Mother. Her research has been featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Working Mother magazine, to name a few. And she’s here today to share some of that ground breaking research from her popular book so that we can ALL slay like a mother. “The dragon raging inside you has a name and it’s self doubt. You’re the only one who can see it so you’re the only who can slay it. You have two choices, either learn to slay this beast, or it will slowly and silently slay you. If you don’t rise up and take back your life, and your sanity, the constant battle and fighting will wear you down and wear you out. And you, your family and the world will miss out on the best of you. You can do this, let’s go slay some dragons.” – Katherine Wintsch This is Woman’s Work To learn more about Katherine, visit, click HERE to sign up for her newsletter, or connect with her on IG @slaylikeamother. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 25, 2022
089 / Pathway to Justice with Jane Edmonds and Elizabeth Swanson
Today I welcome two incredible women to join me as we explore justice for women, which must include the racial reckoning that’s underway locally, nationally and globally. I’ve invited Civil Rights icon, former Chair of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, and senior leader in both Michael Dukakis and Mitt Romney’s state administrations, Jane C Edmonds, and Elizabeth Swanson, professor, Ph.D, writer and activist, with a special expertise in African American culture and history, to join us today. Their collective experience, education and mission of working towards racial and gender justice brought them together to create Jane’s Way. I know for many of us it can be uncomfortable talking about gender and racial justice. We get worried about getting it wrong. I will and have (maybe even in this episode) said the wrong things even with the best of intentions, and I’m learning every time. Because getting it wrong, owning and apologizing when I mess up and growing from there, is far better than doing nothing at all. So let’s get to work. Racial and gender justice intersect, and we all get to stand for it. That is most certainly Woman’s Work. To learn more about Jane’s Way, visit To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 18, 2022
088 / Mindset Matters with Paola Rosser
Mindset and the way we talk to ourselves matters. And while I’m sure we’d all agree that having a healthy, empowered and productive conversation with ourselves would be important, let’s be honest, this concept falls under the category of easier said than done. Here’s the good news about mindset, we can replace our negative thoughts with something better anytime we want…we just need to practice. To help us do that, I’ve asked Paola Rosser, CEO and Founder of The Fearless Female Movement, and host of the podcast “Journey of a Fearless Female,” to join us. As she’s made it her life’s work to coach women to step into and activate their power by releasing anxiety and those self defeating thoughts that I like to call headtrash. Just like everything, the more we practice, the easier it gets. And everytime we do it, we become a freer, braver, and more confident version of ourselves. And that is without a doubt Woman’s Work. To learn more about Paola, visit Here’s a link to her morning gratitude and affirmation meditation To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 11, 2022
087 / Do Less
Why are we so obsessed with doing it all? It seems like there’s not a problem that we don’t try to solve with some version of “do more”. We are inundated with messages that hard work creates success and that we’re supposed to grind, and have grit, pay the price, be disciplined and get shit done. I’m tired. Or maybe I’m just old and cranky. But either way I'm going to share in this episode of This Is Woman’s Work how both myself and the women I coach have achieved our greatest success by doing less. Will people judge you if you go against the “do more” grain? Sure, but people will have opinions no matter what you do. They can have all the grind awards, the ‘first in, last out’ badges of honor, and every Overworked Woman of the Year trophy if they want them. I’m going further by doing less. Clarity, purpose, courage, passion…that is woman’s work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 03, 2022
086 / Creating Wealth with Krisstina Wise
It’s financial literacy month, so one of the things we must talk about when it comes to feeling and being empowered as women, is money. I’ve invited Krisstina Wise, Financial Health Coach, self made multimillionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Author of the Amazon bestseller “Falling For Money,” a romance novel for your bank account to join me. Krisstina is passionate about helping others build extraordinary wealth and optimal health. I advocate for women to create an empowered relationship with money. To be both wealthy and healthy, and to never advocate their money. This month, and every month! This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Krisstina and her money school, visit her website at or on IG @krisstinawise To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 20, 2022
085 / Cycle Syncing with Stefanie Adler
I’m excited to share that we are doing something that we very rarely do on the podcast. We are having a repeat guest! Because we got so many questions about what Stefani Adler calls our feminine flow, I’ve invited her back to dig deeper, and share more insights and examples of cycle syncing and what it means to make lifestyle choices according to the phases of our cycle. If you haven’t yet listened to episode 74, I’d encourage you to do that because we’re going to jump right in. It’s time to reclaim and reconnect with our cycle. No more shame, embarrassment or disgust. Let’s awaken to the power that’s inherently ours. It isn’t anyone's job, but a woman’s, to decide what we believe about our own bodies. That can only be Woman’s Work. To learn more about Stefanie and her work, visit her website at, or on IG @stefanieadlerwellness To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 06, 2022
084 / Judgment and Kim Kardashian
I never would have thought in a million years that I’d be doing an episode with Kim Kardashian at the forefront, but here we are. “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” - Kim Kardashian What was your reaction when you heard this? How did it make you feel? In today’s episode I share my reaction to her recent “advice”, but I also wanted to explore this from a completely different angle, and use it to discuss judgment in general. We’ve become a population that’s quick to pass judgment, quick to polarize, and quick to be nasty. Judgment is making us a less kind, less empathetic and less intelligent community of people. A loving reminder: judging another person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who YOU are. Women work and they work hard, because frankly, isn’t it all Woman’s Work? To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 30, 2022
083 / Honor Your Ambition
Is ambition a good or a bad thing? Is it a dirty or a powerful word? I guess the answer depends on how you define it, as well as your experience with it personally. What does being ambitious mean to you? If you think of it as wanting to be successful, powerful, or famous at all costs while sacrificing everyone and everything to get there, I can see how ambition would be unattractive to many people. If you define it as a desire to achieve a meaningful goal, well that might make it more attractive. In this episode I dive into how gender impacts ambition and how we relate to it.  I explore how gender changes what are acceptable expressions, displays and levels of ambition. In addition, I share how ambitious women such as yourself, can grow and develop together! It’s time we reclaim and demonstrate what healthy ambition looks, feels and sounds like. I invite you to join me and hundreds of other women as we honor our ambition. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 16, 2022
082 / Fear Is Your Friend with Judi Holler
I’ve become convinced that fear has gotten a bad rap. What if fear is not the enemy? What if fear is just misunderstood, and if you actually spent some time with it and got to know it a little better, you’d actually discover that fear is your friend? In today’s episode of This Is Woman’s Work, I’m going to ask you to be open to setting aside everything you’ve heard and think you know about fear, so that you can begin to access the possibilities and opportunities that embracing fear creates for you. Here to help us do that is Judi Holler - Author of the instant bestseller Fear Is My Homeboy, host of the top rated podcast “Yes, And”, International Keynote Speaker, Creator and CEO of Haus of {&}, and an improve alum of Second City’s Conservatory in Chicago. Judi shares the power of the improvisational mindset, how to unlock the transformational power of {&}, while also challenging us to become best friends with fear. Stop chasing being fearless and start welcoming fear to your life by making space for it. You’ll never be able to outrun it or get rid of it, but you can befriend it and get really good at doing things even while feeling afraid. And that my friends is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Judi you can find her on Instagram @judiholler, or visit for more info. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 02, 2022
081 / Glass Half-Broken with Colleen Ammerman
Has the glass ceiling been shattered? Well, with only 8% women CEOs in the Fortune 500, approximately 25% women holding the 5 most critical C-suite positions in the thousand largest corporations, and zero women presidents in our nation's 245 year old history…I’d say there’s cracks, but no shattering quite yet. In today’s episode of “This Is Woman’s Work”, Colleen Ammerman - Director of the Harvard Business School Gender Initiative, a researcher with Life and Leadership After HBS, a study of the post MBA alumni that examines how race, gender and other factors shape their life and career experiences - talks about glass ceilings. She’s the co-author of Glass Half-Broken:Shattering the Barriers That Still Hold Women Back at Work, where the pervasive organizational obstacles and managerial actions that create gender imbalances are identified, and solutions and strategies are provided so companies can BECOME glass shattering organizations. There is still much progress to be made and while we’re working on shattering all the glass, I invite you to build your confidence. Don’t let yourself be surrounded by people who diminish, devalue or drain your energy. Confidence may be the most important resource you have. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Colleen you can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter @colleenammerman, or get added to her mailing list by visiting: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
