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A podcast about existence, meaning and how to master your own life. Hosted by Nils von Heijne and Amit Paul

Cover photo by Happy Wilder (@indiewildfox)
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107. Giles Hutchins - How can we start practicing regenerative leadership?

World of Wisdom

149. Joey Weber - Why mindfulness is not enough and the science of equanimity
Dr Joey Weber is the author of Why mindfulness is not enough. He worked out a definition of equanimity and also a protocol for being able to measure and cultivate equanimity during his PhD. Joey is now giving 6 week courses in mindfulness (next one starting october 2nd 2022, and then restarting every 6 weeks). This conversation about equanimity, feeling, how to put mindfulness to use. Joey is liberatingly opinionated and passionate about the subject. To find out more check out Joeys Webpage, LinkedIn or Instagram. Enjoy.
September 30, 2022
148. Amit Paul Solo episode: Knowing, Maps, The Power principle, Owning our shadow, Not knowing as a driver for the exploration
Amit Paul talks into a couple of things he's been considering lately weaving previous episodes, learnings and perspectives. He covers knowing, the importance of it and its relationship with arrogance, maps as an important part of navigating and what they are - also invoking some care in our relating to them both in terms of the map makers intended and unintended purposes. The power principle and our current moments relationship to power and how it is an innate part of our biology - to be pulled towards power. He also talks about the concepts of intention and extension and how that paring may make us suceptible for capture. And wrapping up: how can we invite people to move from a place of not knowing - from a caring, circular, end-less paradigm, what does that look like? (If you want to connect with Amit, Linked in or his webpage are the places to go) Enjoy! 
September 22, 2022
147. Christopher Cassillas - regnenerative work, community, will - being - function, finding the right timescales, vitality - viability - evoluationary potential and much, much more
Chis Cassillias is a fellow curious who is currently working with the non-profit Regenerating Sonora. (if you're interested to contribute they are also here on This is a rich conversation and we cover a number of topics. Everything circling around the topic of regeneration. Chris shares his framework of will, being and fucntion. We speak of the importance of culture before strategy, the risk of over formalising, finding the right time scales, the framework of assessing work on vitality, viability and evolutionary capability, how regenerating soil is not a ideological practice. We also speak of scales from neighbourhoods to bioregions to biocultural corridors and we speak of the goddess of necessity as well as technology. But most of all, the question that is reverberating with me is: Imagine that it's the day after armageddon - what do you do? Now go do that. Enjoy! Host Amit Paul
September 15, 2022
146. Tomas Björkman. Instrumentality, development and how leaning into a 5 min past 12 mentality can help us going forward
Tomas Björkman is a former banker and philantrophist. Tomas has been involved and funded a number of projects with the purpose of taking us through the current societal transformation. Examples are 29k, the Inner Development Goals, Perspectiva and Emerge. Tomas has also release his book The World We Create as a Youtube series. This conversation stems from a deep care and circles the topic of instrumentality. It is a deep curiosity around movement building and concern for the current direction we are facing as a society that is the base line. Host: Amit Paul. Enjoy!
September 08, 2022
145. Mark Leonard: Social mindfullness, activism, generative societal change and the importance of sharing and caring.
Mark Leonard the director of Mindfulness Connected - one of the first clinically proven social mindfulness protocols in Europe. It's a wonderful conversation that touches upon activism, the importance of and the consequences of the surrender, how simple it really is - share and care. What happens when we are in opposition even in order to achieve that which is good. The forgotten part of the heroes journey - the return home. Resources to get in touch: Mindfulness Connected, Social Mindfulness in Italy Enjoy. Host: Amit Paul
September 02, 2022
144. Thomas Bruhn - Facilitation, ego, fear and being an individual experience of a collective story
Thomas Bruhn is working at the IASS at the Potsdam Institute a physicist and facilitator with interests around consciousness, sustainability and how we can transform our world into a more regenerative direction. In this conversation we speak about ego, being in service and the balance between channeling ones power and taking that responsibility versus to shirk away from it and how that influence our possibility to be effective in the world. If you are curious about what Thomas is up to you can find him at the IASS webpage or check out his project A mindset for the anthropocene - place where you can "find the others". Enjoy! Host: Amit Paul
August 25, 2022
143. Raz Kennedy and Teresa Kali Stark - The voice, healing, teachers, mastery, knowing, trust and surrender
This is a special episode. I get to bring on Raz Kennedy a vocal coach I worked with some 20 years ago when I was in the music business that showed me what letting go really was. Raz Kennedy (website link) has been in the music business for his entire life, initially through his mom but then for most of his professional life. Teresa Kali Stark (fb page) is a singer and vocal coach who's worked with some of the most acclaimed Swedish jazz artists among a number of others. We speak about the healing power of song and music. What it can teach us about surrender and non-judgement. How it heals. We also speak about the teacher and the role of the teacher and what it means to know and what it means to teach out of curiosity. Enjoy! Host: Amit Paul.
August 18, 2022
142. Amit Paul - Solo episode. Reflections from the past year: Life centrism, interdependence, hyperobjects, the masuline and the feminine, sustainability and trauma
This episode is a (first) solo episode by Amit. Reflecting on the themes and topics that have been present in the podcast and perhaps exploring or highlighting some particular curiosities of his going forward. Part reflection, summation, part direction, curiosity. The episode touches upon the topics of the life centric approach - to move in the world in a way that affords more life. How this relates to the concept of centres and fields and interdependence - where is the edge of a lake, or a deer for that matter? I also touch on hyperobjects and living in the time of them - how there is no longer the luxury that we once imagined was called 'away'. I touch on the masculine and the feminine and however useful the collective mapmaking, characterisation is they are irrelevant as sensemaking of individuals, it's more complex than that. Finally I bring all of that into the story of sustainability we are currently living and how our life story sofar condition us to see and generate the world each and everyone of us are living into. Hopefully this inspire you, I certainly had fun flowing on these topics and was able to discover and connect a couple of things I had not quite seen like this before. Wanna get in touch and continue the conversation or work with me as an advisor or coach? Check out my webpage, it's almost up to date. Enjoy.
August 11, 2022
141. Joe Brewer. Autopoesis, Earth generation, conditions conducive to life, another type of urgency and why humans deserve to stay around
Joe Brewer a man who barely needs introduction by now visited the podcast. If you have not heard of him check out Earth Regenerators or the book Joe co-authored with the community. This conversation is so valuable. We speak about urgency and earth regeneration - not in the normal way, as if our house is on fire but rather the desire that regeneration creates in us. We speak of why humans should stay around, of knowing, of arrogance and of sovereignty. This is a beautiful connecting of dots between the inner and outer perspectives and why they are so deeply related. I think the conversation is both timely and important. Joe speaks of Prosocial World towards the end of the podcast - go find the others there too. Enjoy!  
