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Women for the Culture Podcast

Women for the Culture Podcast

By Women for the Culture Podcast Network
Welcome to the Women For the Culture Podcast Brought to by Women for the Culture Podcast Network - We are a community of women who empower, encourage, and stimulate each other's minds. This Podcast will provide insights, tips, and conversations around how to level up on your goals, nurture friendships and relationships, and how to create spaces of growth. We will have guest hosts that will share their journey and insights as well as steps to be great.

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It's Tax Season with Professor Honey
We've empowered women and now in 2022, it's time to encourage our women to collect and act on all we've been manifesting. Professor Honey joins us for this episode. She's America’s #1 Personal & Business Credit influencer and the Owner of Professor Honey’s Credit and Lending. We talk Financial Forgiveness, the importance of assets and what getting the bag REALLY means. Money is a mindset! She wants us to WAKE UP! Get the information and assistance we deserve, before it's too late! Know your worth, and add tax! You've heard it before. Whether you're an aspiring business owner or pilar of your community, this is the chat for you!
February 13, 2022
Finding Moments with Julissa Bermudez
How often do you meet a real girl's girl? Sitting with Julissa Bermudez was exactly that! We learn that this host-turned-actress, and now, entrepreneur is embracing the journey and even shares the same fears we do! We talk Speaking Positivity into your life, making way for blessings, finding balance and clarity and so much more as she introduces us to her new show on CLEO TV... It's Me, Julissa, premiering tonight at 9:30pm ET! This show surely isn't scripted as you can't make up the hurdles Julissa will face. The best part of it all... she keeps going, and is inspiring us to do the same! Follow Julissa and her journey on instagram @officialjulissab!
October 16, 2021
Little Doesn't Mean Limited with Ms. Juicy Baby
The Queen of Atlanta and Executive Producer from Lifetime's Little Women Atlanta, Ms. Juicy Baby explains in our first episode of Season Three how she uses her God-given talents to minister to others and leaves our tribe with tips on Not Pleasing Anyone Other than Ourselves, Not Letting What People Say Hinder US, Why cleansing your mind, body and soul and giving God his time is important, and most importantly, How-To Have a Juicy Summer! Make sure you're watching Little Women ATL Season Six and following her on instagram @MsJuicyRSMS.
July 24, 2021
Chelsea Speaks Need to Serve
102.6 "The Situation" Radio Host and Certified Life Coach Chelsea Speaks joins us for a chat on the Evolution of Women's Empowerment. Chelsea Speaks on maneuvering into Radio & Entertainment, how being a Preacher's Kid (PK) ignited her life coaching path and how the pandemic "birthed a whole other beast" within her. She's onto higher levels she never previously imagined all by the Grace of God, and she's paying it forward by making space for women. Check out Chelsea Speaks, her organization Women are D.O.P.E and upcoming festivals at!
April 22, 2021
Life Lessons with Shay Johnson
Still evolving, learning and growing, Shay Johnson admits she doesn't have all the answers; however, it's clear to us that she's operating within her destiny! With several businesses prior to TheHealthyHand, Shay now delights in being able to see the success and reap the benefits of her health and fitness-based lifestyle brand. She's taking information back to our communities and empowering us to live our best lives! Listen as we talk with the Reality TV Star, Actress and CEO on Detoxing in all Areas of Life! Make sure you keep up with her brand, and follow her on Instagram @IamShayJohnson.
April 08, 2021
Lessons from an Auntie: Mom Guilt, Tunnel Vision, Respect and Culture with Luenell
Luenell is the Auntie that you ask everything you can't ask your mom. She's gonna give it to you straight, and we took full advantage. In this episode, we take you on a journey of womanhood... queendom. What it takes to achieve ultimate success; the tears and the naysayers in between. How she overcame it all to hold the title of the original Bad Girl of Comedy, and build an empire that not only transcends generations but secures her a comfortable future/bag for years to come. We talk generational wealth, how-to break into the industry, and being a sex kitten giving "T & A" as a brand ambassador for Rihanna's lingerie line — Savage x Fenty. Keep up with Luenell at, and @Luenell on Facebook and Instagram!
March 31, 2021
Tiphani Montgomery is in the Wisdom Business
Never let labels define you. This teen mom and college dropout, became a best-selling author, international speaker, and entrepreneur making millions before and during a pandemic. Tiphani Montgomery is the founder & CEO of the MILLIONS Conference, founder of KINGDOM ENTREPRENEUR UNIVERSITY, and the founder of COVERED BY GOD. She chats with WomenForTheCulture on being the entrepreneur's influencer, why she feels college isn't the route for entrepreneurs, being fully booked in high school, how she's created several million-dollar businesses without a business plan, getting saved in her shower, crediting God and not the universe, not compromising for money and so, much more! Keep up with Tiphani at and on Instagram @tiphanimontgomery, @millionsconference, and @coveredby.god.
