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Worlds of Mebar

Worlds of Mebar

By Andy Wright
Self-proclaimed gods have quietly ruled the multiverse of Mebar for over 800 years. But the one founding member who condemned their hubris has just been set loose from prison.
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034 ECHELON Chapter 6
Aramis prepares for her trip to see Paul. Soma is finally invited to be a part of Pan's high society.
January 06, 2021
033 ECHELON Chapter 5
Paul is surprised by an odd invitation. And Nathan finally finds out what happened to the world that he had helped make. Chapter 5 is up!
December 22, 2020
032 ECHELON Chapter 4
Soma deals with a mayor, Paul deals with a murderer, and Nathan finds an old friend.
December 09, 2020
031 ECHELON Chapter 3
Soma confronts Hempstock’s mayor. Aramis risks a violent, watery death. Nathan travels to a forbidden world for answers. And Paul may finally get his chance for revenge.
November 18, 2020
030 ECHELON Chapter 2
Paul talks to Susie. Soma gets her powers into shape. And Aramis is given an impossible offer.
November 03, 2020
029 ECHELON Chapter 1
Nathan makes a friend, Soma worries her friends, and Paul contemplates revenge.
October 20, 2020
028 ECHELON Prologue
The story continues. Right where we left off. We return to Aramis, considering her next steps in the volatile atmosphere that has spread across the Worlds of Mebar. All while two new enemies consider THEIR next steps.
October 06, 2020
027 The New Aleph - Epilogue
We close out book one of the Worlds of Mebar Record. NewAlephEpilogue
June 25, 2018
026 The New Aleph - Chapter Twenty
Aramis and Paul are both confronted with their own new paths to take...and Nathan finally meets Soma. NewAlephChapterTwenty (And check out this chapter's plug, Glowing Like Gold, on Spotify!)
June 19, 2018
025 The New Aleph - Chapter Nineteen
Aramis returns from the Narthex, Paul returns to Prometheus, and we learn the consequences of Soma's arrest lists. NewAlephChapter19
June 05, 2018
024 The New Aleph - Chapter Eighteen - Part 2
Aramis' group fights for their lives at the Narthex. NewAlephChapter18Part2 (And check out this chapter's plug, The Lounge, at !)
May 22, 2018
023 The New Aleph - Chapter Eighteen - Part 1
Aramis leads the group of refugees to the Narthex, heading for the hub world of Threshold, but getting through won't be a simple matter. TheNewAlephChapter18Part1
May 08, 2018
022 Recap 2 w/Don't Panic Radio Show
Recap2 My segment with the guys is in the second half of the episode, but don't be a jerk and fast-forward to that, hang out for the whole episode! It's all good, I guarantee it, guys. DontPanicRadioShowE160 Story recap, of everything since last recap! (Spoilers spoilers spoilers......SPOILERS!) (ACT I ended in mid-May, as Soma decided to settle in to Pan, Nathan had to go back to Prometheus, and Aramis and Paul became friends at the Remnant study meetings.ACT II (about a half a year later) Early December: Soma pressures Ignacio to help her begin her vendetta against the Alephs (and to bond with her). Nathan goes on top of a hill to pressure Irse into appearing to answer some questions. Aramis has strong feelings for Paul, but he's still set on getting back to his girlfriend in PrometheusMid December: Irse tells Nathan that Mebar is no longer a computer simulation but instead a real, physical multiverse. Soma and Ignacio are captured when trying to get into Babel to gather evidence of Aleph corruption. Around Christmas: Nathan goes to Pan because Irse tells him something is about to happen, referring to the appeal hearing that Soma demanded upon her arrest. Nathan, impatient with Aramis' hesitant explanation of the preyvede bond, does his own detective work and meets Milton and Aubry, two older Preyvedes. APPEAL HEARING: The head Aleph of Pan, Negri, kills Ignacio after he killed many people at the hearing in an escape attempt. He then tells Soma he's going to wipe her memory and change nothing to help the soul space offender problem. Soma, now boosted by Ignacio's power (as per one of the conditions of their bond), loses control and explodes in fire, killing everyone in the room except Negri. Embarrassed by losing control of things, Negri passes on his Assembly seat to Soma, telling HER to try and fix the soul offender problem.  