August 04, 2022
140. Andrew Whitley. Bread, health, weeds and how first principle thinking can get you deep into it
Andre Whitley has spent a bigger part of his life advocating for healthier food and food systems. Particularly focusing on sour dough bread. He is running two projects: Bread Matters and Scotland the Bread currently. Andrew takes on a journey from bread through Russian literature studies right through the heart of our sustainability crisis, a profound critique of our current relationship to technology as it stands and some clear sighted insights about deconstructive science and the illusion that we know how our world works. To discover the world through a loaf of bread would be an alternative title to this episode this rich conversation touched on so many important topics. Enjoy. Host: Amit Paul
July 28, 2022
139. Ann-Sofie Forsmark: Personal purpose, purpose in business and the topic of well-being in the workplace
Ann-Sofie Forsmark (LinkedIn and her wepage) entrepreneur, coach and ultra marathon runner came on the podcast to talk about the current state of work. What is the point of keeping track of your personal purpose? What is the place for purpose in business? What is this idea that not all of us are interested in our well-being? We also look at the topic of work life balance and the workplace as a hyperobject. As well as the idea of all work having the potential of being meaningful - without us having to spin a grand, heroic narrative around it. Enjoy. Host: Amit Paul
July 21, 2022
138. Lawrence Kampf: Arts, negative space, transformative work in transformative times
This conversation with Lawrence Kampf (more on Lawrence check out his webpage) was a rich, slow exploration. Rich in content and exploration. We talk about what the theatre and showmanship has to show us in our lives, creative containers and their potential for transformation, the negative space as in the unseen as well as that which is hidden. We also touch upon quite a few different ways of discovering attention as superpower of orientation. Lawrence has had a career as a theatre consultant for big shows like Cirque de Soleil and the Lion King. He is now a transformative coach and works with companies, leaders and leadership teams through the Nova Earth Institute (visit the page to find out more). Enjoy!
July 14, 2022
137. Raven Connolly: Sustainability, regenerative economy, patterns of extraction and the dark feminine
Philosopher Raven Connolly is the guest on the podcast. Raven has explored the dark feminine and psychological diagnosis and their connection to the moment we are currently in. This conversation is exploring the pattern of extraction we are in through the lens of the dark feminine and masculine forces. We play between the systemic and the deeply personal as well as the internpersonal but fundamentally we are talking about all of this world we are living in. There are many layers to this exploration. If you want more of Raven you can find her on twitter here.
July 07, 2022
136. Cadell Last: The negative principle, libidinal economy and the physiology of perspectives
Cadell Last is a philosopher exploring the curiosities of humanity. You can find out more about him at his webpage, his youtube channel. If you're listening to this in summer of 2022 he's also launching an online course on Thus spoke Zarathustra (Philosophy portal). This conversation is a walk though of the negative principle where we explore what it and our blindness to it has to tell us about what we see in the world today. We also slip into the topic of the libidinal economy - that our sexuality seeps into our economies, both those aspects we desire and what we try to not look at. It is an exercise of grounding philosophy and looking at how the big ideas move us in the world. We also touch on the masculine and the feminine and what possibility an integrated negative holds for those energies. Enjoy!
June 30, 2022
135. Thomas Hann - Introducing the regenerative coop: Moving from profit to value added
Thomas Hahn is an economist, activist and transformer of systems. He is running several projects that revolves around his invention the Regenerative Coop. To find out more or join the movement, check out his webpage and or find him on LinkedIn This conversation revolves around creating a regenerative economy, leveraging the system we have built and putting the earth on the balance sheet. We speak about what interacting with dead things like technology and money vs interacting with things that are alive do for and to us as humans. Thomas is passionate about this topic to say the least. Enjoy the conversation!
June 23, 2022
134. Pamela von Sabljar - An experiment: Dialogue from Eros - letting life force show the way
Pamela von Sabljar is a different breed of facilitator and a fellow explorer of this shift we're in. Her most recent masterclass is actually called "Facilitating the shift". She works as a radical facilitator and coach, contexts where you might have come across her most recently is at Rebel Wisdom, the STOA, Emerge, Nordic Womens Gathering. For more background take a listen to EP 104 for an exploration on the masculine and feminine principles. Or visit her webpage (I can personally vouch for the Facilitating The Shift master class). This episode is quite different. It is an exploration of eros or life force. It is an experiment in a practice Pamela is a wisdom keeper of and a practice Amit has been engaging with. It is an invitation to a creative space, a practice of speaking when spoken through, an energy or perhaps a transmission. We explore Eros, why it seems to both of us that she will be a key piece in this shift we're in and we try to discern some key aspects for unlocking her potential, especially in areas where our current moment might be confused. The content is important but perhaps more so the space this episode comes from. I'm really curious about how it comes alive in you? 
June 16, 2022
133. Stefan Ekwall - How liminal are our times, really?
In this episode Amit and Stefan explore the question of liminality and their experience of it. The guiding question is how liminal are our times, really? Stefan was on the podcast with Nils back in Episode 60 and if you want to find out more about him visit his webpage Human stories. This exploration flies high at times but it's also grounded. We speak of liminality in form of the gardener and the contextual aspects of gardening, how it's not necessarily a peaceful activity. We speak of parenting and the implication of the pending ecosystems collapse and the signs thereof in our immediate surroundings and the pain that causes. And we point to the simple truth that context matters, always. If you are trying to build something, grow something or survive that and those around you are an integral part of your potential. This exploration was embodied, probing fun. Enjoy.
June 09, 2022
132. Ronen Hirsch - Discovering the generative sequence for creating meaningful work part 1.
Ronen Hirsch is a polymath who's spent the last couple of decades in retreat and deep practice. Check out his webpage to find out more about him. This conversation is a first in an intent to do more on the topic with Ronen. We come together to explore how we can actually meaningfully create regenerative conditions here on earth. We take a look at the work that Ronen has been doing in discovering a generative sequence for 'crewing'. We dig into Christopher Alexanders work and we circle the topic of what meaningful work looks like - and what we need to do to get there. This is one of the most potent and powerful conversation I've hosted on the podcast to this date. Enjoy! Host: Amit Paul
June 02, 2022
131. Pam Pence - Talking about over-population: All hands on deck and the dire times we are in.
In this episode I speak to Pam Pence. Pam works with the challenging topic of educating on population and over population. This is a topic that I've (Amit) personally has been struggling with as it tends to lead me astray but this is a beautiful practice in staying in that which hurts. It is an initiation (not an easy one) for those that tend to shy away from the topic of the ongoing ecosystem and system collaps. We speak about empowerment, of the choice to procreate, deriving meaning from our children, that it's ok to opt out from the "normal" nuclear family and much more. Some of the resources Pam mentions in our conversation: A new republic of the heart and Global footprint network. Enjoy! Host: Amit Paul.
May 26, 2022
130. Diego Galafassi - Art, sustainability, knowing from the inside, a new type of vision, friction and diversity and different ways of knowing
Diego Galafassi is an artist and scientist that has spent is career weaving in and out of different contexts. You can find more of his work on his webpage or reach out to him on twitter. Diego has also worked with so called emerging technologies like VR and AR - you can find out more about the project Breathe here - it is study in our interconnectedness with each other and the atmosphere. Or the project Arts for Transformations. This conversation really moved me. It is a study of the world from a different perspective. A deep passion of knowing, of inclusion and of moving the world towards a regenerative future. I perceive Diego to be a bridge builder and this conversation shows that. It covers all of that which is in the title and much more. And it's just a jumping off point. Enjoy! 
