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Words Out Loud by RCG Media

Words Out Loud by RCG Media

By I AM | RCG Creative
Words Out Loud is a free audiobook for children to listen, learn and read storybooks independently. The audiobook narrators are real parents and families who volunteered to record stories for little ears.
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EP04. I Have Manners! by David Parker - Children's Stories
 This book is about good manners.  Manners help people interact positively with each other. The behaviours that make up manners are learned. They do not come easily and they do not come automatically. These behaviours help facilitate interaction with those around us, whether we know them or are meeting them for the first time. 
May 1, 2019
EP03. Mr McGee and the Big Bag of Bread by Pamela Allen - Children's Stories
 Do not feed the animals, the notice board said. But Mr McGee had a big bag of bread. Share in the fun as Mr McGee sets out to feed the animals in the zoo, and meets one very hungry crocodile!  
May 1, 2019
EP02. The Bum Book by Kate Mayes & Andrew Joyner - Children's Stories
THE CHEEKIEST BOOK OF THE YEAR! This is a book for anyone who has a bum or knows someone with a bum. It's a celebration of my bum and your bum and the whole world's bum. From bestselling author Kate Mayes and award-winning illustrator Andrew Joyner comes The Bum Book, the only book about bums you'll ever need.
May 1, 2019
EP01. My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson - Children's Stories
 WINNER OF THE RONALD DAHL FUNNY PRIZE 2012  "Today I woke up and Bob was crawling around MY ROOM, licking MY JEWELLERY, so I shouted GET OUT OF MY ROOM! But by the end of the day, when she's all tired out from being shouty, Bella knows there's one magic word and one magic mummy to make things better again... "
May 1, 2019