February 16, 2022
080 / Overcome Your Villains with Heather Monahan
What if some villains are put in your life for a reason? What if they are put there as an opportunity for you to overcome them? So that you can be the superhero of your own story. Our guest today literally wrote a book on it. Heather Monahan is a best-selling author of her recently released book titled Overcome Your Villains. She was named one of the Top 40 Female Keynote Speakers for 2020 by Real Leaders, and you may know her from USA Today, CNN, Gary V’s Audio Experience, or The Steve Harvey Show, just to name a few. Heather and I have a shared passion as her first book, Creating Confidence, shot to #1 on Amazon, and was named a Top 5 Book for Women by Forbes. Heather shares with us her tips for being your authentic self and rising above your villains. Your villains are never meant to be the star of your show. That role is yours and yours alone. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Heather and her work visit To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
February 02, 2022
079 / Who Do You Serve with Julie Foucht
Who do you serve? Who gets to experience, learn and benefit from YOUR unique gifts and abilities? While there’s no one RIGHT answer to this question, I can tell you there is one WRONG answer. And that wrong answer is… everyone. You cannot please, support, help or appeal to every single person. Here to help us think through these crucial questions is Julie Foucht. Julie coaches women on the art of feminine business, so that they can build their uber profitable businesses while honoring themselves and their strengths - so they can fill both their souls and their bank accounts. Stop wasting your time trying to serve everyone. Know your value and talents and bring them to the people who are going to appreciate them. Find and serve YOUR people. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Julie and her work visit To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
January 19, 2022
078 / Your Plan Of Action
In today’s episode we are going to talk about how you can build and execute on a plan of action. I’m sharing a process and a practice that I’ve created by combining what I’ve experienced from business planning, financial planning, and that family planning process that Jay and I use, and what I know to be true about confidence building. There are mountains of statistics and evidence that support that planning does work, but we often don’t make the time for it in our lives. There already exists a plan and a purpose for you. Will you take just a few minutes to connect to it? To ask yourself what’s true and what matters. To be able to answer this question: What is it that you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life? Because whatever the answer is for you, is how YOU do Woman’s Work. Click HERE to download YOUR New Year Plan of Action. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
January 05, 2022
077 / Best Of 2021
We released our 77th episode today, as we celebrate TWO YEARS of the “This Is Woman’s Work” podcast! In honor of this milestone, we put together our favorite snippets of the Top 5 most listened to episodes of 2021, and are thrilled to share them with you… I also share some of the behind the scenes stories on each episode, and some insights into my journey in podcasting. Wishing you joy, success, health, and unlimited confidence this holiday season! To learn more about Nicole and her work please visit:
December 22, 2021
076 / The Messy Middle (Embracing Uncertainty)
I was introduced to the term “the messy middle” at a retreat I attended recently, and it was like a light bulb went off in my brain. That’s EXACTLY where I am. That place in between knowing where I am, and where I want to go… that feels unclear, and is plagued with ups and downs, fits and starts, several steps forward and then a few backward. While 2021 was about me finding clarity on where I am heading, I’m not totally sure how to get there yet. I know it’s going to require more risk, more work and more trust to get where I want to be in my professional life. Have you experienced this before?  Are you experiencing it now? In this episode I share some lessons, and invite you to join me in the messy middle. I salute those of you who are here with me, and I bow down to those of you who’ve reached the other side. Because it takes courage to be in the messy middle and trust in yourself and your purpose that you’ll get on the other side, even if you don’t YET know the how, when and where. Courage, trust, purpose… that’s most definitely Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
December 08, 2021
075 / Leadership Solutions with Stefanie Johnson
So much is changing in how, when and where we work and do business, and the leaders that stay committed to the way things have always been done are on the fast track to irrelevance. So what are the leadership skills of tomorrow? How important is the ability to build and lead inclusive teams? Here to discuss these questions and so much more is Dr. Stefanie Johnson - Associate Professor at the Lead School of Business at CU Boulder, who’s received several millions in grant funding to study leadership. She works with big name companies to implement evidence based practices and increase inclusion, and is the author of the national best seller, “Inclusify - Harnessing the Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams.” The time has come for leaders (men and women alike) to lead. We can no longer delegate the work of inclusion, invest in one and done type solutions or “kick this can down the road” any further. It will require an investment of time, energy, commitment and money. It will also require leaders to be willing to get uncomfortable, to be willing to say “I don’t know,” and to do an honest accounting of where they’re falling short. It’s a good thing being a leader requires us to do what is right, not just what is easy. To learn more about Stefanie and the work she does you can visit her website at: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
November 24, 2021
074 / Your Feminine Flow with Stefanie Adler
I truly don’t know how I’ve managed to host a podcast called “This Is Woman’s Work” for 2 years WITHOUT covering this topic. We are finally going to talk about our cycles, health, hormones, fertility and what my guest calls our feminine flow. Stefanie Adler is a Holistic Nutritionist, Female Hormone and Fertility Expert, a Birth Doula and a Wellness Coach. Her work focuses on supporting those with cycling bodies (like us), in balancing hormones, healing our guts and really all things baby making. Stefanie will talk to us today about dismantling the narrative we’ve been told about what it means to be a healthy woman. Ladies, it’s time we embrace what makes us us. And reject the shame, stigma and discomfort that gets associated with it. And I believe we must reclaim the narratives, the decisions, regulations, access, the education and the power of our feminine flow. Because that can and should ONLY be Woman’s Work. Click HERE for Stefanie’s free download: To learn more about Stefanie and the work she does you can visit her website at: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
November 17, 2021
073 / Getting Rejected By Adam Grant
This is a story of rejection… my rejection. By Adam Grant. But it’s probably not the story you think it is. Let me start by sharing, I am a BIG fan of Adam Grant. I’ve read his books (#1 NY Times bestseller “Think Again, most recently), listen to his podcast “WorkLife”, and follow him religiously on social media (@adamgrant on IG). And getting rejected by him made me an even bigger fan of him and his work. Because he reminded me that rejection can be a gift, a lesson, an opportunity and a blessing… and you don’t need to be an a-hole about it. Listen in to hear my story of rejection... Let me also add a loving reminder that our heartbreaks, unanswered prayers, “nos”, and even ghosting are often the universe's way of redirecting us towards something or someone else. That rejection is part of success, and the more “nos” you collect, the more “yeses” that will come along with them. What we really need to be doing is getting rejected more often, by bigger and better people. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
November 10, 2021
072 / Setting And Communicating Healthy Boundaries with Diann Wingert
Setting boundaries is a way of communicating your value and saying no to things that don’t serve you will actually build your confidence. I say this with love, but setting boundaries is something we ALL get to work on, because I don’t know many women who do it well - and I myself continue to work on this skill. Here to guide us through this immensely important topic is Diann Wingert -  a business mindset coach, and licensed psychotherapist - who’s expertise both with mental health and with coaching female entrepreneurs makes her an expert in mindset, preventing burnout and setting healthy boundaries. You’re not a machine, you don’t have unlimited capacity, and time is a limited and fixed resource. So when you say “yes” to one thing, you’re automatically saying “no” to something else… and some yeses will cost you more than a thousand noes ever will. My friend Kristin Burke recently shared a quote that says “Decide what kind of life you really want, and then say no to everything that isn’t that.” That, my friends, is my new favorite definition of what it looks, feels and sounds like to be doing Woman’s Work. To learn more about the work Diann is doing please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at 
October 27, 2021
071 / Retaining Women (and Why They’re Fleeing) with Teresa Tanner
