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Cay at the Womensfront

Cay at the Womensfront

By Cay at the womensfront
The world is talking about Rojava. Democratic confederalism, ecological lifestyle, feminism and more theoretical stuff. Besides all the theory, the question is: what is life really like in the revolution? What problems do we face on the journey for a free life? What are our difficulties in the midst of a revolutionary process? What do we learn from the young women and mothers who weave the change of society with their hands. Together we seek answers to these questions.
We Are at War
WE ARE AT WAR and the revolution in Rojava and it’s people are being attacked every day economically, ecologically and psychologically. But also military attacks of the Turkish state, which have always been part of the warfare against the revolution here, are becoming more and more common and intense. The cities til Rifaat, Ain Issa, and the Region Shehba are targeted by artillery and drone attacks on a regular basis. During the last days the Turkish state is escalating it’s attacks intensively and expanding the target area. In  the cities Tirbespi, Qamishlo, Amude and Dirbesiye already several civilians have been killed and dozens have been injured. Today we are joined by a Kurdish friend who explained and analyzed the current situation. She explains the different methods that the Turkish state is using to terrorize the society on an everyday basis. The people here in north-east Syria are being attacked, because they are building up the alternative to an oppressive system, which is giving hope and inspiration to the people of Turkey, Syria and many other places in the world. People are feeling encouraged to put their utopias into practice. This is a threat to the oppressive states, that try to suffocate the revolution of the people. We, people form all over the world, need the revolution in Rojava and the revolution needs us!
August 09, 2022
Who am I?
Getting to know ourselves – "Xwebûn" (kurdish - being yourself), is a concept of the Kurdish Women's movement aiming at getting to know yourself. It means entering a process with ourselves and our surroundings in which we start to answer questions of who we really are and how we want to live. We were joined by two women friends, Bruna and Zeryan, who talked about their own process, struggles and  their perspectives of putting it into practice.  Becoming your actual self means  decrypting and  overcoming capitalist influences in your own personality. Knowing and becoming ourselves brings us closer to our truth  as human beings, it makes us stronger and more determined on our revolutionary path, brings clearness, deeper understanding and love for ourselves, our friends, society and the whole universe.
August 02, 2022
10 Years of Revolution
This year the 19th of July marks the 10th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution! For this special occasion we were joined by Kurdish and internationalist women to discuss the challenges and achievements of the revolution so far. Why this revolution is a women's revolution and many other topics are covered in this last episode of the second season. We are dedicating this episodes to all the friends that have given love, effort, dedication and their lives to build up this revolution, which makes it possible today, for us to learn from it, get hope and inspired for a free life and be part of the internationalist revolution of this decade. Our special guests: Zîn from Kurdistan, Amara from Europe
July 19, 2022
Guns, love and revolution
Most of us already saw lots of pictures of the women fighters of YPJ portrayed in the media all around the world. But what is behind these pictures? What is YPJ, the all-women-army in Rojava? There is much more to it than just armed women! We are discussing this and more with an internationalist women who joined the YPJ. She shares insights into everyday life in the YPJ,  talks about her motivation to join the force, the ideology behind women's armed resistance and the importance of education within the YPJ. Guest: Berçem from Czech Republic, member of YPJ International
July 12, 2022
Revolution of Science
Jineolojî changes the way we see women and our struggle but also the way we perceiveknowledge.  Where does the knowledgecome from? What is science, what is considered scientific knowledge, who does science serve? We discuss this in relation to Jineolojî – science of women of the Kurdish women's movement. Jineolojî helps us to go deeper in our struggle, our understanding, our connections and knowing ourselves. To understand our history and thehistory of women’s struggles around the world in order to understand ourselves and our resistance to resist stronger. This episode will support us on the path of our struggle and to see that “struggling for society also means struggling for ourselves”. Let’s learn more about the methods of Jineolojî so we can struggle and fight together against patriarchy! Our guest: Jiyan from Kurdistan, Andrea Wolf Institute If you live in Europe - get involed withJineolojî works at Jineolojî Centre of Brussels: or other Jineolojî committees from your city!
July 05, 2022
The enemy inside us
The success of the revolutionary women in Rojava is linked a lot to their determination and militancy. Reaching this means fighting liberalism. The term liberalism seems to be confused a lot. After many discussions with friends here in Rojava we started to get a deeper understanding of what it is and how it is connected to every single one of us. How we think, how we struggle, how we approach revolution is all connected to how much we are influenced by liberalism. With Ruken and Berwar we are discussing how we are personally affected by liberalism and how we struggle against it. Our guests: Ruken and Berwar from Germany, members of the Internationalist Youth Commune of Rojava.
June 29, 2022
Youth Spirit
Every revolution's engine is the youth with it's spirit to radically change things. We realized that giving importance to the vanguard role of the youth, is one of the secrets of the Rojava Revolution. But the youth identity is rarely talked about. Who is young? What is the role of the youth in society and revolution?And what is special about being a woman and being young at the same time? These and other questions we are discussing with the young women from the Internationalist Youth Commune. Our guests: Bruna from Catalonia and Helin from England - members of the Internationalist Youth Commune of Rojava
June 21, 2022
The Art of Revolution
We have met a very talented young woman who dedicated her life to music as well as to the revolution. Maddalena from Italy talks to us about how she connects both of her passions with each other, how she experiences art in Rojava and of course she is also singing a song for us!
December 05, 2021
Cultural Differences
In this episode we are talking about the paradox of getting to know your own culture in the revolution of a foreign country, funny situations that happened to us in Rojava because of not knowing the local culture and what revolutionary culture is. Controversial discussion about culture, identity and post-modern colonialism… Our guests: Lara who is working in the women’s movement and Gulan from the Internationalist Commune
November 28, 2021
What it's like to live in a war zone
In this episode we are talking about the reality of living in a region that is constantly confronted with war. Even though none of us has activley participated in war, living in north-eastern Syria involves being confronted with different war situations. Low-intensity war, warm war, special warfare and many other kinds of war. What this makes with us and the people we have met, is in the focus of our discussions. 
November 19, 2021
Between life and death
- The aesthetics of resistance - In the middle of a newly discussed invasion against the revolution in  Rojava, we want to address the issue of war. War is not only associated  with life and death, but also with resistance, great emotions and the  struggle for life. While the front is coloured with great resistances,  there is the story of heroic friends who play a central and important  role with their work.  Today we are talking to internationalist women  working in medical combat about the current threats against Rojava and  what its like to work between life and death. In this episode, we discuss how Rojava is preparing for a new invasion.
November 12, 2021
Why we joined the revolution
In our first episode we are talking about why we came to Rojava, what our first impressions were and what we are struggling with... join the cay break!
November 05, 2021