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Women's Energy Council

Women's Energy Council

By Women's Energy Council by Oil & Gas Council
The Women’s Energy Council is an informal networking group focused on education, and enhancing women’s careers by sharing experiences and lessons learned. We bring you this podcast series which focuses on lessons and advice on transformational leadership by some of the most senior energy executives globally. Subscribe today to be the first to access the new weekly podcast
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Khady Ndiaye, Vice President and Regional Director, West Africa at Kosmos Energy
In this month’s episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast, we sat down with Khady Ndiaye, Vice President and Regional Director, West Africa at Kosmos Energy. Besides sharing her own interesting journey to senior oil and gas executive, Khady also gives us insight into the journey of the oil and gas industry in Africa, and the future that still lies ahead for the region.
April 28, 2022
Behnaz Rahimi-Zand, Senior Process Engineer of Technip Energies
Published on 15 March 2022 In this second installment of our March features month podcasts, we had the pleasure of speaking with Behnaz Rahimi-Zand, Senior Process Engineer for Technip Energies. Beginning her career at home in Iran, Behnaz has since spent over 20 years in various different technical, engineering and consultancy roles in the downstream oil and gas industry. Having spent time in the field in her engineering capacity, Behnaz shares her experiences of life as a female engineer with all of its challenges and opportunities. One thing that stood out in this episode is the clarity in Behnaz’s path – she became an engineer because she was meant to be an engineer, regardless of gender, nationality, faith or any other factor. As she asserts throughout the episode, one’s career path is a result of one’s personality, interests and abilities, nothing more. This is the message we are hoping to convey at the Women’s Energy Council. Enjoy the episode!
March 15, 2022
Scott Mackin, Managing Partner of Denham Capital
Published on 07 March 2022 This week marks the first instalment of the Energy Council March features month, during which we will be releasing extra content in celebration of International Women’s Day. In this episode, we sat down with Scott Mackin, Managing Partner at Denham Capital and angel investor with Alma. Throughout the episode, Scott proves the power of recognising internal and external biases, and the impact one can have by committing to greater inclusion. Based on his experience, Scott provides us with clear and comprehensive advice for women looking to become angel investors themselves, and those looking for funding for their own start-ups. Listen in to hear why Scott is passionate about funding female-led businesses, and his views on what men can do to move the dial on diversity and inclusion. Enjoy the episode!
March 07, 2022
Heather Culbert , Co-Founder at Board Ready Women
Published 28 February 2022 In this month’s special episode of the Women’s Energy Council Podcast, we sat down with the 2021 Canada Assembly WEC Executive of the Year, Heather Culbert. Heather is a Board Member for various organisations including Whitecap Resources, and co-founded Board-Ready Women, a non-profit dedicated to supporting and highlighting those women ready to take on Board positions in Alberta and wider Canada. One key lesson that shines bright in this episode is that building of trust and strong relationships can be key to one’s success as a leader. Particularly for those women looking to take the next step in their careers toward Board positions, Heather advises that networking is the most crucial first step. Throughout this discussion Heather’s passion for people development truly shines through, and her dedication to supporting other women in achieving their goals shows why she was voted by her peers as Executive of the Year. We hope you leave this episode feeling empowered to step out of your comfort zone, inspired to work hard to achieve your goals, and encouraged to support other women in doing the same. Enjoy the episode!
March 01, 2022
Amy Miller, Chief Executive Officer at Energy Council
Published on 31 January 2022 In the opening episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast for 2022, we were joined by a special guest – our very own Energy Council CEO Amy Miller. In this heart-warming episode, Amy shows that successful leadership does not have to be dominant in nature, but can be empathetic, vulnerable and encouraging. She describes her career journey from her first job working in a high-security prison all the way up to her appointment as Energy Council CEO, and the challenges she has faced taking on this role during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen in to hear more about the culture of diversity and inclusion Amy aims to maintain within the Energy Council, and how we aim to extend this out into our work in the industry. Enjoy the episode!
January 31, 2022
Tessa Davis, Partner at Morrison & Foerster’s Singapore Office
In this month’s episode we sat down with Tessa Davis, Partner at Morrison & Foerster’s Singapore office. Having built her career on several different continents, Tessa has first-hand experience of what it means to be a senior female leader in varying cultures and contexts. Her candid stories of awkward boardrooms and failed diversity projects are both entertaining and enlightening, showing how good intentions are not always enough to create an inclusive workplace. However, she also highlights the great joys a career in energy can offer, and encourages listeners that the best way to be a success, is to simply be yourself. Enjoy the episode!