There are approximately 2 million fewer women in the labor force than before the pandemic. Why in a country that’s now facing a labor shortage, do so many women remain unemployed? Why did so many women leave the workforce in the first place? Here to help us navigate through this very complex topic is Teresa Tanner - Founder and CEO of Reserve Squad, a company that helps other companies retain women and preserve their pipeline of female talent. A long time advocate for women, Teresa has received numerous awards and accolades for her work. She speaks across the country and is featured in the likes of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show and many more. In the words of Teresa Tanner, “We need to stop allowing life’s temporary circumstances to permanently derail the careers of women.” This is an episode EVERYONE should listen to! And ladies, keep searching for opportunities and companies that value and appreciate your talent and are willing to prove it by the environments, compensation, and benefits they offer. Your job is to do your job, and do it well. A company’s job is to figure out how to keep talent from walking out the door. Let’s all do our jobs. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about the work Teresa is doing please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at 
October 20, 2021
070 / Impostor Syndrome II with Dr. Valerie Young
We are doubling down, releasing two back to back episodes on the same topic, because it is THAT important! I’m joined by Dr. Valerie Young - internationally known expert on impostor syndrome and co-founder of The Impostor Syndrome Institute. From NASA to Google, Pfizer to MIT, Valerie has spoken to hundreds of organizations and universities. She has been cited in major publications like TIME, Newsweek and O Magazine, and is the author of “The Secret Thoughts Of Successful Women.” She shares that, in order to limit impostor syndrome in our careers and our lives, we have to practice reframing, and it starts with our thoughts, not our feelings. So, how do we steer away from impostor syndrome, and toward confidence and humble realism? We cover that, and more, in this episode! This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Dr. Valerie Young please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at 
October 13, 2021
069 / Imposter Syndrome with Dr. Tega Edwin
We’re digging into a topic that frankly I’ve avoided on our podcast for almost 2 years: Imposter Syndrome. I’ve seen far too many women struggle with this (including myself) and I’m kind of pissed off about it. Research shows that approximately 70% of the population experiences it, and while men are susceptible, it’s most prevalent among women, and even more among women of color. I’m joined by Dr. Tega Edwin - Award Winning Career Development Researcher, Educator, Speaker, and Owner of Her Career Doctor, where she helps women get clear about who they are so they can find and thrive in fulfilling careers. Her knowledge, insights, and advice around moving through impostor syndrome is some of the best I’ve heard… you’re going to want to listen to this one more than once! To learn more about Dr. Tega Edwin please visit: For Tega’s free fulfilling career guide visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at 
September 29, 2021
068 / Ditch the Sleazy Sales Tactics with Erika Tebbens
Whether it be a product, service or career opportunity, we are all selling or being sold to on a daily basis. Sales is a part of our lives. So we might as well create an empowered and productive perception of it, aaaaand we might as well be good at it. I’ve invited Erika Tebbens - Business Strategist, Sales and Marketing Coach, and fellow Podcaster, who’s on a mission to help people ditch the sleazy sales tactics, and find real solutions for real businesses.  Erika shares with us her S.A.L.E.S method to authentic selling. If sales and self promotion is ultimately about confidence, courage and impact, then it’s time we all get to it. Because if not you, then who? And if not now, then when? Let’s support, promote, encourage, hire, say yes to women who are bravely putting themselves out there… let’s celebrate women in sales! This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Erika Tebbens please visit: For Erika’s free downloadable guide to her No-Sleaze Sales Method visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 15, 2021
067 / Tell Your Damn Story with Sara Connell
Our stories have been swept aside by history, society, religion and culture for far too long, but in order to have an impact they MUST be heard, and in order to be heard they MUST be told. I am joined by Sara Connell - Founder of The Thought Leader Academy, where she helps coaches, writers and entrepreneurs become published authors, and in-demand speakers. A best selling author herself, Sara has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, The Today Show, and featured in The New York Times, Forbes, NPR, and so many others. Sara shares with us how to make sure our stories get told, and how to take them to the next level. Your story is not meant to stay hidden. Whether you share it with the world or one person you love, it IS meant to be shared. How will you share it? Who will you tell it to? Who gets to be both a witness and a benefactor of YOUR truth? This, the telling of your story...This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Sara Connell please visit: To get free access to Sara’s How To Write A Best Selling Book That Changes Lives Masterclass please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 08, 2021
066 / 4 Shifts To Finding Positivity In Media with Liesl Ulrich-Verderber
While there are many great purposes for social media, the news and various other forms of media, these can also negatively impact our energy, our mindset, and our confidence. I am joined by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber - CEO of Ever Widening Circles, a global positive media company with the goal of proving we still live in an amazing world by changing the negative dialogue and celebrating the people, organizations and discoveries that prove it. What impact would it have on your energy if you found a healthy way to be informed, to digest what’s going on in the world? Not to put your head in the sand, but to also look for the good, rather than allowing yourself to just be sucked into the bad. To have empathy, to remain curious, to be kind, and to remain confident, no matter what media you’re engaged in. You have the choice of who and what you let in. Choose with your values, your hopes, your goals and your sanity in mind. Choose wisely. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Liesl Ulrich-Verderber please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 01, 2021
065 / Gender Equity And Steps To Get There with Maureen Devine-Ahl
I have found my mission twin and am so thrilled for this conversation on all things gender equity! I am joined by Maureen Devine-Ahl - Founder and Principal at Candor & Company, Author of “How To Make The Matriarchy,” and fellow woman on a mission to achieve gender equity in her lifetime. She is committed to eliminating barriers and coaches both women and leaders as a women’s empowerment advocate. (Sound like someone you know??) I get that not everyone is as passionate as I am about gender equity, equal pay, getting women in leadership and seeing more women start businesses, write business books… but I truly believe it would be a better world if ALL humans were valued as equals (not as the same, but valued in our differences… equal in our rights and opportunities). Individually, we are all whole, worthy and valuable, but we become better together. Find your people, find your tribe, share those passions, support each others risks, aim high, dream big and tell all the naysayers to get the f*$k out of the way because you have important work to do. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Maureen Devine-Ahl please To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
August 18, 2021
064 / Representation in Entertainment with Laura Hunter Drago
Who doesn’t love a good movie? Getting lost in a story or having a good cry, disconnecting from everyday life, just to be entertained. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to recognize how our entertainment reinforces stereotypes and gender expectations. On this episode, I’m joined by Laura Hunter Drago - Award Winning Film Producer, Member of SAG AFTRA and Women In Media, and Assistant Editor in Chief of Ms. In The Biz. Laura co-founded New Girl Pictures, a production company that’s committed to getting women into positions both in front of and behind the camera. Representation does matter and we need women in key roles that will share our stories honestly and with care. I for one am excited to see women with complex, full and imperfect lives. And for the love of God, more women who go to bed without a full set of makeup on...who does that?! It’s time we hear the real stories of real women, and I guarantee it will be plenty entertaining. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Laura Hunter Drago please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
August 04, 2021
063 / Epigenetics with Jessica Mcilveen
On this episode, I’m joined by Jessica Mcilveen - Epigenetics Coach and Australia’s leading family relationship expert, to educate us on how our behaviors and environments can actually change and affect the way our genes work. We are all different, but even in your uniqueness you are exactly as you’re meant to be. You were born whole. You can fight against that, judge yourself, you can make yourself right or wrong, OR you always have the option to embrace yourself while also seeking to understand others. Your body is fascinating, you are literally a walking miracle, therefore you should take care of yourself and learn what you need to thrive. This Is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Jessica Mcilveen please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
July 21, 2021
062 / Winemaking Under The Tuscan Sun (Literally) with Mary Shea
I’ve invited my guest to join me today for totally selfish reasons, because she might be one of the only people on the planet that I’d consider trading lives with. After getting her degree in journalism from NYU, Mary Shea landed in Napa CA, where she met her now husband, an Italian vintner. She has spent many years working at the top end of the wine business, while also curating her own custom travel design business. Mary shares with us what she loves about making wine in Tuscany (what’s not to love?!?), as well as the challenges and obstacles of her business. She also shares some helpful tips for great wine and travel! Chase. Your. Dreams. Be open to possibilities, explore, go new places, meet new people, experience differences, and what brings us all together. Find joy in the life you’re living, and take just one step closer to something that lights you up from the inside. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Mary Shea please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
