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WorldSummit > Future Now Radio

WorldSummit > Future Now Radio

By WorldSummit Movement
If a new and better world is to be brought about, then mere protests and voicing opinions falls short of the target. What’s needed is a global convergence of thought leaders, activists, thinkers and change makers.

WorldSummit Movement is creating a new regenerative economic and self-governance paradigm around the world that will meet everyone’s basic needs. It aims to bring about a phase shift by making sense together, instead of separate or lone voices. The focus on solutions and addressing root causes makes this effort different from the rest.

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Interview with Charles Eisenstein - Author of "Sacred Economics" and "The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible"

WorldSummit > Future Now Radio

Interview with Charles Eisenstein - Author of "Sacred Economics" and "The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible"

WorldSummit > Future Now Radio

Interview Colin R. Turner - Sharebay
COLIN R. TURNER is a writer, musician and social activist from Dublin, Ireland. Already a well known blogger and activist, Colin is also founder of the popular initiative The Free World Charter - an initiative which calls for a radical redesign of our culture and shift in basic human priorities. He has also founded a number of other popular online altruistic initiatives, most notably HonorPay - a virtual award and appreciation network (, and Freeworlder - a social network and forum for followers of the Open Economy idea, and from where he also blogs ( Colin has ideas for an Open Access Economy are the main subject of his writing and activism. The most notable principle of the Open Economy concept is evolving beyond the traditional market system into an era of greater compassion, collaboration and efficient use of technology to create a better world for all. His most recent project is Sharebay, a free sharing platform. We hope you will enjoy the wonderful conversation about a promising new era of sharing :-). Your Hosts: Ananda Reeves & Robert Schram Sound-production: Robert Schram Thank you for listening :-)
November 22, 2020
Interview with Perry Gruber - Copiosis
PERRY GRUBER is a Change Agent, Practical Dreamer and founder of Copiosis, a new economic system. He has well over 30 years experience in a variety of sectors and positions from Grass-roots advocacy, all the way up to the C-suite. Creating the future. On Perry’s his Linked profile a recommendation says > ‘Perry Gruber is an outside-the-box, cutting-edge, thought-provoking speaker who is highly sensitive and responsive to his audience. His topics generate lively discussion and debate among the listeners and engage them opportunities to participate experientially. ’ We had a great conversation about retiring Capitalism, working towards a better system keeping all the good and letting go of all the bad side-effects, basic needs, living a life for free via free benefit resource market systems which are owned by the people, algorithms to thrive, discovering and pursuing passions, high quality products and services, and the real sense of freedom. Your host: Ananda Reeves / Sound-production: Jake Doss Thank you for listening :-)
November 9, 2020
Interview Jamaica Stevens - ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future
JAMAICA STEVENS is Author and Curator of the multi-media project “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” As an Organizational Design Consultant and Steward with VillageLab she works with regenerative frameworks, whole systems principles and transformative experiences to empower people, projects, organizations, and communities to THRIVE! Jamaica is also an experienced event producer, workshop leader, group facilitator, educational program designer, community organizer, project manager and storyteller. Along with her role as Operations Manager for the Communitas.Zone platform, she is the Community Platform Director for TeraTree and Thrive.Earth. On Jamaica’s bio it says > “Passionate about life-long learning, earth stewardship, collective evolution and Regenerative cultures, in service to catalyzing the inherent intelligence of individuals and collectives to cultivate and advance cooperative engagement in service to planetary flourishing.” Please join in with this delightful talk where we explore our current status on Earth and the incredible potential we have, and are already massively building on, to thrive together. There is a Movement of Movements birthing bringing us past sustainability towards regenerative models. Storytelling is an important part of this process. Your Hosts: Ananda Reeves & Robert Schram Sound-production: Robert Schram Thank you for listening :-)
November 5, 2020
Interview with Richard Osmaston - Money Free Party New Zealand
RICHARD OSMASTON is a party leader at the Money Free Party New Zealand, Researcher and promotor of Free New Zealand advocating a Resource Based Economy, he was a DC10-pilot, is now running a farm, teaching in aviation, and recently Richard engaged in elections to become a local mayor. On Richard his Linked profile it says > ‘Fighting hard to maintain mental clarity in a mire of institutionalised misinformation’ We had a wonderful conversation about the possibilities of living in a world without (the need of) money. As systems are falling apart there is a growing awareness that we can organize matters differently and better. But what are our fears and hopes? And how do we organize most effectively, efficiently, and equitably distribute our abundant global resources, so that everyone’s needs are met, without the consideration of financial, or other means? Host & Sound-production: Robert Schram Thank you for listening :-)
October 29, 2020
Interview with Bruce Schuman - Writer, Programmer, Integrator, Visionary, Mystic
On LinkedIN I read an endorsement that says: “Bruce works with massive passion, drive and intellect toward the formation of "THE BRIDGE FROM NOW TO EVERYWHERE.. What we are doing is -- building a bridge from the absolute to the local -- from "The One" to -- everything in particular -- and this ain't so easy to do. And why are we doing this? Because this is the matrix of absolute wholeness that can guide individual human beings and all of civilization into a collective process that can actually work." In this amazing interview we talked about co-creating new systems with feedback-loops that work just like weather stations, how to organize a cybernetic revolution, filosophy, how do we co-create in balance with each other globally, and a lot more mystical and profound topics. It was a delight listening to Bruce his wisdom and holistic point a views :-). Host & Sound-production: Robert Schram Thank you for listening :-)
October 28, 2020
Interview with Aboubakre Harakat - RBE United
