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The Women's Exclusive

The Women's Exclusive

By Gabriela & Laura-Lee
Welcome to the Women’s Exclusive, a podcast where you will find the resources and fresh perspectives to take action and empower yourself to build a life YOU love in business and motherhood.

We are 2 mompreneurs who love creating, scaling and building our businesses while tackling the joys and craziness of motherhood.
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Welcome to The Women's Exclusive Introduction Episode

The Women's Exclusive

Welcome Jordan Guildford
We are so EXCITED to have Jordan Guidlford join us on the Women’s Exclusive Podcast! A small-town girl, who had a dream to make a difference and pursued it with all her heart. Jordan has created a wonderful Charity called Gems for Gems and she shares more about her vision, her mission and what pushed her to pursue her dream to make a difference, for women, and her self and setting a example for her children as well. Connect with Jordan and Gems for Gems here: Donate: Gems for Gems swag is available here: Social Links: Thank You to Divas that Care for Hosting us!
August 08, 2020
Negative Self Talk - Episode 7.
Imagine how far you could go in life if you could stop the NEGATIVE Self talk. In this episode we talk about how this has affected our lives. How has it affected your life? Do you even notice the thoughts that roll through your mind that sabotage your day moment to moment? We will always have work to do, and those pesky thoughts will always find their way back into our minds. However, when you can hear them and put a stop to them, that is when you know you have taken control of your mind and ultimately your life! Please hit Subscribe! We invite you to our private women’s community! Facebook Page We Instagram Linktree Wavve Thank you to the Diva's that Care Network who also Hosts us.  
July 17, 2020
Episode 6 - Finding Your Voice
Your voice is important. Be it you are telling someone No, and what you don’t like or your opinion on important issues and topics in the world. You have a voice use it. Join us in our 6th Episode where we go through our own experiences with finding our voices and our thoughts on how damaging it can be, how to overcome it. We invite you to join our Women's Exclusive Facebook Group! Follow us on Facebook And Instagram Linktree You can also listen in here Thank you to the Diva's That Care Network for continually hosting us as well!
June 26, 2020
Episode 5 - Goddess Mindset
Welcome to the Women’s Exclusive. We are so excited you are here with us! This weeks Episode is all about your mindset! Our first issue of the Women’s Exclusive Magazine Launches July 1! So, we thought it would be fitting to do an episode on Laura Lee’s First article in the Magazine and a blog post similar that you can find on Gabriela’s Photography Website! So, listen in to learn how you can accept, welcome, or renew your inner goddess mindset and show up more confident in life! Watch for our announcement on our social Platforms for the Magazine to read the full article! Please hit that subscribe button and follow us on our Social Media! Join our Community!! Facebook Page. Instagram. Linktree Wavve Also Find Us at the Diva's That Care Website. Thank you for hosting us as well!
June 19, 2020
Episode 4: Manifesto - Vision Boards
Imagine all your greatest and biggest dreams coming true! Yeah right you wish! Right? Or maybe you are deep into the "woowoo" magical land of manifesting and already know it is possible. Either way, in this episode we have some tips for you on how to create your dream board (vision board) and how to use it. Then we share some practical tools for expanding your manifesting experience to create the life of your dreams! Let us know if you vision board already. Where do you keep it? Board or book? Computer and phone? If someone you know loves this topic or wants to learn more about it, please share! Subscribe and let us know what you think and what you want to hear about! You are invited to join our Exclusive group. Find us here too and all the things we love! Wavve listen in here too! We would love to thank the Diva’s That Care Network for also hosting The Women’s Exclusive here
May 27, 2020
Body Image and Neutrality with Teri Hofford
The body is a magical place. We all think we are so wildly different from each other, yet the body for each human is designed to do the same basic things! How we show up in the world is how we are seen. We judge our body and other people’s bodies for its size, shape and color. We had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing woman Teri Hofford who is on a mission to teach photographers about their own body shame, that will help them capture their clients gorgeous, as is. That will ultimately help their clients see their bodies for how amazing they are, even with a little extra “tum”. This isn’t just body positivity. It is teaching body neutrality. Join us in this episode, share your stories and please share with someone who needs to hear this episode. You and your friends deserve to love yourselves as you are in the moment. Not when you achieve your dream body. You are more likely to achieve it when you already love it. If you are a photographer, Teri has special courses for you inside her education group And you can find her on the following platforms. Instagram : @terihofford Twitter: @terihofford Tik Tok: @terihofford Facebook: Website: If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.
May 20, 2020
Apocalyptic Self Care Tips
In this episode Gabriela & Laura Lee discuss self care with a focus on the current pandemic the world is going through. However self care is imperative to be practicing on a regular basis. Let us know which self care practices you use regularly!. We have a community of like minded women, where it is a safe place for you to show up and speak about your life experiences. Please join here. The Women's Exclusive Facebook Group We want to impact women around the world and would greatly appreciate if you help us to achieve this goal by subscribing, liking and sharing this podcast with your friends. To receive your FREE Self Care Guide we made special for you with bonus recipes please follow this link. FREE Self Care Guide
May 12, 2020
Welcome to The Women's Exclusive Introduction Episode
Welcome to the FIRST ever podcast episode of the Women's Exclusive!  This episode we talk about us! Your hosts Gabriela (aka Yahozka) - an empowerment boudoir photographer and Laura-Lee, a multi-talented, best selling author, how we met, how we got started and what you can expect from this podcast! Thank you for tuning in and don't forget to follow us on instagram! Gabriela : @GabrielaCruzBoudoir Laura-Lee: The Women's Exclusive: @the.womens.exclusive  
May 05, 2020
April 5, 2020
April 05, 2020