July 07, 2021
061 / Celebrate Diversity with Elaine Montilla
I am joined today by Elaine Montilla - Founder of, a TEDx Speaker, Forbes Technology Council Member and Assistant Vice President at the Graduate Center in New York City. Elaine shares with us the biases and obstacles she faced early on in her career and the skills she developed to help her stand up for herself and achieve professional success, all while staying true to her authentic self. With June being pride month I wanted to take the occasion to clearly say this, I unhesitatingly and wholeheartedly support my lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer friends, their rights, their marriages, their pursuit of happiness and their breath...this is also true July thru May. “It is not our responsibility to only advocate for the issues that affect us directly.” - Elaine Montilla This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Elaine Montilla please visit: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 30, 2021
060 / Caring For An Aging Parent with Rayna Neises
Providing care for an aging parent (or loved one) isn’t easy for a multitude of reasons… juggling your career and family, dealing with siblings, managing financial implications, handling the emotions of both those doing the caring, and those being cared for...just to name a few. I’m joined today by Rayna Neises - Author of “No Regrets - Hope For Your Caregiving Season”, a Certified Coach and Host of “A Season of Caring” Podcast. Rayna advocates both for those providing the care, and for the aging, so you and your parent can be seen, not forgotten. And cared for, not neglected. I firmly believe that caring for our elders is the work of sons AND daughters. Of humans in general who owe a debt of gratitude, of love, of care, to those who first provided all those things to us. Being there in the best way you can for a loved one that’s aging, or the end stages of life is the work of angels, of children, of those who’ve benefited from their parents showing up in the best way they could. Care, appreciation and respect, this is everyone’s work. To learn more about Rayna please follow her on Instagram @raynaneises or visit her website at: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 23, 2021
059 / The Power Of Entrepreneurship with Cait Scudder
I’m joined today by Cait Scudder - Forbes Featured Business Coach, Host of the “Born To Rise” Podcast, and Internationally recognized Online Business Expert - who’s on a mission to empower 10 million driven, bold-hearted women to create profitable purpose driven businesses that can change the world. Now THAT is a mission I can get behind. If you have a dream that just won’t go away. If you’re considering an opportunity that excites the hell out of you. If you have it in your heart to start a business and the only thing that’s holding you back is fear, then Get. Into. Action. Yes it might be hard, yes it is scary, and yes you could fail...but you could also change EVERYTHING. “The woman that you are becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything.”  Now that is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Cait you can visit her website at: To join the Honor Your Ambition 12 week Mastermind, visit and follow us on Instagram @honoryourambition
June 09, 2021
058 / Languishing & Re-entry with Lisa Kalmin
Are you feeling hopeful as things start to open up and excited to travel, hug people, and have full schedules? Or are you worried, hesitant to go back to your pre-covid way of living/working, and feeling overwhelmed? Wherever you land on the spectrum I promise there are lots of us with you. I wanted to dive into these conflicting thoughts and emotions, and asked my coach Lisa Kalmin to join me. As a Transformational Speaker, Trainer and Coach, and Author of “The Problem Is How You See The Problem”, Lisa shares with us how best to make yet another transition into what she calls “re-entry”. It is important that we feel our feelings, honor them and give them space...we’ve earned these feelings over the last year. But we aren’t meant to languish for too long. You have important work to do. So do what women have done since the beginning of time: honor your emotions, leverage and support your people and your community (and ask for support too!) and when the time is right, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into action. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Lisa and her work you can visit her website at: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 02, 2021
057 / Creating Bucket List Moments
I know from the outside looking in it often seems like successful people get really lucky, or the results come easy, or they are able to create overnight accomplishment. Which leaves us mere mortals feeling like we’re behind, or spinning our wheels, or we just don’t have what it takes. I certainly still have a long way to go, but I wanted to share with you the behind the scenes work that went into the creation of my bucket list experience of having the incomparable Dr. Shefali on my podcast. What’s on YOUR bucket list? Identify it and put it out there Ask for what you want Don’t give up and don’t forget the follow through Keep moving in the face of fear and doubt. Put one foot in front of the other This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 26, 2021
056 / A Radical Awakening with Dr. Shefali
Oprah has endorsed her work as “revolutionary and life changing.”  She’s authored 3 New York Times best sellers. And in her new book “A Radical Awakening,” she shares her journey, in hopes that it will help women awaken to their authentic selves… so that we can all live free. It is my honor to welcome Dr. Shefali to the “This Is Woman’s Work” podcast. While many people know her for her message of conscious parenting and mindful living, in this episode she shares how we can embrace our femininity by unmasking the lies we’ve been told. I know it can feel like the voices of others and gender expectations and even your own head trash are all playing on a loop at maximum volume. But the track of your truth and inner knowing are playing too… even if it feels hard to hear sometimes. I promise it’s there and it will never stop playing. What do you have to say about what it means to be a woman, what it means to be you? Because that’s the only voice that really matters. “Turn your pain into power, embrace your truth and live free.” This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about Dr. Shefali and her work you can visit: or connect with her on Instagram: @doctorshefali To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 20, 2021
055 / Thriving In A Male Dominated Industry with Rachel James
We’re continuing the conversation of thriving in traditionally male dominated industries... how to handle the challenges, how to use it to your advantage, how to stay true to yourself in the process, and what we can learn from our male counterparts. I’ve invited Rachel James as my guest, as she has had a TON of practice at being a woman in careers where people often expect men. From working as a mechanic, to bodybuilding and now in the finance industry, Rachel shares her experience and takeaways and how the power of doing this one thing, can get you exactly what you want. For those of you who are blazing new trails in industries that are historically overrun by men, hold onto those blow torches and keep applying the pressure. We need you, we see you, we support you and we celebrate you. In the amazing words of R.H. Sin “Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it.” This is Woman’s Work. You can connect with Rachel by visiting her website at or on LinkedIn @ RachelJames To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 12, 2021
054 / Parenting (How to Not Raise a Serial Killer) with Liz Bayardelle
This episode is for the sleep deprived, yet highly motivated Mamas, who are attempting to get more done in their 24 hour days then is probably advisable. Liz Bayardelle, author of “Clean Your Plate!”, mom of 3, PhD (Dr. Mommy according to her toddler) and executive, shares the importance of using tools like intrinsic motivation to teach our kids to be productive and confident grownups, as opposed to just well behaved kids. We are showing our children (both our daughters and our sons) what it means to be a woman. We are their first example. I see this as an opportunity to show our children how we live imperfectly… how to love, fail, forgive, live through pain and challenges, set boundaries, let things get messy, trust your instincts, and feel loved, worthy and valuable during and even because of our imperfections. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 05, 2021
053 / YOUR Habits Define YOUR Success with Tricia Hamilton
I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m overexposed to being told I must do things like wake up by 5am, work out every single day, start out each day with a strategic morning routine, work the longest hours, grind it out, and be hyper disciplined at all times and at all costs in order to be successful. I know these things can and do create success for people, but this one size fits all approach makes me want to vomit. I’ve invited Tricia Hamilton - Leadership Coach with a degree in psychology, to join us on this episode. Tricia helps us to unravel some misconceptions and rethink how mindset and habits connect, how they don’t, and how we can reform them to serve us and our goals. Mindset, goals, commitment and habits do matter. They are difference makers in creating success.  However it is YOU that defines success and YOU are the decider of what you need to do to get there. Nobody has a lock on what it takes or even what success looks like for everyone. Go find and live your answer. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 21, 2021
052 / Writing Your Book with Lainey Cameron
Who else is obsessed with books? Reading is my happy place and I love the smell of the pages (weird, I know). I am in awe of the writers of books, the creators of stories, the speakers of truth. But writing the amazing book isn’t the only challenging part, then you need to publish, distribute, and promote it. And then you get to hear everyone’s opinions, reactions and critiques about your work. I’ve invited Lainey Cameron - A past tech industry executive turned award winning author of “The Exit Strategy” (an Amazon #1 Best Seller), to join us today. Lainey talks about why she made the career change, and how she navigated both the good and the hard of writing her first book. For any aspiring writer (like me!) who’s had it on their bucket list to write a book but has a long list of excuses, let’s get into action. As the great Maya Angelou once said “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 14, 2021