March 08, 2021
Self-Love is The Best Love with MrsLaTruth
Model, published author and entrepreneur MrsLaTruth, the "Pioneer of Self-Love," opens up about her first published book/journal "Self-Love is the Best Love," knowing your worth, how to set boundaries and speaking life into yourself. She's a Woman for the Culture encouraging women to speak about their own journey's of self-love. Keep up on instagram @MrsLaTruth!
January 20, 2021
Staying True to Yourself with Armani Caesar
Griselda Records (RocNation) First Lady, Rapper, @ArmaniCaesar checks in to chat #Music, #Entrepreneurship, and #Philanthropy. We hit on not rooting your self-worth in social media validation, double standards, giving the shirt off her back, and working on her deluxe edition of "The Liz." Follow her on Instagram @armanicaesar!
January 13, 2021
Don't Judge Your Character with Actress Nicole Crump
Actress Nicole Crump joins The WomenForTheCulture Podcast to discuss how to effectively executive the roles we play. This conversation is the motivation you need to Step Into Your Light, and Preparing a Table. We discuss what it means to be a Woman for the Culture, the Importance of Sisterhood, being Empaths and Finding Inspiration. Follow her on Instagram @ActressNicoleCrump!
January 07, 2021
Praying for Clarity & Forging your Own Path with Bevelations' Bevy Smith
Host of SiriusXM’s Bevelations on Radio Andy, former cohost of Bravo’s Fashion Queens and Page Six TV, Motivational Speaker, Brand Ambassador, Pop Culture Aficionado, Television Personality, Businesswoman, and now Author, Bevy Smith joins us to discuss her upcoming "irreverent and inspiring memoir about learning to live a big, authentic, and unapologetic life:" Bevelations: Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie. Bevy challenges us to find our core, go beyond the catchphrases, be selfish, feel ourselves, "manifest our most bodacious dreams," and most importantly "show up." She is no longer playing it safe, and is "daring to dream."
December 29, 2020
Meet Somalia
Somalia is an Atlanta-based R&B Singer, Indie Artist and Songwriter. In this episode, she talks about how Women are often ready to "Risk It All," everything starts with Women, Celebrating the Good and Living in the Moment and Using her Gifts to Move People. Check out her latest single "Risk It All" and follow her on instagram @thesomaliashow!
November 16, 2020
Meet Henree "ReeMarkable" Wright
She's a Big Dawg, That's Facts and Big Racks... is out now. That's bars! Rap Royalty; literally. Self-Made, Reemarkable is next up on the WomenForTheCulture podcast! In this episode, ReeMarkable talks family, living out her life on reality TV (WeTV's Growing Up Hip Hop), being a legacy in the music industry, healing, community, building generational wealth, protecting Black women and her stance on the phrase "Strong, Black Woman." This is a Black Mom concerned about and challenging herself for the culture. Keep up with ReeMarkable on instagram @iamReeMarkable.
November 02, 2020
Meet That Girl Jay Cole
On the heels of her 26th Birthday, we celebrate Queen Jaimesha Thomas. Most known as Jay Cole, this Queen knows how to pull the laughs out of you, and also keep the vibes high! Get into this mood... Jay not only commands and brings energy to the room, she's empowering women to be the best in all they do. In this throwback exclusive, we speak to Jay live at Culture Tags by Eunique Jones Gibson in Washington, D.C. Keep up with Jay Cole on instagram @thatgirljaycole. #HappyBirthday
October 26, 2020
Meet Krystal "KG" Garner
Krystal Garner is a woman of substance. Much more than an influencer... this Serial Entrepreneur exudes hustle, motivation and most importantly, light! We chat about rules to live by, supporting Black creatives, protecting Black women and creating safe spaces. KG understands why representation matters and she's preparing a table for our culture, this and generations to come; so they have not only a table but also an opportunity to build and preserve a legacy! KG gave us an exclusive on her brand; hear it here first! Keep Up with KG on instagram @krystalgarner.
October 05, 2020
Meet Brave Williams
In this episode, we chat with Artist, Actress and Fitness Enthusiast Brave Williams. We talk Sisterhood, while she teaches us how to radiate, and also discuss why it's more than Entertainment for her. Check out "" starring Brave on Netflix, and her latest single "Don't Tell Me No," on Spotify, Apple, Tidal and more! For more information, visit!