May 19, 2022
129 Jascha Rohr: Co-creation and how we can design empowering, co-creative processes
Jascha Rohr is a philosopher and chair of the Co-creation foundation based in Germany. This episods dives deep into the ins and outs of co-creation. We talk about the design principles and perspective of co-creation. Touching on Jaschas perspective and more than 25 years of experience in this field. How his craft as an instrument makers and the experience in permaculture design has influenced him in the work. His passion for tool making and shifting focus to generative sequences. And of course how is it that the statement that co-creation cannot fail could possibly be true? If you want to reach out to Jascha, take a training or learn more about co-creation visit the Co-Creation Foundation's website. Host: Amit Paul   
May 12, 2022
128. Elin Bergman - Circular economy, where we are in this moment. A hopeful outlook.
Elin Bergman was called the circularity queen of Sweden in a podcast a title that stuck. Elin and I get to lean in to the challenging questions of how we become Circular. This is a conversation of different perspectives and starting points and Elins view and optimism is inspiring. We speak of plastics as a tool in our toolbox, the Ellen MacArthur foundation work on technical and organic cycles in circularity and how we can think about solutions in different spheres, we speak of course about the connection between the inner and outer - when we need something, how do we know what we need? And the importance of role models where Elin is most certainly one of the more inspirational and forceful examples of this. Here are some links and resources mentioned in the episode: Cradlenet, Nordic circular hotspot, Nordic circular arena, Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Youtube. We also talk about the Circular Gap report that had not yet come out at the time of the recording for this episode... Elin was right we are between Norway and the Netherlands with 3.4 % circularity - significantly less than we hoped for. The Netherlands are up to >22% in this final report - there are ways to go! Enjoy the conversation. Host: Amit Paul
May 05, 2022
127 Marilyn Mehlmann: Empowerment, co-creation and the being in service as long as it does not hurt anyone else
This week I connect with Legacy17 founder Marilyn Mehlmann. Marilyn is a lifelong activist with a dedication towards empowerment. She has spent her life in service of social and environmental challenges. As always the conversation is wide ranging and covering a number of topics. Co-creation, activism and curiosity, empowerment, the state of the world and the transformation we standing in front of. And we explore the principle of abilie: giving people what they need as long as it doesn't hurt me, you or anyone else. To get engaged, or to access the resources Marilyn refers to visit the Legacy17 webpage. This conversation was recorded in the days after the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine 2022.
April 28, 2022
126. Jeremy D Johnson: Gebser, Development, Liminality, Relationality and Why it's Crucial to Decenter Progress
Jeremy D Johnson is a writer, scholar and podcast host. He is an integral scholar on Gebser and hosts the excellent podcast Mutations. You can find Jeremy's writing on Or get in touch on Twitter or Patreon. This conversation is a deep dive into 'development', progress and liminality. We situate our current moment and then jump off the deep end. It was rich! We speak of progress, what the integral/developmental theorists (Gebser in particular) predicted through their work. We speak about technology, dance and ponder what omni-directional progress could look like. Especially if it's folded back into relationship with the biosphere. And Jeremy brings the radical and exciting idea of decentering progress - don't quite get what it means? Take a listen. Enjoy! Host Amit. Recorded on 21st of February 2022.
April 21, 2022
125 Robert Gilman - How we can use an understanding of our psychodynamics to become more efficient change makers
Robert Gilman is the physicist turned philosopher who dedicated his life to the intersection of inner and outer development. He is the founder of Bright Future Now and Bright future network (to find out more). Robert was the resident philosopher at the STOA in the end of 2021 and is a frequent voice in sensemaking circles. The conversation ranged from understanding our current moment, to trauma and to how we can use an understanding of (our own) psychodynamics to become more efficient change makers and community builders. We discuss the challenges we face and we get a glimmer of hope when considering phase shifts and exponential processes. Host: Amit Paul
April 14, 2022
124. Elizabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger: Emergent Dialogue and its potential for the meaning crisis
Elizabeth is a developmental psychologist and Thomas is a philosopher who have been engaged in and developed the Bohmian dialogue and developed the practice of Emergent Dialogue over the past 25+ years. The practice is one of speaking when spoken through, it aspires to let us connect to the inter subjective field or that which is bigger than us. I have personally been in their courses and can attest to the power and felt meaningfulness of this practise. The conversation hovers around the topic of Emergent Dialogue and what it is, as well as the potential it holds to address the meaning crisis which some argue is a core root to our current global predicament. If you want to connect with Thomas and Elizabeth you can visit: One world in dialogue to find out more about Emergent Dialogue and engage. To learn more about the rest of their work check out their podcast Radio Evolve or visit Evolve World. Also an upcoming course (in 2022) at Life itself (more info on the link).
April 07, 2022
123. Fanny Norlin - The potential of working with the masculine and the feminine in transformation and business
Fanny Norlin supports leaders, teams and business to unleash the creative potential in the dance between the masculine and the feminine. We explore her framework for thinking about these energies. This is an unconventional but useful and very practical conversation on the topic. We touch upon the basic definitions, how to understand them, what we're leaving on the table when we are not engaging with these energies. The potential is there regardless of if it is within business or in systems transformation. To work with Fanny either in your business, as a coach or a speaker take a look at her webpage (Take a look at EP120 with Tom Nixon - to get more inspiration for a start up context)
March 31, 2022
122. Dr Tania Singer - Neuroscience, Caring Economics and the fundamental plasticity of human beings.
Dr Tania Singer is the guest of the podcast. Tania is a renowned social neuroscientist and psychologist especially focused on empathy and compassion. She is bridge builder between different scientific fields as well as from East to West. She has applied her frameworks in a wide range of fields such as caring economics, regenerative business, following individuals in Berlin during the course of the pandemic. This discussion ranges far and wide and touches on questions like why it is crucial that we start finding alternatives to the current economical models, what one can do to improve ones mental health, both through mindfulness and through dyadic practices. This touches on a lot of important tools and skills for building the new paradigm. If you are curious about Tania and her work the best place is her webpage, or her landing page at the Max Planck Nurosciencelab. For more info on the CovSocial project. Host: Amit Paul
March 24, 2022
121. Hans von Essen: Transforming the food system
Hans von Essen the director of BERAS International. He has several decades of experience in transforming food systems on a individual, farm by farm and regional level towards more regenerative practices. He is deeply involved in the budding bio regional movement globally. BERAS has designed a course for individuals passionate about transforming the food systems called "Diet for a green planet" - follow the link to find out more and apply before may 2022. The conversation circulated the topic of food and sustainable development. How should one thing of ones own diet in terms of sustainability? What are the basic principles we should take on board when we are considering eating sustainably and what are the most important priorities? What is the interaction between the system and the individual and where does it make sense to invest time and effort? What are bio-regions and what is going on in the regenerative farming world? This is an excellent primer for novices and potentially a novel perspective for those more involved. Enjoy. Host: Amit Paul
March 17, 2022
120. Tom Nixon: Working with Source
This week I got to speak with Tom Nixon. An entrepreneur and the author of the book Work with Source ( The conversation adressed his work on Source especially in the context of regenerative and decentralised ventures. The work is based on Peter Koeneig's work and it has proven to be of great importance again and again in start-ups. The Source principles is a break away from the not uncommon idea that as we co-create there is no single leader and rather it claims that the actual initiator of the question, gathering or the organisation has a special position. This conversation is exciting and highly useful to get a 10.000 m view of Toms work. If you're curious to know more check out the links in this description. Tom is also the founder and source of (a tool for drawing decentralised organisations). If you want to get in touch with him you can either go through or via twitter: @tomnixon
March 10, 2022
119. Patrik Birkhane. On trending of "life coaching" and a perspective on what it is we might be longing for
In this episode I connect with my old friend and fellow curios Patrik Birkhane. Patrik is business graduate and previous communications expert that has decided to step out of the grind and look for his own way. We meet up for a conversation that none of us could have predicted 20 years ago when we met. We speak about our current moment. Our stories. Consciousness. Trauma. Personal development. Life coaching and perspectives around what one could look for in engaging a journey with a coach. It is a wide ranging conversation. If you want to find out more about Patrik his take a look at the yoga studio he runs with his wife, his instagram or his personal webpage.
