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World Figure & Fancy Skating -

World Figure & Fancy Skating -

World Figure Sport, not-for-profit, upholds, protects & expands the knowledge, art, and competition of modern Figures & Fancy Skating worldwide. Our educational curriculum includes the World Sk8ting & Arts School + Academics Virtual Academy - see Plus, we have workshops, exams, competitions, videos, podcasts, and the beautiful WFS’s Skating Exam Catalog for all ages & levels of skaters to flourish in their love, knowledge, exam, and competition opportunities. The pinnacle event is the World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships on black ice. Love,
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“Patinage Sur Glacé Saravah” poem by Joseph K. Pascale, Esq.
An interview with Joseph K. Pascale, Esq., author of the “Patinage Sur Glacé Saravah” poem with poetry recited by Neil Wright. Love, #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
September 01, 2021
5 minutes can make a big difference in your training! Learn how from Sarah Jo Damron-Brown.
Wow! Learn how even 5 minutes can make a big difference in your training! Sarah Jo Damron-Brown has completed 50 Skating compositions at the modern World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships. She is the 2019 World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships - Ladies’ Silver Medalist and a 2-time World Fancy Skating Champion. Sarah Jo is a Skating Educator and enjoys teaching all ages and levels. Love, #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
June 18, 2020
Beautiful explanation of clean 3-turns & more by Robert Ogilvie from World Figure Sport’s Archives!
Mr. Robert Ogilvie gives a brief but in-depth explanation of clean 3-turns. Also, he discusses the technical difference of the reversal of the body during the top of the turn to exit the 3-turn and the execution of how checking is the actual stopping of a body part’s movement. This audio is worth our WFS’s Members & Skating Educators’ time to absorb this valuable knowledge and to put it into fabulous use! This audio was donated to WFS’s Archives by Jaya Kanal. Love, #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
May 22, 2020
Visualize Skating’s Key Points of the Circle as explained by Robert S. Ogilvie!
Listen to Robert S. Ogilvie give his tips on visualizing the key points of skating a circle. Mr. Ogilvie passed away on Nov. 13, 2013 before the modern World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships and the founding of the World Figure Sport Society in 2015 - #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
May 19, 2020
Matt Snyder’s perspective on Figures, Fancy Skating & Education!
Matt Snyder, 2018 World Figure Championship - Men’s Bronze Medalist & Mathematics Educator explains his experiences with World Figure Sport’s Workshops, Exams & Competition opportunities! & #WorldFigureSport & #WorldFigureChampionship
May 14, 2020
Scott Irvine creates a modern scribe for Figure & Fancy Skaters!
Scott Irvine gives an in-depth interview about how he became a modern scribe maker for a whole new generation of Figure & Fancy Skaters! Plus, Mr. Irvine explains his skating and rink management history, too. Rinks, skaters & skating educators can order their custom scribes today - see For more information about WFS’s Figure & Fancy Skating Memberships, Exams, Workshops & Competitions including the World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships & Festival contact - #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
April 16, 2020
Jimmy Kuo’s journey of Figure & Fancy Skating with World Figure Sport!
Jimmy Kuo gives an insightful interview into the techniques and knowledge that he found within World Figure & Fancy Skating. Jimmy explains his liberating and healing process of finding his new “Skating” home with World Figure Sport. #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
April 14, 2020
Interview with Anne Bennett, 2019 World Jr. Figure & Fancy Skating Champion
Anne Bennett gives an insightful interview about her skating journey that started to blossom under the guidance of JoJo Starbuck (US Champion, Olympian, WFS’s Judge & Hall of Fame Member). Anne Bennett is interviewed by Karen Courtland Kelly (WFS’s Hall of Fame Member & Olympian). #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
March 15, 2020
How to tell your inner critic to take a seat!
Listen to a fascinating excerpt of Dr. Eric Zillmer’s Presentation on Figure & Fancy Skating from Garmsich-Partenkirchen, Germany. The presentation was created for World Figure Sport’s International “Sk8 Cool Art” Figure & Fancy Skating” Workshop, Exams & Competition. Karen Courtland Kelly (WFS’s Hall of Fame Member & Olympian) interviews Dr. Eric Zillmer. #WorldFigureSport #WorldFigureChampionship
February 09, 2020