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Women's Business Connect

Women's Business Connect

By Megan Good
Learn about the amazing women who have changed their lives building businesses they love.
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Meet Carrie Braaten with Gordian Networks - Your local IT Resource!
Meet Carrie Braaten with Gordian Networks - Your local IT Resource! Carrie has always been interested in Technology and after many years of working to improve technology in the academic world - she made the career shift and became a certified IT expert. Now she helps small to large businesses stay on top of their security and takes away the data nightmares without a high overhead cost.  Visit Gordian Networks to learn more about how they help and to get in contact with Carrie.
February 20, 2020
Meet Michelle Guy - Ruby Ribbon
This teacher by trade was looking for something more flexible and she found it with Ruby Ribbon. Now she helps woman with comfort and confidence in how they feel!  Learn more about Michelle in this episode where we dive deeper into what makes her unique in her business. Find her online at - Or shop at -
November 06, 2019
Meet Roxann Irion - A Well Minded Life
Using a holistic approach to help women looking to double their energy and improve digestion, so that they can feel beautiful, strong and live their best life possible - Roxanne has many influences that have helped her get on this path to helping others find the joy she has through living "A Well Minded Life". Listen in to learn more about this powerhouse member! Learn more about Roxann at -
November 06, 2019
Meet Revive Med Spa & Regenerative Medicine Owners Kate De Jesus & Kyla Hamilton
Meet Revive Med Spa & Regenerative Medicine Owners Kate De Jesus & Kyla Hamilton This amazing duo of business women are changing the Med Spa world in the East Valley!  For years they've been helping others run their businesses successfully, now they are creating a business they own and helping women feel amazing in the process. Learn more about their business at
October 10, 2019
Meet Dr. Stephanie Nichols ND in Gilbert AZ
Ever wonder what motivates people to choose the careers they do? Listen in on why Dr. Stephanie Nichols became a Naturopathic Doctor and why she moved her business Onyx Integrative Medicine to Arizona. We'll also get into challenges and how she's overcoming those to grow her practice.  We hope you enjoy getting to know Dr. Stephanie!
June 28, 2019
Meet Kristin Tetlow
Kristin Tetlow is a life coach in Mesa AZ who learned the hard way that it's just as important to take care of ourselves as it is to take care of our families.  Kristin focuses on helping women find THEIR happy, not their families happy, societies happy, or Facebook happy (because that really doesn't exist!) through intuitive coaching that leads people to find the answers that are best for their personalities to make positive changes in their lives. Learn more on her website at
June 28, 2019
Andrea Brundage with Simple Organized Solutions
Andrea is the owner of Simple Organized Solutions and she is the queen of turning Chaos into Calm!  Learn about how and why she got started, how she helps clients, and even about her new book! SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE: 8 SIMPLE PRINCIPLES TO TURN YOUR CHAOS INTO CALM. Find more information about Andrea on her website at:
June 28, 2019