February 24, 2022
118. Marcello Palazzi: B Corps, regenerative business and a declaration of interdependence
Marcello Palazzi Impact entrepreneur, economist and visionary for human progress. 35 years global experience focused on Better Economies, Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for public good. Serial entrepreneur of more than 25 successful ventures across the highest levels of business, civil society, finance, government, philanthropy and academia. We speak about regenerative business, the b-corp movement. The concepts and importance bringing of reverence back into business. To find out more about the b-corp movement that is transforming the world of business visit here. Enjoy! Host: Amit Paul
February 10, 2022
117. Jamie Bristow - Mindfullness as a tool for improvement, self-exploration and self-transformation
Jamie Bristow is a long term meditator and the director of the Mindfulness Initiative (UK). The conversation ranges from what mindfulness actually is to how it can be used as a tool for improvement, self-exploration and self-transformation. The mindfulness revolution has swept over the north western hemisphere for some time now - is it over or just beginning? It seems there is much more to discover for the one who dares dip one's toes in. The Mindfulness Initiative work with supporting efforts around improving decision making, politics, policy through offering mindfulness training and research on the topic. Their latest publications address how it can be a tool to combat the climate crisis and for increased wellbeing. If you want to support the work of Jamie's and his colleagues you can donate here. Or if you want to get in touch reach out on Jamies twitter or Mindful Nation.
January 06, 2022
RCO: Why we care
This is a perspective on the EP116 on the RCO webinar. EP116 maps out the territory and this is starting to give some resolution on motivations, the potential of the RCO and what it is we are hoping to achieve exactly. These are shorter bonus episodes on the topic of the Regenerative Community Organism (RCO). We believe it's important to be able to trace the roots of thoughts and ideas to see how they track in your context. If you're curious please feel free to reach out. 
December 29, 2021
116. RCO: What is the Regenerative Community Organism?
This is the start of a mini-series of shorter episodes we will post on the channel. They detail the organisational structure called the RCO. It is an exploration into more regenerative organisational forms. It is the result of some 18 months of thinking. The structure is purpose first, it is communal and it has a focus on value distribution and building agency for those participating in the company. The RCO fundamentally sees the limited company as a useful tool for building business and take into account that the company progress through its lifecycle with different needs. What might initially be well served by being strongly driven by a few individuals will over time, if it's successful, be better served if thought about as a commons that is governed by all its stake holders. This recording is from a webinar that Nils and Amit gave on the RCO. The presentation given during the webinar is available here. If you want to get in touch directly because of curiosity, ideas, to start your own or join in reach out to Amit or Nils.
December 18, 2021
115. Sophie Strand: Myth, story, the dance of the masculine and feminine and rediscovering awe
This episode starts out with Sophie Strands poem Fathering is a green slow thing before we get into the conversation. Sophie us an ecological thinker and long form writer dabbling in story as a past time. Her mythic starting point is curious and agile, if there is one thing to be said about it it's that it cannot be pinned down. Sophie has spent a lot of time investigating masculinity with the intention of rewilding it, of letting it expand and sporeulate into a multiplicity of shapes and forms. We also speak about ecologically situated myth, initiation, awe, ecological and continental timescales as well as our current cultural moment. If you get curious you can find out more about Sophie on her webpage as well as her instagram (that I personally follow with great pleasure). Host Amit Paul.
December 09, 2021
114. Indra Adnan - Agency, a new political movement and discovery as the main design principle
This conversation is with Indra Adnan, psycho social therapist and founder of the Alternative UK. Indra and the Alternative support CAN (Community Action Networks) globally as an alternative or parallel polis to the current political system. One that is vibrant, alive, bottom up and most importantly it's already happening. We speak about the current state of politics, political change from the bottom up, the concept of Ada, technocraty vs humanity, why relationships are primary and the importance of attention. This discussion is wide ranging and points to several design principles for building a movement that can change the world. Indra is also the author of The Politics of Waking up on the topic.
November 30, 2021
113. Emma Stenström - Bubble hopping, design principles for generative cultures and just how influenced we are by our contexts
In this episode the podcast has Emma Stenström as a guest. We talk about bubble hopping, the importance of social context for our decision capacity. We also talk a lot about culture and what that makes possible (or impossible) as well as design principles for cultural design. Emma Stenström is an associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics, she teaches and conducts action research as well as runs the NGO "the Fika Project" and writes as a long term columnist for one of the leading business newspapers in Sweden. Enjoy!
November 18, 2021
112 Kaa Faensen - Care, development, circular time and ethics
Kaa Faensen (LinkedIn or webpage) is a social therapist, facilitator, visual artist and coach who is also working with Fraendi. The conversation is a genuine, emergent exploration into what it is to be a human passionate about humans in a time between times. We venture into care, progress, adult or vertical development, ethics, aesthetics, beauty, embodiment, circular time and beings as well as whether we are fundamentally good or bad. It is one of the most wide ranging, curious and open explorations of the podcast to date for me (Amit). Host: Amit Paul
November 11, 2021
111. Aliki Ko - Spiritual entrepreneurship and the 4 capitals
Aliki Ko runs the initiative Warriors 4 Elements she's spent a lot of her time in and around building spiritual communities. If there is such a term as spiritual entrepreneur it would fit her. This conversation circle around the topic of the 4 capital - financial (earth), spiritual (fire), intellectual (air) and societal (water). How do we invest, collaborate and create value from this premise? We also touch on trust and love as fundamental principles for the new paradigm. Hosts: Amit Paul and Nils Von Heijne 
November 04, 2021
110. What is emerging? A guest episode from The Outlook
Nils sits down online with Bill Mehleisen to explore what is emerging in society and business. This is a guest episode from The Outlook by The Absolut Company.