051 / Connecting To Your Sexuality with Aylen Doucette
I don’t think there’s an area of women’s lives that is judged more than our sexuality. Society tells us how we should act, look and feel. Our bodies and what we are supposed to (or not supposed to) do with them is commented on endlessly. Yes ladies, in this episode we are talking about sex, but really, we are going to talk about SO much more. I’ve asked Aylen Doucette - Sex, Love and Relationship Coach, to join us. She supports both women and men to find more pleasure and purpose - and expand deeper into the possibilities of their sexual energy, desire and relationships. Ultimately, you are the only decider of what feels good for your body. In the amazing words of Rupi Kaur: “Live loud and proud like you deserve, and reject their bullshit definition of what a woman should look and behave like.” This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 07, 2021
050 / Giving & Getting Feedback
You’d be hard pressed to find a successful leader, influencer or business guru that would tell you that feedback isn’t important. How else would you know how to improve or grow? But we don’t get taught how to give or receive it, and I say this with love, but most of us are doing it badly on both ends. In this episode, I share what I’ve learned the hard way, about both giving and getting feedback. I’ve coached far too many people who have received feedback that was badly delivered, so I’ve seen the impact (and I may get a little feisty about it). It’s also a great opportunity for me to ask YOU for feedback!  Will you please: Go on Apple Podcasts and leave a review and/or rating Let me know which episode of TIWW is your favorite so far… and if you’re willing to share it on social media and tag me I’ll do a happy dance (which oddly involves some strange gyrating for me, so you have that to look forward to) My feedback for YOU is that you matter… you are enough, just as you are. You are here for a reason, so show up every day and do whatever your authentic version of “woman’s work” is for you. Because you are the decider. And that is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 24, 2021
049 / 5 Big Trends For Job Searching In 2021 with Catherine McLean
Are you looking or thinking about seeking a new opportunity? Would you like some help in formulating a strategy so you can hit the ground running? I’ve invited Catherine McLean - Tactical Career Coach and Owner of CM Career Coaching to give us a crash course on what you need, who you should be talking to, and how the COVID 19 pandemic has changed it all. I hope you are in or find a career that gives you the quality of life you deserve, while also tapping into your talents, unique ability and passion. But if you’re not there, take some of Catherine’s tips and go find that opportunity. Because doing what you love (although still work) is far better than doing what you don’t. So get after it ladies! This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 17, 2021
048 / How To Stay True To Yourself Professionally with Andrea Williams
Have you ever worked in a place and felt like they just don’t get you? Like your talents, contributions and potential is being overlooked? I know a lot of women who have felt this way most of their professional career. So how do we pave our own way? How do we play to our strengths, and create success in the face of being told that we should be different? I’m joined by Andrea Williams - Speaker, Wealth Management Advisor and Author, whom I greatly admire for her ability to do just that. When Andrea started her career she was different then the norm in just about every way, and she’s turned those differences into difference makers creating massive success for herself and blazing the trail for other women in her field. Our job is not to convince others of our value. If you want to grow your confidence or self worth, stop giving other people the calculator. Show up as the only person you can authentically be...YOU. If they don’t appreciate, notice, value or understand you, well you have a choice to make...blaze a new trail, or find a new place to work that does. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 10, 2021
047 / Mindset, Resilience & Divorce with Susan Tripi
It’s easy to be grateful and optimistic when things are going great. But during times of transition, when facing the unknown, when life throws you a curveball...THOSE are the times it can be challenging to choose a positive mindset. And if it were easy, everyone would do it and we’d have nothing to talk about on this episode. I’m joined by Susan Tripi - Women’s Empowerment Coach, Blogger, Non-Profit Advisor and Advocate, to talk about positive mindset and gratitude in the midst of transition, hurt and stress. Her advice on how to support women going through divorce is some of the best I’ve ever heard! I say to anyone who’s standing in the unknown, in pain or in transition...we see you, and we honor you. I lovingly challenge you to put one foot in front of the other, ask for the support you need, and hold on with every bit of strength you have to the knowing that tomorrow is coming. The sun will rise, and there is every reason for hope. Even if you can’t see it yet. In spite of all of your fears and worries, there is another side and you WILL get there. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
February 24, 2021
046 / A Career Doing What You Love Is STILL Work with Stacey Gardin
You’ve probably heard the saying “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Well, I call bullshit. You can have a passion, you do have purpose, and sometimes you find or create a job where they intersect...and that can be awesome! But it’s still work. In this episode, I welcome Stacey Gardin -  Author, Model, Photographer and Business Owner. Listen in to hear us chat about the downsides of making a job out of your passion, and the upsides if your job and passion don’t collide. Ultimately, your work matters because YOU matter. This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
February 17, 2021
045 / The Good & The Messy Of Running A Business with Claire Myers Vitale
I am SUPER passionate about women chasing their dreams and living their passion and purpose. One of the ways I’ve seen women do this (and experienced it myself!) is by starting their own business. In this episode, I welcome my friend and badass business owner Claire Myers Vitale -  Founder and Principal Consultant of Claire Myers Consulting. Claire talks to us about the challenges and triumphs she faced early on in her business, and shares some great tips on how to grow and scale your business. What would it look and feel like to be the decider of your income, how and where you spend your time, your career path, who you get to work with, and the people you get to impact?  Being a business owner requires hard work, but if you’re already working hard for someone else, you might as well do it for yourself! This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
February 10, 2021
044 / The 5 Anchors To Optimal Health with Jenn Zerling
For far too long I believed my body existed for the benefit, pleasure, intentions and use of others. And in that belief, I ended up abusing myself. Learning to love my body for what it is for ME, is a journey I’m still on, and one I wish I would have started earlier. I know I’m not alone. In this episode, I welcome guest Jenn Zerling - Founder of JZ Fitness, Certified Obesity Specialist, Author, Orange Theory Coach, and she also holds a master’s degree in kinesiology. Jenn shares the framework of what we need to know to live our best (most healthy) life! Are you grateful for all of the amazing things your body does, and can do? “Woman, you are more than eye candy and male intentions. You are a temple, a home. A sacred dwelling, and you should carry yourself like that.” - Unknown This is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
February 03, 2021
043 / Negotiating with Christine McKay
I’m excited to welcome guest Christine McKay - Founder and CEO of Venn Negotiation, Global Negotiation Strategist, International Speaker and Author, to help us develop this important skill, and empower the negotiator in all of us. Christine defines negotiation as a conversation about a relationship, and shares the difference between negotiating and haggling. These are extremely helpful distinctions… and we are negotiating on a regular basis, so we might as well be great at it. Asking for what you want, standing in your power (in your confidence!), standing in that belief that you deserve it, negotiating for a win/win… All of this is Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
January 27, 2021
042 / Disrupting The Status Quo with Penny Phillips
Are you a disruptor? Are you someone who doesn’t allow themselves to be constrained by working within the realm of what’s already been done? My guest today is doing just that. In this episode, I welcome Penny Phillips - Founder and CEO of Thrivos Consulting, who is taking on an industry that is very old and very set in their ways. Penny shares with us her experience early on in her career and the decisions she made that helped her to step out of what's traditionally accepted, and solve problems in a totally new way. Who do you want to be? What do you want to be known for? Go be that person. Go chase those dreams. YOU get to decide. Being the author of your own story...that is the truest definition of Woman’s Work. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
January 20, 2021
041 / Failure
In this episode I talk about failure. My failure. I open up about my current, fear and doubt inducing, very real, and not entirely sure things will work out, failure. I share the honest, raw and completely vulnerable side of experiencing failure in the hopes that it will make us all (myself included!) feel less alone. It is in this spirit that I release this episode because everything inside me is screaming “ABORT!” But I also know that our failures change nothing about our purpose. Dreaming big, risking big, failing big and overcoming even bigger ...well that is most certainly woman's work. So, here goes! To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
January 06, 2021
040 / Things I Know To Be True...