December 14, 2021
Carol Howle, EVP Trading & Shipping, BP
Published on 29th November 2021 On this month’s episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast, we caught up with Carol Howle, EVP Trading & Shipping at bp. Following a turbulent year that turned the industry on its head, Carol describes that it is exactly this constant change and dynamism that keeps her excited about working in the oil and gas industry. She discusses the important role her trading and shipping portfolio will play in the decarbonisation of several industries, with projects such as a scaling power business, global integrated gas solutions, building a bio business, and exploring lower carbon shipping fuels. Carol goes on to say that given that the rapid rate of change, this transition will require many skillsets and perspectives, and therefore encourages the audience to use their voices, challenge the status quo and ask questions. We hope that listeners will end the episode feeling inspired as we did – enjoy!
November 29, 2021
Lindsey McCarty, Managing Partner, Selenite Energy Partners & Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes, Director & President, Black Mountain Metals
Published 30 August 2021 On this month’s episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast, we were joined by Lindsey McCarty, co-founder, Managing Partner, and COO for Selenite Energy Partners, and Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes, Director, Co-Founder, and President within Black Mountain Group. Having both begun their careers in the oilfield just over a decade ago, Ashley and Lindsey describe the challenges they faced as female engineers on production sites in the 2000s. While there have been strides over the past few decades towards equality of opportunity in technical roles, their experiences illustrate the subtle nature of persisting injustice in the energy workplace today. Now, as employers themselves, they are seizing the opportunity to do better by their own employees, and discuss the importance of improving representation, acknowledging one’s own biases and holding perpetrators of injustice accountable. Enjoy the episode!
August 30, 2021
Gabrielle Costigan, Managing Director, AIK Energy Austria
Published 29 July 2021 In this month’s episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast, we sat down with Gabrielle Costigan, Managing Director for AIK Energy Austria. Whether it was consulting major corporations into the digital age, building a new subsidiary from the ground up in war-torn Northern Iraq, or navigating BREXIT policy at the helm of a new Austrian company, Gabrielle has spent her career going where few others would dare. Her experience in these differing contexts equipped her with the skills needed to recruit a strong team and build a company culture in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Join us as she shares her strategy in navigating tumultuous times, and describes the importance of a varied lived experience. Enjoy the episode!
July 29, 2021
Oyango A. Snell, SVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Western States Petroleum Association
Published 29 June 2021 In this month’s episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast, we are in conversation with our first male ally to appear on the show! Oyango A. Snell is Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for the Western States Petroleum Association, and describes himself as an unapologetic advocate for women and historically marginalized groups. In many of our conversations on this podcast we have discussed the need for allyship at the highest level to truly achieve the equity and inclusion so needed our industry. In discussing his own learnings as a male leader, Oyango illustrates his three-pronged approach to being a good ally, providing a helpful strategy for male leaders looking to be the change in this industry, and contributing to the all-important question of what can men do to help? Enjoy the episode!
June 29, 2021
Gina Fyffe, Chief Executive Officer, Integra Petrochemicals
Published 26 May 2021 In this month’s episode of the Women’s Energy Council Podcast, Amy Miller speaks with Gina Fyffe, Chief Executive Officer of Integra Petrochemicals. Gina discusses her experiences as the first woman hired to the ExxonMobil Petrochemicals Marketing team, the opportunities that often present themselves when you don’t have an end-game in mind, and the importance of recruiting good colleagues. Enjoy the episode!
May 26, 2021
Lamé Verre, Co-Chair at Lean In Equity and Sustainability
Published 31 March 2021 In the last week of international women’s month, we caught up with Lamé Verre, Co-Chair at Lean In Equity and Sustainability. Through her own story Lamé illustrates the power of a simple ‘yes’, as her decision to study in a different culture and language became the springboard for her incredible career to follow. Through the story of Lean In Equity and Sustainability, Lamé goes on to show the power of women as a collective, working together to support each other in achieving their ambitions. Enjoy the episode!