October 28, 2021
109. Lasse Lychnell - On trust, patterns and starting from what is
In this Episode Amit talks to Lasse Lychnell a professor at Stockholm School of Economics, a photographer (Points of Contact), entrepreneur (Being in Business) and human. The topics the conversation touch on circles around trust and acceptance. How we can move from what is rather than what we would like things to be? How we can stay in contact? This episode also contain different language around what patterns actually are too and some tips on how we can move into systems thinking without losing connection or grounding. It is an open, curious and vulnerable exploration into what is. Enjoy
October 21, 2021
108. Jonathan Chadwick lets Amit Paul think out loud
This is a bit of a change of pace. Jonathan Chadwick (who was a guest in EP 101) offered me to think out loud and structure my thoughts which I accepted gladly. The outcome is this open, explorative conversation where I get ot unfold and compost some ideas that can hopefully generate resonance and inspiration in you. Host Jonathan Chadwick. Guest: Amit Paul. If you want to connect with Amit you can find more about him on Enjoy.
September 24, 2021
107. Giles Hutchins - How can we start practicing regenerative leadership?
In this conversation with Giles Hutchins we explore the shift into regenerative leadership. What it is? How do we start our journey into it? And why does it makes sense for all of us to explore it? Giles is an author of several books, latest Regenerative Leadership with Laura Storm, on the topic and he has coached leadership teams in organisations spanning from multinational corporations to start ups . If you wish to seek him out for coaching, courses or otherwise you find him at,,, Enjoy! Hosts: Amit Paul and Nils von Heijne.
September 16, 2021
106. WoW Stories: Mar Michelle Häusler - Money and self worth
In this episode we take a deep dive into the actual topic of money with Mar Michelle Häusler. Previously superstar trader and currently working with groups and individual women and their relationship to money. We go through money and identity, (self-) worth, abundance, relationships, receiving. If you want to hear more from Mar Michelle you can find her on social media or at Give Take Lab. This is the final Stories special sessions for this time. The first ever World of Wisdom Micro gathering on the topic of Money and wealth will start on the 8th of Sept 2021. Feel like exploring your relationship to money/wealth? Come join us at Host: Amit Paul
September 07, 2021
105. Tyson Yunkaporta - Pattern thinking, progress and scaling indigenous knowledge
We yarn with Tyson Yunkaporta, systems thinker, head of the indigenous knowledge labs at Deakin university and author of Sand Talk - how indigenous thinking can save the world. We talk about time, pseudo science, story, progress, relationships, pattern thinking, rigour and generative ways of scaling. This conversation is a wonderful weaving of complexity, indigenous knowledge and systems thinking. Host: Amit Paul
September 02, 2021
104. WoW Stories - Pamela von Sabljar on Feminine and Masculine principles
Pamela von Sabljar is a facilitator, educator and mentor (find out more and get in touch with Pamela We circle around and talk about the masculine and the feminine or truth and compassion in it's many forms and how we can use these binaries to play with life and let life play with us. How being grounded in it is a foundation for safety, trust and development.  This Podcast is another in the "Stories" series leading up to the September 2021 event. To find out more about it visit
August 26, 2021
103. Regenerative leadership and organisations - Victoria Vallström
This episode explores leadership and organisations in the new paradigm. Victoria Vallström has spent 20 years as a leader in different organisations and have recently taken a deepdive into the science around trust, engagement and motivation in her podcast A bit Curious ( To find out more about Victoria and the reading materials we are referring to visit The conversation ranges far form organisational development, leadership into how this reverberates in society. Enjoy! Hosts: Amit Paul and Nils von Heijne
August 19, 2021
102. WoW Stories: Rosario Rojas - Embodiment
In the episode we are exploring Embodiment and the place of the body in our current society. We touch on Money/Wealth and how that has influenced our capacity to listen to our bodies and respond. To engage with Rosario you can contact her through her webpage: This podcast is another one in the content series leading up to the World of Wisdom Micro Gathering on Stories: Money/Wealth in September where Rosario is one of the facilitators. To fine out more visit:
August 12, 2021
WoW Stories: Summing up - so far
In this Episode Melker takes you through the journey we've taken so far since we started the special series of Stories a few months back. The episode is bringing in the topic of Money/Wealth which will be the topic of the World of Wisdom Micro gatheirng in September 2021. What is it? What do we mean by saying that it is a collective story? What could change if I start changing my relationship to it? If you are curious or want to get tickets visit 
August 11, 2021
101. WoW Stories: Jonathan Chadwick - Theatre and transformation
A conversation with theatre writer and director Jonathan Chadwick. We explore identity, self and the other, theatre and its importance in healing and activism. We also talk about speaking truth to power, how the truth is interactive and how we can live in times of uncertainty. The conversation is a ramp up to the Word of Wisdom Micro event on Stories: Money/Wealth in September 2021. To find out more and to join check out
August 05, 2021
100 WoW Stories - David Vidales
So have you ever wondered around how to get to work with your passion? In this episode we talk to David Vidales around the stories that has led him to succeed doing just that. We discuss this moment, the connection of story to responsibility and how video games and dramatic life events can be transformed into a super power. To connect with David find him in the Online course Secrets group on Facebook: This episode is another one in preparation for the World of Wisdom Stories event planned for the 8th / 15th / 22nd of September 2021. It will be online. For more info and tickets visit
July 29, 2021
99 WoW Stories: Belina Raffy
This episode is with improv and stand up practitioner and teacher Belina Raffy who is working to put stand up and improv methodologies to use to create a better world. In the episode we speak about the current moment and how improv and humor can be put to use to offer healing. Belina is one of the facilitators confirmed for the World of wisdom stories event on the 8th / 15th / 22nd of September. For tickets visit To find out more about Belina and to join her Sustainable stand up visit
July 22, 2021
98 WoW Stories - The story of Business with Graham Boyd
One of the dominating forces in society today is business. It shapes the world we live in, in more ways than we can imagine.  How can we reinvent business as a driver for good? What are the stories underlying business? We get to explore this with Graham Boyd ( author of Rebuild: the economy, leadership and you in another session leading up to our wow micro on Stories this fall (
July 15, 2021
97. WoW Stories: Sanna Rådelius
What is the story of abundance really? How does it relate to power? And why is the feminine so important, and undervalued? These are questions we dive into on this special episode on Stories for World of Wisdom. You can connect with Sanna at If you are interested to stay posted on the Micro gathering on stories planned for september - register at
July 08, 2021
96. Reinhabiting the workplace - a featured episode from The Outlook
This week we're sharing another episode from The Outlook (powered by The Absolut Company). Nils von Heijne and Bill Mehleisen discuss what is emerging in society and business, and explore how we may reinhabit the workplace through rituals.
July 01, 2021
95. World of wisdom - Stories: Maria-Paz Acchiardo
This episode is another exploration into stories through the wonderful world of thoughts and language. What would one be without the story? What methodologies can support us in discovering our stories. If you want to dig deeper with us in this topic stay informed about the micro gathering scheduled for September 2021 at
June 24, 2021
94. World of Wisdom Stories: Rainer von Leoprechting.
How can we use stories to transform ourselves and the world around us? How can we use stories to find out what our next step would be? In this special episode leading up to the World of Wisdom Stories Gathering in Aug/Sep of 2021 we we go inte depth on the explorations of stories. To reach out to our guest: Rainer e-mail at the co-founder of Storymatcher. To find out more about the gathering visit
June 15, 2021
93. The Decade / World of Wisdom - The impact and potential of Stories
Humanity stands before the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced before, to reach a sustainable state for the planet, and equally important, reach a sustainable state for ourselves as human beings. Our aim is through conversations with impactful individuals to raise and share awareness, knowledge, inspiration and stories inlined with those severe challenges. We touch on subjects like personal growth, the future of humanity, sustainability, psychology, economics, spirituality and anything else we feel excited to learn about, and share with you. Do you want to join in the exploration sign up to stay updated regarding the event at
June 06, 2021
92. Exploring where we are - with new co-host Amit Paul
Amit Paul has been on the podcast numerous times already, and now he's joining as an official co-host. We dive deep into into our exploration of "sustainable" future and where we are headed. Enjoy!