September 14, 2020
Meet Aina Brei'Yon, CEO of 3K9 Productions
In this episode, we hear how tapped in Aina Brei'Yon is and how she manages to balance authoring "Cheat Days With The Ugly Cook," launching "The Brei’Yon Collection" in the middle of a pandemic, and also 3K9 Productions since the passing of her sister in 2015. "That life-changing experience pushed Aina to change the narrative in Hip Hop when it comes to black women, use her platform to breathe life into black women, create visuals that embraced the beauty & strength of black women while showcasing the value of all women." We get into the true meaning of life, down to how each and every one of us can be the change we want to see. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month; not only do we speak on resources for Mental Health, such as her own eight-week program Mindful Living & Healing, we get to the root of how to generational curses shape our outlook on life. To connect with Aina, follow,,, and
August 31, 2020
Meet Vena E., also known as Pretty Vee
In this episode, Pretty Vee taps in on how being a social media sensation has led to building an empire. She chats about dealing with fame, collaborating with Citi Trends, the inspiration behind the Electronic and Beauty Collection, the importance of selling affordable products, and of course, details on her latest song “ Booty Squeeze." For more information, follow her on Instagram @yesimprettyvee
August 24, 2020
Our EIC Nikki for the Culture chats with Bobby Pen "The Voice for the Culture."
In this episode for In this episode of the #WomenfortheCulturePodcast, our Founder Nikki chats with Bobby Pen "The Voice for the Culture." 
August 17, 2020
Meet Sydney and Ame of Sista Chat Live
Sista Chat Live w Sydney & Ame Teen Talk Show Hosts Sydney & Ame, are taking over Instagram with their Daily IG live talk show, “Sista Chat.” They have daily interviews with celebrities including, Tiffany Haddish, Angela E. Gibbs, Lucky Church, and Lexi P, and they are only 15 and 13 years old! Chandra Gore chats with them and they share what it means to be a teen for the culture!  Follow them on Instagram @sistachatlive
July 22, 2020
Meet Erica Wilson of 88 Blessings
In this episode, we continue the conversation on the stigmas of Teen Pregnancy with Erica Wilson (mother of Miami Dolphins WR Allen Hurns). Erica turned her Pain into Praise; she teaches us about leaning on faith and choosing to shed light even on the darkest days. Erica shares memories of graduating with her sons; and discusses her and her son's foundation, 88 Blessings, sponsoring 17 high school seniors. For more information on 88 Blessings, visit and Erica Wilson at!
July 20, 2020
Meet Yahaira (Ms. Yahya) Stewart of ZEMZ Events
In this episode, we talk Stigmas of Teen Pregnancy with Serial Entrepreneur Ms. Yahya. Yahya divulged all; from being abused and victimized to breaking generational curses and being of service to others. She teaches us about sacrifice, forgiveness and self love. For more information on Ms. Yahya's services, visit and
July 15, 2020
Meet Sophia of Little Miss Sophia Sweets
In this episode, we go one-on-one with Preteen, Sophia of Little Miss Sophia Sweets! We learn that being homeschooling has many advantages... it's the secret to Sophia's success! We talk about when the word "entrepreneur" became a part of her vocabulary, how can parents find unique talents in their children and push them towards entrepreneurship, what entrepreneurs inspired her, how Covid-19 affect her business and what's next for her brand! For more on Little Miss Sophia, visit in instagram and
July 13, 2020
Meet Skylar Johnson of Sew Fly Sky
In this episode, we learn above all, to be humble. Skylar Johnson  is a 13-year old seamstress and fashion designer. Sklyar started by upcycling; designing and styling herself, and quickly turned a hobby into a career! Her mother was instrumental in the process, encouraging her... "you can profit off of this." We talk everything from body consciousness to paying it forward. She's worked with industry icons, such as Kimora Lee Simmons and even pivoted to fit the need of and in an effort to give back to her community during Covid-19! She attributes it all to her mother and family, who allowed her to explore these "nontraditional" roles for teens and to create her own lane. We also talk to mom briefly also about the importance of taking time to notice and strengthen your children's talents and invest in them! Fore more on Skylar and her budding empire, visit Follow her on
July 08, 2020
Meet Rennee Hubb of Bound 2 Found
Meet Rennee Hubb - Teen Mom and Overcomer. Rennee had two daughters by the time she was 18 years old and shares her powerful message of perseverance, faith and overcoming the obstacles of teenage motherhood. She is the author of ‘From Bound 2 Found.’
July 06, 2020
Meet Selorym Jackson CEO of 4EverFamilies LLC
In this episode we meet Selorym Jackson CEO of 4EverFamilies LLC and the 2019 winner of Teen Boss Academy. . Selorym's brand is about empowering foster , adoptive and even traditional families to make connections and bonds that only communication can create. Selorym plans to expand her brand to include accessories and items that make children feel connected and empowered to be their authentic self. When Selorym is not building her brand, she studies several genres of dance (since the age of 6) including African , Jazz, Ballet and Hip-Hop to name a few. She is also an honor roll student who will be enrolled in the IB program as she starts her high school career in the fall. At a young age Selorym has realized that multiple streams of income is what separates the rich from the wealthy therefore she one day hopes to be a doctor, invest in real-estate and run at least two successful businesses including 4EverFamiliesLLC. 4EverFamilies LLC was birthed from her experiences and she seeks to continue to use her experiences to inspire others, especially others from similar backgrounds.