April 01, 2021
Eleanor Rowley, Vice President Exploration for the MENA and Caspian Southern Europe, Total
Published 26 March 2021 In this episode we spoke with Eleanor Rowley, Vice President Exploration for the MENA and Caspian Southern Europe region at Total. During our conversation, Eleanor described the broad life experience she has gained in working in oil and gas, particularly having worked abroad for 20 of her 22 years in the industry. In reflecting on the past year, Eleanor describes the decade-worth of change we experienced, and the logistical challenges of moving a team to 100% remote working in a very short space of time. She also went on to highlight the three areas she thinks will be most important in rebuilding stronger, more sustainable businesses post-pandemic. Enjoy the episode!
March 26, 2021
Louise Woods, Partner, Vinson & Elkins
Published 19 March 2021 In this episode, we hear from Louise Woods, Partner at Vinson & Elkins’ London office. Louise provides a wealth of knowledge in practical projects aimed at improving inclusivity. Through her work in the non-profit Arbitral Women and the projects run at V & E, she has seen the benefits of supporting women, and men, through the vulnerable return-to-work period after the arrival of a first child. She provides helpful advice for others who may be formulating similar projects aimed at inclusion, and encourages those with influence to support their junior female employees who may not believe in themselves enough. This episode is a must-listen for anyone aiming to institute inclusive initiatives at their organization. Enjoy!
March 19, 2021
Ima Ofulue, Chief Human Resources Officer, Oando Plc
In this episode of the Women’s Energy Council Podcast, Ima Ofulue joins us from Oando plc in Lagos, to share with us her journey to HR, and her belief in the potential of energy project development in Africa. With her background in talent development, Ima provided some useful advice for women transitioning jobs or those looking for new roles. She expressed that it can be lonely at the top for c-level women, so those in less-senior positions need only reach out for guidance and utilize the supportive resource that executive women can provide. We hope you enjoy the episode!
March 04, 2021
Amalia Olivera-Riley, Head of Exploration, Tullow Oil
In this episode of the Women’s Energy Council Podcast, Amalia Olivera-Riley joins us from Tullow Oil in the United Kingdom. In discussing her journey to engineering, she highlighted the important influence parents can have on their children, with stories of her engineer father who made civil construction processes part of dinner table talk. Amalia discussed the vital role oil and gas will continue to play in the energy mix for many years to come, and how sustainable business practice will require inclusive measures both internally in corporate environments, as well as externally in the communities in which they operate. We hope you enjoy the episode!
March 02, 2021
Lucia Martinez, Managing Director, Greensill
Lucia Martinez joins us from Greensill to discuss the evolution of her career in Banking and how she is helping launch a new Energy division at Greensill. Find out more about the Women's Energy Council here.
February 03, 2021
Nicola Macleod, Executive VP, General Counsel, Spirit Energy
On this episode of the Women's Energy Council Podcast series we chat with Nicola Macleod, Executive VP, General Counsel at Spirit Energy. During the episode, Nicola shares her journey into the oil & gas industry and what she has learnt along the way including How she joined Maersk Oil  thinking it would be for a year or 2 and ended up staying for over a decade The differences between working for a large oil & gas company with an international focus vs a smaller O&G business with a more regional focus How to make sure the decisions we make in 2020 impact the longer term strategy in the right way And the importance of not just paying lip service to diversity but rather setting the right culture from the top of the organisation We hope you enjoy!
February 03, 2021
Kahina Abdeli-Galinier, Marketing and Strategy Director, Schlumberger Digital and Integration
During this 30 minutes conversation between Kahina Abdeli-Galinier, Marketing and Strategy Director, Schlumberger Digital and Integration and Amy Miller, CEO, Energy Council discuss Kahina's passion for science, the challenges faced by the industry that keep her on her toes, the excitement of being surrounded by such passionate people, the importance of the willingness to embrace change, the way in which the next generation are encouraging us to change our focus areas, the small changes during the COVID pandemic that will accelerate change in the longer term and accepting that you cant always achieve the perfect work/life balance but that as long as you make the right choices at the right time for you, you cant go too far wrong. Find out more about the Energy Council member's network
December 03, 2020
Sandra Antonovic, COO of Reflex Marine
In the next episode of the Women's Energy Council Podcast, Amy Miller chats with Sandra Antonovic, Chief Operations Officer of Reflex Marine.  Sandra and Amy discuss the skill of focusing on what is important and not paying too much attention to the noise around you. The importance of adaptability, quick decision making, understanding your audience and communicating with people remotely without it getting in the way of business. The importance of accepting knowledge in any form in order to move forwards. Her excitement about a good crisis and how women have the tools and the ability to solve problems often in a more practical manner.  Find out more about the Women's Energy Council here. 