How connected are you, to you, at this point in your life? As we end a challenging year and welcome a new one (yes, please!), there is no better time to get clear and reconnect with our strengths, and appreciate our own value. In this episode, we dig deeper into the 5 steps of creating or updating our “Things I Know To Be True About Me” list, so that we can connect back to who we are and what we can count on. Step into the new year confidently, not because you’re confident with what the future holds, but because you’re confident in yourself. I wish you joy and love and infinite possibilities in 2021. But more than anything, I wish you confidence. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
December 30, 2020
039 / Change, Resilience, and Connecting to Your Purpose with Chelsea Connors
What makes you uniquely and fabulously you? What is your purpose, your passion, what lights you up inside? Maybe you have the answers to these questions, or maybe you are still figuring it out and could use a little extra support. In this episode, I welcome guest Chelsea Connors - Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Chelsea shares with us her strategies for ditching the overwhelming uncertainty and neverending stress so that we can get better connected with ourselves and what matters. As we bring one year to a close and head into a new year, I encourage us all to seek and live according to our purpose. I can’t think of ANY work more important than that. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
December 16, 2020
038 / The Luxury of Being Organized with Danielle Pezet
In this episode, I welcome guest Danielle Pezet - Professional Organizer, owner of “the most put together home” I’ve ever seen, and my little sister, to teach us some practical, functional ways we can organize our spaces. We’ll cover all sorts of tips for creating an organized life, and I’ll be posting pictures and examples on Instagram @nicolemkalil Organization creates time and space to do what you love, to chase your dreams, to love where you live, and to not go it that’s Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
December 09, 2020
037 / Practicing Gratitude
Being grateful and practicing gratitude wasn’t something that came naturally to me in my younger years. I consider myself a realist (which is just a nicer word for pessimist) so I had to really work on changing my perspective in this area. In this episode I talk about what I’m grateful for, and share how I choose gratitude, even when things aren’t going my way. Because being grateful when everything is going well is super easy. Practicing gratitude when things are challenging, that is the gift that I want to share with you today. There really is so much to be grateful for, if you choose to look for it. I wish you joy and full bellies this Holiday season. With gratitude. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
November 24, 2020
036 / When Your Family Plan Goes Out The Window
This year has basically raised it’s middle finger at all of us who are control freaks, planners, recovering perfectionists and doers. If anyone is still on track or sticking exactly to the plan they created for 2020...I would fall off my chair. This episode is about how to flex, pivot and adjust, when your plan goes out the window. I’m going to share what Jay and I have done and are doing, not because I think it’s inspirational, but because it’s REAL. I know this feels like a very difficult time to plan. But like so many things, doing it when it’s difficult is probably more important and impactful than doing it when it’s easy. Sometimes life knocks you off course because there’s an even better plan for you. This is Woman’s Work To hear the original episode on Family Planning Ep 003 click here: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
November 18, 2020
035 / What Your LinkedIn Profile Can Do For You with Lindsey McMillion Stemann
Do you want to leverage social media and promote yourself in the most professional and effective way? Well then this episode is for you! In this episode, I welcome guest Lindsey McMillion Stemann - International Keynote Speaker, LinkedIn Prospecting Trainer, and Creator of The Profile Transformer to share her insider tips and tricks to polishing your LinkedIn profile. Ok, friends, if you’re going to be on social media, you might as well have it work for you. Are you putting your best self out there? Does your profile match your brand? Does it send the message that you are a total badass, and that people would be lucky to work for you? Because it should! You ARE a total badass, so go get that job, get that business, or get that client. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
November 04, 2020
034 / Time (Choice) Management
Time is the commodity we just seem to never have enough of, and once time has been spent, you can’t get it back. So how do we manage our time better? In this episode I share 5 of the biggest game changes (for me) as it relates to time, in hopes they’re game changers for you too. We all have the same 60 minutes, the same 24 hours a day, the same 7 days per week.  What will you choose to do with your time? You are the decider. Time doesn’t own you, because it doesn’t own your choices. It’s time to develop the skill of CHOICE management. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
October 28, 2020
033 / Achieving YOUR Goals with Kristin Burke
What’s your big, crazy, audacious goal? What gets you up in the morning, and keeps you up at night? And here’s the million dollar do you achieve it? In this episode, I welcome guest Kristin Burke - Goal Achievement Coach and Host of the Elite Achievement Podcast, to give us tips and strategies that she uses with her coaching clients to get them from goals to results! Don’t be afraid to be afraid. It’s a sign you’re up to something big and worthwhile. Go chase that goal with clarity, confidence (which you know I’m extra passionate about!), courage and consistency. Find your supporters, believers and even your challengers. And tell the doubters, the naysayers and the haters to get out of your way...because you have important work to do! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
October 14, 2020
032 / There’s No Right Time To Start A Business with Melissa Lorenzo-Hervé
In this episode, I welcome guest Melissa Lorenzo-Hervé - Full-Time Attorney Editor, CEO/Co-Founder/Creative Director of Pirouette, wife and mother of 2. Melissa shares with us some great insight into managing a very busy life, as well as how one goes about starting a new business with limited time. It may feel like other people have more capacity, more talent or more luck than you. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others and feel behind. But like Melissa, like myself (regular people like you!) we are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for.  This has nothing to do with perfection, there’s no perfect way to start a business, there’s no perfect way to do any of this. We as women are so many things to so many people. But who are you, for YOU? There’s purpose inside you. There are dreams and passions, for you, and I believe it’s time to honor them. Because I can’t think of anything more important to redefining Woman’s Work, than the notion that we show up as our authentic selves, with all our gifts, with all of our strengths, so we can take the world to its feet. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
October 07, 2020
031 / Your Financial Planning Strategy with Chantel Bonneau
I believe every woman should know about and understand her financial situation, and every woman should have a financial plan. In this episode, I welcome guest Chantel Bonneau - Wealth Management Advisor and Author - to educate and help take away some of the mystery and overwhelm we may feel when it comes to making decisions about our money. You don’t need to track the stock market or understand the differences of all the various retirement accounts, or even be great with money to have a plan. That’s where a great advisor can come in. All you need are goals, dreams and to know what’s important to you, so that you can make the best choices with the money you have. It’s time for women to feel empowered by their finances! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 30, 2020
030 / The 3 M’s of Mindset with Lesle Griessel
In this episode, I welcome guest Lesle Griessel - Associate Managing Partner at a Fortune 100 Financial Planning Firm, Owner of LongView Leadership, a mom, a wife and one of the best leaders I know.  Clearly, this woman is busy!  Lesle explains why mindset is one of the most critical aspects in her life and she shares some incredibly powerful tools that we can all leverage. No matter what life throws at you, (and let’s be real 2020 has thrown us some doozies!) you always get to choose your mindset. It’s not always easy, but it’s always your choice. What if your biggest opportunity is a small shift in your mindset? This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 23, 2020
029 / The Art of Networking with Julie Brown
I have a confession to make. I’ve spent my entire career avoiding networking like the plague. The idea of going into a room with all new people and having to make small talk... just the very idea of it makes this introvert super uncomfortable. (wine please!) In this episode, I welcome guest Julie Brown - Networking Coach, Business Development Strategist, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, to share with us how we can ALL be better at networking and relationship building. Julie shares the importance of connecting with people in a 360 degree fashion. And how by using her “list yourself” approach, you will transform your networking! As women, many of these things come naturally to us, relationship building, gut feeling, authentic conversations, listening and empathy. We were born with the skills to network. And you add in Julie’s tips and approaches and we are golden! Now let’s get out there and do it! This Shit Works! :) This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 09, 2020
028 / Your Child’s Mental Health with Abby DeMarzo
On any given day I can go from one extreme to the other, either convinced that I am destroying my child's mental health during COVID, to believing that everything is going to be just fine. So how concerned should we actually be about our kids right now? In this episode, I welcome guest Abby DeMarzo - Licenced Mental Health Counselor who works with kids and adults dealing with both depression and anxiety. Abby shares her expertise and personal experience (she’s a mom!), on what our kids are experiencing, and gives some tips on what we should be focusing on right now with our children. Here’s a’s not struggling to set them up for school, stressing about their abundant screen time or perfecting their schedule to a T! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
September 02, 2020
027 / My MOST Special Guest!
Navigating these uncertain times have proven to be challenging to say the least. And with school starting back up, moms everywhere are struggling to make the best of the school year for their kids. In this episode, I welcome my MOST special guest. She is an EXPERT on understanding what our kids are going through right now during COVID. She leverages her experience and shares her perspective (and some giggles along the way) as it relates to our kids. Guaranteed to help set your mind at ease, you don’t want to miss this! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
August 26, 2020
026 / Are Your Money Beliefs Holding You Back?