May 06, 2021
91. Truth - an exploration with Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa and Maria Paz Acchiardo
What is truth and what is true?  Nils explores this question together with Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa  (futurist, speaker and entrepreneur) and Maria Paz Acchiardo (coach, The Work facilitator and holder of perspectives).
April 08, 2021
90. What is emerging in society? (Recording for The Outlook podcast)
Nils von Heijne and Bill Mehleisen share what they currently see emerging in individuals, community, business and our global society. Where are we headed and what does it potentially mean for us humans? This recording is shared from The Outlook podcast by The Absolut Company.
April 01, 2021
89. "Sustainable Innovation" - a World of Wisdom Camp Session
This is a special episode recorded at the World of Wisdom gathering in Aug 2020 from the Sustainable Transformation Camp. Hosted by Amit Paul. The panel consists of Mike Pilliod (Tesla) and Mayra Kapteyn (Ink). The conversation is an exploration on how innovation can support the sustainable transformation we need to undertake. Recorded via Zoom.
February 18, 2021
88. "Stories" - a World of Wisdom camp session
This is a special episode recorded at the World of Wisdom gathering in Aug 2020 from the Sustainable Transformation Camp. Hosted by Amit Paul. The panel consist of  Bill Mehielsen, Martin Söndergaard. The conversation is an exploration on how Stories can support the sustainable transformation we need to undertake. Recorded via Zoom.
December 03, 2020
87. Learning from indigenous cultures to manage global crisis - with Vanessa Andreotti
Don't know what to do about the impending global crisis? Listen to this episode with Dr. Vanessa Andreotti and start doing your work. Her research examines historical and systemic patterns of reproduction of inequalities and how these limit or enable possibilities for collective existence and global change. There is much to learn from indigenous cultures, and we are being increasingly called to act upon such lessons in our own lives
November 12, 2020
86. Bringing conscious communities into action with Jan Artem Henriksson
Founder of Selfleaders and Relate, Jan Artem Henriksson, guests the podcast to explore how humanity can progress if we as members of conscious communities step further into concrete action. I'm humbled and grateful to have such an amazing sense maker guest today's episode.
November 05, 2020
85. How companies can unify humanity with Graham Boyd
What if we could create an economy that works for the planet, for people, and for profit? Graham Boyd is exploring how companies can restructure to help make a regenerative economy reality, simply by turing ownership into stewardship.
September 02, 2020
84. Thank You Plant Medicine with Jonathan Glazer
Jonathan Glazer is the co-founder of the global Thank You Plant Medicine movement, and a man of deep spiritual and societal engagement. Enjoy our conversation on the movement he helped kickstart, and the shift our society is going through.
June 18, 2020
83. The wisdom of fruit stickers
The fact that we still put stickers on apples and bananas is quite absurd. This episode explores that as well as doing juice fasting. To get tickets for World of Wisdom Gotland, go to
June 04, 2020
82. Living your life in constant transformation
You're a constantly changing cell in a larger organism, and by embracing that, you'll find a simple recipe for how to live your life.
May 28, 2020
81. The concept of leadership with Axel Hansers
Axel has university project around leadership, and interviews Nils on the topic. As always, we eventually find ourselves down the rabbit hole.
May 21, 2020
80. A new Internet with Kristof De Spiegeleer
Kristof is a serial entrepreneur who, as co-founder and chairman of the ThreeFold Foundation, is building an entirely new decentralised peer-to-peer Internet.
May 14, 2020
79. Innovation through PsychoActivation with Dr. Tanja Schomann
Tanja is the the founder of PSYx, which explores synergistic solutions through pychoactive technologies (e.g. plant medicine, meditation and breathwork). What happens when ceremonial psychedelic work is combined with innovation, leadership and system design?
May 07, 2020
78. The Life Force - A simple structure for creating a new society
In the shape of a torus with five (or more) inbound layers, I believe there's potential to connect thousands of initiatives into one global life force. This is just a seed being planted, and I invite you to co-create and improve on it
April 09, 2020
77. What if the virus is the medicine? - with Eamon Armstrong
Eamon Armstrong - life explorer and host of podcast Life is a Festival - shares his beautiful and profound perspectives on life, depression and the ongoing pandemic transformation on our planet. Learn how life can be a festival, a garden, a movie, and a song - and how it all fits together. Link to the article "What if the virus is the medicine?":
April 02, 2020
76. Corona - a pandemic opportunity for humanity
COVID-19 provides us with an amazing, yet painful, opportunity to grow, heal and develop into unity with each other and the planet.
March 26, 2020
75. Balance, Enneagram and a deck of cards with Cris Beasly
Cris Beasly is always ahead of the curve in spotting trends and patterns for how technology is shaping our future. Her latest endeavour, however, includes creating a simple deck of cards.
March 19, 2020
74. Proving that you're God
Using simple reasoning, quantum physics actually proves that you are God. What will you do once you realise that you're the creator of everything? ;)
March 12, 2020
73. Experiences from Spirit of Winter shamanic retreat
A few of the brave men who took part in Spirit of Winter shamanic retreat 2020, share their experiences openly and honestly. I am deeply humbled to have facilitated this retreat together with Rudá Iandé, and to now call all of these men my brothers. The work they are doing is both impressive and inspirational.
February 27, 2020
72. Field report from Spirit of Winter shamanic retreat
After a night of intense healing and downloads of insights in the far north of Lapland, I share what I'm experiencing in the moment.
February 20, 2020
71. The Green Room by David Lindberg
A special preview experience of one of the coming installations for World of Wisdom Visby. Mix: David Lindberg Voice: Alan Watts Music: The Song of The Butterfly by Estas Tonne et al.
February 13, 2020
70. Ayahuasca field report from Brazil
70. Ayahuasca field report from Brazil by Nils von Heijne
January 02, 2020
69. Life is a song
I simple reflection upon life, using the analogy of music and harmony.
December 26, 2019
68. Healing trauma with Seth Lyon
Seth Lyon is a modern-day medicine man and psychobiological trauma specialist. In this episode, he teaches us about what trauma is and how you can heal it.
December 05, 2019
67. Uncomfortable conversations and calling bullshit with Navid Modiri
My brother Navid Modiri and I sit down in a yoga studio to discuss the value and fear connected to uncomfortable conversations. Navid calls my bullshit and I force hippie lingo onto him. Two neurons in the universal brain we call existence, trying to find some answers. Enjoy!