October 20, 2020
Christine Hommes, Partner, Apollo Global Management
In the next episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast series, we speak with Christine Hommes, Partner at Apollo Global Management.  We will discuss Christine’s work with next generation tech and its impact on the energy industry of the future, the impact of ESG on investment decision making today and the upside of sometimes being the only woman in the room. Find out more about the Women's Energy Council here.
October 07, 2020
Helima Croft, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodity Strategy, RBC Capital Markets
Today we welcome Helima Croft, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodity Strategy at RBC Capital Markets Over the next 30 mins, Helima will share with us how her experience working at the CIA was the ultimate bootcamp when it came to preparing her for her career in the oil & gas industry; what her thoughts are on what the demand environment will look like over the next few decades; the differing constraints faced by developed and developing countries in accelerating the energy transition and the importance of her support system in raising 3 children and being able to maintain the right work life balance. We hope you enjoy.  Helima is part of the 2020 Top Female Influencers in Energy - find out more here. If you would like to find out more about the Oil & Gas Council visit our website here.
October 01, 2020
Doris Capurro, President, Luft Energia
In this episode of the Women’s Energy Council podcast series, Amy Miller, CEO, Oil & Gas Council speaks to Doris Capurro, President at Luft Energia.  Over the next 30 mins Doris tells us about how she created her own story and her own strength after becoming an orphan at a very young age, the lessons she learnt as a true entrepreneur and how she transferred those skills into a large corporation when she worked at YPF, the transformational role of networking for women in the industry, the importance of including renewables into the energy mix and the changing balance of investment portfolios as well as the need to ensure that leaders show both masculine and feminine attributes. Doris is a member of the 2020 Female Influences in Energy - find out more here. If you would like to find out more about the Oil & Gas Council you can visit the website here.
September 29, 2020
Ayatola Jagun, Company Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer, Oando Plc
In this episode, Ayatola shares her journey into the Oil & Gas industry including comments on the impact of the their focus on the sustainable development goals and the importance of these goals in particular in light of the pandemic that we face today, her love of the challenges faced in the Oil & Gas industry and the solutions that need to be implemented moving forwards, her decision to move back to Nigeria from Bermuda, and finally the importance of networking to build sustainable and impactful relationships. Find out more about the Women's Energy Council here. Ayatola is also one of the Top 275 Global Female Influences for 2020, find out more here.
September 22, 2020
Sunday Shepherd, Applied Reservoir Management and Exploration Manager, MidContinent, Chevron
Sunday Shepherd joins us this afternoon to talk about the circuitous route she took into the oil & gas industry, the culture and values at Chevron that have kept her in the organisation for over 20 years, her learnings over the last 6 months during the COVID pandemic and in particular the need for empathetic leadership and her next move as General Manager of Corporate Strategy and Sustainability for Chevron. Find out more about Women's Energy Council here. Sunday is also part of the 2020 Global Female Influencers in Energy - find out more here.
September 21, 2020
Fathima Hussain, Managing Director, Oil & Gas Corporate Finance, Standard Chartered Bank
Fathima Hussain joins us on today’s episode to talk about her passion for emerging markets, her positivity around the financial markets and the need for strong, flexible organisational structures that can enable diversity and inclusion as well as the importance of mentors and sponsors. Find out more about the Women's Energy Council here. 
September 17, 2020
Tracy Ellerington, Director Europe & Russia Operations, Solomon
In this episode we catch up with Tracy Ellerington, Director Europe & Russia Operations at Solomon. In this wide-ranging conversation, we delved into how her upbringing, journey through education and early career led her to the top. Enjoy! Find out more about the Women's Energy Council here. Tracy is also part of the Global 275 list of Female Influencers in Energy - find out more.
September 14, 2020
Work/life balance with Dawn Farrell, President & CEO at TransAlta
Dawn Farrell joins us to walk through her journey at TransAlta, which started back in 1985.  Throughout the episode, Dawn discusses how sometimes there is no such thing as work/life balance but if you stay true to yourself, can achieve work/life balance over a lifetime and career. She also stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with great leaders if you want to continue growing, learning, and challenging yourself.
