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The Work Week - After Hours

The Work Week - After Hours

By Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard
Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard dive into relevant news stories and topics that come up each workweek. They cover the topics and conversations that we all have when the workweek is over and we are winding down with our co-workers.
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Episode 25 I Making work more human w/ Steve Pemberton
In this episode, Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard are joined by the CHRO of WORKHUMAN Steve Pemberton. They dive into the world of work, how we make the workplace more human, how we think about the future, and how we plan for the ever-evolving Future Of Work. 
May 06, 2022
Episode 24 I Chaos And Talent Strategy For Small Businesses
This is an episode that all small and local businesses need to hear. Steve and Shane peel back the talent struggles for local and small employers and offer up some ideas, thoughts, and creativity to solve some of these issues. Hands down and episode packed with valuable information.
March 24, 2022
Episode 23 I Leadership and what we should expect
In this episode Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard pull back the curtain a bit on leadership and what we should expect, what role does college play in the future of work, and breaking the romanticism of the way it used to be. This episode is a good one that will push your way of thinking and the world of work.
February 14, 2022
Episode 22 I Content Creators And The Future Of Work
In this episode Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard respond to a viewers question about Tik-Tok influencers and the money they are making in relation to S&P500 Top CEOs. The guys take this conversation into how the current world of work is creating career innovation and how curiosity and experimentation are a good thing for corporations and individuals.
January 29, 2022
Episode 21 I 2022 and the Future of Work Predictions
In this episode, Steve and Shane dive into what trends they predict will be hot in the future of work for 2022. No matter if you call it Great Resignation, The Great Creer Migration, etc the future of work is headed to a more human-focused leadership movement!
January 10, 2022
Episode 20 I A recap on 2021 and some thoughts on the future of work
In this episode, Steve and Shane recap some of the stories they covered in 2021 and share some insight and wisdom that can be learned from those stories. They also give some thoughts into what is ahead for the future of work in 2022
December 31, 2021
Episode 19 I Leadership and the workplace examined
In this episode, Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard dig further into the week of new stories that showcased a slew of not-so-great leadership decisions while offering up some learning points to share with the audience. 
December 22, 2021
Episode 18 I Bad Bosses
In this episode, Steve and Shane dive into the news of the CEO and his firing of 900 employees over a zoom meeting. In this, they share their own missteps and dig into why being a good boss in today's world is not only needed but mandatory for company culture.
December 10, 2021
Episode 17 I An update on Shane's relocation to Portugal
In this episode, Shane gives the details of his recent trip to scout neighborhoods with his kids. 
November 16, 2021
Episode 16 I Igniting the freelance revolution 🔥w/ Co-Founder & CEO at Stoke Talent Shahar Erez
Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard sit down with Co-Founder & CEO at Stoke Talent, Shahar Erez, and how they are helping ignite the freelance revolution. They dive into why freelancing has become the norm even in the corporate world. Shahar also shares why he allocates $2,000 a month for each employee to spend on freelancing. This is an episode you do not want to miss. 
September 17, 2021
Episode 15 I "Is Culture Important With Work From Home?"
In this episode, Steve Cadigan and Shane Howard dive into the question of can work from home be effective in a work-from-home environment? 
September 04, 2021
Episode 14 I "The Great Resignation- The Blow Back"
In this episode, Steve and Shane expand the conversation on the Great Resignation. They discuss the blowback and how this is impacting leadership teams as well as the individual contributor. 
August 27, 2021
Episode 13 I "Anxiety Of Back To Work"
In this episode we discuss the launch of Steve's book Workquake, check in on how Shane's relocation is progressing to Portugal. We also dive into the topic on many people's minds, the anxiety of back to work, and what that looks like for both leadership and the individual contributor.
August 16, 2021
Episode 12 I "Workquake"
In this episode, Shane Interviews Steve on his upcoming book WORKQUAKE. They discuss what motivated Steve to write WORKQUAKE. They also discuss what Steve's view of the future of work looks like and why he thinks the future of work is more human. Workquake: Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working The future has never been more uncertain for both employers and employees. They face the same profoundly unsettling dilemma: neither know what skills they need to develop for the future. Futurists and the media tell us that over 50 percent of jobs today will soon be replaced by automation and AI. Turnover is higher than it has ever been. The percentage of the workforce that is actively disengaged has never been higher. The shelf lives of certain skills are diminishing rapidly. Longstanding industries and industry leaders are being disrupted. These staggering changes are challenging our concepts of what a career really looks like today and how we should build organizations going forward. We are facing a Workquake. It’s time we change the conversation. It’s time to talk about how being human has never been more critical and how we have more agency in applying our talents than at any other time in history. We need to have more real and honest conversations about how to build a better model of the future of work, one in which both employers and employees feel safe and energized. COVID-19 has presented us with the ideal opportunity to tackle this important challenge. Workquake is an attempt to articulate a compelling vision for the future of work through a number of stories, case studies, and author Steve Cadigan’s own experiences.