November 21, 2019
66. The rise of the meta-modern society with Hanzi Freinacht
Hanzi Freinacht is a political philosopher, historian and sociologist, author of The Listening Society, Nordic Ideology and the upcoming book The 6 Hidden Patterns of World History. He is a renowned expert in the rise of the meta-modern society, which we explore in this episode.
November 14, 2019
65. Psychedelics and philosophy of mind with Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes
Philosopher Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes shares his thoughts, wisdom and research around the intersection of pansychism and psychedelic experiences, which builds upon the works of Gustav Fechner, William James, A. N. Whiteheads, Bertrand Russells and others.
November 07, 2019
64. Isak Starlander interviewing Nils von Heijne about life, shamanism and World of Wisdom
This is a long one! We decided to let me be a guest on my own podcast and instead let Isak run the show. The result is a deep-dive into how I've ended up where I am, what it is like to live life "awake", how shamanism is manifesting itself in my life, and what World of Wisdom is.
October 31, 2019
63. World of Wisdom - a co-created movement for a better future
The World of Wisdom project was given to me to realise from deep within my consciousness. But it's not about me, it's about us and our children and we can only make it happen together. This episode outlines the idea, concept and project designed as it were in October 2019. For mor info, go to and co-create.
October 24, 2019
62. Absolute truth, the key to your moment and how to find your purpose
62. Absolute truth, the key to your moment and how to find your purpose by Nils von Heijne
October 17, 2019
61. Coaching yourself and the world around you with Alexander Holmberg
Alexander is simply the best coach I've had the opportunity to meet. In this episode, he shares insights from his own life, tools for coaching yourself from fear to love, and healthy perspectives on life and death.
October 10, 2019
60. Burnout, meditation and regenerative health with Stefan Ekwall
Stefan is a change leader and story architect who is currently exploring the concept of regenerative health. After having healed himself from both burnout and disease, he has tons of wisdom to share about how to become healthy in body, mind and soul.
October 03, 2019
59. Understanding your psychological needs with Manuel Timane
Manuel works with MyNeeds - a simple tool for understanding and embracing your underlying psychological needs. Described as the equivalent of "a smartphone for personal development", the method has been developed by scientists in Umeå for the past 8 years.
September 26, 2019
58. Eco feminism and returning to the Garden of Eden with Jessica Williamson
Jessica is a social impact storyteller, columnist and editor. She works for an environmental NGO at the UN and runs the Eco Chick blog with Starre Vartan. We discuss the future of our planet and how gender equality is directly connected to the environment.
September 19, 2019
57. Floating cities and the future of human communities with Nathalie Mezza-Garcia
Nathalie is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick and a Fundación CEIBA doctoral fellow. The main goal of her research is to engineer sociopolitical interactions that lead to harmonic human communities without any central control. She is currently researching the Seasteading Institute´s Floating City Project and the notion of forking the nation-state.
September 12, 2019
56. The Integral Theory of everything with Ken Wilber
Ken Wilber is one of the most well-known, and in my opinion most important, philosophers in the world today. He's the originator of the Integral Theory and often called the "Einstein of consciousness studies". We discuss what is and how to understand it.
September 05, 2019
55. Playing the game of life with Bill Mehleisen
Bill's second appearance on the podcast! We discuss circularity, regenerative business, Ubuntu, Union Therapy and look at how the development of humanity and the individual go hand in hand.
August 29, 2019
54. The process of dying with Barbara Karnes
Barbara is an award-winning end of life educator and hospice nurse who has worked with thousands of people in their process of dying. She was named the NHPCO Hospice Innovator Award Winner 2018 and the International Humanitarian Woman of the Year 2015.
August 22, 2019
53. Yoga, psychomagic and transference with Fredrik Edlund
Fredrik is the yoga instructor behind @edlundyoga and Sufi Flow. We discuss yoga, the life of a yogi and why we prefer guides of gurus.
August 15, 2019
52. Being Here Now with Raghu Markus
Raghu Markus spent two years in India with Maharaji and Ram Dass, and has been collaborating with Ram Dass since the 1970's. Today, he is a teacher in the Be Here Now Network and offers courses in the HeartMind App. Music: Furrer - Every Atom is Buzzing
August 08, 2019
51. Breathing and living your truth with Crussen
Recording artist, DJ and life explorer Crussen shares his journey and lessons from tean years of embracing his truth.
August 01, 2019
50. The map of your life with Johan Reunanen
Johan is back on the podcast, sharing his wisdom as a sober alcoholic/life and leadership coach. We talk about parenthood, following your path and comparing your map of reality to those of others.
July 25, 2019
49. Panpsychism and a resonance theory of consciousness with Tam Hunt
Tam Hunt works in many fields, including philosophy of mind and scientific study of consciousness. Together with Jonathan Schooler, he's created a resonance theory of consciousness, but he's also a lawyer, author, burner and expert in renewable energy. In short, this episode is worth a listen!
July 18, 2019
48. Nature and the future of humanity with Starre Vartan
Starre is a freelance writer who specializes in science stories and conscious consumption topics. With over 15 years of experience, Starre has written for: CNN Travel, Newsweek, Slate, Gizmodo, Scientific American, Marie Claire, Inhabitat, Elle, New York etc.
July 11, 2019
47. The renaissance of psychedelic research with Filip Bromberg
Filip is a psychologist and co-founder of the Swedish Network for Psychedelic Science. He brings us up to speed on the ongoing, and truly fascinating, renaissance of psychedelic research currently happening around the world.
July 04, 2019
46. Death, enlightenment and consciousness with seeker David Lindberg
In this episode we go straight to the core of what is. On our path of exploration, both me and David have found ourselves "dying" on ayahuasca and we now try our very best to explain it in words.
June 27, 2019
45. Consciousness research and adversarial collaboration with Dawid Potgieter
Dawid is based in the Bahamas and runs the Accelerating Research on Consciousness initiative at Templeton World Charity Foundation - a $20M commitment to empirically investigate scientific theories of consciousness.
June 20, 2019
44. Time, pleasure and the new definition of success with Anna Eliasson
We live in amazing times when 25 year-olds can hold vast wisdom. Anna Eliasson is one of them and together, we explore the young generation's definition of success and our problems with pleasure, time and other stuff.
June 06, 2019
43. Highlights from the book "Stealing Fire" about flow states
I dig into my Kindle notes and try to summarise a book that taught me tons about myself, my work and society.
May 30, 2019
42. The Hero's Journey of your life
Your life and everyone else's follows the exact pattern of a hero's journey. I explore the various versions of this pattern and where we come across it in society and our personal lives.
May 16, 2019
41. Shamanism and the teachings of life with Rudá Iandê
After my journey in Brazil, I sit down with shaman Rudá Iandê to hear his story, learn from his wisdom, and laugh a bit at this magical mystery ride we call life.
May 09, 2019
40. Ayahuasca and the awakening of a modern-day shaman
Live from Brazil, I share my journey over six days going deep into all levels of consciousness together with shaman Rudá Iandê. I work through my struggles, get to see life and death clearly, and find my path. This is a defining moment in my life, and I'm grateful to be able to share it with you.
May 02, 2019
39. The Transformation Economy -how consumerism is changing the world
Welcome to the Transformation Economy! Consumerism is moving beyond goods, services and even experiences to now focus on transformation. We crave the brands that aid our self-actualisation and help transform us to better versions of ourselves. Get on the transformation bandwagon or get left behind!