August 11, 2020
Take Risks to Be Happy with Elisabeth Eljuri, Independent Arbitrator and Energy Consultant
Elisabeth Eljuri is an Independent Arbitrator and Energy Consultant. Until 2019, Ms. Eljuri was an executive with Sierra Oil & Gas, where she was the VP, Chief Negotiator and Chief Legal Counsel.  Prior to that, she practiced law for nearly three decades in the areas of energy/natural resources and infrastructure in two major international law firms.  She also held important industry positions such as President of the Texas-based Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN).  Elisabeth taught me a lot in the years we have known each other, one of those things we discuss in this episode – that being risk averse will never make you happy or help you to grow to your full potential.
July 21, 2020
Whitney Wickes, COO, Rocking WW Minerals
Whitney Wickes joins us from Rocking WW Minerals, a private minerals & royalties company focused on the Powder river Basin. Early on, Whitney was focused on competitive sports where she was a professional skier and competitive triathlete and marathon runner. After suffering some career ending knee injuries, Whitney pivoted her passion into oil & gas where she began building up her career in Petroleum Management. Throughout the episode, Whitney talks about the importance of taking risks, work ethic, and exploring new opportunities in order to help jumpstart your career.  She also highlights the different perspectives, ideas, efficiencies, and technology innovation that can result from having different generations represented on your leadership team.
July 09, 2020
Stephanie Prior, Canadian EY Parthenon Energy Leader
Stephanie Prior joins us from EY-Parthenon to discuss her unique career path and how her different experiences have given her an appreciation for diversity of thought and the importance of intangibles like trust & community for the long-term value creation of businesses.
July 01, 2020
Women lead the Energy Transition with Valentina Kretzschmar, Julie Wilson and Amy Bowe from Wood Mackenzie
Valentina Kretzschmar, Vice President Corporate Research Julie Wilson, Research Director, Global Exploration Amy Bowe, Head of Carbon Research  from Wood Mackenzie... All three came from very different backgrounds and have very different stories to tell but what unites them is their passion for the future of energy. It is the geopolitics, the magnitude of it as well as a bit of luck that drove and kept them loyal to this industry. What Valentina, Julie and Amy also have in common is the knowledge and evidence that diversity has a significant positive impact on businesses and especially when it comes to sustainability and the energy transition. Is there a correlation between diversity and success? Why have women been more climate change conscious? And what are the biggest lessons they have to share from their personal challenges?  Listen to the episode to find out...
June 30, 2020
You Can't Have it All - with Maria Fernanda Suarez, the Minister of Energy of Colombia
Maria Fernanda Suarez is a Minister of Energy of Colombia (from July 7th she no longer holds the post) but also held a CFO position at Ecopetrol (a National oil and gas company of Colombia) and a CIO of Porvenir, a Colombian pension fund. The 3 things I’ve learnt from our conversation: 1. Sometimes you can’t “have it all” and that’s ok, but you can take a break and come back even stronger which is what Maria proved with her decisions 2. Diversity requires an organised approach and a clear path. Maria’s goal is to have 50% in senior public sector filled by women in 10 years from the current 10% - an ambitious plan she discusses 3. We all have gender biases but we need to overcome them first as parents to achieve equality. Empowering girls is key to allow them join STEM jobs, become CEOs and entrepreneurs of the future We also talked about an important leadership trait like being open-minded, an ability to listen respectfully and accept other people’s views, which is what helped Maria excel at her career. I hope you enjoy this episode...