ACT III (Three weeks later) January 17th. Soma has handed down orders to all the head mayors in Pan, saying that all soul offenders on the Main Continent must be arrested. If they turn themselves in before the deadline (February 22nd), they'll be sent to prison. If they don't, and they're found guilty, they will be executed. Preyvedes are fleeing the Continent in droves, since almost all of them have at least incidental connections to soul offender activities. Late January: The Remnant study group's leader, Kamel, turns himself in as a soul offender. The aggressive response to this from the Hempstock police, plus the Preyvede exodus, motivates Aramis to put together a plan to smuggle frightened people off of Pan.Early February: Nathan and Soma both seek out allies, the former with a smuggler syndicate called the Soyou Cult, the latter with a semi-anarchist group called the Kaze Cult. Aramis finds out that over two hundred people want to join the group leaving Pan. February 20: Soma attends a Assembly meeting, discussing major problems multi-verse-wide, and gains important perspective. Aramis and Paul and the group, now diminished down to about 90, begin their march to the Narthex. Viktoria, on probation since Soma's hearing, has joined them, partly because Aramis does not want to bond with Paul in order to get him strong enough to open the Narthex door. The Deadline (February 22): Soma travels from city to city, delivering arrest lists (first to her Kaze Cult contacts, then to the mayors). Aramis and Paul are nearly to the Narthex, but after an argument concerning Viktoria, their friendship is strained. 
May 07, 2018
021 The New Aleph - Chapter Seventeen - Part 2
Soma continues handing out lists, Nathan finds out that she's put a bounty on his head, and Aramis asserts her leadership decisions concerning her group of refugees. NewAlephChapterSeventeenPartTwo
March 20, 2018
020 The New Aleph - Chapter Seventeen - Part 1
Soma takes care of final business before her deadline and Aramis takes care of last second problems before hiking to the Narthex. NewAlephChapterSeventeenPartOne
March 05, 2018
019 The New Aleph - Chapter Sixteen
Soma and Nathan have difficult conversations with their respective new friends. Aramis and Paul begin their journey. NewAlephChapterSixteen
February 20, 2018
018 The New Aleph - Chapter Fifteen
Soma and Nathan make alliances. Aramis works on how to get people out of Pan. NewAlephChapterFifteen
February 06, 2018
017 The New Aleph - Chapter Fourteen
Three weeks have passed since the Assembly hearing. All those living in Pan now deal with the aftermath. NewAlephChapterFourteen
January 23, 2018
016 The New Aleph - Chapter Thirteen
The Assembly hearing begins and Soma makes her pleas. NewAlephChapterThirteen
January 09, 2018
015 The New Aleph - Chapter Twelve
Paul gets some information on the Bond, Soma gets worried about the upcoming hearing, and Nathan gets very, very cold. NewAlephChapterTwelve
December 25, 2017
014 The New Aleph - Chapter Eleven (take 2)
Soma pressures Ignacio to help kick off her vendetta against the Alephs, Paul looks for his own answers, and Nathan waits for Irse to appear. NewAlephChapterEleven
December 14, 2017
013 The New Aleph - Chapter Ten
Nathan finds out why Irse is angry, Aramis tries to figure out a plan to get Paul back to Prometheus, and Soma decides to get to work. NewAlephChapterTen
December 13, 2017
012 Act I Recap w/Don't Panic Radio Show