Beliefs create behavior and behavior creates results. So, you are either in control of your beliefs and behavior about money, or it is controlling you. In this episode, we dig deep on our beliefs about money and what it may reveal about us (are you getting fidgety yet?). We all have a relationship with money, and like most relationships, it can be purposeful, healthy, and empowering, OR it can be limiting, discouraging, and stressful. Listen in as I share tips on shifting your perspective and making your money work for you, not the other way around. It’s time for us to get confident about money, and it starts right here! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
August 12, 2020
025 / Building a Foundation of Health and Fitness with Jennifer Nagel
In this episode, I welcome guest Jennifer Nagel - Certified Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Expert, to share her 3 M’s of health - you’ll need to listen in to learn what they are! As women we often struggle with prioritizing our own health, so our needs can get put on the back burner. Jennifer talks about how you can work out effectively in less time (because who has 2 hours to get to the gym?!), and how you may need to eat more (the 1,200 calorie diet doesn’t cut it). You only get one body, this body. What if you loved it, cared for it, honored it like a sacred temple, like a home? What would THAT look like for you? This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
August 05, 2020
024 / Creating A Collaborative Work Environment With Malika Begin
In this episode, I welcome guest Malika Begin - Owner of Begin Development, where she helps organizations and leaders build strong and healthy cultures. We dive deep into the importance of creating a collaborative environment, identifying culture carriers, building trust, fostering relationships and more. Collaboration attracts talent, builds teams, creates growth, impacts retention and develops people. Leaders, it’s time to collaborate! This is Woman’s Work. But P.S., this episode is not just for women...any leader would benefit! To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
July 29, 2020
023 / Branding YOU With Terri Lomax
How can you be a better brand ambassador for yourself? A lot of women I work with (myself included) struggle with self promotion. I’m not sure why… we are total badasses.  :) In this episode I welcome Terri Lomax - a globally recognized Brand Strategist, Speaker and Podcaster, to help inspire us all to walk into our greatness, when creating our personal brand and leveraging social media.Terri talks about how, whether you are aware of it or not, people are already making associations with you. So by taking ownership of that narrative and being more strategic, you can be in the driver’s seat with your branding. If you don’t brand yourself...who will? It’s important that we all own our messaging and that we share our authentic, imperfect and worthy selves. Stand in who you are and what you have to offer and give to others. Share your story, share your purpose, share what makes you different. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
July 15, 2020
022 / Thriving in Male Dominated Industries With Megan Taylor
I love talking with women who are breaking stereotypes and finding a name for themselves in traditionally male dominated careers. My guest today is doing just that. In this episode I welcome Megan Taylor - International DJ who performs at events all across the world. Megan shares the key steps she took in the early days of her career that helped make her a trailblazer in her field. By redefining the role and what it would look like for her, setting boundaries and truly embracing both masculine and feminine characteristics, she has created a career that she loves. When masculine leadership is balanced with feminine, when environments are created where both genders thrive, when people can bring their whole authentic selves to work, everybody wins. Men have been leading imperfectly for centuries, we don’t need to be perfect or have it all figured out to lead, but we must lead, just as we are. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
July 08, 2020
021 / Black Lives Matter
This is the first podcast I’ve recorded since George Floyd’s death. The Black Lives Matter movement, all that has led up to and what has followed, has been at the forefront of my thoughts, and speaking about anything else just wouldn’t feel right. In this episode, I share my feelings of shame, my belief that we must act, and my commitment to listen and learn. I believe the burden to eradicate racism shouldn’t be passed from those responsible to those affected. It requires all people to stand up and speak up for the lives of Black people. That is my intention today, and my stand moving forward. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 24, 2020
020 / Having Difficult Conversations With Lynne Franklin
In full transparency, I struggled to release this episode, as it was recorded prior to the death of George Floyd. I don’t want this to feel like “business as usual.” But with these recent tragedies I thought this could be a helpful and timely tool as we must all be willing to have difficult conversations, myself included. In this episode, I welcome guest Lynne Franklin - Author, Coach and Expert on Persuasive Communication. Lynne shares with us the biggest mistakes we make when having difficult conversations and her 6 step process to communicating more effectively. It is imperative that we put aside biases, curb our assumptions and be open and willing to shift our perspectives. Oftentimes in communicating, we tend to think about what we want to say or the message we want to get across, and rarely do we put ourselves in the other person's shoes. We can all benefit from strategy and tactics in how to have these conversations, and although this podcast was recorded several weeks ago, I can’t think of a more appropriate topic to help guide us through some conversations that are long overdue. I stand with the Black community at this time, most especially the mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and lovers.  This is Woman’s Work… because when women rise, everyone rises. To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
June 17, 2020
019 / Your Recovery Plan - How To Get Back Into Action Faster
We all experience tough days and setbacks, but we don’t all recover at the same pace. What makes some people recover faster, with tenacity and more confidence? They have a plan and it propels them back into action. In this episode, I share my Recovery Plan - what it is, why I needed one in my life, and I walk you step by step on how you can create your very own. We will all experience rough patches, rejections, and heartbreaks. In fact, the bigger and braver we choose to live our life, the more we will face these challenges.  If we agree those things are coming, then we need to have a plan. By having a Recovery Plan, we can make better choices during difficult times, so that we can reach our goals, and experience the joy and the freedom on the other side much faster than if left to our own devices. This is Woman’s Work Download the PDF guide to start designing your Recovery Plan here: To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 27, 2020
018 / Your Mental Health - Staying Aware During COVID With Alex Kenna
In this episode, I welcome guest Alex Kenna - Licensed Psychologist and Certified CPT Provider. Alex shares her expertise and personal experience on how to maneuver through these social distancing days, with an emphasis on the importance of meeting YOUR needs. She walks us through how to know if what we may be feeling is a normal reaction to the current crisis, or when we may need to seek help. And there is no shame in asking for help. In fact, it’s the incredibly brave thing to do. Life in general has ups and downs that we all struggle with from time to time, but adding in the stress and uncertainty of COVID makes it EXTRA challenging. We are treading through uncharted territory and juggling more than humanly possible. By giving ourselves permission to refill the tank, charge our battery and take the time we need, we come out the other side better and stronger. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 20, 2020
017 / Intuitive Eating...Eat What You Need When You Need It With Alicia Romano
In this episode, I welcome my special guest Alicia Romano - Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, to share her perspective on the importance of nourishing our bodies both on and off the plate. Alicia helps guide us BACK to the basics of understanding what our bodies really need to function at our best. And guess what? Traditional dieting doesn’t play a role in any of this. So many of us have unhealthy relationships with food, and for a lot of us, our food fears have kicked into high gear during this time. My consumption of cheese and wine has hit an all-time high...HELLO emotional eating! But I love how Alicia says “That’s ok” and to give grace and kindness to ourselves, and how cravings aren’t such a bad thing after all. Big bad craving monster...take that! What if we shifted our focus and took on this concept of choosing our food based on how it’ll make us feel, as opposed to how it’ll make us look? For me, this is a much healthier (and somewhat freeing!) way to live. I’m excited to share Alicia’s perspective and am committed to putting it into practice myself. I hope you’ll join me! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 13, 2020
016 / Friendships And Staying Connected
In this episode, Nicole shares her perspective on friendships, and the importance of reaching out to the RIGHT friend who can support you in your time of need. And how now (more than ever!) is the time to nurture and build that tribe. Spending time with the people we love, who give us a mental and emotional break from our everyday demands, is so necessary. Now is a great time to reflect on our friendships both past and present. To give thanks to those who at one time supported us, and to reach out to those in our lives today. Who comes to mind as you listen to this? Make time today to call that person, to share a laugh, to be there for each other, and to love on. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
May 06, 2020
015 / Parenting
Are you a mom who is struggling to adjust and redefine a new normal for yourself and for your family during the COVID crisis? You are not alone! Nicole gets personal about her struggles during this time. She shares her frustrations, her beliefs and adds some perspective to help us shift from worry and guilt to empowerment and confidence as moms. This is an opportunity to break some historical patterns. We get to reinvent the benchmarks we measure ourselves against. This is a time for reflection (if you can make the time), for growth (and we don’t mean just our pant size) and most importantly a time to be gentle and kind to yourself. You are doing great momma, you’ve got this! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 29, 2020
014 / Navigating Career Uncertainty With Sarah Henning
Nicole welcomes guest Sarah Henning, Founder and Lead Consultant at Shiftive, to walk us through how to find the right career opportunity for you. Timely information during this COVID crisis, Sarah shares valuable resources to find employers who are hiring NOW. Whether you’ve been laid off and are forced to look for a new career, you are uncertain what the future holds for your current career, or you’re just looking to keep options open for new opportunities - Sarah shares her tips on how to find the job that taps into your FULL potential. Finding work you love, that lights you up from within so that you can set fire to your career, our community and our world is so important. There is no better time than the present. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 15, 2020
013 / Building Healthy Partnerships With Lynne Sheridan
Nicole welcomes guest Lynne Sheridan -Transformational Trainer, Coach, Marriage & Family Therapist (because let’s be honest...we could all use a little of this right now) and Author, to help us better understand why we may be struggling in our partnerships, especially during these times of social distancing. We always have a choice in our thoughts, in our actions, and in our feelings towards our partners. Now is the time to cut each other some slack, to concede and reach towards our partners to better support one another during this difficult time. While we didn’t choose being in solitude, we CAN choose solidarity! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 07, 2020
012 / #SpecialEdition: The Problem Is How You See The ̶P̶r̶o̶b̶l̶e̶m̶ Pandemic With Lisa Kalmin
Nicole welcomes back guest Lisa Kalmin, Transformational Trainer, Speaker and Author to help us navigate together and think differently about our new normal during COVID-19. Now is the time to dig deep, get creative, empower others and transcend the challenges together!  (and drink wine and eat cheese… or is that just me??) Ladies, during these times it’s especially important to give tons of grace and patience to both yourself and those around you. We’re sending you love! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
April 01, 2020
011 / Love Addiction With Katie Grimes
Love addiction? Is that even a real thing? Yep. In this episode, Nicole welcomes guest Katie Grimes, Love Addiction Coach, and host of the “Anything For Love” podcast, to share with us her own journey with love addiction, as well as her experience in helping others overcome their dependency. Love addiction can show up in many different ways, some subtle - some not so subtle. But the feelings underneath it all have no variation. Katie identifies key behaviors and signs to a possible self diagnosis, an important first step to healing, and shares some valuable resources. We are wired for connection, we are wired for love. How can we redirect the love we crave from others back into ourselves, so that we can build healthy relationships? (Hint doesn’t start with the other person) We. Are. Good. Enough. This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 25, 2020
010 / 7 Things To Give Up (To Become Your Best You) With Kristin Andree
In this episode, Nicole welcomes guest Kristin Andree - Coach, Keynote and Author, who walks us through the 7 things to give up (don’t panic, coffee is not one of them) to become the best you in your career. Are you interested in growing both personally and professionally, but not clear on exactly what’s standing in your way? Believe it or not, the same things that are holding you back have held others back as well. Kristin not only points out these common challenges, but also shares some tips and strategies for removing these pesky roadblocks. Ladies, are you ready to be your best kick a$$ self? (Dollar signs not a typo) :)  Join us as we work it (heels or flats or no shoes at all!) down this path together! This is Woman’s Work To learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast, visit us at
March 18, 2020
009 / #NotDearAbby: Ask The Woman Whisperer?
