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Break The Bias with Senela

Break The Bias with Senela

By Women Empowered Global
Welcome to the Global podcast on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, by Women Empowered Global & 1 Million Women in Power, in partnership with the United States Presidential Service Center. Featuring insightful and inspiring episodes from the perspectives of Women & Men from different countries, cultures and professions, spanning neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology, talking about social conditioning & dogmas, best practices, male allyship; filling the talent gap, women on boards, women in innovation, women in gaming, diversity on boards, having courage & finding your voice!
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Women in Gaming
Introducing our special guest on the episode, Christoffer Johansson.  Christoffer is an impact-driven entrepreneur and a game-changer on a mission to eliminate Gaming Disorder as an internationally classified disease by helping people successfully balance their everyday health & video gaming habits. Christoffer comes from a background in competitive gaming, competing in games such as Counter-Strike 1.6 and osu! where he also held the most #1 leaderboard scores in the world between September 2015 and August 2019 out of more than 15 million users. Having first-hand experienced both issues relating to his own video gaming habits, and existing industry-wide issues, Christoffer is determined to ensure that the current, and the next generation of gamers will have what they need to practice cordial usage of gaming & get the most out of their gaming experience. Stay tuned to listen to this episode!! @WomenEmpGlobal @Senela_Jay
May 13, 2022
Male Allyship
Introducing our special guest on the episode, Martin Mongiello. Former Executive White House Chef to the President & GM of the Camp David Resort & Conference Center, working with the past five Presidents for 25 years, from H.W. Bush through Trump. He has led trillions in assets living on three continents. He is a high-octane coach publishing 200+ papers, giving 100+ speeches & keynotes. He has lived on three continents while cooking for hundreds of Hollywood stars, Presidents from all over the world, a Prime Minister, a King, a Queen, and several princes. He has won numerous awards such as GEICO Leadership Award, Captain NEY World Winner Silver Cup, Japan AJCA LIFE gold medal, & US Naval Submarine League Admiral Warder Leadership Award & many more.  Stay tuned to listen to this episode!! @WomenEmpGlobal @Senela_Jay
May 04, 2022