June 23, 2020
Don't try to fix people's problems with Emma Wild, MD, Accenture
Today I’m speaking to Emma Wild, the Upstream Lead for the UKI and Europe at Accenture. Emma is an industry leader with over 20 years of international experience within the energy sector, as well as financial services. Prior to Accenture, she was a Partner and Head of Upstream at KPMG in the UK. She began her career as a reservoir engineer with Santos, and then held positions with RISC Advisory, and Bank of Scotland. Emma’s practical and pragmatic nature makes her a great adviser. But advice is not what people always need and I love Emma’s story about working to overcome this default position to fix problems but instead to coach and listen. Emma talked about what drove her to the next challenge as well as invaluable lessons on mentorship. Enjoy the episode…
June 16, 2020
Follow Your Passion with Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani, MD and Founder of EnergyInc Advisors
Rolake Akinkugbe-Filani is currently a Managing Director and a Founder of EnergyInc Advisors. Rolake held several advisor, analyst and Head of Energy positions in West Africa for Control Risks, Eurasia Group, FBNQuest Merchant Bank and the IFU. The 3 things I’ve learnt from our conversation: 1. Don’t be afraid to take on the next challenge even if it makes you uncomfortable. This is how you will learn 2. Not knowing what you want in the beginning of your career is ok. Invest in self-reflection and follow your passion 3. What we post online is a bad reflection of who we are but this is what people will remember. Before acting with a keyboard in a public space, ask yourself: did you do everything in your power to resolve the situation? I hope you enjoy her stories of humility and discovery as much as I did…
June 10, 2020
Change the World by Joining the Energy Sector - Tracy Lothian, SVP, LNG, ExxonMobil
In this episode we will discuss how Tracy's passion for recycling as a child led her to the energy industry, her 22 year career in ExxonMobil consisting of 14 positions and opportunities across the value chain. This has taught her to always tap into other people’s talents, ask questions, cooperate and share knowledge. Finally, we will discuss the creation of Power Play, a platform to promote and celebrate diversity in the LNG sector. I really look forward to Women’s Energy Council and Power Play working closer in these tough times and beyond, exploring ways to cooperate and grow both networks. Nominations for the Power Play Awards are open until June 19th and can be found here 
June 03, 2020
You can't be what you can't see with Olivia Wassenaar, Senior Partner, Apollo Private Equity
Olivia Wassenaar is a Senior Partner at Apollo Private Equity having joined the firm in 2018, and is focused on the firm’s natural resources investing activities. She serves on the boards of several Apollo portfolio companies, including Apex Energy, American Petroleum Partners, LifePoint Health, Pegasus Optimization Managers, and Talos Energy (NYSE: TALO).  Prior to joining Apollo, Ms. Wassenaar was a Managing Director at Riverstone Holdings, where she was a member of the investment team for ten years. Previously, Ms. Wassenaar worked at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking Division focusing on natural resources and at The World Bank Group.  
June 02, 2020
Follow Your Heart and What is Right with Dr. Amy Jadesimi, CEO & Managing Director, LADOL
Dr Amy Jadesimi is a Managing Director of LADOL - West Africa's 100% indigenous sustainable economic zone and logistics hub for Nigerian and multinational companies. In one CNN interview in 2017 she said "The one thing that I definitely didn't want to do was work in oil and gas”. After graduating from Oxford University with Medicine and Physiological Sciences degrees she was ready to be a doctor. But Her career pivoted after working for Goldman Sachs and completing an MBA in Stanford. The return to Nigeria was a heart-warming experience that made her vision clear – Amy wanted to contribute to the development of her country and local communities, and execute her own decisions. She joined her father’s company LADOL. In this episode we talk about challenges working for a family business and how to minimise unhelpful stereotypes, how hard it is to be heard as a woman, and especially as a woman of colour, we talked about institutional racism and about her deep belief in people doing the right thing.
May 27, 2020
New style of Leadership with Iman Hill
Iman Hill held Managing Director, President and Head of Development and Operations positions in companies including BP, Shell, BG Group, Sasol, Dana Gas in the Middle East and Energean. In this episode we explore lessons in leading teams with respect, not fear, the importance of having tough conversations and close teams, and balancing family (Iman has 5 children) and a successful career. She has also been through one of the most tragic events that I can imagine but came out even stronger. She is now my inspiration and I’m sure she will be yours too.
May 20, 2020
Geeta Sankappanavar, Co-founder and President, Grafton Asset Management
Geeta Sankappanavar is the Co-founder and President of Grafton Asset Management, a ~$1B energy investment firm based in Calgary Alberta. Geeta had a very clear career path planned in her head when she was at university but one dramatic event changed that trajectory completely. She turned towards the energy industry and stayed in the sector since. This podcast uncovers important ideas about unconscious bias, networking advice and how leadership is about people following you because they want to, not because they have to, and why it is harder for women...
May 05, 2020
Marta Jara, former President, ANCAP
In this episode, Marta describes her journey from Shell to becoming a President of ANCAP, the NOC of Uruguay. Juggling her family obligations, constant travel and ambitions wasn't easy but she developed a keen eye for excellence as a result, challenged traditional ways of thinking even in the public company and drove the energy transition for Uruguay. 
March 31, 2020