ABOUBAKRE HARAKAT is a board-member of RBE UNITED, a social networking hub for technical experts, artists and advocates of Natural-law Resource-Based Economic systems.  Their purpose is to facilitate the development, implementation and transition towards a Resource-Based Economic system by developing the technical tools, processes and mental capital necessary to achieve our aims.  They are welcoming people from all over the world to apply for membership within our community and join technical project teams to help build a path towards a global, holistic system that would override the current socio-political system that runs the world. To achieve such bold objectives, they intend to progress by operating based on a pragmatic project management plan that highlights feasible milestones to target.  "By working together in an open-source manner towards achievable goals, we can slowly build the foundation of a new socioeconomic system capable of replacing the older system of hyper-capitalism through a gradual transition.   When we look around us today, we find the economic and governance systems that we’ve relied on to protect us and economize our world have instead become dangerous machinations of ecological destruction that have done little in the way of insuring public health and instead have reduced the prospect for upcoming and future generation into a nightmare of malfeasance, environmental destruction, social decline and wars to benefit the economic interest of a small population of economic elites, political elites and powerful special interest groups. Our attempt with RBE United is to unify all the negatively affected members of our society and galvanize them towards our mutual objective." Your Host : Ananda Reeves / Sound-production: Jake Doss Thank you for listening :-)
October 27, 2020
Interview with Michael E.V. Knight - Build a Hybrid RBE Community Now
MICHAEL E.V. KNIGHT is an Activist at Build a Hybrid RBE Community Now. He is a Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor working for a FREE world for EVERYONE. In this interview we are talking about making the transition to a Resource Based Economy using a Hybrid Money/No Money lifestyle. While we are living the Hybrid lifestyle we are starving the beast and moving closer to a Resource Based Economy.  It is simple to transition/bridge over to RBE by using a Hybrid Money/No Money system/lifestyle, BUT in order for it to work it requires ALL of us doing things TOGETHER. FAVORITE QUOTES We must become the change we seek - Gandhi When you have the chance to be right or to be kind, always choose kind! - Wayne Dyer Do not be afraid of failure, be afraid of living a boring life! Your host: Ananda Reeves / Sound-production: Jake Doss Thank you for listening :-)
October 27, 2020
Interview with Charles Eisenstein - Author of "Sacred Economics" and "The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible"
Your hosts: Ananda Reeves, Troy Wiley and Robert Schram CHARLES EISENSTEIN is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity. He is the author of several books, most recently Sacred Economics and The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible, and his newest book, Climate: A New Story. His most recent essays are The Coronation,  The Conspiracy Myth and The Banquet of Whiteness. In this interview we are exploring the intimate relationship between self, story and reality and the corona-crisis. Why did Charles decided to become a thought-leader and how does he keep balance in his life? Do miracles happen? How can WE create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, How can we meet every-bodies basic needs, How can we get along within all the crises going on? Sound-production: Jake Doss  Thank you for listening :-)
October 27, 2020
Interview with Jan Goopta - Rational & Easy System Change
JAN GOOPTA from India is author of the Ebook “ONLY TWO WAYS LEFT - Continue as at Present and Perish or Change” and he is founder of the FB group “Rational & Easy System Change” In this interview with your host Robert Schram we talk with Jan about his concept of replacing the money-system with a points-system where everyone receives basic needs. Jan Goopta believes Humanity is good and he wants to include governments and wealthy people to transform from a inequality greed-system to a equality well-being system. Host & Sound-production: Robert Schram  Thank you for listening :-).
October 25, 2020
Interview with Gabor Kiss - Envienta Open Source Everything
GABOR KISS was formerly active as a performing producer and in showbiz, broadcast and online media companies. He is a creative advisor in multiple software and hardware development projects, a co-founder of UBIE (related to universal basic income pilot projects and policies for EU nation states). He is a founding member of the WorldSummit, HackHumanity, and ambassador of Network Society Research Labs. Gabor is co-founder of ENVIENTA, Open Source Everything, which is about building an open source, regenerative, cost-effective and decentralized socioeconomic framework for the 21st century, this to co-create on an alternative lifestyle for the near future. They are distributing open source blueprints of solutions via their platform so they can be produced and implemented locally and label themselves as being the "UBER" of manufacturing. In this interview we talk about Gabor's former life in music, his parents, his projects towards a new system, his intrinsic motivation to do what he does, his challenges and how to overcome them, and his expectations and vision during the current paradigm shift. Host & Sound-production: Robert Schram Thank you for listening :-).
October 25, 2020
Welcome to WorldSummit [Podcast empowered by Future Now Radio]
WorldSummit is a peaceful (r)evolutionary movement and designing & coordinating platform that is connecting and unifying thousands of groups and individuals worldwide who are converging now to create a new operating system, including entirely new self-governance and regenerative economic models, by 2020/2022. We have already partnered with over 50 different groups from all sectors of society including universities, NGO’s, social justice and environmental movements. We are gathering the critical mass support to flip the paradigm to a better world that meets everyone’s basic needs. We envision a new humanity that transcends current political and socio-economic divisions in order to (re)discover our true unity as one global species - one that has learned how to work together to solve our global challenges. We hope, in this way, to bring into being a new world beyond war, inequality and environmental destruction - a truly civilized society that works for everyone, now, and for the future of all life on Earth. The mission of WorldSummit is to unite and align humanity by inviting individuals, groups and organizations to come together to cocreate a new world through providing a neutral platform on the micro and macro levels in the form of online mini-summits and hackathons which will culminate into a global WorldSummit.
October 14, 2020