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It's Time To Thrive by Women Who Slay

It's Time To Thrive by Women Who Slay

By Women Who Slay
“It’s Time to Thrive” is a brand new podcast show by certified transformation mindset coaches Sasha Shantel and Syianne Raemond who are the founders of the female empowerment brand “Women Who Slay”.
In their fortnightly show, Sasha and Syianne offer coaching tips, personal insights and guest speakers to help women everywhere to thrive in all areas of their lives.

It’s Your Time to THRIVE!

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#ItsTimeToThrive Episode 3 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
Anything worth having is right outside your comfort zone, the problem is; it isn't always easy to step outside of it. Sometimes it's our own fear or the opinions of others that stop us from stepping out and getting what we truly want. In the 3rd episode of the #ItsTimeToThrive podcast Certified Mindset and Transformation Life coaches Sasha and Syianne look at the factors that are often holding many women back from building the lives they truly want.  They share some top tips on what you can do to move outside of your comfort zone, challenge your self and awaken yourself to new opportunities.  Your comfort zone is not the enemy; by any means, but it will only remain that if you don't allow yourself to stagnate in it. The moment you do that; you run the risk of remaining trapped in it. Don't let that be you.  Make sure you visit the Women Who Slay blog where Sasha & Syianne share more tips on how you can overcome yours and be, do and have more out of life.  Visit their official website for more blog posts, free resources and access to their coaching services HERE Follow Women Who Slay on INSTAGRAM Follow Women Who Slay on FACEBOOK
February 17, 2021
#ItsTimetoThrive Episode 2: 10 Timewasters You Need To Avoid
Hey slayers, how can it be February already?! In episode 2 of the #ItsTimeToThrive podcast with certified Transformation and Mindset coaches Syianne Raemond and Sasha Shantel they tackle the problem of too many people using lockdown as a reason to waste their time. Stressing the importance of valuing your time, because even Beyonce has only 24 hours darling! Syianne and Sasha share 10 sure fire tips to help you banish your timewasting habits once and for all and be more resourceful with your time from day to day.  This episode is also linked to the women who slay blog where you can read their coinciding blog post to go along with the topic as well as links to FREE resources to help you use your time more effectively. Follow Women Who Slay on INSTAGRAM Follow Women Who Slay on FACEBOOK SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE WHERE YOU FIND OUT MORE AND ACCESS THEIR LIFE COACHING SERVICES HERE #ItsTimeToThrive USE THE HASHTAG #ITSTIMETOTHRIVE PODCAST ON ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS :)
February 4, 2021
#ItsTimetoThrive Episode 1: Make 2021 Your Year
We may be in worldwide pandemic but that doesn't mean that you can't make plans and set goals to level up!  This year is your year but you need to step up and make s**t happen. In the debut episode from Women Who Slay- Certified Transformation mindset Life coaches Sasha Shantel and Syianne share action steps and tips you can implement to ensure you make progress this year.  As Syianne and Sasha tell you "No one is coming to save you, so YOU save you" and this episode lays out simple tips you can apply instantly to make 2021 yours for the taking.  This episode is an introduction to their fortnightly podcast which will offer coaching tips, insights and guest speakers to ensure women everywhere are given the tools to help them thrive in all the key areas of their lives. + DOWNLOAD YOUR LINK TO THEIR SMART GOALS WORKSHEET HERE + GRAB A COPY OF 'THE MAGIC' HERE FOLLOW WOMEN WHO SLAY ON INSTAGRAM FOLLOW WOMEN WHO SLAY ON FACEBOOK SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR FURTHER RESOURCES, BLOGS AND COACHING SERVICES HERE
January 17, 2021