July 21, 2021
Episode 11 I "What's causing the Great Resignation?"
With more people than ever quitting their current place of employment, many people are referring to this workforce event as the Great Resignation. In this episode, Steve and Shane dive into what is causing the mass exodus of staff and what places of employment and leaders can do to create a more innovative workplace culture. 
July 12, 2021
Episode 10 I "Live From Lisbon, Portugal"
In this episode, Steve gets Shane's first impressions of his family scouting trip to Lisbon. Shane details what he's learned after a few days on the ground, how the travel was, and what he's feeling about Lisbon possibly becoming his new home next year. 
June 30, 2021
Episode 9 I "Shane Is Leaving"
If you follow Steve's Tik Tok, then you know of his newly phrased "The Great Career Migration". In this episode, Steve put's Shane in the "Guest" seat, and they discuss Shane's recent life-changing decision, where he is going, and why. Shane also dives into the events leading up to his current status and provides some insight into his situation and how it may relate to many around the world entering The Great Career Migration.
June 14, 2021
Episode 8 I " Digital Nomad or Career Nomad "
In this episode, Steve and Shane discuss the impact the pandemic has had on the future of where you will be asked to work or even where your priorities have shifted to where you want or need to work. The topic was sparked for Steve and Shane after they recently read a fantastic article written by Christie Rotondo at Thrillist where she posed the statement "Digital Nomadism Isn’t Going Anywhere — Here’s Why". 
June 01, 2021
Episode 7 I " The Great Resignation or The Great Reset? "
Steve and Shane discuss the growing noise around unemployment and if stimulus checks are hampering hiring and much more.  They discuss what shifts covid-19 have forced in their own lives professionally and personally. As Steve puts it, a Workquake has happened, and it's time to discuss the aftershocks of Covid-19 and how to use this time to create a better workplace.
May 24, 2021
Episode 6 I " Post Covid Workforce Changes "
In this episode, Steve and Shane pull back the layers on the rapidly changing workforce post-Covid-19. They discuss the Facebook and Google employees saying they would rather work from home than go back in the office for a $30k raise and much more. 
May 17, 2021
Episode 5 I " Educate For The Job or At The Job? "
How businesses like Google, Facebook, Tesla, and others qualify candidates are changing rapidly. The need for education has never been greater but the need for a degree is diminishing. Steve and Shane discuss how this is impacting the workforce and what it means for the future of work.  
May 10, 2021
Episode 4 I " Tough Conversations "
Recently a few of the tech world's biggest companies enacted policies essentially banning the discussion at work around politics and social issues. Steve and Shane peel back the issues around this and look into why these policies might work and might not work. We think it is important to note that social issues like racism, bigotry, social injustice, inequality, and inequity are not politics. Steve and Shane both strongly believe that a path forward to eradicate these awful things happening to people on a daily basis deserves the space to be discussed so that those unaffected can understand and learn why empathy around these issues is so powerful.
April 30, 2021
Episode 3 I " A World Of Sight Unseen"
In today's world, someone is applying for a job they have never seen while buying a house they have never seen while buying a car they have never seen while dating someone they have never seen, that graduated from a university they never saw. Shane and Steve dive into the world of sight unseen and the behaviors and drivers of this new way of doing things.
April 24, 2021
Episode 2 I "Options, Options,Options"
From NCAA basketball to Silicon Valley the "employee" is becoming more informed and aware of better opportunities and causing people to look for a situation that treats them best. Things change, jobs change, coaches change, is it time to start embracing the change?
April 16, 2021
Episode 1 I " Life's Suez Canal Moments"
The Suez Canal disaster rocked the global economy. Steve and Shane dissect how every part of life has Suez Canal moments and what that means, what we can learn from them, and what we can do to mentally prepare ourselves for those unforeseen moments of crisis.
April 12, 2021