April 25, 2019
38. Fasting and smart drugs with hacker empath Marcus Vinícius Maestri
38. Fasting and smart drugs with hacker empath Marcus Vinícius Maestri by Nils von Heijne
April 18, 2019
37. The Karpman Drama Triangle and my deepest relationship problem
We look at how the vicious Karpman Drama Triangle creates anxiety for everyone in a conflict - and I realize I've been stuck in it for most of my life.
April 11, 2019
36. Bullet journaling and the art of reflection with Kenneth Hellem
36. Bullet journaling and the art of reflection with Kenneth Hellem by Nils von Heijne
April 04, 2019
35. Biofeedback music of plants, breathwork and sound healing with Joe Patitucci
35. Biofeedback music of plants, breathwork and sound healing with Joe Patitucci by Nils von Heijne
March 28, 2019
34. The mindfulness of your future and past self with Jessica Warren
34. The mindfulness of your future and past self with Jessica Warren by Nils von Heijne
March 21, 2019
33. The path of a fasting digital nomad with Kyle Rosa
Kyle spent 2 years traveling the world as a digital nomad. He shares his journey, learnings and insights from a windy table in sunny Santa Monica
March 14, 2019
32. Modern masculinity and vulnerability with EVRYMAN founder Dan Doty
Dan is the founder of a movement for men's emotional wellness. We explore men's groups, the emotional wheel and I even cry a little
March 07, 2019
31. True love and intimacy with love coach Damiana Rahshelle
Damiana grew up with trauma and deep depression, before finding her path of love through coaching, community and embracing her fears. Now she is sharing her wisdom with others.
February 28, 2019
30. "What is Burning Man?" with my burner brother Martin Tjärnberg
The global cultural phenomenon of Burning Man; What is it? What does it mean? Why is it important? Should you go? As burners, we try to explain what almost can't be explained, but still defines our lives.
February 21, 2019
29. Your body as the key to mental wellness with SE guru Amy Doublet
Amy is a leading Somatic Experiencing practitioner in Los Angeles. She teaches simple tools to improve your mental health through your body. I was blown away!
February 14, 2019
28. Embracing death with leading end-of-life care expert Frank Ostaseski
Frank has sat by the death beds of thousands, and been honored by the Dalai Lama for his compassionate service to the dying. What can death teach us about life and how do you deal with it?
February 07, 2019
27: Finding your truth frequency with consciousness investor Ludvig von Bahr
We look at being true in conversation, the choice between fear and love, and reaching the void beyond. Enjoy a very honest conversation.
January 31, 2019
26. Lessons in life and transformation with healer Asil Toksal
A former corporate CEO, Asil changed his path to healing 18 years ago and is now an international spiritual leader. He shares his wisdom on life and transformation. Learn more at
January 24, 2019
25. Sonic Submersion Mediation B
20 minutes of meditation guided by sound
January 17, 2019
24. The value of process - why everyone needs a podcast and a dog
We look at planning life around processes rather than results, as a way to have a more fulfilling present.
January 10, 2019
23. Living for 1,000 years and happiness as a process with professor Micael Dahlén
He aims to live for a thousand years, he strives to understand humans, and you will never guess how he ends the episode.
January 03, 2019
22. Blockchain and finding your own voice with Ivan on Tech
Ivan went from curious coder to YouTube phenomenon. We discuss how to turn passion into profession, and how blockchain is changing everything.
December 27, 2018
21. A scientific view on marriage with David Falk and Gustav Almqvist
The authors of the upcoming book "Science, Hope and Love" share their insights on marriage from a purely scientific viewpoint. What does statistics, economics, psychology and law tell us about love?
December 20, 2018
20. Sonic Submersion Meditation A
A session of 30+ minutes meditation guided by sound
December 13, 2018
19. Creativity, pain and flow with artist/producer Sebastian Furrer
Signed with CAZZETTE already as a teen, and having worked with many top artists - Seb shares his wisdom on the creative process
December 06, 2018
18. Exploring coming-of-age rituals in society with "reluctant consultant" Bill Mehlesien
Diving deep into perma culture for business and how we need rituals to face ourselves as individuals, organisations and society. Also, is humanity growing up in a supportive environment or not?
November 29, 2018
17. Discussing purposeful work and self compassion with psychologist-designer Mayra Kapteyn
How can we find purpose, deal with stress and practice self compassion? And is the entitled generation a lost one?
November 22, 2018
16. Dissecting music and fame with former teen pop star Amit Paul
We learn about becoming world famous at age 15, and discuss how music can both enrich and ruin lives. The resulting question is: what's more important - society or the individual?
November 15, 2018
15. The elusive sweet spot between procrastination, stress and slacking
I'm delayed and try to understand why. Why do humans procrastinate and slack off? Is it problematic or beneficial?
November 08, 2018
14. Discussing boundaries with the ever-changing Petter Wallberg
How do you find your own boundaries and learn to respect them?
November 01, 2018
13. Loving leadership with spiritual management consultant Johan Reunanen
An episode filled with insights from star consultant/spiritual leader/sober alcoholic Johan Reunanen. We learn to face ourselves and our addictions through loving leadership. Learn more from Johan on Medium: Listen to his podcast for alcoholics:
October 25, 2018
12. Politics are fear-based and broken. Let's fix it!
12. Politics are fear-based and broken. Let's fix it! by Nils von Heijne
October 18, 2018
11. Learning Zen from punk rocker monk Brad Warner
Is Zen a trend, a buzzword or something profoundly useful? The author of "Sit Down and Shut Up" gives us the basics and shares his story
October 11, 2018
10. How to live a Super Mario life and find happiness
In this episode, we outline how to use simple gamification to take control of your own emotional wellbeing.
October 04, 2018
9. Planning life around the 80,000 people that you are
Discussing how to shift your focus from career activities to people.
September 27, 2018
8. How to make decisions in life
Outlining a few simple tools to guide decision making in life.
September 20, 2018
7. Life is a ping-pong ball and an energy field
I'm sharing my current "Theory of Everything" and explaining consciousness as a ping-pong ball. This episode goes deep, folks.
September 13, 2018
6. Talking micro moments with master burner Dragonfly
In a windy overheated tent at Borderland, Dragonfly shares his journey and learnings about community, purpose and micro moments.
September 06, 2018
5. Discussing God toddlers with Martin Ball
A conversation with author Martin Ball about the fundamental nature of reality. What is this crazy ride we call life? What's actually going on here?
August 30, 2018
4. Gratefully leaning into change
As everything keeps changing around us, the key to a fulfilling life can be found by leaning in. We talk about change, duality and gratefulness.
August 23, 2018
3. The pain guiding your life
Does pain have a purpose? Can pain guide your way to success? And what is success, really?
August 16, 2018
2. The fear causing all problems
Welcome to the scary episode about fear - the root of all problems. How do we transform and grow in a fear-based society?
August 09, 2018
1. The false identity of human doings
We're diving deep into identity and the problems we attract by walking around dressed in one. Remember you're a human being, not a human doing.
August 09, 2018