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Work In Programming

Work In Programming

By Matthew Weeks
What's it actually like working on a product team in tech?

Each episode, Matthew interviews folks from all facets of the tech industry. We'll be interviewing developers, product managers, scrum masters, and managers what their day to day is like, what practices keep their team running smoothly, and what they look for in new team members.
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Arunoda Susiripala — Building Storybook, Meteor, Next and communities on open source

Work In Programming

Brian - Breaking Down the Steps to Becoming a Technical Founder
This week Matt sits down with Brian Faber. Brian is the CTO & Co-Founder of Mayday. In this episode, we discuss how Brian went from getting his first computer at the age of seven and teaching himself to program, to skipping university and getting his first development contract building Game Boy Advanced. We discussed the process of building a start-up & managing time. Other things discussed in this episode include: - Hiring Practices - Working for Ubisoft - Does it make sense to go to school for gaming? and so much more. If you liked this episode, check out Mayday or connect with Brian directly (Of course, Mayday *is* hiring!)    - Brian's LinkedIn:   - Mayday website:
May 13, 2021
Mark Prince–Dive In & Be Obsessed
This week Matt sits down with Mark Prince. Mark is a software engineer at Quantum Mob, where he works with big name clients building web sites. When Mark turned 30, he made the decision to make a career change, and reignite his childhood love of coding. Mark explains how he would “pre-work” in order to learn quickly on the job & why he credits his history of service jobs for his success as a software engineer. Other things discussed in this episode include: - Managing your time - Make sure you love code before you enter a boot-camp - More Code Fewer Chips and so much more.
April 28, 2021
Josh Cunningham - Digging deeper into a product to understand the entire software development lifecycle
This week Matt sits down with Josh Cunningham, technical lead at Auth0. Josh started his 15-year programming career while studying chemistry and quickly moved into freelancing and agency work before joining Auth0. We discuss the learning curve of joining a fast-growing product company, and how quickly. In this episode, we discuss why and how testing is critical and how to navigate the real human issue of remote communication. Josh also explains why he finds journaling so important both on a professional and personal basis. Other things discussed in this episode include: Writing code that's testable means writing better code. How to give useful code reviews. Tests are documentation, and other lessons from Lucho.
March 18, 2021
Andy Knight - Automation Panda origin story, BDD, test automation before it was cool
This week Matt sits down with Andrew Knight. You likely know Andy from his blog or from one of his many talks at Tech Conferences spanning across the globe. In this episode Andy discusses how the TI-83 got him hooked on programming, how Automation Panda started as a place for him to save his notes between jobs, and how blogging led to speaking at conferences, consulting, and many more opportunites. Other things discussed in this episode include: Writing Cucumber before it was Cucumber Never planning on being a Developer LexisNexis being the greatest opportunity of his career and so much more You can follow Andy on: Twitter: His Blog: YouTube:
March 11, 2021
Landy Simpson – Growth Happens in Uncomfortable Situations
This week Matt sits down with Landy Simpson, engineer. Landy discusses the first talk she gave for Power to Fly & what she learned from that experience. We also cover why Landy took up writing, including a very successful Elastic Search Engine article that peaked the interest of some important industry folks and led to her Power to Fly conference.  Other topics discussed in this episode include: Companies can always tell you their vision but not exactly what they want  Why optimizing search engines matters Why zoom Socials kind of suck, and much more. Landy's blog: Landy's Twitter:
February 25, 2021
Charity Majors, CTO of — Empowering great engineering teams with great tooling
This week Matt sits down with Charity Majors, CTO of Honeycomb. Charity discusses the dangers of aging code in pre-production, what it takes to lead an engineering organization, from on-call, to management, to hiring. Some other topics discussed in this episode include: Spending 3 years at a big company is enough Do Managers need to be technically literate? Why having a work “home base” is important Why having a little bit of curiosity will save you time in the long run & much more...
February 09, 2021
Nora — Confidence as a junior developer & should you do a bootcamp?
This week Matt sits down with Nora, a junior developer at a digital consultancy, to discuss having success in theprofessional world of programming despite not having a University Degree. Noratalks about the confidence that graduating from a programming bootcamp gave her & how she has been able to take that with her to excel in her career.  Another highlight from this episode included how continuing to learn about other aspects of programming are important to your growth, even if you are not using them on a daily basis.
January 28, 2021
Sameer Mehta - Engineering Organized Learning & Productivity
This week Matt sits down with Sameer to talk about excelling in your first role and using it as a stepping stone, establishing a personal knowledgebase, and the importance of staying organized. We dive into how Sameer got started building contract versioning software for the Real Estate space and his experience converting a legacy Ruby on Rails and Ember application to NextJS.  Some other highlights from the episode: How Sameer implements Zettlekasten to take detailed notes of his favorite books and podcasts. Why the experience from your first job may be more important than the job itself.
January 14, 2021
Thom Lamb - Freelancer vs Agencies vs Product Companies
This week Matt sits down with Thom Lamb to speak about the pros and cons of Freelancing vs Agencies vs Product Companies. We discuss the importance of budgeting your time & finances as a freelancer as well as best practices to consider when entering the software design field. Other things discussed in this episode include how the pandemic exposed a lot of businesses, the confidence an agency can bring you, & the trials and tribulations of freelancing.
December 22, 2020
Dan Moore - Blogging, how to get started in the start-up world and building developer relationships in a virtual world
In this week’s episode Matt sits down with Dan Moore. Dan is currently working at FusionAuth as a Developer Advocate. I spoke to Dan about his origins of creating an automated mailing system for his parents’ Insurance Company, how even your “weak” relationships can still create opportunity down the road & why it is important to test your cofounder. Dan’s new book “Letters to a New Developer” is available right now. Other things covered in this episode include: - The Spectrum of Developer Advocacy - The importance in committing for 6 months when growing a blog - Maintaining a community & much more Get in touch with Dan: Check out Dan's book on Amazon:
December 17, 2020
Ivan Aimufua — From trades to professional developer in 1 year
This week I caught up with an old friend, Ivan Aimufua. We talked about why he left his job as a plumber to find his passion, and found himself gorging on everything he could find related to code. Over the course of the next year, he taught himself a mixture of Python, Javascript, and more to eventually find himself in his dream job at Punchcard Systems, where he works today, partnering with entrepreneurs to build out software products from idea to completion. In this conversation, we covered: How to learn effectively. The skills that developers need to master AFTER they learn to code and get the job. The challenges involved in working with clients. How to balance work and life while working remotely. And more!
December 11, 2020
Arunoda Susiripala — Building Storybook, Meteor, Next and communities on open source
Arunoda is a prolific open source contributor, having built Storybook, and being a core contributor to MeteorJS and NextJS. He and I talk about how he started his career in open source, which led to him freelancing, then building Kadira (an performance monitoring tool for MeteorJS) and Storybook. After leaving the Meteor community he went on to work with Vercel as a maintainer of NextJS and their core hosting platform. He has since moved on to his own projects where he is building and a course on building Bulletproof NextJS applications. There are plenty of lessons in this episode on how to create useful content, build a community, and to just get started with open source development. 
August 22, 2020
Kadi Kraman — React Native, leading teams, and consulting for major companies
Kadi talks to me about her React Native course on Frontend Masters, and her career as an engineer. Kadi is a senior engineer and engineering manager at Formidable Labs. Find Kadi on Twitter — How to publish an NPM package — Kadi's React Native course on Frontend Masters —
August 08, 2020
Guillermo Rauch — NextJS 9.4, JAMStack, distributed systems, and manging eventually consistent state.
This week, I spoke with Guillermo Rauch, the CEO of Vercel (formerly Zeit) and co-creator of NextJS, and long-term member of the open source community. We spoke about: • New features in ReactJS and NExtJS 9.4 like hot refresh, incremental static site generation, and more • Components as the perfect abstraction • Distributed systems • Pushing content to the edge • Building systems but maintaining creativity with tools like Figma • How Infrastructure As Code might not be so great • Why you need to put your work out there early (#100DaysOfCode)
May 14, 2020
Jesse Herlitz — Building CastroFM's ad system using No-Code tools, designing the right experience for your users, building relationships
This week on Work In Programming Matt sat down with Jesse Herlitz, the General Manager of CastroFM about how he approaches business experiments and customer feedback, how he uses no-code tools to build out new features quickly, and his advice for building and maintaining healthy relationships in life (the work-place included).
May 07, 2020
Riegie Jeyaranchen — Learning development, starting companies, and using your team to accelerate growth
This week, I spoke with Riegie Jeyaranchen about his transition from startup founder, to building his own agency, and finally to working for a  company. We discuss everything from how to learn, how teams and processes can bolster one another, kubernetes and modern DevOps, and everything in between.
April 22, 2020
Mike Moll — Remote working and team management, and how to start a business if you've lost your job.
Mike Moll is a serial entrepreneur who has worked remote for the greater part of the last decade. He worked in the corporate world for some time, but currently runs Social Media House, where he helps companies and individuals learn to develop their brand and market in a genuine and interesting ways. His podcast, The Market Me Podcast is an amazing series where he breaks down and consults on a business's marketing strategy live — It's like listening into a marketing consultation for free. To find him online, check out: His website, His podcast, His webinars on starting a business (information will be available on his website and social media)
March 28, 2020
Thom Lamb — Startups, military, learning to code, teaching, powerlifting, and more.
This week I spoke with Thom Lamb, a fellow team lead and senior software developer at Quantum Mob. He is a larger than life character, with some great ideas on how to do anything from learning new skills, to teaching, to managing a team, solving problems, and much more. Thom's journey is a very interesting one. He started in the military. After his active duty he taught himself basic programming to make his job easier, so he could study computer science at nearby U of A. From there he got into personal training as a powerlifter, which lead him to creating his first startup, and eventually learning web development with the MERN stack in order to build and grow his product. When he decided he wanted to work for someone else again, he journeyed all the way from New Brunswick to Toronto, Ontario where he knew he'd get more connections and accelerate his growth.  Since then he has come to join our team at Quantum Mob, and is one of the inspirations for starting this podcast. He is one of those unique individuals who treats everyone with the same level of directness and respect. This is a long one, but please enjoy! We cover many actionable topics from startups to working in a team. Timestamps to come later.
February 16, 2020
Jonathan Lorimer — Starting a meetup and functional programming
This week I spoke with Jonathan Lorimer the host and organizer of the Toronto Haskell Meetup, a past graduate and mentor for LightHouse Labs, and a full-stack engineer at Ecobee.
February 09, 2020
Alex Hess — Designing for accessibility, and building a social network in real life
This week, Matthew Weeks has a conversation with Alex Hess. We talked about all things design, from Atomic Design principles, to accessibility, Ui vs UX, Neumorphism, and how building a real world community is the best way to become successful in social networks (online). Alex Hess currently works as a product design lead at ICF Next. While he is a fantastic designer, he identifies as a generalist. He started his path to design while freelancing as a web developer at the same time as completing his masters in economics. His approach to everything stems from empathy and authenticity first.
January 23, 2020
Aditya Murray — Getting started, and leading remote teams.
This week on Work in Programming, Matthew Weeks interviews Aditya Murray, a lead backend engineer at Ready Makers. Aditya has worked in all sorts of development teams, from tech giants like Blackberry and IBM, to startups and remote teams. He is an action-taker, who constantly pursues new opportunities to learn.
January 18, 2020
January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020