July 01, 2020
Meet Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin - Creative Director at The Divine Connections Agency and Host of Purposely Bossin Up Podcast
On this episode we chat with Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin, Host and Creator Director of The Divine Connections Agency. She is an educator, serial entrepreneur and branding strategist from Philadelphia. She has a heart of gold and changes lives on a daily with every person that she encounters. Her firm,  The Divine Connections Agency connects your PURPOSE and your BRAND. Tijania is a well-rounded person who enjoys living life through PURPOSE and with PURPOSE.  She uses her life experiences to empower others to stay strong and push through all situations no matter how hard they may be.  She lives by this great quote, “Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it up with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”  You can find Tee on Facebook | Instagram | Podcast |
June 29, 2020
Meet Meko Kelly of Teen Boss Academy and CEO of Love Queen Consulting
On this episode of Women for the Culture Podcast - We welcome Damika “Meko” Kelly , Author, Singer,  founder of The Teen Boss Academy and CEO of Love Queen Consulting. Meko is a business consultant and investor who serves as a brand manager, business coach and mentor to teen girls as founder of The Teen Boss Academy and women entrepreneurs. The Teen Boss Academy  program consists of a sales pitch competition with a grand prize to start (or maintain) a business, one-on-one mentoring  and resources for business formation and development. Click here to apply to Teen Boss Academy Follow Meko on
June 24, 2020
Community over Competition
Nikki, Camille and Chandra are the main voices and personalities behind the WomenForTheCulture brand. All bosses in their own right; on today's episode, we get to know them all a little better. In a candid conversation, the three trailblazers discuss building community, breaking generational curses and how having necessary conversations will lead to the change our society needs and craves. We unpack mental health issues and how institutional racism is engraved into our culture. We attempt to dismantle the very system that has oppressed us to this date; but this is just the beginning.
June 22, 2020
Meet Guest Correspondent and Contributor, Chandra Gore
In this episode meet  Chandra Gore. She is also a published author, the Principal Consultant and Publicist of Chandra Gore Consulting, Founder of the Greater Northern Virginia Comedy and Film Festival,  Producer at SCM Productions and Community Liaison of The Urban Flight Foundation, a community organization serving Stafford County, VA.  She is also the host of Conversations with Chan, an YouTube Channel, Publication and Podcast.  Guest Correspondent and Contributor, Chandra Gore shares why she is a Woman for Culture and why you should become one too! 
June 17, 2020
Meet Tamika Harden - Body by Tamika
Meet Tamika Harden, better known as Body by Tamika. She is a life coach,  professional fitness trainer, instructor and coronavirus survivor.  Harden ran a viable gym where she trained 200+ women a month at her gym in Jericho, NY.  Her approach to training will enrich your mind boy and soul. Even after facing a near death experience, her story is one of triumph, optimism, hope and strength.  Follow Tamika on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and visit her website to sign up for virtual sessions.
June 15, 2020
Meet Candiace Dillard
Speaking of making your voice heard... this Real Housewife of Potomac, Candiace Dillard, is using her position to spark change! On this episode, Candiace  speaks about why you don't have to be Black to be a woman for the culture, her contributions to community and culture, while offering solace during this time of civil unrest. Check out her single - I See You (feat. Anwan glover & Kevin L. Blackmon) Shop Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard 
June 10, 2020
Meet the Founders of Glamourina
Kia and Nekol are Co-Owners of the Activewear company Glamourina. With five years in business under their belt, these two are changing the world through style, wellness and culture. On this episode, we discuss why it's important that we see images that look like us on the clothes we wear and the advertisements we see, how they're filling the void in Activewear, the power of the black dollar/spending power, their impact on society and more! To check out their movement, visit Follow Glamourina on Instagram at @ShopGlamourina
June 08, 2020
Meet Managing Editor Camille Davis
Having a purpose-driven life starts with "Why?" For this Publicist-turned-Advocate, building community is how she sparks change. Camille Davis of MontagePR understands the Power of Women. Listen as we learn more about her, and how she brings fervor and ignites in many what they may not see in themselves. This is #W4TC. In this episode meet Managing Editor Camille Davis. She is also the Chief Strategist & CEO of the Award Winning Public Relations Firm Montage PR and Founder and Host of Meet the Media. 
June 03, 2020
Meet Founder Nikki for the Culture
Introducing the Founder and Creator of Women for the Culture - Nikki.  Find out why she created this amazing platform for women to find encouragement, sisterhood and growth.  Follow Nikki on Instagram @nikkifortheculture
June 01, 2020
Welcome to Women for the Culture
Welcome to the Women For the Culture Podcast - We are a community of women who empower, encourage & stimulate each other's minds.
May 14, 2020