I talk with Paul and Steve over at The Don't Panic Radio Show about Mebar and writing and they ask me some awkward questions. All for your listening pleasure, of course. (Just so you know, there are mild spoilers for the story up to this point so far, and a few teasers of what's to come) Act_I_Recap Warning! Below is a timeline of the events up to this point (that's up to Chapter 9 and the Act Break Interlude), so if you haven't listened that far, DO NOT READ BELOW here! Timeline (Chapter 1 - Chapter 9): (day 1) 5th of May: Soma’s family vanishesPaul is kidnapped(day 2) 6th of May:Paul is murdered(day 3) 7th of May:Irse uses the Aleph’s investigation going on concerning the disappearance of Soma’s family to begin her machinations, which starts with her waking up Nathan (day 4) 8th of May:Soma meets VikiPaul wakes up in a white room after being kept in stasis for two days. Irse tells him to proclaim that the Alephs are evilSoma gets the Midnight Caller potion from TravisPaul enters PanSoma meets Ignacio using the potionAramis is woken up by the potion by accident(day 5) 9th of May: Aramis welcomes Jules to PanSoma writes down notes from her meeting with IgnacioNathan finishes a 2 day bender, goes to the HNM center, and finds out something’s wrong with MebarPaul steals Aramis’ job(day 6) 10th of May: Aramis makes it to Hempstock, meets PaulSoma learns the truth about her family(day 7) 11th of May:Soma enters Pan as a preyvedeNathan makes it to Threshold(day 8) 12th of May:Nathan talks with Carini about the changes to MebarAramis runs into Paul at the Remnants studySoma talks with Ignacio all night(day 9) 13th of May:Soma talks with PhyllisNathan escapes from Threshold(day 15) 19th of May:Aramis and Paul talk before their second Remnant study meetingViki helps Assembly member Negri contact Irse, who tells them she wants Nathan to kill all of them
December 13, 2017
011 The New Aleph - Act Break Interlude
Closing out Act I of The New Aleph in preparation for the beginning of Act II. NewAlephActBreakInterlude
December 13, 2017
010 The New Aleph - Chapter Nine
Soma tries to settle in on Pan, Nathan tries to get what he needs from Threshold, and Paul and Aramis try to understand each other. NewAlephChapterNine
December 13, 2017
009 The New Aleph - Chapter Eight
Nathan explores Threshold and runs into an old friend. Aramis visits the Remnants study group and runs into a new friend. NewAlephChapterEight (And, check out this week's plug, Bay Weather, and how to see them performing live, Nov 1)
December 13, 2017
008 The New Aleph - Chapter Seven
Soma finds Ignacio and Nathan tries to make it to the bridge world of Threshold. NewAlephChapterSeven (And check out this chapter's plug, GHOST, at !)
December 13, 2017
007 The New Aleph - Chapter Six
Soma finally gets answers, Nathan begins his own search for answers, and Aramis settles into a new life chapter she hadn't planned for. NewAlephChapterSix ( Also, check out Justin Thomas, this chapter's plug, on most of the things @jtvibraphone and find his music at:  !)
December 13, 2017
006 The New Aleph - Chapter Five
Nathan continues exploring Mebar, Paul arrives in Pan, and Aramis arrives in Hempstock. NewAlephChapterFive
December 13, 2017
005 The New Aleph - Chapter Four
We meet Aramis, a young woman indirectly connected to the potion Soma received from Travis. And Soma meets a man in her dreams. NewAlephChapterFour ( Also, check out Jenny Skiffington's music, this chapter's plug, at )
December 13, 2017
004 The New Aleph - Chapter Three
Soma exhausts mundane methods of search and must turn to the unusual. Paul learns about the afterlife…sort of. NewAlephChapterThree
December 13, 2017
003 The New Aleph - Chapter Two
Soma Dan finds out about less-than-conventional resources that may be able to help her find her family. Paul finds out what plans the gray-skinned man has for him. NewAlephChapterTwo
December 13, 2017
002 The New Aleph - Chapter One
As the story begins, we meet Detective Soma Dan, a mother of two and a homicide investigator at Helison PD, and Paul Stevens, a young man living in the southern city of Lieutenia. Both are about to have their lives upended. NewAlephChapterOne
December 13, 2017
001 The New Aleph - Prologue
Newly re-mastered (it's not as fancy as it sounds) edition of the Prologue for The New Aleph, which previously appeared on the Don't Panic Radio Show. NewAlephPrologue
December 13, 2017
000 The New Aleph 00: Trailer
Welcome to the soft-launch of the Worlds of Mebar podcast, with the trailer for the first novel in the series, The New Aleph: MebarPodcast/DRAFT02_radio_trailer03_floods.mp3 Special thanks to Michael Wright for the use of "Floods," from his band's (The Restitution) recent album "Into the Dark!"
July 10, 2017