In this episode, Nicole answers questions from our listeners on how to build a business while dating at the same time, tackles nuances to consider when doing financial planning as a woman, and at the end shares something a little silly about herself (something only those closest to her know...until now). :) Asking for help and support, as well as getting different perspectives from other women is SO important. And being real and honest in our answers can make us all better both individually and collectively. This is Woman’s Work. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
March 11, 2020
008 / The Problem Is How You See The Problem With Lisa Kalmin
Why do some people view the world with positivity and opportunity, and some with pessimism and skepticism? In this episode, Nicole welcomes guest Lisa Kalmin - Transformational Trainer, Speaker and Author, to share with us how when we choose a responsible approach in our lives, we can create an uplifting, inspiring and transformational space for ourselves. By the time we are 8 - 10 years old, our particular worldview is set. We carry that perspective throughout our life and it influences what opportunities are available to us. While we cannot change the past, through conscious presence and allowing ourselves full freedom to experience the present moment, we can change how we relate to our past and open up the door to growth and expansion. This is Woman’s Work. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
March 04, 2020
007 / Confidence Part 2 - Getting Back Into Action
Why do some people recover from a setback quicker than others? In this episode, Nicole addresses some questions from Confidence Part 1. She also walks us step by step through her Recovery Plan, a tool she uses on those tough days, to help propel her back into action quickly and with confidence. Challenging days are inevitable, we all have them. But how we respond and what we do next (or don’t) is the valuable lesson to be learned. It is the key difference between highly successful people and everybody else. It starts with a plan. Having a plan in place can help motivate, inspire and remind us what’s most important. Our mistakes don’t define us unless we let them. YOU are the decider. This is Woman’s Work. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
February 26, 2020
006 / 3 Steps To Finding And Using Your Gifts With Lynn Casaletto
What did you love to do as a kid?  What lit you up and is STILL burning inside of you? In this episode, we welcome our guest Lynn Casaletto, owner of Core Growth Consulting. Lynn helps walk us through how to find and chase our passions, to help us connect with who we were truly and uniquely meant to be. At times, perceptions can become limiting. Whether it’s how others see us or how we see ourselves. But if we put the ego aside, if we let go of titles and take the time to reflect, we can tap into our natural born talents and learn how best to use our gifts to help others. Ladies, it’s time to get curious about you! How can you wake up feeling inspired and go to sleep feeling fulfilled? Life is too short to not do the work that you love. This is Woman’s Work. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
February 18, 2020
005 / 6 Steps For Fact-Checking Your Feelings With Julie Gordon
It’s ok to have your feelings, but your feelings shouldn't have you. In this episode, Nicole welcomes her first guest Julie Gordon, who breaks down her 6 step system for fact-checking your feelings. Often times our reactions get amplified by our past, and how we react isn’t always circumstantial to what’s in front of us. Julie walks us through the importance of identifying those feelings, and gives examples and strategies on how to auto correct our emotional course if necessary. As women, it is assumed we are emotional beings. Whether you express your feelings in more of an internal or external way, we ALL have them, and by implementing a fact-check system we can only improve our communication with others, and our understanding of ourselves. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
February 12, 2020
004 / Calling All My Single Ladies!
In this episode, Nicole asks ALL women to raise the bar, and shares what she wishes she could go back and tell her single self. Do you feel the pressure from society to settle down, find the right person and get married because it’s that next “normal” step? Ladies, marriage is not a requirement and it does not prove your worth. It is so important in all of our relationships that we do the work, that we know who we are, who we aren’t, and that we show up as our authentic self. If we spend our energy being the very best version of us, we can and will create the exceptional relationships we deserve. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
February 05, 2020
003 / Family Planning - Living Life By Design, Not By Default
In this episode, Nicole breaks down how to create a mechanism to have a productive conversation around your family goals. Using the successful business plan she and her husband developed in their professional careers, they turned the concept into a family plan they could implement at home as well! Where are some opportunities for you and your partner to think differently about where your money is going? Having a conversation ahead of time can help you to identify and redirect your money, and your efforts in a more meaningful and strategic way. What are your goals on a personal and professional level, and how can you best support each other? Nicole gives tips on how to prepare, what to bring to the table for your collaborative discussion...and how to have a little fun while you’re at it. It is so impactful when we invite one another to be on our team, to be each other’s biggest supporter. Growing our partnerships and redefining how we show up as women is one of the most important things we can be doing. This is Woman’s Work. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
January 29, 2020
002 / Top 3 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneu(HER)
Do you have a passion you’ve been wanting to pursue or a purpose calling out to you? Have you been entertaining the idea of what starting your own business might look like? In this episode, Nicole talks openly about the ups and downs she faced starting her own company, gives tips and strategies for those just starting out, and breaks down her top 3 reasons why entrepreneu(HER)ship could be a great opportunity for you! Listen to learn how to work through the doubts or hesitations that may be holding you back. It’s time to be the decider of your OWN worth. Learn more about what we are up to outside of this podcast at
January 23, 2020
001 / Confidence Is Always Built From The Inside Out
In this episode, Nicole talks all about confidence - what it is, what it isn’t, how to get more of it, and what it feels and looks like when you have it. As women, we often trail behind our male counterparts In taking risks. We tend to wait until we feel 100% confident to move forward, which is a totally unrealistic expectation that limits our opportunities and experiences. Listen in to connect and collaborate with a community that is redefining woman's work and build your own inner confidence. Learn more about what we’re up to outside of this podcast at
January 14, 2020
This Is Woman's Work
In this first ever episode, Nicole shares a little of her story, what you can expect from the podcast, and ultimately how together, we are going to redefine what it actually means to be doing Woman’s Work. If you have ever felt like there aren’t enough minutes in the day, or like the pressure of work is killing you (especially when it’s combined with the pressure to look and be perfect along the way), then this podcast is for you. When you trust yourself, build healthy partnerships, and grow your confidence, you can be who you are truly meant to be. If you’re a career motivated, get-shit-done, multi-juggling, badass woman, you just found your new safe space. Learn more about what we’re up to at
December 30, 2019