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Women in Tech not Just Code

Women in Tech not Just Code

By Women In Tech Not Just Code
Technology is not just about coding and this podcast is not just for women. We're celebrating every single person in a tech role or a tech company. We're bringing together people at all levels and talking to 'real models' that share experiences, dispelling myths, soundbites and gimmicks that may be holding us back. We're tackling issues through plain speaking, honesty, no gimmicks or soundbites, no fakery - just reality.
Hosted by Carol Johnson @johnsoncsdo @womenintechnotjustcode
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Cat Wildman

Women in Tech not Just Code

Rosie Kaye
How does working in a pie shop help you in Silicon Valley?  In this thought provoking episode Rosie Kaye reflects on a milestone birthday year in lockdown.  She explores her experiences and shares her insights and how she is tackling challenges many women face. Rosie Kaye is a Strategic Account Manager at Google who started her career serving up pies.  Understanding customers needs from working in retail, where authentic human interaction is essential, has been the key to her success when it comes to forging strong business relationships.  This episode is heartfelt, at times raw, yet strips back the essentials of how to succeed as a woman working in a male dominated environment. Here's a snapshot of our chat.... Living & leaving city life Fitting in & hiding as a woman. Cloud computing. Learning from failure. Tackling imposter syndrome. Making yourself memorable. You can find out more about this podcast in the show notes including links at
March 31, 2021
Suzy Broadbent
How does a role in human factors help with the future of technology and fighter jets?  This episode is bursting with interesting concepts and ideas for design.  Hear from SuzyBroadbent as we delve into this fascinating subject and learn about her career path.   Suzy is a mum of 2 and an Engineering Manager of the Human Factors Shared Service at BAE Systems Air who studied psychology, human factors and is a Chartered Ergonomist (who knew that was a thing!) .  Her interest in human error and designing to eradicate it comes to life as she talks about her role leading  a team and the Future Cockpit & Autonomy work page for the Tempest Future Combat Air System.  We will hear about how her family life as a child has helped shape her. This episode is full of thrills, laughter and moments to make you go wow!  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking to Suzy. Here's a snapshot of our chat.... Starting a new job in lockdown How human error got her into a career in technology Creating a reconfigurable wearable cockpit Working a male dominated environment The moment when she knew she was in the right role Being a mum and assumptions of being a working parent The importance of real (role) models You can find out more about this podcast in the show notes including links at
February 02, 2021
Andrea Kis
Andrea Kis has had an ‘accidental’ career in tech.  Starting in investigative journalism, she moved to a multilingual service desk that propelled her to becoming  well known and highly regarded in the ITSM (IT Service Management) space.  Her ability to humanise tech not only brings tech alive, it makes it usable to consumers and sustainable for business.  She is challenging all technicians to understand the contribution they make to organisational success.  She’s a contributing author of the VeriSM Service Management for the Digital Age book and architect of the SIAM (Service Integration & Management) foundation training.  Coming from a Service Management background myself, it’s wonderful that Andrea was able to join me on this podcast. You can find out more about this podcast as well as show links at
December 29, 2020
Cat Wildman
So glad you've joined us for our first episode...yay!  And what better way to start, than by chatting to my very own 'real model'.  She's someone who gave me that extra boost of confidence that set me on a path to creating the Women In Tech Not Just Code community and this podcast.  So it's only right that you should get to meet her too. Introducing the amazing Cat Wildman (@CatWildman2000), the woman who loves smashing stereotypes and challenging norms.  Her energy is incredible. She’s a mum of 3 and an award-winning Product person who studied science to land a role as an estate agent before she found her home in Technology.  She has immersed herself into all things Diversity, Equality & Inclusion and launched the GEC, a new company and app in lockdown. We cover so many things including The time when she got me on a stage at Women of Silicon Roundabout  Life in lockdown and homeschooling How she got started in Tech Going digital & when product became a thing Being mum & having a career Myths about Men Femininity in tech You can find out more about this podcast as well as show links at
December 01, 2020
Trailer : Women In Tech Not Just Code with Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson is a Woman in Tech Not Just Code. She created a community beyond coding & STEM to bridge the gap and champion all roles in the tech sector.  
November 14, 2020