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Women in Jazz Media: The Podcasts

Women in Jazz Media: The Podcasts

By Women In Jazz Media
Women in Jazz Media is a place to explore, discuss and collaborate with women who work in Jazz Media.

In our podcast series ‘In Conversation with…’ we invite guests from across the world to discuss their careers, their challenges and inspirations and to explore what actions we can all take to support and encourage a more diverse Jazz Media industry.

In our 'Around the World' series, Rouhangeze Baichoo shares music from women in jazz around the world.
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Women In Jazz Media: In Conversation with...Angelika Beener

Women in Jazz Media: The Podcasts

Women in Jazz Media: In Conversation with...The F List
In this episode we have a guest host, Women in Jazz Media team member,  Wendy Kirkland in conversation with two incredible women: Vick Bain, founder of the F List and board director Amy Pearce. ‘There is simply no excuse not to have as many women onstage as men’ Former CEO of BASCA, now PhD researcher, women in music campaigner and equality, diversity and inclusion consultant Vick Bain created the fantastic F List for Musicians: “It’s my mission to make the music industry a more equitable and inclusive environment for all women to succeed and flourish in. Together we are going to do amazing work’. Joining us with Vick, is board member, promoter, producer, strategic content consultant and jazz specialist Amy Pearce. Women in Jazz Media is very proud to be one of their sister organisations and have the opportunity to discuss their work.
May 6, 2021
Women in Jazz Media: In Conversation with...Ashaine White talks to Céline Peterson
In this episode Ashaine White talks to Céline Peterson ‘In terms of race and gender, it’s incredibly uneven, in every aspect of the industry. And the other thing I want through in there is age. I’m young, you’re young and we are not taken as seriously by older, white men in particular, and older white women…and I really can’t wrap my head around it! It’s infuriating. It’s definitely made been more difficult, being a young woman of colour. It’s like everything going against us in that sense’ Artist Representative and Producer Céline Peterson has presented concerts and given inspiring speeches all over the globe (Canada, The United States, Denmark, Barbados, Switzerland, and South America), and manages some of the most exciting jazz artists on the scene today, including JUNO Award winner Robi Botos, 2018 Ellis Marsalis Piano Competition winner Ben Paterson, and Member to the Order of Canada, Dr. Dave Young. She is a producer of the Kensington Market Jazz Festival, which takes place every September in the heart of downtown Toronto and over the course of 3 days and presents over 400 local artists in 24 venues to 5000+ patrons. Céline has also worked extensively with Coalition Canada and their Youth4Music initiative as an Ambassador. Céline has always been a proud ally to the up-and-coming generations of musicians, and along with her work at the Coalition, has done workshops at various schools including Durham College, and The Chicago Academy for the Arts. ​Céline’s career began over a decade ago when she started working in Social Media Management, a field in which she is still active. Her efforts and successes have put her at the top of the list for many artists who want to expand their online presence. It started when she created a Facebook page for her late Father, legendary jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, which now serves as both a hub where his fans can gather and find endless content both personal and professional about one of the world’s most celebrated jazz artists, and as a platform where she chooses to showcase some of today’s up and coming artists in the jazz world. "Céline Peterson is a brave and articulate champion for jazz. A valiant writer and speaker who works lovingly and tirelessly for the cause of dedicated musicians. Her brilliant mind and deep heart motivate her outspoken support for the present and future of music education. With honest humility and courage, she speaks the truth of the immeasurable importance for our evolving society to realize that jazz is a precious art form for us to invest ourselves in and to treat with care, dignity and devotion. I’m grateful for Céline’s encouragement of my efforts, because her sincerity won’t ever allow her to “pretend” where the sanctity of music is concerned. Céline is the real deal and the international jazz community is blessed by her humanity, soul and voice." - Benny Green, Pianist, Composer, and Educator
March 24, 2021
Rouhangeze presents: Around the world Women in Jazz Vol 1
Special edition and launch of new series for International Women's Day 2021: Rouhangeze presents: Around the World Women in Jazz
March 8, 2021
Women In Jazz Media: In Conversation with...Angelika Beener
In this episode, Ashaine White talks to writer Angelika Beener. A fascinating and inspiring conversation exploring working in today’s Jazz industry and how to develop a career as a writer: ‘Do the work, rise to the occasion as much as you can and then shoot your shot! You’d be surprised who might give you a chance, especially if you are black and especially if you are woman. This is a good time for us to kick in the door’
February 28, 2021
Women in Jazz Media: In Conversation with...Jiaowei Hu
In this, episode, Ashaine White talks to Jazz writer Jiaowei Hu.  Jiaowei tells us that ‘Through jazz writing, I hope to bring people and different parties together, to build bridges for people to meet, across ethnicities and races, across religions and beliefs, across genders and generations, across occupations and fields, even across diverse ways of thinking. That's how jazz has enlightened me, so I want to write about it in return. One day it suddenly hits me, that I should help to let the world hear what's happening in China as well. I feel it part of my mission since I'm also among those who write the most about jazz in my country. Being a long-time follower of All About Jazz, I wish to contribute, as much as to learn. To connect, as much as to be connected. Diversity. Freedom. Naturality. I'm totally in for these and jazz just has them all. So here I am, writing on jazz from the Far East, from China. Here is a growing market; the musicians can tell, too. But that's only the shallow surface of it. To dig a bit deeper, I think today many Chinese are in common in the spirit - usually a bit timid to express it though - that we aspire to open up to the world and get connected. Be it our musicians, aficionados, agents and managers...our culture. To connect and be connected, just like anyone else'
February 28, 2021